February 14th, 2009


Survey question time

If you were driving down a major street, and about to pass through an intersection controlled by a traffic light, and you had a green light,

And a car, coming down the cross street from your left, made a left turn through their red light, into your lane, so that you'd have hit them if you hadn't paid attention and dodged them,

would you consider calling the police?

Or was I just overreacting tonight?
  • bizket

Looking to buy a bass guitar

I had someone on CL that I was going to buy from but they kept changing when they could / wanted to meet up and I got tired of it.

I am looking for a decent starter bass, preferably jazz style pickups. I am looking to spend no more than $100, possibly more if a decent (and functional) practice amp comes with it.

I am not too picky on the brand, style, or color but I would like it to be from a company that I can at least Google so I can get specs on it.

I am willing to do a trade as well. I have an Epiphone SG guitar as well as an Epiphone acoustic, neither of which I am using. I would be willing to trade both of these for a decent bass with an amp.

Thanks for your time folks.
deer in forest

salad dressing!

Just a quick question for the food lovers here -

Anyone have a great garlicky or avocado (or both combined!) salad dressing recipe they don't mind sharing? I keep trying to find one online but none of them look quite DELISH enough. And hey, I love personal recommendations :-)

Thank-you! (and Happy Vday Dee-peeps!)
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Washer repair?

I was doing a load of laundry the other night when I heard a loud noise, and then the washer tub seemed to be moving more loosely than before.

Who would you recommend to come repair the washer? We called Standard, but they're $130 + parts - is there anyone reliable who would be cheaper?
  • witling

Fireplace, wifi, drinks?

My sweetie and I want to go for a work date--i.e. take up seats in a restaurant or cafe that has wireless, so we can get some work done simultaneously. (And you thought romance was dead.) We'd love to find a place with a fireplace and a liquor license. Any suggestions?
  • remix79

Evolutionary psychology and the TV show "Friends"

"Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters", pg. 21:

In other words, we still have the same evolved psychological mechanism that our ancestors possessed more than ten thousand years ago [because our brains have not evolved].

This observation leads to a new proposition in evolutionary psychology called the Savanna Principle, which states that

The human brain has difficulty comprehending and dealing with entities and situation that did not exist in the ancestral environment.

One example of an entity that did not exist in the ancestral environment is TV or any other realistic images of other humans, such as photographs, videos, or films. The Savanna Principle would therefore predict that the human brain has difficulty comprehending and dealing with images shown on TV. This indeed appears to be the case. A recent study shows that the individuals who watch certain types of TV programs are more satisfied with their friendships, as if they had more friends or socialized with them more frequently. According to the Savanna Principle, this is probably because the human brain, adapted to the ancestral environment, has difficulty distinguishing between our real friends in the flesh and the characters we repeatedly see on TV. In the ancestral environment, any realistic images of other humans were other humans, and if you saw them repeatedly and the did not try to kill or harm you in any way, then more than likely they were your friends. Our Stone Age brain therefore assumes that the characters we repeatedly encounter on TV, very few of whom try to kill or harm us, are our real friends, and our satisfaction with friendships thereby increases by seeing them more frequently.


The Italian Joint

So, I've driven by The Italian Joint on Hawthorne about 5 times this week and they have been closed everytime...at various times in the day. There is a weird sign on the front door, something about their credit card processing machine being broken and that they are only accepting cash and checks. And a regular closed sign in the window (the flip kind which says open on the other side), but nothing indicating they are closed forever.

So DP, what do you know?

Or alternatively, what do you think the deal might be?

Spokane Discount like store?

Say, DP. A question: does anyone know of the Spokane Discount? If not, for shame! As much as I am not a consumerist pig bent on acquisitiion of worldly goods, the Spokane Discount makes me very happy.
It's one of those places that takes all of the returns/overstocks of companies like Costco and whatnot and then sells em at BASEMENT prices. I've got a whole Ralph Lauren wardrobe (silk pants, shirts etc) from there, $6-10 a piece.
Socks, shoes, pants, ties, tv's, etc etc etc. Most of the stuff is brand new and never opened. Or the customer bought it, didnt like the colour and returned it.

MY question is......is there such a place around Portland? Tigard? Beaverton? Gresham? Anywhere?

I know there's this closeout club thing going on, but I don't have time (or money ) this weekend. ALso, I'm not sure I wanna deal with an urgent mob. The Spokane Discoutn is always open, and they've always got great stuff. ANyone??

Thank you o benevolent and non-snarky DP! :D

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Dear DP Brain Trust:

I remember a book that came out a couple years ago where a woman signed up on a dating website and went on a date with anyone who asked. She rejected nobody, then wrote a book about her experiences.

I can't find that book. Can anyone remember its title?