February 13th, 2009



my fricking cat is kneading me like dough right now.... i will be dead before dawn...

I want waffles for my last meal.

what would you want your last meal to be if you know your cat will kill you the next day tomorrow was your last day on earth?

portland related because portland is weird...

portland ahoy

I visited Portland last year and thought it was pretty sweet. Living in central Florida, I have to put up constantly with conservative people and a general feeling of stagnation. On the contrary, I feel like Portland is just the opposite; progressive with many busy bodies doing interesting things. Last Thursday on Alberta Street is amazing. There's no such atmosphere where I live. Therefore, I have decided to move to Portland. I was hoping I could get some tips from some Portlanders when it comes to finding a place to live and work. Some helpful info that I wouldn't find easily by googling would help me as well. For instance, which neighborhoods to look for and which to avoid.

Some info about me: I love music. I have a bachelor's degree in psychology and can speak German.
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I will be taking the WES today for the very first time. Has anyone else ridden it? I know it's taking me to Tualatin to dogsit which is lame because Tualatin is bleh and I'm concerned about finding my friends apartment/hive when I exit it, but I am happy to be trying the new commuter rail out. So WES? Thumbs up or chopped off?


I am on WES right now. The wifi is fucking flawless and the train is beautiful. Hurray for a success!

4th Annual Love Show

4th Annual Love Show
I think Portlanders should think about coming to this show. It's tonight so I know this post is late notice but it should be a great time. I assume some affordable art will be available and an all out good time. Swing by. All the info you need is under that link. Thanks and Happy Early Valentine Day!

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I just got this by email, if it helps someone get a $12/hr job I have done my duty as a loving DPer.

Adecco is now hiring bilingual call center agents in Beaverton, OR!

Adecco is the world leader in staffing and recruiting services, placing thousands of individuals a week in jobs at leading companies. If you're seeking temporary or full-time work, let Adecco connect you to your next great job opportunity!

Adecco is seeking to fill call center positions in Beaverton. Te Gusta trabajar en el oficio de servicio al cliente? This call center is taking inbound calls, relaying important information to the customer and documenting their responses. The right candidate will enjoy full time work, a wide variety of shift choices, $12.00 per hour and be eligible for benefits during their first week!! Join the winning team!

As the Call Center Agent you must have computer knowledge and excellent keyboarding skills (30+ accurate words per minute). Will be taking inbound calls and assisting customers. Must be able to read, write and comprehend English and Spanish very well.

This is a contract position of 10 to 150 days duration. We are seeking candidates who would be interested in any short term assignment.

Click Here to Apply!
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No No

He's an attention-whore...

... and many other kinds of whore as well. Since he did not say anything about it, I will:

Today is drjeff's Six Year LJ-versary! It was on this day, six years ago that our pal Dr. Jeff started his venture toward getting the most comments in his LJ, getting the hawtest younger girlfriend, and getting the most exposure of naughty body parts shown in reply to his posts! All the while showing us his photography and dispensing sage wisdom and advice.

Here's to you, Doc! As Telly Savalas would say, "Who loves ya, baby?"
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So I need a plastic toy machine gun.

The more Tommy-gun-gangster-like, the better.

I'm going to hit up dollar stores and the like today, but by any random chance has anyone seen those around and know of a specific place where they sell them?


What websites do you use to give feedback on a business.
I have done plantfeedback.com and google's review board, but my desire to spread the word is not satisfied.
Anyone else been so moved to do something about bad service besides grumble?
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(no subject)

Sadly, I'm leaving Portland indefinitely and researching storage options for some of my possessions: a guitar, possibly a small chair, and let's say 10 cardboard boxes. I'm going to be gone for at least a few months, not sure after that. What storage facilities do you recommend?

A-1 Storage sounds nice but a bit pricey ($58+ for 5x5); I'm not storing anything super valuable so I'm not sure how important security is, and that's their key feature, it seems. You know if storage facilities get broken into a lot?

Public Storage is showing me some pretty good prices ($40-50 for 5x5) -- any reason to distrust them?

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I want to take my kids out for ice cream sundaes to celebrate. Where's a good icecream place?

Ben & Jerry's is good - but that's more of a dixie cup of ice cream type place - not a sundae joint.
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Tea whores unite secretly

(no subject)

Portland, I need Cotton Candy ice cream... on a cone or in a container that I can enjoy and make my weekend better. Does anyone know where I can find such ice cream?!

Edit: Baskin Robins claims that it is seasonal because they can't order it...

But I found a coldstone that had it, so I bought a pint with mashmallow, gummy bears and sprinkles... I found god in ice cream.

Thank you SO much for all the help :D
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hey guiz, i am kind of a nerd when it comes to pens, and if there's one thing i've noticed in my pen nerddom, it's that pen selection is COMPLETELY FUCKING RANDOM. i.e. a walgreen's will have a good selection. another walgreen's will have like four non-ballpoint pens, all of which will cost more than your first child. the disabled one.

so, where do all you fellow pen-nerds get your pens'sss's' at?
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Refunds for online stores.

To make a long story short, I ordered a sweatshirt from an online store in October, and still have not received it. I have asked at least three times for a refund, often dismissed with "Oh it should be there soon we just sent it out," but this time I insisted and here is their reply:

"I wish I could give you a refund but because your item was already sent to you the best I can do is send you either another sweatshirt or items of your choice. Let me know what you'd like to do."

This time last year, I ordered a few CDs from a website, never received them, and was issued a refund. However, I paid for the sweatshirt with Paypal and the CDs with a debit card. I don't know if that makes a difference. Do I have any ground to stand on here?

Food blogging

So, I just started a food blog over on blogger about my adventures as a dieting gourmand, and I have no followers and no one to follow. Do any of you DPeople have food blogs?

Mine, btw, is http://abstemiousepicure.blogspot.com - I only have one entry so far but I'm ready to dive into the world of talking about food, my love of which is second only to eating it.
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