February 12th, 2009


A Little Show with your Life Drawing

If you're twiddling your thumbs, wondering what to do tonight..

Come take a gander at what we're doing over at Dr. Sketchy PDX!

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We make Life Drawing Sexy.


Splenduh, the Magickal Unicorn will be making an appearance tonight!
Along with Sarah Styles, and her art of balloon manipulation!

If not tonight, see you soon!
Rainy Day

Love Wine?

Between February 23rd and March 1st, Montinore Winery is offering 20% of all sales to Swallowtail School.

Purchase over the website, by phone (503.359.5012), or in person and just mention Swallowtail during your transaction (or in the notes on the website). Montinore Winery is a biodynamic and organic vineyard and is locally owned. Support an amazing local Waldorf school and a local business all in one shot!

Wines range in price from $9 to $40 per bottle.

You're also welcome to save the date of February 28th, from 6pm to 10pm for our Annual Wine Event at Montinore Estates. For $28 you will receive a crystal Reidel wineglass, 5 tastings of Montinore wine, a selection of hors d'ouevres, and music provided by Gentle Rain Jazz Trio. A Silent Auction will also be hosted between 7 and 9pm, and a group tour will be given as well.

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Recommendations of yummy vegetarian noodles & broth in Beaverton area? I know of some places, but want chicken soup without the chicken. Thinking of just getting some vege udon from Mio Sushi, but am open to suggestions.

Break-Up Letters '09

Friday the 13th vs. Valentine’s Day!

It’s been 6 years since the auspicious coincidence of these two dates, 6 years since the first publication of Break-Up Letters - a zine devoted to those paragons of letter-writing, the Final Letter.

We invite you to bring your received, sent, or never-sent Break-Up Letter to the Love Show, this Friday the 13th at Olympic Mills. We’ll provide a copy of volume 1 of Break-Up Letters, plus a bar of chocolate for each submission. Send that letter you never sent! Re-purpose those terminary epistles into a new life, as Art!

Bring the actual paper copy of the break-up letters for submission. For those of you who don’t’ wish to part with your letter, a scanner will be on hand. You can also forward break-up emails or text messages (!) to deadletter@speakeasy.net

Friday, February 13th
107 SE Washington St
FREE! All Ages!

More on the love show: http://launchpadgallery.org/loveshow4


Dear deepee,

I have a BA in a useless field, and I'm working on getting into nursing school. When I fill out my FAFSA, it says that I am ineligible for grants because of a previous bachelor's degree. Is that just it? Is there no aid for anyone working on a second Bachelors other than private scholarships? When I was doing my first Bachelor's, I never got grants because (according to the FAFSA) my mom's $14k/year income meant I was rich and I wound up with $15k in student loans.

It's kind of vexing to be told I'll never receive a pell grant in my life. And that my food stamps are going to disappear because I'm a student now.

Grumble, grumble....Sorry, I'm bitter. But I'd love more into about the grant situation.

EDIT: after some flames about my education thus far being a "waste of taxpayer money" i thought I'd mention that when I said "useless field," I meant "useful field for which the portland job market is oversaturated, that I didn't end up enjoying that much anyway"
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Last-minute V-day getaways?

Hello again, my lovelies. Many thanks for the rad karaoke recommendations yesterday!

Anyhoo, my S.O. doesn't normally want to do anything big for Valentine's Day, so I didn't even consider looking into making plans. A friend brought up the topic of what to do earlier this morning, and S.O. said that he'd like to go out of town, maybe to the coast. Of course, he brought this up TWO DAYS before the bloody holiday, so I figure a lot of things are already booked up.

SO, DP, I ask for recommendations for fun getaways! Anything that we could still get in on at this late stage? It certainly doesn't have to be the coast, but if it's relatively inexpensive, that'd be awesome.

noidea--by me

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So I need to set my VCR up by tomorrow to tape something. However, I'm used to having a TV/VCR so consequently have no idea how to run a regular VCR with cable.

I've got a Daewoo DV-T5DN (at least I think that's the model number), a Dynex flat screen, and Dish Network. I can get the VCR to play tapes, but not to record anything off tv, even with a cable running between it and the cable box.

Is it because the TV requires me to switch between TV to run the cable and Video to run the VCR? Isn't there any way to get the VCR to recognise what's airing? Or am I going to have to run out and get a new VCR? If so, what's one that will let me do this?

Man, I wish my TV/VCR hadn't broken...it was so convienant.

Looking for a couch...

Where would you go to buy a new couch. Microfiber is a requirement as we have 2 kids and 2 dogs. I'm willing to spend up to $500 but would like it a little cheaper. Heard there is some "discount furniture" place out by IKEA.. Anyone been there? I've looked at IKEA ones and not liking them to much, they are so low to the ground.

WTF Folks

Ok since money is tight (for pretty much everyone) and my boy is so hard to buy for I thought I would get him a new coffee mug. He is super coffee drinker. And he LOVES Stumptown, its his all time favorite. So I went to the Annex Stumptown because they said that is the only place that sells mugs and they only come in a set of 4 for $45.00!!!!! That is crazy to me. So does any one know of anywhere else that has just 1 mug for sale?

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This is bugging me...

Which one of you has the Amber Sweet icon?

I recently watched Repo! The Genetic Opera, and now I distinctly remember seeing an Amber Sweet icon on here a while back. Back then, I thought it was just Paris Hilton photoshopped to be goth or something. But now it hit me, THAT'S AMBER SWEET!

So which one of you was it?

P.S. I was very impressed with Paris Hilton's performance in that movie.

free notary public?

anyone know of any place with free notary service in portland? preferably in inner SE, but inner NE is ok as well, even inner sw or nw if it's really free. fedex kinkos has them, but they charge $5 per signature and i have a form that requires 3 signatures.
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Trust worthy mechanic needed!

I'm looking for a good mechanic, preferably on the cheap side, but I really want to find someone TRUST-WORTHY! I had a great mechanic before moving to Portland, and I trusted him not to tell me complete BS every time I brought my car in. I'm hoping to find someone like that, because I know nothing about mechanics. Seriously, if someone told me that I needed a new Gargleflub for my Smarshpan I would probably thank them profusely for telling me, and then hand over all my money.

Bonus points for the SE PDX/Milwaukie area. And I have a '95 Saturn, so DOUBLE SECRET bonus points if it's someone that knows Saturns pretty well.

Many, many thanks in advance. Snark if you must. :P
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What does an infected piercing feel like?

About two weeks ago, I had my daith done at Straight to the Point. It didn't hurt (felt vaguely uncomfortable, but didn't hurt) for about a week afterwards, but lately it's been aching pretty acutely. The crusties are kind of crystalline & very slightly green. I've been spraying it regularly with H2Ocean, just started soaking it today.

Basically, I'm just worried about infection & what I'm going to do in case it is. Any suggestions or words of encouragement?

[edit: I forgot to add that I'm stopping by the piercer's in a day or so; I just want to know others' experiences & whatnots.]