February 11th, 2009

WA State Seeks to Use Military and Overseas Voters as Internet Voting Guinea Pigs

(dp related because guinea pigs in combat helmets rule! oh and this is a local subject that is being debated!)

Even though reports from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), and dozens of computer security experts strongly and unanimously warn of insurmountable threats to the privacy and security of ballots cast over the Internet, the Washington State legislature is proposing --- and fast-tracking --- a bill to allow Internet voting for its military and overseas voters (S.B.5522 in the Senate, and its identical companion H.B.1624 in the House).

Even though the U.S. Department of Defense canceled its Internet voting project (SERVE) in 2004 citing security concerns, and even though the DoD has still been unable to establish the secure and private Internet voting demonstration project that Congress mandated in 2002, the Washington State legislature is seriously considering a bill that would authorize the Washington Secretary of State to create an Internet voting scheme and declare it secure and private --- without any oversight or review by the legislature or the people...
(source: http://www.bradblog.com/?p=6898 )
New Years
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Massages for Men?

I am thinking about getting a massage for my hubbie for Vday. Unlike me he doesn't like the "get in there hard and deep" type massage so I am not sure where to go. I'm also looking for a place that isn't too feminine, but it doesn't have to be "manly man" either. (He isn't into alcohal or sports for instance.)

Anyplace downtown, North, or close in NE or SE would be fine.


MacBook vs. Diamond:

A little below this, I read over a thread where someone asked about how to get a diamond ring for the price of 3,000 dollars. When I read that, many of you can guess what word sprang to my mind: "BOURGEOIS". But as I read the comments, and I saw that many of the commentators disapproved of the custom of buying diamond rings, I had to change my mind, and thought that maybe NOT buying diamonds was bourgeois.
I started to think about the consumer items that many people on here would be happy buying that would quickly add up to 3,000 dollars. Entertainment is getting close to that expensive, it isn't hard to spend $100 for a night out for two, but it is hard to compare experiences with a big hunk of rock that just sits there. But I did find a consumer item, associated with social status, that costs about the same as the diamond ring mentioned. The 17-inch MacBook Pro. So lets compare our old and new symbols of social status.

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I will also use just a small amount of quasi-Marxist analysis here. When being part of the middle or upper classes was a matter of controlling physical resources, having access to a physical object was a source of status. Now that the middle and upper classes are more interested in controlling information, having access to a tool used to manipulate information is a form of social status.

Business Cards

I am in the market for business cards and was hoping for some advice. I have heard mixed reviews about the quality of ones ordered from vistaprint.com so thought I would see if anyone here had ordered from them before.

I am also hoping to order some business cards for a non profit that I work with. Does anyone know of a local place (or place online) that offers good quality business cards at a discount for non profits?

Thanks in advance for your help,


(no subject)

So, I want to start running again, and I need to find a gym because honestly, I am a wimp about running in "the elements." I'd like to save that for when I'm past the wheezing dying "OH GOD WHY" out of shape phase. I'm hoping maybe you wise DPeeps can recommend one that fits some of my preferred specifications:

1. Cheap (no signup fee would be awesome but I would settle for a cheap monthly fee.)
2. As close to Sellwood as possible (at least in SE)
3. Not a place for hardbodies to hook up in the locker room
4. Won't try to sell me 500 different kinds of power bars and merchandise
5. Won't make me stick to a stupid routine

I used to go to the gym at SW community center and it was awesome, but it was expensive and too far from my house. I have been to the 24 hour fitness downtown (meat market, hard-sell employees) and the Curves in Multnomah Village (stupid routine, far away). Is there any place that will let me hang out on a treadmill for less than 30 bucks a month in SE? Help me, DP oracle!

Researching the dead

I am on a mission to figure out someone's date of death by searching for an obituary. I know the person's name, address, dob, ss# and how and where he died, I just don't know when he died.

So far I have left a message for his family, I've googled the social security death index, local newspaper obituaries that are available online and I asked the public library to research on my behalf as well.

Is there any more I can do, DP?

Damn Cats

Let me start by saying I love my cat very much. I really do.
Now that the little Booger doesn't shit on the floor anymore, we have other problems to address...
1: How do you keep the little a-hole off the kitchen counter when I'm not at home?
2: How do I keep him from waking me up at 2am to be fed when he has plenty of food?
3: Would it be incredibly awful of me to send him away to some kitty overnight camp (cat boarding place) for a night or two so I can have some piece and quiet around my house (and some romantic time without being watched).
I would love nothing more then 1 day of being able to walk from one end of the house to the other with out doing the drunk kitty shuffle to avoid stepping on him or kicking him. Oh! And to be able to open up the fridge without him being in the way.

Is there any hope for my sanity? Please advise!
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Coastal Camping?

Can anyone tell me which one of these spots is the best, or maybe just review a few of them for me? I'm planning a getaway with my girlfriend. I'd like to rent a yurt but I don't know which ones of these places is a) close, and b) lovely. Safe for a couple of girls is also something to consider.

Beverly Beach
Bullards Beach
Cape Lookout
Devil´s Lake
Fort Stevens
Harris Beach
Nehalem Bay
South Beach
Sunset Bay
Umpqua Lighthouse


Much appreciated!
Tea whores unite secretly

A little help?

I am trying to find any awesome Coraline merch... does anyone know where I could find Coraline shirts or anything???

Someone had suggested Comic book stores, but I'm a bit of a recluse and hate to journey around without cause, so if anyone has spotted anything while they've been geeking out, tell me?

Portland related because geeks rock hardcore and Coraline was made here?

Yet another tax question

I have a dilemma. My father paid for my community college tuition this year, and considering I went full time, it's a pretty substantial amount. However, he can't claim me as a dependent since I don't live with him at least half the year and I provide for myself by all means other than education. Therefore, he can't get any sort of tax break on paying tuition. Is there any way to get some sort of tax refund from this? Can I claim it? Or would that be a huge red flag to the IRS?

What's your LJ Birthday?

Mateo Shiruda

A real friend stabs you in the front.

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I created my LJ at 3am. I must have been bored or sad that night or something.
bruce lee
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Don't! Stop me noooowww


I have an intense need to sing this at karaoke. Is there a joint in town that has it? I'd rather it be a place that's generally good for karaoke, but even a lousy karaoke venue will do.

I will love you forever if you hook me up on this one. Srsly. Thanks!

Other fun day trips?

I want to do something weird or strange this weekend.

I guess what I'd really like is something like a "mystery spot" or "tourist trap" of some sort that is within 2 hours of Portland. Since the weather doesn't look too spectacular this weekend, I'd prefer it if it didn't involve being outside all day, although if it's something really cool or really weird, I can put up with it.

Yes, I know this is similar to the post about ruins, but I am not necessarily looking for ruins or hiking as much as I'm looking for a stupid way to spend a gloomy winter weekend day (since I have an extra one this weekend and all).

Bonus points if it isn't vegan.
Holding Hands
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I'm in need of a new Hair Stylist

Well, this is my first post and I'll see how it goes. Not really sure what this community is for but it looks like for random Portland-ie advice.

So I love my old hairstylist, but I can no longer afford her $50.00 + haircuts :(. Does anyone know of a good hair stylist who can cut hair for $35.00 or under? 

My style is punky, emo, rawker style. I'd be forever in your debt if someone could recommend a good stylist to me!

Thanks in advance you damnportlanders. :P
Lego Batman Rain

Stuff I am selling.

I am selling the following Batman related items beneath the cut. I'd much prefer the entire set go to someone that enjoys these materials as they have brought me a lot of joy over the years. Animated Cels, signed Lithographs and autographed pictures after the cut. If you have specific questions about the cels I can tell you from what episode that they originated from.

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Lolita: pic#65460477

Sometimes a beet is just a beer

Alright damned portlanders. I was at a brew pub last week and a lady bartender refused payment on a beer and said it was on the house.

Was this a case of

1. She suspected I was drunk, and didn't want to **sell** me a beer

2. A good faith marketing campaign, meant to ensure my future participation in drinking here

3. She's into me

4. Other

Answer should be in the form of a question, although any insight is welcome.
kurt che

Tech job fair coming up

There's a job fair coming up, so here's the details that were emailed to me. Some of you might find this useful:

PacificNWTech Career Fair Job Seekers
(and those who are now employed)

This is a final reminder to register for the PacificNWTech Career Fair on
Thursday, February 19th from 3 to 6pm located at OGI in the Wilson Clark Center.

We have over 16 large and small employers that will be attending this fair.
Employers include: Solar World, WebMD Health Services, ODS, Edgelink,
Swift View, New Horizons, U.S. Border Patrol, Pacific Northwest National
Laboratory, and many more. For a complete list of attending companies
and their job openings, please check our website under Current Fair.
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Sherlock is tired of your bullshit

Firm young melodies, kicking tunes, thumping bass

DP, I need your help!

I moved away some years ago, and I'm making my not-quite-annual holiday back up to P-town next month. Now, it's been a while since I've been up, let along long enough to actually have some fun. You see, I moved to Las Vegas, which is the most deceptively boring city on the planet. Worse, this city has not heard of the words techno, electro, or raves.

Where can I go, between March 9-17th, to have a good time with loud music, glowsticks, and flashy lights? None of that hip-hop pop trash the radios pretend is dance music, but proper dance music. I want to be out until four in the morning, and return to wherever I'm crashing that particular night absolutely knackered.

Close to bus/train routes is a plus, since I've never bothered learning to drive (do the taxis still accept visa up there? They STILL don't down here, and I hate it).

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