February 10th, 2009

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So I've got a friend in Italy and I want to send her stuff about Portland. She has great English (she'd better, she's going into translating), but I think it'd be good if I could send her some Italian-language pamphlets about our fair city/state/region. Does anyone know where I can find some? I checked the info booth in Pioneer Square, but Italian wasn't one of their languages.

Special Effects Hair Dye?

Does anyone know of any stores in the Portland/Beaverton area that stock the hair dye Special Effects? It's one of the semi-permanent brands that comes in blue, orange, purple, etcetera. Hot Topic no longer stocks it (big shock), and none of the beauty supply shops I've called have it.

I'd rather not wait for shipping from an online store if I don't have to, I have plans this weekend and would prefer not to still have a blue forehead when I go to the beach.


EDIT: Woohoo Spartacus! Got the dye and a riding crop (I love this city).
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Modest Mouse

I know this is a long shot but is there anyone wanting to sell two tickets to the Modest Mouse show in Eugene? I would love you forever! I wanted to take my boyfriend to see them for his birthday because they are his favorite band but they sold out right away.

Or anyone know where I can buy them other than ebay?

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i totally recognize the need for OPB to raise money. i do. and i've done my part. but man oh man, i am REALLY ready for the winter fund drive to be OVER. it's gone on for, what, ten days now?

in other news, and possibly as the first OMGWTFSNOW post of the day, was anyone else amused that KOIN preempted the Early Show for flake by flake coverage?

c'mon, y'all. bitch and moan with me this morning.
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i e-mailed somebody reguarding http://portland.craigslist.org/grg/acc/1028620199.html this ad on craigslist about a 'secret shopper' position out of curiosity. i received an e-mail about an about ago.

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i assume anything involving money orders/western union via craigslist is a scam. i've actually been scammed before by something very much like this, and received a counter feit check. what do you think? have you been scammed by this 'detective' service? i don't plan on going through with it one way or the other, i just want a second opinion. thanks.
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Free parrot magazines.

Hi, I'm cleaning out my apartment, and I have a bunch of old magazines such as The Original Flying Machine (just about the whole run of that) and the Companion Parrot Quarterly that I'm going to throw out since I'm not reading them. I thought I would post here to see if there's anyone interested in them before I do however. These magazines are full of interesting articles on nutrition, training, behavior, etc. IIRC The Original Flying Machine had a lot of stuff on clicker training by professional bird trainers. There may be a few other magazines in there such as Skeptic or Reptiles as well. They're free to anyone who wants them, otherwise they're going in the trash.

If you're interested email me at platedlizard at yahoo dot com.

Used ergonomic desk chairs?

Hello beautiful people,

My special someone has requested an ergonomic desk chair as a Valentine's gift. Aside from Craigslist, can anyone suggest places in Portland where they’ve had luck finding a decent selection, new or (preferably) used? Price range is around 150.00 – 200.00.

Thanks :)
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Diamond ring

I'm hoping to get a 2ct diamond engagement ring for under $3000 with a decent clarity. What is the best place to go in town? Is Shane Co. Okay? I don't need financing. Thanks!

SHADOWPLAY TONIGHT @ THE FEZ BALLROOM! Friday the 13th release party


We are giving away a quite a few Friday the 13th shirts, hoodies, and keychains! all you need to do is swing by the fez when we open for the loot!

with Djs:

Tue Feb 10th 2009
Doors at 10:00pm - 21 & Over

The Fez Ballroom
(Next to Powells Books on Burnside and above Buffalo Exchange)
316 SW 11th
Portland, Oregon

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Jury Duty

Does anyone else have Jury Duty this week in Multnomah County?

I thought of this when I was in the juror lounge at the Multnomah Co. Courthouse this morning and a guy on his laptop at the table next to me was on LiveJournal and Twitter.


Question: I need to change my voter registration from Multnomah County to King County, WA but cannot find ANYTHING about how to cancel my registration here. The county's website only discusses moving within Multnomah county, but nothing about moving out of it. I don't want to be illegally registered in two states. Help?

Thanks guys.

there's a new one every second.

Hey Deepees,

I never use lj to blog anymore. I want to make some new throw-away blogs somewhere else. What should I blog about? I'll try to use as many suggestions as possible. The more specific the better.

I'm totally serious. I'll provide an url for every new blog. Just give me a topic.

EDIT: Ok, that was a fun waste of an evening. Scan the comments to find links to the latest internet detritus. Hopefully I'll cause somebody to get some confounding google results someday. If I'm bored tomorrow, maybe I'll create blogs for the rest of the suggestions.