February 8th, 2009

Exploding Insides.

So I got a MAJOR (and I mean this has been going on since yesterday night) case of food poisoning from Le Bistro Montage. Where should I go to report something like this? I emailed them to let them know but haven't heard anything.

Stay away from the Gumbo, STAAAYYY AWWWAAAYYY!
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Anyone else go see it yet? We saw it tonight in 3D, at Cinetopia natch, and it was pretty cool. I like the 3D movies and the movie itself was pretty entertaining. Yet it was also a bit creepy and strange. Don't (or maybe DO?) go stoned or high or whatever; or else you may be tripping out on a couple of places. But overall the movie was enjoyable!

ETA: Another thing, for those of you who live in Vancouver, the place where Coraline lives is called "The Pink Palace" My sisters and I found that hilarious. (It's the nickname for this porn shop near the mall. I don't know what it's REALLY called)
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Kinglake, Australia - my home town burned yesterday

I just want to ask fellow DP's to take a sec if they would be so kind to say a prayer or just send good thoughts toward the folks back where I come from - Victoria, Australia who have been and are dealing with the worst bushfire in the history of Australia. The temperature reached approximately 48 degrees celcius in some areas on the weekend (around 118 deg Far.)  The death toll is 93 108 131 173 and climbing. I think it will be in the hundreds by the time everyone is accounted for but I pray I am wrong.

Kinglake, Victoria - one of the very worst hit as far as loss of life, is my home town and they had a total of 20 63 lives lost last count (I am sure that number will probably double if not triple once crews can gain access to all areas impacted).  The scenes were simply ones of Armageddon nature - just horrific and although we read about devastating loss each day in the news, it really impacts you when it's your own town, you know the people who have lost homes or lives. Your own old house completely gone. Everything you knew is gone.

If folks want to know more: www.heraldsun.com.au

And if anyone wants to donate toward the victims the official website to help the bushfire victims is : www.redcross.org.au

I checked out Kinglake, Victoria on Google Earth this morning and it simply was unrecognizable to me.  Marysville, another town dear to my family for many years (for various personal reasons) has quite simply, all but gone.  Over 750 without homes and they expect that number to increase as well.  Alfred Hospital (the main hospital where victims were being sent) apparently ran out of morphine.  Hard to even comprehend that.

Sorry to start off a Sunday with such a depressing post but I'm simply shocked beyond belief.

Edited to add:  330,000 hectares (815,444 acres) burned so far.

Pic below taken at Kinglake.

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Xbox360 repair question

I have a 1st gen 360 and it has finally shit the bed. I am getting a solid 3 light Ring of Death. The good news is that this is covered by the extended warranty that MS has provided. The bad news is that I hear very different time frames as to how long it should take to get it back. I know that sometimes they just ship a new one and that sometimes they have the parts to fix it.

What I am hoping to find out is if any of you have had to ship yours back *recently* and what the turn around time was. I should receive the box from them on Tuesday and I have heard anywhere from a week to 20 days after I send it in. I have read about a guy having to wait two months before but that was really early on in the return program so I suspect that won't be the case now, hence wanting to know about recent experiences.

Thanks folks.

Edited to add -

Sweet. Thanks for the info folks. It's sounding like around 20 days is about right. I will probably post when I get it back with the total amount of time and what they ended up sending back.

Also, that is awesome news that they give a free month of Live Gold for the hassel. I used to work for MS on the original Xbox and I am so happy to see that at least one part of the company cares enough about their customers to be proactive on an issue.
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EVENT: Darklady’s Don’t Fear Valentine’s Day Sex Positive “Quickie” Dating

Darklady’s Don’t Fear Valentine’s Day Sex Positive “Quickie” Dating

Valentine’s Day is nearly here. Don’t hide inside hoping it will go away. Instead, make Friday the 13th your lucky day! Indulge in a sex positive, GLBT, straight, poly, mono, swinger, kinky, vanilla,18 and older friendly environment while enjoying a tasty meal from Rumpspankers, sinfully delicious sweeties from the Naughty Baker, sexual-diversity positive mixer games and intensive getting-to-know you conversations that will help you make friends and maybe even meet a lover… or two.

Bring a donation for Esther’s Pantry and get a kiss from Darklady!

Friday, February 13th
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Wheelchair Accessible
Safer Sex Supplied Play Spaces Upstairs

RSVP Strongly Encouraged

$20 men
$5 women
Rumpspankers Restaurant
700 NE Dekum
Portland, Oregon

February 20th: Classic Dinner & Porn Date Night featuring “The Devil in Miss Jones”

March 14th: Belated Black History Month Dinner & Porn Date Night w/“Merc” & “Aphrodite Superstar”

March 28th: Classic Dinner & Porn Date Night featuring “Debbie Does Dallas”

May 30th: Darklady’s Solo Sex Circus 8th Annual Portland Masturbate-a-thon

-- Darklady
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long time, no post...

hello DP. it's been forever and a day since i've posted here, but i have a question to pick your brains with.

store with largest color selection of hairbrushes in the portland area. preferably on the west side (beaverton/hillsboro) but not required.

go! :D
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hot tub place?

A friend was telling me about a place in Phoenix where you could rent a room with like a bed, hot tub, and tv by the hour. My v. day plans fell through and now I'm just desperate to hang out in a private hot tub for a bit. is there anything like that in Portland? tia
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In need of some assistance

For the last two years I've been battling chronic pain; I have Fibromyalgia. Until moving to Portland I've been educating my doctors and it hasn't been easy. I finally have a good neurologist who has put me on some killer pain killers until we can figure out some stuff.

However, recently my medical insurance has changed. And it sucks the big one. For some reason they won't cover oxycontin (I'm convinced it's because they think I'll either sell my pills for 50 bucks a pop or get high off of them because they cover other drugs that aren't as strong, or have acetaminophen in them which limits how many I can take in a day). Not only will they not cover it, but they will not allow the pharmacy to give me 90 (a months worth at three a day) which my doctor prescribed and are capping it at 20. So Every time I get them filled I have to pay 70 dollars. So I'd basically have to go once a week all month and pay 70 dollars each time. That's almost 300 dollars a month just on pain pills alone.

I'm not working because I can't physically work, and my parents send me money as they can (which isn't much). I explained this to my doctor and he told me that I could get on the Oregon Health Plan which helps those in need with different things but in this case they would help me with my medications, and I'd be paying 25 dollars for each script.

I went down to the AFS office and I spoke to a women who told me that I didn't qualify because I am over 19 and not pregnant. I was disappointed but left. I went online that night searching for ways to help me get cheaper meds. I went onto some Oregon site and I filled out some questions and they would point me to some programs that could help me. Well, one of those programs was OHP (Oregon Health Plan). I was of course really confused.

So many question to all you wonderful DPers is does anyone know anything about this? Are any of you on the OHP? Any help would be greatly appreciated it. 

I'm having a hard time lately with pain, and fatigue and I finally got to the doctor who wants to help me and he gave me pain pills that take away my pain, and stimulants that will take away my fatigue so I can actually go to the store without being wiped out, or concentrate on my homework only to be cockblocked my insurance companies that are there to help me pay for medicine. I know that everyone is really out for themselves, and they are a business and are there to make money. But it's just really upsetting to someone like me who has so much chronic pain day in and day out and finally has the prescriptions and a good doctor only to not get the medicine I need because they won't cover it because of what I might do with the meds.

It's been overwhelming and upsetting. and I literally broke down in Target, which is not something I recommend. I just wish that if I do have to have this horrible illness to have the means to get the pill to conduct a somewhat normal life and do very simple activities  such as going to the store.

I know this was long, and a little TMI, and I apologize for that. Things like this really make me go off as they are upsetting. If anyone can point me in the right direction or any inside information I'd appreciate it. And if you have dealt with this personally I would love to talk to you about it.

And I know people could snark about this, but considering everything I'd appreciate if you could not just this once.
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looking for recipe

Hey I am needing a recipe out of the Paula Deen's Kitchen Classics: The Lady & Sons Savannah Country Cookbook and the Lady & Sons, too!

I got it from a friend and left it at a party this weeke
nd. It's for the Pear-Licious cake on page 373.

Lingerie shops?

Am looking for a lingerie shop that leans towards the more and more naughty end of things - like peekaboo boobs, etc., rather than just your typical lingerie at any department store. And for us plus-sized ladies. There used to be a shop in Beaverton on BHH where Walker meets it, but it's closed up. Anyone know of another? West side is best.