February 6th, 2009


Room for rent

Hey, DPeeps, this goes up on the CL this weekend, but I figured I'd also post it here in case any of you were looking or had a friend who was looking for a place to live. If you're interested, just post in comments and we'll get in touch:

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Any of you old curmudgeonly folks like me out there remember V the miniseries from the 80's?

ABC just ordered a pilot. We may see another remake on our hands.

Which goes to ask again: why do they need to keep killing my childhood memories!

/gets drunk on spoiled milk *pop culture fail*
//Freddy Krueger made a good lizard
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Happy Hour Fridays?

Help us start our night out right!

Is there a good place to get Happy Hour tonight? Preferably somewhere near Pioneer Place, since we want to get our drink-and-munchies on before catching a 7pm movie there.

I was initially thinking Greek Cusina but the website states Happy Hour only runs Monday-Thursday. Other options?

Thanks! :}

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This has probably been asked a million times, but:

does Portland offer a "Dine around Portland" similar to Seattle's?

I think this is fairly common, it happened in SF when I lived there, and I figure it should happen in most cities with good food. I just can't seem to find a Portland version...?
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Okie-doke, damnportlanders. I'm looking for a bell. I'm not quite sure what kind of bell I would be satisfied with. Perhaps a handbell, or maybe a boardroom or table bell.

I need a bell for keeping time at a meeting, and bells seem classier than yelling and less imposing than a gavel. Is there anywhere in the Portland area I can get a bell such as these by, say, next Tuesday?
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So get this...

About a month ago my sister was involved in a fender bender. While stopped at a stop light, the guy in front of her proceeded to go when the light turned green, my sister went as well. Well, the man stopped in the intersection and my sister rear ended him.

She got out and did everything she needed to do, even took a picture of what damage she did. The damage was a small scratch on his bumper.

Well, the day after the man takes the car into a shop to get an estimate. He gets and estimate and the shop calls my sister.

From what the estimate says there's approximately $3,000 in work needed to be done. How this is possible I'm not quite sure. Especially since the only damage done by my sister was a scratch on the bumper.

So get this, we get all the information back from the place that does the estimate. The car that had been hit is actually owned by the owner of the shop that did the estimate. My mom did a car fax report on said car and it's been involved in roughly 30 accidents.

So at this point my parents are thinking that this is a scam.

Anyway, my parents and my sister filed a fraud report with our insurance company.


And today they receive notice that the man who was in the car is claiming that he was injured in the accident and needs medical attention!!!

This accident happened a month ago, and all of a sudden he needs medical help now? Or the fact that he's hurt after we filed a fraud count on this?

So DP, do you think we should get a lawyer?

Phone interviews

Some of you must've worked for Wells Fargo doing customer service in the Tron. I have a phone interview for that position today at 2. I was wondering if any of you have had this interview and possibly worked for them? What kind of questions do they ask? Many thanks for any suggestions and or experience.

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Clear: Eats Balls

A few people have asked about Clear wireless Internet service. I've had it for about a week. For my purposes, it sucks balls. Between about 10 PM and 10 AM, all stateful connections (World of Warcraft, instant messenger, etc.) get dropped about every fifteen minutes. It seems to be fine during the day.

The other weird thing is that the IP assigned to our modem is not publicly routable. It's a 192.168/24. The bridge to the actual Internet is in Kirkland, WA. So no running servers or P2P servents via Clear. I ran nmap -sP on our subnet and found no other hosts except the gateway, so either they're filtering scans or we were just the only host on our /24 at that time.

Our housemate set it up. I hope they have a 30-day guarantee, because their service is totally unacceptable for gamers. Latency is also in the 200s, spiking to 400s, compared to Comcast which was generally around 150.

Edit to clarify: I can download torrents just fine. I just can't run a servent.

Cooking ideas?

My boyfriend is a vegetarian. I am a bacon lovin' meat eater. Usually he cooks because he's more creative/ better at planning balanced meals/ loves to cook. Occasionally he'll cook something that has murder in it for me and something else for himself, 'cause he's cool like that.

However, since we've been together, I've really been missing:
-Beef stroganoff
-Beef stew
-barbeque anything (just soaking tofu doesn't cut it)
-chicken, cheese and rice casserole

It's kinda hard to only go half meat on those things...

So my question is, Dear Dpers, do you have veggie versions of the above that are strong enough for the woman, but made for the man? I want to step up to more cooking responsibilities, but I need a recipe to start off with.

I'm open to websites, home recipies, stories about this awesome dish you made this one time, restaurants with veggie versions of these things, whatever. Please lay it on me so I stop feeding my boyfriend veggie chili and stir fry when it's my turn to cook.


ETA: Thanks so much!

anyone for tennis?

So tomorrow I'm going to a tennis ho type theme party. I want to have the perfect tiny little skirt/ridiculous polo shirt. Problem? I own no white. Clearly I can go to Goodwill, BuffEx whatever, but I was just curious if people had any particular thriftsores (especially in SE?) that would be more likely to have these items than others. It's just not something I've ever really shopped for before.

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hey fnnlc,

just wanted to let you know that the rest of us are still having an AWESOME time not being total LOSERS!

enjoy the internet, and i'll see you on sunday!

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Gosh I have always loved shopping. So much so that for my senior picture I did it with shopping bags in hand. Talk about unique, but looking back on my yearbook i dont regret it.


So... I have this friend...

This friend hasn't filed her taxes in um...  several years. 

This friend needs to see a tax person to get a few years of taxes done.  Her taxes are not complicated, no kids, no house, no school, nothing like that.  But since she hasn't done this in a few years, she wants to have someone take care of it for her finally.  She is not sure if she will be owing, or get something.   Chances are, she will be owing.  But the stimulus check that everyone got last summer she would get after filing... so that would help.

Currently she has a lot of medical bills and what not, and so she can't afford a whole lot.  But this year is the year she is going to get her finances straight, and she figures that getting taxes done is the first step.  Eventually of course she wants to go to school, and can't do that until taxes are done.

Does anyone have any recommendations for tax people that don't charge arm/legs/other important appendages?  Also, hopefully one that won't give her a lecture on the importance of filing taxes.  She's heard it.  A lot.

Any and all recommendations would be appreciated.  Thank you!
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Question with a treat at the end

Does anyone else here get anonymous posts in Japanese in their personal journal? Sometimes ten at a time? Apparently from someone using a Japanese ISP? But which read as near-gibberish when run through Babelfish?

I've had to start screening anonymous posts, which is a shame.

Oh, yeah...the treat. Furry Chart.

Walking around Portland, continued

So today, as part of my further life plan to walk everywhere in the the extended Portland area and possibly the Northwest, I walked from Sandy to Gresham. My exact route, if you are interested, was this:

Man, that is a long URL.

Most of the roads between Sandy and Gresham are pretty and rural and peaceful, but there is a bit of a problem with traffic and not much shoulder. It was dark by the time we got to Boring, and it would have been dangerous to be walking much past there, but luckily we got on the Springwater Corridor at that point. The Springwater Corridor is very fun to walk at night (although it is against the law to do so in Gresham.), and it seems that it goes on forever, in the good way.

As for the Sandy area...it is nice, besides it has the Yogi Berra problem, "No one goes there anymore, it is too crowded".
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Hey DP,
I'm looking to get a poster framed (18" x 24") and am looking for opinions on either I've Been Framed (SE Foster) or Portland Picture Frame (SE Holgate).

At least, those are the two businesses closest to my location, but I have a car and am willing to trek a little if you know of a great framing shop in or around SE for a girl on a budget.