February 5th, 2009


Grocery Shopping?

Hi guys!

I'm doing a food mapping project for school and I'm in need of some general data. If you would be so kind, tell me where you shop for groceries. Doesn't even need to be a specific location (though that would be great), but the name of the store (or chain or dumpster, whatever) would be lovely.

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one-time rodent cleaning job

I know there are a bunch of people on here who are temporarily short on cash, so I thought I'd throw this vaguely unpleasant job out there:

I have two large cages of degu (see icon). I've been busy and haven't had time to clean them out properly. I'm looking for someone to give them a really good cleaning out. This involves vacuuming and taking out shelves and then washing them in the bathtub, scrubbing down the outside of the cage, then letting everything dry and putting it all back together.

Realistically, it will probably take 3 hours or more.

I'm willing to pay at least $30; more if it ends up taking more than 3 hours. I'll make you lunch, too (if you'd like).

I had commented on someone's post about this job, but I can't find that post anymore. So if you're that person, let me know.

Negotiating down your rent?

I had no idea about this until my older sister mentioned it to me, but has anyone ever negotiated down the rent on an apt they wanted? Basically I'd been seeing ads for this apartment for a little over a month, and the price looked a little high to me which was why I figured it was having a difficult time being rented out. After looking at the apt then talking to my sister, I called the apartment management place (it's owned by an actual management company, not a plex or privately owned type rental) and offered $200 below what they wanted for the monthly rental cost, plus I asked that they remove the move-in/cleaning fee. After two days, I get a call saying they'll agree to it.

I'm getting a crazy good deal now and I'm wondering if I should've been doing this all along or whether this is something apt management companies are only just now doing because of the economy?

just saw this on CL activities section

Feel the Heat of Loves Fire at Spot 79 Saturday Feb 14th at Spot 79. No Cover Charge!! It is Gangster Week end at the Spot. Dress as your fav. St Valentine Massacre Mobster or Flapper Girl and get a Free Gift.
And for the Very First time Two Fire Dancers {Hoop Noxious & Groovin Meggs} are performing Together (Fire Dancer performance from 10pm to 11pm)
Show Hosted by the Sexy Singer De-aan
Come, and Dance, Sing, See the Fire show, Comedy, Impersonations at Spot 79
7944 SE. Foster Rd. Portland, OR.
Bring your Sweetie for the Amazing Food
Head Splitters Mobster Meal
{One Dinner Split Between Two Lovers}
One USDA Choice, aged 28 Days 7oz Black Angus Filet, and One 6oz Lobster Tail
With two Baked Potato's, Two Vegetables, Two Salads and Rolls $29.95
The Tommy Gun Dinner Special
10oz USDA Choice aged 28 days NEW YORK STEAK & SAUTEED SHRIMP
With Veg. Roll and Choice of Baked Potato, Soup, or Salad $14.99
Above Specials are available Fri, Sat, and Sun

Valentine Day Show starts at 9pm Feb 14th

Karaoke 9 to 1am Thursday, Friday, Saturday and 5pm to 9pm

This is totally where I would be, if I was going to be in town for V-day


Ok I found this too and didn't want to make a second post to clutter up the friends page


It's a adult drum line.  Check out the website and the youtube links. It's amazing. I freaking love Portland... man!

Ok so anyone who joins I will SEE YOU THERE! This is exactly what I have been looking for. All you do is go to the practices to see if you groove with it then go through a entrance exam. I will be trying to join the colorguard.


Also Any hoopers around? There was a CL ad looking for hoopers and it's gone/expired ARGHH I should have wrote the girl! Anyways I am looking to start hooping so if you know where they get together let me know..please!
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chalk dinosaur?

Hey folks :) Some time last May the boyfriend and I were walking around downtown and we saw the most adorable dinosaur drawn in chalk on the side of the building. We were 1-3 blocks north of Burnside and between Powells and the park with the elephant. It was on the north side of the building. I completely fell in love with the dinosaur and just had it tattooed on my arm. I would love to know who drew the little guy. So did anybody in DP draw it? Or know who drew it? Here's the pic I took:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

TIA! Much appreciated!

EDIT: My tattoo
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
"When the going gets dark..."
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Selling Vinyl-- Is EM My Only Shot ?

Hey, Folks. I'll try to keep this brief. Things are lousy and I want to sell my collection of mostly-jazz LPs. There are a few possible rarities in amongst 800-plus well-cared-for records. I really don't want to use ebay. I could live with the hassle if their fees weren't so ridiculous and the odds of selling even a fraction of what I own weren't slightly less than nil. I know Everyday Music will rip me off-- it's how they stay in business, right ? Also, I will feel less heartbreak if the collection goes out the door all at once rather than bit by bit.

The thought of Craig's List makes me want to tear out my hair. I just don't think it'll work for this kind of thing. I would be fine with a capital-D dealer wanting to come over for a day or two to inspect what I've got, but not some random stranger off the 'net no matter how cool they say they are.

If you know of a reliable dealer/collector in Portland-Vancouver area who might be interested, let me know. I'll be typing up a comprehensive list of everything sometime next week if I feel like anyone's interested.

My personal first choice would be donating the whole thing to Ethos Music Center in N. Portland. Doing good, plus getting a nice tax break in 2010. But 2010 is a looooooong way off and I could use even modest $$ in hand much sooner, y'know ?


P.S.-- No, leasing my womb is not an option. So don't suggest it. :p

All Hail Kiss-my-anthia!

I'm looking for a Kiss pinball machine. Does anyone know of a place in town where I can take the cute boy I'm hanging out with to play some Kiss pinball?

He's been waxing nostalgic about the Kiss pinball machine he played at his local 7-11 while growing up. I checked Ground Kontrol and they don't list Kiss on their website, but we'll still go just to play some pinball.

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I need to head home soon, anyone know what's up in NoPo?

Police activity closes roads near N Rosa Parks & N. Interstate -- KGW

...but no other info. Plus, the helicopters are freakin' my wife out; we watched too much Jericho this weekend.

New Orleans

I have the opportunity to travel to New Orleans for a conference in late June/Early July but am uncertain whether or not I want to go. The group I will be going with is going to do some work with Habitat For Humanity while we are there but I have no idea what else to plan for my free time. Has anyone been and have any suggestions for activities/places that are not to be missed?

Thanks for your suggestions,

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i need to find a new home for my bunny. he is a little under 3 years old. he is sweet, likes jingly toys and veggies, likes to run around. he is fine with cats but has not met dogs before. i doubt it would be an issue though.




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Crafty People

Anyone interested in getting together to do different crafts once a week or every other week? I am just starting to get into Scrapbooking but would much rather have some company while I do it. I live in St. Johns but could be convinced to travel if a group got together. I am thinking Thursday nights would be best for me but am open to suggestions as well.

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portland party venues?

dPeeps ~

So, there's a pretty major birthday party coming up, and the planning committee is looking for venues. We could do a house party, but we're looking for other options around Portland. We're planning for about 40-60 guests ... and my house isn't quite that big.

What we want is something along these lines:
- can have it for an entire Saturday evening
- can be a room, or rooms, that are private (but could be a reserved part of a larger establishment)
- we want to be able to either have it catered by the establishment or bring our own food
- same with booze
- we'd like to have a Rock Band / Guitar Hero setup, if possible
- we'd like to be able to play our own (recorded) music, without having to set up a bunch of speakers

Any ideas?


Mardi Gras Masquerade

Saturday February 21st There is a great Masquerade, I am helping with decor and it should be massive fun! This is a fundraiser for the Black Rock Boutique, we have been gifting fabulous clothing to people at Burning Man since 1996:

Join us for Music, Masquerade, and Mayhem.

Surrounded by Ninjas
Global Ruckus
Justin Jade
Electro Kidd
Cosmic Lees Intergalactical Traveling Show * CLITS*
$10 presale www.brownpapertickets.com/event/54354
$12 at the door

Rotture 315 SE 3rd Ave