February 4th, 2009

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Hello DP'ers!! I've been reading this blog vicariously through my girlfriend, realising its awesomeness and only now am I ready to post...  It's become kind of a second webhome to me in which I never say anything.

I'm a freelance animator here in SE, and I am working on a short right now in which I will be representing all of Portland's districts (NE, SE, NW, SW) and I will be assigning a style to each of them. Sofar I'm doing pretty good.
Except I'm having some trouble deciding what NE would be.  To be honest, I am entirely unfamiliar with the area so I'm not exactly sure what kinda vibe it has.

I'm looking for broad style ideas, such as "mod", "retro", "art deco", just a general neighborhood feel.  For example, I feel SE has a retro, textured paper, cut out  kinda look whereas downtown (SW) is more art deco, metropolis-like.

I greatly look forward to any ideas/suggestions anyone has about this or their neighbourhood!

Thank you so much, DP'ers!!

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let's say you rank yourself into oblivion on a tuesday night and now there are red wine vomit stains on your carpet (never mind the fact you have zero memory of making them). how might you go about getting those out? bonus points fo0r something that won't agitate this life ending hangover.
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relocate a coffee date!!

i am meeting somebody for coffee on saturday morning.  i told her to pick a place, and she picked starbucks.  she said if i know of a nearby local-owned, we can go there instead.  unfortunately, this would be nearby the starbucks on barbur, near the train station, and i don't know jack shit around there. 

yes, location is important, as we are meeting at a 1/2 way point, and that is it.


Oh Great and Powerful DP

America's Best Eyeglasses - Thoughts, alternatives?
I need an eye exam and glasses fast.  The taped glasses look is just not me.


Looking for a good family friendly place where we can go and fill out bellies with the magical by product of talented bakers.  SE a plus just not a must.

Thanks much
Word to your Mother

EDIT: Cause I can't spell. As I have always said "Misspeller's of the world Untie"
Tea whores unite secretly

Coraline premier

So are any damn portlanders going to the actual world premier of Coraline tomorrow night here in Portland?

Anyone know how to get tickets to the big shindig?!

Edit: screw going to the premier if I might have the chance to interview Gaiman himself...
C&H Fight
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First of all I have a 30ish Gallon fish tank, with the works, and a good stand for cheap!

Second Im looking for some A7X (avenged sevenfold) tickets for this weekend, if anyone knows where to get some (bottom level, moshing duh) please let me know or if someone can use their google-fu/PDX hook ups, Id love you forever.

Can we sue Unicru?

I swear their electronic application is so damn tedious considering that the internet should be a place to expedite applying for jobs. Not to mention the fucking rape and violation of my eyes via 25 pages of repetitive personality questions. Thanks Unicru for sucking 20 minutes of my life away to apply to 1 job. Assholes. Portland related because we all need jobs.


Many thanks to cratermoon for the tip!
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Hey DP, I needs your restaurant recommendations again!

My mom's coming into town for a couple days and I'd like to take her someplace awesome. We'll be mostly in the downtown area, so west-siding is preferable, but east-siding may be an option for one excursion. No real restrictions. Vegetarian-friendly for me would be nice, but not necessary (I don't give a shit about eating a Caesar salad for dinner, I just want to go someplace she'll like).

So what's your new favorite restaurant DP?
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hai pdx. photoblog help?

so i am going to be mostly traveling on and off for the next 6-8 months. i am looking for a site where i can upload photos to a site whenever i want, no upload limits, simple and straight forward blog type layout. no ads. nice to look at. easy to use. i used to have a bunch of good links for this stuff, but lost them all. and i am sucking at google right now. i swear i once found a site once that was mainly a travel focused photoblog, where there was basically unlimited storage and bandwidth. and, not ugly and covered with ads.  what i am looking to do is a blog type layout, but i am going to be only posting photos. with maybe a sentence, to a paragraph at the most of description. i think of it like a blog because i am going to be updating very frequently, and it's for my family who are not computer savvy. any help is appreciated. thanks!

Hey DP parents

I have a question. I have a child that will be going to kindergarten in the fall and we are making the rounds to all the kindergarten round ups. So my question to you guys and gals is.. where do your children go and do you recommend that school. We are do not want to send our child to the neighbor hood school so she will be a transfer to where every we choose. That is if we win the lottery and get in. Also does your school charge for all day kindergarten? The round up we went to today charges $330.00 a month for all day school.
Thank you!
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Rock Band in Portland

Love the video game Rock Band?

Come play Rock Band at Someday Lounge this Sunday February 8th at 8:00pm!

Sunday, February 8th 2009
Someday Lounge
125 NW 5th Ave.
Portland, OR 97209

Ground Kontrol's Rock Band Night is moving over to Someday Lounge for a special event!

Someday Lounge features a larger, higher raised stage, a modern, stylish, dimly lit atmosphere, mixed drinks and a fine selection of beer at the bar, and more seating for the audience. The event is on a Sunday night so if Tuesday night doesn't work for you, this is a good opportunity to check out the best Rock Band night in Portland! Someday Lounge serves mixed drinks, which Ground Kontrol does not, so you will be able to get your favorite drink!

Someday Lounge (just around the corner from Ground Kontrol) hosted the Rock Band 2 release party last September and it was very successful. If the Feb. 8th event is successful we may start having Rock Band at Someday Lounge once a month on the first Sunday of the month!


In addition to this special event, Ground Kontrol still hosts Rock Band Tuesdays every week. Hope to see you there!
Oh Boy

You say it's your birthday, it's my birthday too

Hey there DP.

My Birthday is next Wednesday, and I'm looking for suggestions for a place to go where other folks can come and go for a few hours in the evening.  I would like for this place to have alcoholic beverages that my friends and I can enjoy, as well as some sort of food products with which to soak up the alcohol.  I live near 21st & Glisan, and would like something within walking distance, so downtown/pearl/23rd would be prefered.  There probably won't be more than 10 or so people at any given moment, but I anticipate that people will arrive at different times, which would be annoying for the average restaurant situation. 

Right now I'm thinking about just going to The Bitter End, since it's a place where the bartenders know my favorite drink, and that I don't like tomato on my grilled cheese sandwiches, but I thought I'd throw it out there and see if any of you portlanders have any better suggestions.

Selling a car with a full title...

So, here is my problem. I am selling my RV. Have a buyer. Just realized that the title is completely full. No room for another transfer of ownership. Is there a form I need to get from the DMV? Do we just write up a bill of sale and let them worry about what to do about the title and then just sign it when they figure it out? My google-fu is failing me. HELP!


Portland related because...um, that's where it's goin' down.
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I went to Best Buy and bought a laptop. It was cheap, but thats what I wanted. It runs Linux.

Here's the problem, whilst trying to install updates it took a nose dive. I really don't know what I did, or how to fix it. 

Another great point is... it's only three days old. I don't know whether or not I just take it back or try and have the geeks fix it.

Oh wise portlanders, what would you do?

For some reason it seems as thought technology has failed me recently.

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Are there cowboy hat stores in these parts? Or maybe a store that sells cowboy hats and other "western" attire? I'm talking authentic 10-gallon hats. Location, please.

Thanks :)
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Foster Care? You? Yeah.

Saw this ad on Craigslist and just wanted to put you all in the loop: (ignore the Washington County bit, Albertina Kerr will take families from all over the Portland-Metro area--even down in Albany!)
You can change the future! You can make a difference!! You can help save a child!!
How much power is THAT!! Just think of the possibilities.........

The Albertina Kerr BRS program is in dire need of people who will step up to the challenge of fostering teens who are at a crossroad in their lives. Many of these kids have a long history of foster care; some have never had what most people would recognize as a family. What they need is a soft place to land....some support and stability.....some love and encouragement....and a place to call home.

*We especially need foster parents in WASHINGTON COUNTY, but also have a need for the surrounding areas in Oregon.

Could you be the foster parent for one of these kids? Our foster parents are single, married, partnered, widowed. They are stay-at-home moms, empty-nesters, 9-5ers. Some own their own homes....some rent a house or apartment. Some are experienced parents, and some have never parented before. What they all have in common is a desire to help children in crisis....to step up and walk their talk....to make a huge difference.....to be there for a child.

Complete training is provided for our foster parents, as is 24/7 on-call support.

Other highlights of our program include:

* A generous, tax-free monthly stipend of $1525 per child

* The kids in our program have medical, dental and mental health insurance coverage

* Most of the teens attend your local school

* Skills training is provided for the youths

* A team of specialists to support and train the foster parents

If you are interested in learning more about how you can help, please contact us today! We would like to provide you with more information on our program and the kids who benefit from it.

Our contact information:

The Foster Family Care Network


Andrew Bird

Is Andrew Bird sold out? He is playing at the Roseland on the 21st, and either I am completely failing at buying tickets through Ticketswest, or it is sold out. It keeps telling me that it "cannot find tickets at this price level," yet it is a general admission show so there is only one price level.


Here's the link to the "buy tickets" option.

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where can i find statistics (if possible) on how many accidents are caused by local road hazards in portland? the accidents could be from cars OR bikes. an example of a statistic i could use would be: xx% of bike accidents in 2008 were caused by potholes or xx cars a year get alignment problems from potholes. i guess they don't have to be local to portland... it could be nationwide or across oregon... but not another state. the statistics just have to include us in some way.

this is for a school project, and anything is better than nothing. i have google'd my BRAINS out for the past couple days and i can't find anything so i thought i'd see if anyone has ran across this before.

thanks in advance :)

Verizon cellphone?

I'm mystified by why just about every motorola razr phone being sold on Craigslist is pink. There's probably a good explanation, like that there were a bunch given out free for promotions or something.

In any case, my own razr was stolen out of my coat while I was at Ash Street Saloon last night. On my birthday night, no less! If anyone is looking to get rid of a Verizon phone, let me know how much you're asking please? I don't need a fancy phone, just something semi-recent and not bulky. I don't care about camera, mp3 player, bluetooth, colour, hidden pez dispenser, secret laser death ray, etc. Muchos gracias.


Are you feeling blue from a serious lack of light, knowing this crazy burst of sunshine might not last? Do you like cool underground clubs with awesome effects and eclectic entertainment? Do you like alcoholic beverages?

-> 5536 NE 27th Ave.
Friday night (2/6) is opening night and the theme color this week is white. Wear some white, yo.
Saturday night (2/7) features a live band playing Terry Riley's "In C". I'll be f$%&ing it up hardcore.

Lightbar will be happening every Friday and Saturday (and Thursday?) for the month of February. It's free, but donations towards more booze is acceptable + encouraged. Please, don't call the cops on us.