February 3rd, 2009

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Quick & Painless Auto Insurance Quotes?

Does anyone know the quickest and easiest way to find cheaper auto insurance? Or if anyone will offer me a lower rate to insure a car that I'm not driving now due to some temporary health issues? Am I stuck to calling every major insurance broker in this town one by one or is there some super secret short-cut somewhere? Something that involves a minimal amount of reading fine print, since my issue has to do with problems focusing on reading for more than short bits and pieces. (Doing some prescribed vision exercises which will hopefully help with that in the long run.)

Thanks, DP!

oh wise and benevolent DP

my stepdaughter just lost her fiancee to liver cancer.  we are in idaho too far away to be of as much help as she is going to need.  can anyone suggest a grief support group or any other sort of resources we might guide her towards?  she is 21, a single mom and as you might guess, her heart is broken.  any help you can provide is greaty appreciated.

Places to knit and eat?

I'm looking for a place that is in the NE/N part of Portland. Someplace that is close to the Alberta/Mississippi area, open past 8, comfortable for knitting and has real food - not just bakery items.

I live in this neighborhood but am drawing a blank on a good place to go after work today with a friend that fit all this criteria. I'm hoping to come up with a few good options for future knitting adventures.

Couches would be a big plus but aren't necessary.
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Yoga Podcasts or DVDs ?


So I'm interested in finding a podcast or something online (preferably with some video component) to do yoga at home.   Until the New Years resolution crowd at my gym dies down (or my schedule changes) getting to the classes at my gym is a crowded pain in the ass.  Home workouts are the answer for now.  

I realize I could buy a DVD, but am not familiar with any good titles.    I don't need the Bikram thing or the super strenuous pilates/yoga combo. Just good old regular Hatha-ish stuff.  I've taken enough classes to know most of the regular poses, I just need someone to guide me through a workout.

So:  please advise:  good online source -OR-  DVD titles for yoga workouts. 

Thanks guys.
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Since you all got your panties in a bunch about vaccinations...

I thought I'd mention a free event Thursday night at the Community Center across from the Beaverton Library (you can visit one Holistic Moms meeting free to check it out before joining):

The Holistic Moms Network presents . . .

Vaccine Talk Series
Dr. Joel Amundson

The talk series will address the following points over the course of the two speakers (one is left!):
• Statistics on how sick our children really are
• Testing data, ingredients, and known side effects of vaccines
• Short History of Commercialized Medicine
• How to legally exempt yourself from vaccinations
• Alternative vaccine schedules

Which vaccines do you really need, which are not as paramount?

Meet with Dr. Amundson
Thursday, February 5, 2009, 7:00 P.M.
Beaverton Community Center – Sycamore Room
12350 SW 5th St # 100
Beaverton, OR 97005

The Holistic Moms Network is a non-profit support and discussion network for moms with an interest in natural/holistic and alternative health and parenting. Our goal is to develop a thriving local community of holistic parents with a wide range of interests. The Portland Chapter will offer monthly meetings every first Thursday of the month on a variety of natural health and parenting topics as well as activities such as playgroups for new moms (and other events for not so new moms). For more information please visit www.holisticmoms.org or contact Raya at 503 750 6680

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Thank you Care.com for getting me a new job one week to the day I lost my last job! Not onluy a job but the EXACT job I wanted with the EXACT hours I was praying for!

I am so grateful for this service. It's amazing.

for those of you who works in *care* jobs. On care.com you can run a background check on yourself for $8, make a video of yourself for promotional purposes, show what hours you are available, and have your references right on the site.

Portland related because it's one of the cities on the site, and because the *care* field still has job openings.

Larch Mountain

Has anyone made it up to Larch Mountain in recent weeks? I know they have a gate blocking the last 5 miles of the road during the winter but I am hoping someone has been their recently and that the gate was possibly unlatched or no longer in existence.

1.20 boys don't cry

upcoming shows: 7feb, 6mar

greetings theXplodingfans,

this is a reminder about our upcoming shows.

when: 7 feb 09, saturday, 8pm (we start at 9pm)
who with: dj kenny and adrian h and the wounds. this is a cd release party for adrian h's new self-titled disc
where: lola's room, at the crystal ballroom.
how much: 10$
why: because we haven't played since august and it's about time!

also, we've just confirmed a show with portland's new joy division tribute unknown pleasures.

when: 6 mar 09, friday, 9pm (we will be on second)
who with: broken bodies (misfits tribute) and unknown pleasures (joy division tribute)
where: the tonic lounge, 3100 ne sandy blvd
how much: 6$
why: because punk and post-punk is good stuff.

7 feb details:
theXplodingboys will open and close for adrian h and the wounds' cd release. accompanied by dj kenny (probably the most underrated and best 80s dj in portland), this will be an evening to remember.

tXb are unveiling some new favourite b-sides at this show and it will be the first show to kick off 2009 for us. we're eXcited to be playing some new songs from the top, pornography and kiss me..., and even some non-album tracks will be played!

show is 21+, $10, tXb hits the stage at 9 and midnight. adrian will go on at approximately 10.45
the crystal ballroom (which hosts lola's room) is located at sw 14th and w burnside

6 mar details:
we're eXcited to announce that we will be playing with the brand new joy division tribute called unknown pleasures. rounding out the lineup will be broken bodies, a misfits tribute. so there you have it... all shades of the greys of punk in one room!

the show will be friday 6 mar and will be 6 bucks. tXb hits the stage second. unlike most of our shows of late, we won't be going on really early. and we'll be playing a shorter, but eXplosive, set.

so come out with your eyeliner, tight pants, spikes, leather jackets, fishnets... you know the story. we'll party like it's 1982.



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the eastern sky grows cold
winter in water colours
shades of grey..."

Toro Bravo Bday

I'm having my shindig at Toro Bravo. I was wondering if anyone here has been? Is it worth it? Was service reasonable? And last did you enjoy the food? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. It's the big 23 for me ;)

Rainy Day

Experiencing Waldorf Workshop

What is Waldorf Education?

Learn first-hand at Swallowtail School's
Experiencing Waldorf Workshop

this coming Saturday, February 7th from 9-11am
 (note the change in hours from a previous post).

Registration begins at 8:45am with a $15 suggested donation.
Brochures of available classes available at www.swallowtailschool.org.
Childcare available with advance notice.

Come see why Waldorf works.
*located in Hillsboro, OR

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DMV question

Hola DP :) quick DMV question for you. I have a car that hasn't been driven in about a year because it's needed some mechanical help. In that year, the tags have expired, I've lost the title, and I've moved from Portland to Vancouver. So, the car is now fixed and insured, and I'm ready to register it in Washington... but I don't know if I have to get my replacement title from the Oregon DMV (because it was last registered there and that's where I lived when I had the old title) or if I can make it all easier by getting it from the Washington DMV. It really only matters because as far as I can tell, in Oregon the replacement fee is $55 and in Washington it's only $9. TIA!!!!


here are some handpicked anagrams from my nifty anagram program

Rearranging the letters of 'portland oregon' gives:

"Gnar, looted porn."
"Learnt good porn."
"Rodent goal porn."
"Longer toad porn."
"Good! Rental porn."
"Too gnarled porn."
"Tool danger porn."
"Porn nor gloated."
"Granted loo porn."
"Leg odorant porn."
"Rag top Londoner."
"Pong retard loon."
"Loop grand tenor."
"Groan on droplet."
"On golden parrot."
"Tangled or porno."
"Proton or dangle."
"Gap Londoner rot."
"Petrol on dragon."
"Rang torn poodle."
"Pole torn dragon."
"Plod not. Groaner."
"Pentagon or lord."
"No prolonged art."
"Root dangle porn."
"Alert dog on porn."
"Gold or neat porn."
"Not do large porn."
"God! Alert on porn."
"Tool garden porn."
"God! Learn to porn."
"God! Not real porn."
"Trade no log porn."
"Ole! Not drag porn."
"Droplet on organ."
"On prolonged rat."
"Pool grand tenor."
"Grander, top loon."

These are the longest words/phrases that use some of the letters:
"prolonged", "pendragon", "garroted", "Londoner",
"operator", "pentagon", "predator", "pregnant", "algernon",
"dragonne", "end organ", "Leonardo", "Napoleon",
"nolonger", "teardrop", "trapdoor", "pentland",
"drooler", "garrote", "gloated", "gloater", "gnarled",
"grander", "groaned", "groaner", "tangled", "torpedo",
"droplet", "England"
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