February 2nd, 2009

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Seriously not trying to troll here, but I have an honest question:

Why don't they make cigarettes illegal? I mean it's pretty much going that route anyways, why not just (pun warning) snuff out the whole activity and list it with other drugs?

Is it the tobacco lobbyists in Washington? Is it too big of a crop? Would the hole left by the taxes gained from it hurt states? Would be another prohibition situation and couldn't be policed? A mix of everything?

I'm just curious what the driving factor is to keep it legal if you can't do it legally almost anywhere.
Shedding pug

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My husband and I, currently SE Portlanders, are (hesitantly) looking for a place to rent in the suburbs. Since we're fairly new to Oregon, I only know of Beaverton, Hillsboro, Aloha, Tigard, and Vancouver.

Where else should I be looking? Which Portland suburbs are your favorite? We're hoping to stay within one hour of 'the big city.'

I checked the tags and couldn't find anything, so any help is appreciated.

ETA: I didn't expect to get so many responses! Thank you all. :D

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 I've just heard about the North Portland Tool Library, and while it's an amazing idea, I don't live in North Portland! Does anyone know of anything similar in other parts of the city?
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Go by Train?

OK DPs....my son and I are planning a trip to San Diego this coming April and we were kicking around the best mode of transportation down there...We don't really want to drive so we're thinking about taking the train which is a 32-34 hour trip.
   Since he is a smoker I need to find out if they have a smoking car like they had in days past..also do they allow drinking?
  I would rather fly but this is a Father Son bonding trip so...help dps!....Thanks
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Hey DP. I want to make a mix CD of songs about monkeys. This is what I've got so far:

Peter Gabriel - Shock the Monkey
Beastie Boys - Brass Monkey
Jonathan Coulton - Code Monkey
Jonathan Coulton - My Monkey
Barenaked Ladies - Another Postcard (with Chimpanzees)
Counting Crows - Monkey
Gorillaz - Fire Coming Out of a Monkey's Head
Monkees - Hey Hey We're the Monkees

Do you know of any more?
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A Love Letter

I recently got back in touch with someone that, many many years ago, worked with me on a Forest Service/National Parks trail building crew. She said this in her e-mail:

You moved to Portland! Oh my gosh, I was there a couple years ago. Professionally, I am now a bike/ped transportation planner* and Portland is like Mecca to us. I loved it there and if I was ever dragged kicking and screaming from Humboldt, Portland we would go.

I saw this and had to laugh because almost on a daily basis I realize again how much I love this city, and for so many reasons I couldn't possibly list them all.

So, Portland, thank you for being So Damned Cool.

*aside: stuff like this makes me wish I had finished my Natural Resources degree.

Tonight at 8pm: Young, Drunk and Out of Control

Free Monday Movie tonight at 8pm. I would have posted this sooner, but I spilled a glass of merlot all over my laptop and now Tom has it disassembled trying to save it. Sorry for the delay...

February 2, 2009, 8pm

Drinking Driving & Dating
Taken together, these four films offer a fascinating glimpse into teenage mores fifty to sixty years ago, in sharp black & white vintage film prints.

Last Date (Wilding 1950 B&W 15 min.) One of the best teen driving scare films. This is the infamous teenacide film, the first movie to brand teenagers as reckless breeders of highway mayhem.

None For The Road (Centron 1957 B&W 15 min.) Three teen couples dancing at a tavern drink heavily, moderately or not at all, with a surprise ending. Interspersed are lab experiments where rats are injected with liquor by a university scientist (actually a Kansas City radio announcer).

Blind Date (ABC 1951 B&W 30 min) Kinescope of the live ABC television network broadcast of February 1, 1951. The show is hosted by Arlene Francis and is the first TV game show to be hosted by a woman. Quiz show where 6 men from NYU & Rutgers try to get a blindfolded girl to pick them by doing strange things and answering questions. This format was copied twenty years later as the Dating Game. Film includes network commercials.

Are You Popular (Coronet 1947 B&W 10 min.) The first social guidance dating film ever produced.


Old Town Pizza
5201 NE MLK (in Vanport Square Center)
#6 and #72 bus, ample free parking

Complete February/March schedule at www.myspace.com/mondaymovie 

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The Greatest???

What is the greatest Rock Band of all time?

Qualities of a great rock band include but are not limited to:

- Caliber of Performance
- Years together
- Fan Base
- How often they are covered by other people


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Nom nom nom nom


Hi all,

My little boy is going to be here in 7 weeks and counting, and one of the things still not crossed off the list is finding a good sitter/nanny for the not-too-distant future.

Once we've gotten through the first few weeks of bonding/recovery/figuring out WTH to do, we're looking for someone who can spell the mom during the day occasionally so she can go work out, etc., and then eventually, come Fall do full day in-home daycare two days a week while Mom's at school.

It seems to me I've seen some folks in this group talk about doing this sort of work, and it also seems to me that there are some pretty nice people here. I don't know how much of an intersection between the two groups there is, but if you're nice, you've got some experience in this sort of work, and you're interested in what could be a pretty good ongoing gig, let me know.

If you prefer, email me at ben AT readyassist DOT com.

Oh, and of course, it's Portland related, as we are in the SE, near Reed College. And if you don't do this work, but someone you know and trust does, send 'em my way!

[EDIT: 4:58pm] Finally, you've gotta be a dog person. While you wouldn't need to walk him, we have a 115 lb lab-something-something mix whom you would not be able to ignore.

Renting a car. . . .

For reasons still unclear (like baby jesus hates me) to me, I may have to rent a car for a few days. One rental place qouted me a "shop" rate that was more than the rate I got online.

It really never occurred to me to shop it, I've been using the same chain for YEARS.

The start up costs for zipcar make it prohibitive even though it would prolly work best for my during the week needs.

what say you?
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Moving To Portland

Yes, a moving to portland post!

It's a little early, but my current roommate and I are planning to move to portland from Eugene sometime this summer. I also have one adult cat. The roomie will be going to PSU and I'll be working (...somewhere) and both of us rely on bikes/public transportation. With that in mind, we'll need to be somewhere near enough to PSU that the commute isn't awful and hopefully that is also fairly close in.
I've been doing some research into neighborhoods, keeping an eye on craigslist, and poking around online, but it's hard to find any other helpful websites or info.

Here's the overall wishlist:
-2 bedroom
-less than $1000
-cat ok
-probably inner SE, no farther east than 40th, no farther south than powell, probably.
-easy to get to downtown/PSU via public transportation
-not scary or completely falling apart

-cute architecture, pre-1970.

Does this seem realistic?
Any insights, suggestions as to management companies or other neighborhoods to look into would be GREAT.


forgot to mention i'm looking for an apartment rather than a house. and it might be worth mentioning the roomie is transferring to PSU (will be a junior), rather than starting there as a freshman or something. i'm graduating this spring.
thanks for all your comments so far!

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Afternoon, PDX!
  My partner and I will be heading that way in late march and have almost everything set up and rearing to go.  Housing has gotten us stumped (not unlike almost everyone relocating to PDX ).    We're looking for a one or two bedroom one level house or first level apt (or with an elevator) to rent. Simple, affordable, queer and pet friendly housing. Where are you hiding it? 

Thank for all your help in advance,


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Shameless self promotion:

I have just hung a set of my recent paintings and photos at Barberama / Javarama and they'll be up all month. Go check them out- or better yet come by this Saturday the 7th from 3-5pm during the opening. I'll be around looking to drum up some tattoo clients...

...For those of you who don't know... I'm currently in tattoo school and will soon be needing folks to work upon at super cheap student rates. Don't be scared- check out some of my grapefruits: http://www.flickr.com/photos/9457787@N04/sets/72157613260915099/