February 1st, 2009


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Dear DP,

I'm holding a 90s dance party, with some 80s thrown in there for good measure. My questions to you are:

Where in the city might I find the following for rent/purchase: strobe light(s), fog machine(s), and projector. I don't know where to start looking.

Also, if you own any of these things, I would borrow them with significant collateral down- and of course you could join in the haddaway-real mccoy-la bouche goodness.

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Where can I buy a can of peach pie filling? I've tried Fred Meyer & Safeway and they have a bunch of other filling types (apple, cherry, blueberry, strawberry, pumpkin, etc) but no peach. Safeway used to have peach and now that spot on their shelves isn't even there anymore, so it's not like they're out - they just don't sell it anymore.
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Fellow Whedonites?

Does anyone know of a public place where I might be able to catch the premiere of Dollhouse? Or conversely... does anyone have cable and a kick-ass TV, and want to turn your home into a meet-up of the amazingly geeky? I promise I will bring a six-pack or bottle of the hosts' Beverage Of Choice!

I'm reserving judgement until I actually see it but I'll admit that all my little fangirlish hopes are that it's going to be spectacular.

Don't know about it?

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Who's excited? Who's interested in a get-together? :}

(Heh. I realized that this could be the Post-Most-Diametrically-Opposed-To-Watching-The-Superbowl as possible.)

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Dear Portlanders who may or may not be damned,

I thought about this as I was drifting off to sleep last night. What are some albums that you were kind of "meh" about, or even didn't like all that much at all, when you first listened to them, but you decided to give them a few more chances and then something "clicked" and now you love them? It doesn't have to be necessarily the band itself you didn't like--hell, it could be from your favorite band.

Here are mine, in alphabetical order:

Bettie Serveert - Private Suit (My favorite band, but it took me a long-ass time to get into this CD.)
Bishop Allen - The Broken String (This was "meh" until I heard a neighbor during OMG SNOW WTF sing the line "If you feel like dancing, dance with me." I knew I'd heard it before but had forgotten what it was from, so I Googled it, and then decided to listen to the CD again and I loved it this time.)
A.A. Bondy - American Hearts ("Too slow" IMHO at first, but his voice made me listen to it some more until I began listening to it all the time)
Le Tigre - s/t (I dismissed this one as "too electronica-y", but there were certain aspects of songs that I liked, so I listened a few more times. I think the third time I listened I was like "holy shit this is freakin' awesome.")
St Vincent - Marry Me (Also thought this was "too slow" at first, but I've lately been listening to it obsessively.)

DP birthdays of February!

Which day are you? Post silly PICS if you gottem! :)

DP Aquarians & Piceans of February!!

The day of...
1) Willfulness
2) Class - ilikepangolins
3) Exacting Realism - icallmeat
4) The Curveballer - coodley
5) Quiet Eloquence - sinnamongirl, apocalypso23
6) Popularity - gojacy
7) Utopia - rivermars
8) Precognition
9) Vibrancy Unicorns & Rainbows - yourdannybear
10) Acclaim
11) Improved comfort - __justlikeyou
12) The Unifier - haruka27
13) Liveliness - aquariah, cheekyspanker
14) The Cool Quip - bashou, lineline
15) Inventiveness madscience
16) Animation - plaidomatic, worshipthesnake
17) The Battler
18) The complete picture - colleenmarie
19) The Explorer
20) The Impression
21) Intimacy
22) Universality - vampireborg
23) The Viable Candidate - wakemeupinside
24) Sacrifice - lolasangel
25) The Higher Cause - blueberryjoe
26) Arousal - virtual_anima, digital_craft
27) The Reality Masters
28) Zest - ashanachronishm
29) Eternal Youth

To keep up with tradition, comment with your February birthday or pic and I'll post your "meditation" from your day, and probably a bit more.
Happy Birthday Februarys!

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Hey DP :) I've just realized my life is sadly devoid of Drag Queens. Where about in town can I go to hang out with and/or watch them preform? Here's the hard part... under 21? TIA!
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O hay, damngeeks...

My domain registration is coming up for renewal in a couple weeks. It's currently registered through GoDaddy, but I've heard rumors that GoDaddy is Evil™. Specifically, that they technically own any domains registered through them, and that if a domain ever becomes commercially valuable, they might not let you host it with anyone else.

So... is there such a thing as a local hosting provider through which I can transfer the registration? One that isn't Evil™?

Also Portland related because of what I'm planning to do with the domain...
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Ground loop isolator tonight?

I'm probably going to have to wait until tomorrow after work, but since I'm lonely and desperate tonight, and I love DamnPortlanders (except for that one person), I figured I'd ask here.

I have a sudden-onset problem with my Mac mini home theater system. Horrible buzzing sound. It totally ruined my start-to-finish Futurama marathon (an attempt to avoid the Super Bowl).

Without going into the long involved process of elimination and frantic Googling I've been doing for the last couple of hours, I think a ground loop isolator between the mini and the TV should solve the problem.

Where in Portland can I find one tonight? Preferable reachable by bus from Sellwood?

Is that something that Frederick Meyers would stock? Or am I stuck with a place like Radio Shack?

If you don't know what a ground loop isolator is or how one would figure out whether or not a buzzing sound would be caused by a ground loop isolator in the first place, feel free to post pictures of bunnies with a pancake on their head or something equally amusing.
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Music Challenge

My friend is turning 22 on the 22nd, and her party will be "golden" themed: gold foil cake, gold stars for decorations, everyone is asked to wear something gold. Is there enough music that somehow fits the theme to make a playlist?

Gold could be in the title or feature heavily into the lyrics, whatever you think fits. Bonus points for melodic hipster music similar to the Decemberists.
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Suggestions for a hemp jewelry shop?

Are there any suggestions for a local hemp jewelry shop? Before we moved to the area we shopped at one that we thought was a few blocks west of “The Third Eye” on Hawthorn, but we can’t find it and instead we are seeing a chain store that we don’t remember seeing when we was first there in 2005.


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Sorry to be bothering you all again but when I came here a few days ago for help it really came through.

So I posted that my old landlord had not returned my security deposit. So I called and left  a message. So I did receive it he sent it out on the last day possible. He decided to charge me $250 to paint my 10x11 room because of "smell due to the deodorizer used on walls and mattress" I am not sure if he means I used a deodorizer or he did. Seriously though isn't smell considered under "normal wear and tear" I am not a smoker and I spent all of 12 days in that room total in the 30 days I lived there. I have never heard I smelled before either. He also charged me $13 for pro-rated rent for the day I moved in early which he told me verbally to go ahead and move in a few days early and he wouldn't charge me (I believe he also did this for the other girl who moved in and will have confirmation from her soon)

so I couldn't believe he tried to charge me anything since he sent me a email when I gave my 30 day stating he'd return the deposit in full 30 days after I moved out if there was no damages, then he SIGNED a paper when I did the move out walk through stating that there was no damages. I also had to friends there who also signed as witnesses. So I figured I was covered. Also we did no move IN walk through so he has no proof of how the residence was to begin with.

I also took a video of me cleaning the place, and hundreds of photos.

On the letter he sent me he also said he was "in the process of evicting me when I gave my notice" HA! What part of the process, wouldn't the first step be telling your tenant it's not working out? I didn't even know he had any problem with me til I gave my 30 days because I felt like he was envading my space (coming into my leased area without warning) and I felt some weird feelings around him. He also lied to me about having my own bathroom. So why would he think he needed to start a process of eviction on someone on a month to month who was happy to move out? ARGHH! He obviously is blowing hot air on that one.

So anyways does anyone have like a shoulder for me to cry on through this internet. A friendly word of advice?

I plan on sending him a certified letter tommorow stating the facts that I have documentation that he signed off I left no damage, and also that he shouldn't be able to justify painting my small room after I lived there for less then a month when the lease states no charge for  "normal wear and tear" I originally wrote a anger filled letter with all the specifics about stuff he was complaining about just a laundry list of things that mean nothing but I want to be more professional sounding about it and not have my emotions showing. I also will tell him he has 10 days fromt he day I send it to return the rest of my deposit

I don't want to have to file in small claims but I will. I am just hoping if I sound legit enough he will just get his head out of his ass and give me my money back.  Dealing with him is causing me unwanted stress!!!