January 31st, 2009

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does anyone want to go on a date with me? or not even a date persay, but just a dinner? Male or female, it's all good. I'm 21 for age reference if that's an issue. I just would like to go out to dinner with someone and get to know a new person. Odd? maybe! but good! perhaps!

hm, for more reference. I like chrono trigger and explosions in the sky.

Low-cost, Family Friendly events?

Damnparents, how do you find out about special events that are going on in our fair city? I'm looking for a calendar that gathers info on any kid-friendly special events like plays, fairs, etc.

Background: My two year-old daughter and I are looking for something to do outside the house while The Wife works on work stuff. Our normal haunts (Saturday Market, the PSU Farmer's Market, etc.) are closed for the season and many of the locations (OMSI, the zoo, Children's Museum, etc.) all cost an arm and a leg.

Tonight at Guapo Comics and Coffee

Dudes, dudettes, and megapals:
Tonight Guapo Comics and Coffee is hosting a fun art opening for the new Presidents-Inspired art show by a plurality of Portland's fine independent comic book artists.


Which artists, you may ask? I may have a list of all confirmed and suspected participants on standby:
25+ artists including: Ashley Armbruster, Andrice Arp, Elijah Brubaker, Sean Christensen: Awesome But True, Gariet Cowin, Farel Dalrymple, Lisa Eisenberg, Theo Ellsworth, Jason Fischer, Mike Getsiv, Julia Gfroerer, Jonathan Hill, John Isaacson, Dunja Janković, Brodie Kelly aka "Spritzfellow", Aidan Koch, Jason Overby, Jesse Reklaw, Aron Nels Steinke, Dylan Williams, J.R. Williams ...and many more! Whew.

Opening reception tonight from 7-10pm. Snacks, beverages, cute nerds and art which is affordable-by-mandate!
Guapo Comics and Coffee [map and directions]
Be there... or fall to an anarchist's bullet!
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more requests...

1) is there a kick-ass bike shop around here (I know, I know, wait for the qualifier) with someone who knows all about recumbents that I could talk to?

Collapse )2) Does anyone know of a comm similar to DP but related to music?  I don't have that paid account thing so I can look up comm's interested in Portland and comm's interested in music but not comm's interested in both.

3) It's not thursday so this can't be strictly a thankful-thursday post, but in that vein and to make this post worthwhile for those who hate requests, I highly recommend:

Collapse )

North Main Village in Milwaukie?


This place looks a little too good to be true.  I've taken a few drives around it, peeked inside some windows, and I haven't seen anything wrong with it yet.  Does anyone know anyone who lives there? Or any kind of information?  Basically, in my search for an apartment, I've been looking them up on apartmentratings.com just to see what former/current residents say, but North Main doesn't have a page up there yet, leaving me insanely curious.


This morning about 8:30 AM I saw a locksmith pasting a notice across the doors of the Ibiza restaurant downtown on 2nd, across from the World Trade Center.

I checked online...it opened three-and-a-half months ago.

Seems like the last restaurant in that spot didn't last much longer than that.

Tough spot. Tough times.


Directly from H.R. 1, the new 800+billion stimulus package...

None of the funds provided by this Act may be made available to the State of Illinois, or any agency of the State, unless (1) the use of such funds by the State is approved in legislation enacted by the State after the date of the enactment of this Act, or (2) Rod R. Blagojevich no longer holds the office of Governor of the State of Illinois.


services not rendered

I just got the bill for our December garbage pick-up service and it is for the same amount it is every month. The problem here is  that there were two weeks our garbage was not picked up due to OMG SNOW WTF?! Does it seem odd to pay for services not completed? (I plan on calling Monday but just gotta ask DP.)
lily allen rules the world


Ok, ok I know. Valentine's Day is a corporate holiday invented by greeting card companies to drain us of our time and money, whatever.

What I'm interested in and hoping to hear more about are good places that have either a Prix Fixe menu for under or around say $50 for two people, or maybe a Valentine's Day special multi-course menu with a few options for us. See, boyfriend doesn't eat seafood and I love it, and I'm not a big fan of pork or beef but he's a very meat-and-potatoes guy.

So far I've liked the menu for Marco's, and we've checked out the menu's for Pizza Fino and MacTarnahan's and a few other places that were Prix Fixe and they sounded good but just wouldn't work for both of us or were a little more than we can afford. Any places that have their menu's online, or places we should check out? Plz?

Anywhere close-in is good, but I guess SW or SE are preferred since there are our respective hoods.
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weird thing with my cats

I had both my cats neutered today.

They are almost 6 months old.

One (Logan) seems to be doing fine. The other (Tanner) is very grumpy. Which, is understandable, my poor guys. But he keeps doing this strange thing and I am trying to figure out why?

Tanner keeps attacking the Logan, hissing and then pinning him down and biting him on the back, making Logan sqeeeek and howl in pain. In the same spot every time.

The attacks are completely unprovoked as far as I can tell. Logan is just sitting here on my bed, and Tanner jumps up here and attacks him. Logan moved across the room, and soon after, Tanner did it again. It's been going on since we picked them up around 3!!

We've got them in separate rooms for now. Tanner is fine with us.. no biting at all. Just around Logan!

I'm guessing he'll be fine once he's feeling better, but I still don't get WHY? And why the biting on the back??

beach fun


I think SO!

(Lovejoy vodka is made here in Portland and in my opinion quite tasty!)

Post some drunken pics of yourselves if you like or what ya sippin' on

Happy Saturday

<3 dannybear

Karaoke and bowling?

Hi DPers--

Which bowling alley in town is the one that also does karaoke? Do they still do it? And a follow-up question: where are the best places to karaoke in town, and why do you think a particular one is the best?

Thanks for the help!
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Marley in his bandana

Do you subscribe to the 10 second rule?

Ok, so a friend I have who is anal when it comes to cleanliness recently surprised me.  We were out getting coffee and she dropped her just-purchased pastry on the ground outside.  In a quick blink she bent over, retrieved it, dusted it off whilst quoting the "10 second rule" and later, I presume, ate it.

I didn't grow up hearing that "rule" so I only became familiar with it over here a few years ago and whilst I'm no snob, I can't bring myself to do it.  Furthermore, I caught an episode of Mythbusters awhile back where they tested that very thing and it was totally busted.  It was disturbingly impressive the crap that can be picked up from just hitting the ground for a few secs.  Not to say there aren't germs everywhere (don't get me started on bed "bugs") but anyway, I was curious how many folks follow the 10 second rule.

And if so, what is the worst thing you've dropped your food on/in and then eaten it? I am genuinely curious...(and I'm not referring to the homeless or less fortunate here who may do so out of survival).