January 30th, 2009

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So I did a deplorable thing and left my lights on overnight. Now, naturally, my car won't start and I have a lil over an hour to get it running. Of course, the car is in the garage with an uphill driveway so I just can't roll it down the street.

I have jumper cables if someone would happen to be in the area of NE 15th and Skidmore to be able to give me a jump....


Some awesome person stopped and gave me a jump
made it to work successfully
now to take care of the animals and get a new battery on my lunch break!
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Google's Gullible Info

Gullible Info had this to say today:

Two out of three households have an "unidentifiable" food in their refrigerator.

YOUR MISSION IF YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT: Post a picture of that unidentifiable food in your refridgerator and we'll try to help you identify it. Or if you don't have anything unidentifiable in your fridge, just post a picture of the contents.

Portland related because I'm a nosey fox and looking in other people's refridgerators is fun!

Because Google is yielding no results

A previous post got me thinking about Japanese Onsen and Sento. I would really love to find a Japanese-style bath house or hot springs in the area. I'm willing to drive a little for a hot springs, but I'd prefer to find a bath house in town.

I am not looking for any of the following:

- Places that rent hot tubs by the hour
- Bath houses that condone or permit any sort of sexual activity on the premises or have mixed-gender baths. I'm planing on bringing my family.
- Generic "Asian-style" bath houses -- I'm specifically looking for the Japanese experience. There are a few Korean places in SW Portland / Beaverton. That's not what I'm looking for.

Anyone know of any place?
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Shameless Self-Promotion: The Prids, The Estranged, and The Tar Plains at Slabtown tonight!

It's that time of the month again....

Coming straight outta Southeast Portland, the two-piece ridonkulous electronic duo, The Tar Plains, will be unleashing their aggressive gentlemanly sonic assault whimper at Slabtown tonight. The Tar Plains are opening up for established Portland-based indie rock acts The Estranged and The Prids. This will be The Tar Plains' first 2009 appearance. We'd love to see the fellow damnportlanders at the show. We will do our best to provide quality edumatainment.

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best faces ever!


I work downtown... like on 4th, basically ont he PSU campus.

I want something tastey, and I'm not that picky. I eat meat. Adn would like a place that serves cocktails. (yes, I'm getting a drink on my lunch. It's been one of those weeks)

I have an hour. Am willing to pay for a decent meal. :-P I just have no idea what I want!!!

Oh, deepee, help meee!

oh, and if anyone wants to join me for lunch, even better!


edit: went to Baan Thai on Broadway. Delish! What they were lacking in cocktails they made up with beer and spicy curry!
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OK, so I screwed up. Now my sink is plugged

I know better than to do what I did so let's just leave it at that, k? >.<

My kitchen sink is clogged with what I can only assume is grease.  Bad for the environment and bad for the sink and I was bad for doing it – now I am being punished. The good news is I learned my lesson and will deposit the grease in a container form now on. The bad news is my sink is still clogged. Tried Drano liquid foaming snake to no avail and am going to drain the sink and try the boiling hot water approach tonight but does anyone have any surefire home recipes for unclogging a greased sink?

Thanks in advance.

If you need to snark, feel free. I'll accept it as retribution for my sins.
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Dead Meat

So we were gone over the holidays for about three weeks (yes, we missed all the zomg snow! excitement). We thought it'd be a swell idea to unplug everything to save some money and reduce any chances of an electrical fire, etc. Except dear sweet hubby accidently unplugged our extra freezer.

Full of meat.

Even with the cold weather, meat left to sit in a freezer for three weeks is a stench no one needs to come home to. Soooo, we threw everything away and used a bleach/water solution to wipe down all the surfaces. There are four boxes of baking soda sitting on each shelf and an open bag of coffee grounds to help with the lingering odor. All of that to not much avail. I'd really like to be able to use this freezer again. What else can we do to help get the terrible stench out?

Portland related because my freezer will stink up this whole town if I can't make the smell go away!

Claw footed tubs

Does anyone know of a hotel that has claw footed tubs? I'm talking wide lipped, deep as hell, porcelain tanks that you could surf down San Fran streets in and they wouldn't take a lick of damage.

I have a few friends that have them, but I want me and my boy to have a nice, sweet, romantic night out that ends with us going back to the hotel room and shagging like bunnies in every single space of the room as possible. So... not using the friends tubs.



Okay, so I played RISK™ for the first time a few weeks ago, and the two times I've played since has not been enough. I NEED MORE. MORE!

Anyone want to get together periodically and play? Twice a month or so? I don't have a house or a copy of RISK™ to offer, but I'll help by coordinating. Email me at omg.kittens@gmail.com if you want to join in.
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GoodLife Recipe Dog Food

I have a bag of GoodLife Recipe Dog food that I bought apparently while caffeine-deprived, thinking it was cat food. My cat took one look at the huge chunks in the scoop and made for his cat bed.

7lb free bag in Hillsboro - was opened so it's not super fresh.

Going in zee trash tonight!
Dr. Killinger.  Dr. Henry Killinger.

slider buns

I want to make some slider-style sandwiches for friends on Super Bowl Sunday. Has anyone seen mini buns (maybe 2"-3" in diameter) sold at any bakeries/stores?

If in SW, that's awesome - but I'll go wherever in the Portland area.
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best friends

Gold Coyote Super Short Film Festival

I'm interested in writing a piece about someone's film project for the Gold Coyote Super Short Film Festival ( info here) for my magazine writing class at PSU and for potential publication somewhere. If you're planning on submitting a film, please contact me. I'm looking to write a feature, so I'd be following you around during a few shooting days, interviewing you, and generally being your shadow. Thanks!

Taylor Tower

Ok, I knew Portland couldn't be perfect...

but seriously? Liquor stores close at 7:00? How am I supposed to get my martini on now? Yes, yes, I know - I went to Zupan's and bought a bottle of wine instead, but dammit, I wanted my James Bond martini.


Edit. Ok, now I know that some stay open till 10:00. That's good.

Are any of them near NW 23rd and Burnside?

(no subject)

I'm looking for hot sauce/taco sauce suggestions. I hate vinegar based hot sauces (meaning not aardvark sauce). I got some of the standard La Victoria stuff a whole ago and it's pretty tasty but could use a touch more kick.

Superbowl predictions

Inji, an orangutan at the zoo, predicted that the Cardinals will be the winner at the super bowl this weekend: http://www.oregonzoo.org/Events/Calendar/2009/09jan.htm#superbowl

You can see cute pictures of Inji putting on the shirt on the Oregon Zoo facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=61196&id=1198211510&ref=nf

Also, a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0u5W__Du_k0
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