January 29th, 2009

Lobster Love

Starting a company. . .

Really, this is a way for my partner and I to start collecting payments through one name to one account. We both work within the art/media fields freelance and are thinking about starting an LLC to afford the equipment we need to continue.

We've researched about as much as we could about oregon laws regarding LLC's but have a few more questions that would better be answered by someone that makes a living doing such things.

Has anyone here started an LLC or in home business? Where did you go? Who did you talk to?

Any help is welcome!

chocolate + strawberries = love

Valentine's Day is coming and this year I want to love myself with some amazing chocolate covered strawberries. Has anyone seen any in the local chocolate shops? Any recommendations for places to buy them? Making my own and spending any additional time in the kitchen is not the equivalent of loving myself, which is what this is all about.
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Do you have an IKEA mattress?

I am contemplating purchasing a new mattress and of course there are 10 million different brands and styles out there and the cost can be outrageous (who has $2000 for a mattress?).

But Ikea seems to have some deals and you know, Ikea stuff can be fairly decent and also, utter crap.

So, tell me...do you own an Ikea mattress?
Love/hate it?
How well has it lasted over time?

Thanks all!

Correction: Take Back the Tap

A few days ago, I post a survey to collect data for a project PSU's environmental club is working on. I regretably have to do say that was the wrong survey. Below is right one. I'm so sorry about this. But if you could take just 20 seconds to complete the correct, you would be probably the best group of people ever. Thank you in advance!


Super Bowl!

Spirit Mountain tickets are sold out. Sad. 

I want to find a decent party (or a good one) with a terrific television where my girl and I can watch the game. I found a couple of things on barfly, but have the distinct sense that I must be missing something.

A home party would be swell. We can bring excellent hot wings. Or something else if you're vegan!

Thanks for any pointing in the right direction.
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odd cat question

i am asking this question for my sister:

she has a cat who always craps NEXT to the litterbox, and never in it. she doesn't poo random places - it's always right next to the litterbox. for some reason, the cat has no problem peeing in the litterbox though. it does this even when the box is completely clean, and even when we bought a brand new one. there ARE 2 cats in the residence, but she cleans the box often, and the other cat has no problem using it correctly.

at first, she tried to pay attention and catch the cat in the act to pick it back up and put it in the litterbox, but it's impossible to be there 24/7 since she has school full-time. she has tried everything she can think of, from changing the type of litter, obsessively cleaning the box, laying down newspaper, then foil around the litterbox to encourage the cat to use the box but she just craps right on the foil :( she took off the lid that used to cover it as well. everywhere my sister has looked online has told her that it's just a problem people have dealt with and just clean up after the cat all the time... but it's gross, and she wants the problem solved.

has anyone else had this problem and solved it with success?

edit: she has two litterboxes as well... i forgot to mention!

Portland news is so entertaining...

Anyone else do a double-take at the Portland Tribune headline this morning: "Adams, Kroger shared politico"? Given the salacious details that have already come out, I was imagining a torrid three-way.

Turns out the article was about the fact that Sam Adams and Attorney General John Kroger had both employed political consultant Mark Wiener in the past. Wonder if any Trib staffers lobbied for the headline "Adams, Kroger shared Wiener"...

Portland-related because mentioning that a post is Portland-related always pisses the hell out of lokidecat.

This post prob. doesn't pertain to you.

I found a big packet of "FINANCIAL CENTER MORTGAGE" paperwork with tons of personal information about the borrowers to be just laying in the street (in NE, around 2nd and Multnomah)... including their social security numbers, email address, contact info, etc. But neither them, nor the loan people answer their phones or reply to my email. It is the original copy.. isn't that somewhat important? Wouldn't you want to get said paperwork back if said paperwork pertained to you? Anywho, I plan to pack-rat it for a couple days and then... I'm prob. going to shred it if nobody calls/emails me back.

So- Mr. Rock? Mr. Johnson? Either of you a dp'er?

No? Well, shit.

P.S. People please protect/hold on to/take better cafe of your things. Damn.
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(no subject)

Hey DP, source of all world knowledge, I was wondering if it's considered bad form to make an appointment with a doctor for 4-5 non-urgent medical problems. I've been putting them off forever because I hate doctors, but it's time I did something about them.

Would the doctor likely just deal with the first thing and tell me to make more appointments for the rest? Or would he be likely to take the time to deal with all my stuff? Or would it vary wildly?

Blood sausage?

I'm looking for blood sausage. Black pudding. Moronga. The Mexican grocer up here in Vancouver doesn't have it and neither do Gartners or Old Country Sausage Co. I have a RECIPE for it, but I'd really rather I know if I like it or not before committing to making a big bunch of it. My black pudding experience is limited to what looked an awful lot like a hockey puck on a plate with the rest of breakfast, years ago in Scotland. Any ideas?
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Nom nom nom nom

Jump Start Your Heart!

With Mini-Me on the way in the next couple of months, I was looking for infant/child CPR courses at the Red Cross, and came across this. I'm not single, but it seems to me a lot of DamnPortlanders are, so I figured I'd pass this along.

It's a Valentine's day event called Jump Start Your Heart. Learn to save someone's life and find true love at the same time. Get a free 2 week subscription to the Mercury's personals system, too.

I figure it's just whacky enough that someone here might give it a try and blog about it.

(no subject)

I know the Landlord has 30 days to return a deposit to a renter.

Today is day 29, if i don't receive it tomorrow is that when I start bugging him about it? Do I wait a few days for the mail or is it suppossed to actually reach me in 30 days?

I only lived in the place for 1 month, I ended the lease because it wasn't what he said it would be and when I gave 30 days he said if I got out by the end of the month that I wouldn't need to pay for the next month and I"d receive my full deposit back if there were no damages, on the day I moved out I took two witnesses and I had him sign a paper stated there were no damages.

I have all the proof in the world, emails, papers, video.

I know he is dragging this out to be a asshole.

Anyways anyone have any advice or even a great way to remind him that I need a my deposit?

I really don't want to go to small claims but damn if I do I am going to be asking for part of my rent back also since I was told I would have my own bathroom and that ended up not being the case (all emails show I was supossed to have my own private bath)

Anyways I have never had to deal with this, any tips?
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(no subject)

i havent been to a doctor in 9 years. what does a check up entail? what kinda things do they do or test for? i plan to bring a couple concerns to them (migrains and joint pain which seems strange at my age) but i want to know what else to expect.
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& Daggers!
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For all of your Twitter peeps:

Another excuse for fellow e-savvy, geeky, quasi-social Portlanders to get together at a place that serves booze so they can meet up and chat and order food, talk about Twitter, and LOL, as the kids say. If you're on Twitter (I'm bliccy *shock awe*) clicking the image should default you to the RSVP page.

Love to see some familiar faces there. :)
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Free Hangers!!!

CLAIMED! If I have extras I will let the back up people know! Thanks
So I have at least 50 100 plastic hangers that I need to get rid of. I also have a handful of them that are designed for pants/skirts and have clips. Half are white, half are colored. Most of the colored ones are blue. Anyone can have them, just get them out of my apartment by the end of tomorrow!

karla dot branson at gmail

(PSA) H&R Block Online FREE Federal Tax Return Filing

Tried H&R Block Free Federal Return Filing online tonight for the first time. It's also the first time I've done my own taxes so I was a bit nervous (I've used CPAs and H&R tax people prior).

Other than having to be careful about NOT clicking on a button that says YES, I will buy your tax software!!! it was extremely easy. Granted, this year I only had two W-2s, one childcare provider, and no worthy deductions or credits other than for kids and graduate school - but if you are a fairly easy-peasy case I'd highly recommend it.

Having not utilized any other tax preparation software I can't speak to the ease of interface, but I didn't have too much trouble, other than the aforementioned PLEASE BUY OUR PRODUCTS buttons they threw in sporadically.

State taxes will cost you through their site, but yay for e-file and direct deposit in 10 days (fingers crossed).


Big giant gold star.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a few questions about Portland restaurants, including which Ethiopian restaurant you all enjoy. You Portlanders responded with great enthusiasm, and I have taken your suggestions to heart.

Tonight we gave Bete Lukas Ethiopian restaurant a shot.


We split a vegetarian combo and a meat combo.

Rarely in my life have I ever had such complex, flavorful, interesting, delicious food. Not just at an Ethiopian restaurant - at any restaurant. It was phenomenal.

The owner is the primary guy in the place; he's friendly, engaging, hospitable, and all around a nice guy.

Call ahead to make sure they're open - if they have no business, they close early. I have a feeling they won't be having too many not busy nights in the future if the word gets out too much more about them. They were hopping tonight.

But go. Eat. Enjoy. And those of you who suggested this restaurant to me get a gold star the size of my head.

On a side note, we've been here about a week, and we're loving it. We may try to make it to the next meetup, depending on when and where it is.

Be excellent to each other.
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(no subject)

I have a bit of a fish emergency and this is the most active general comm I can think of (I asked at 1fish_2fish as well).

Mom was cleaning the tank and broke the thermometer. It's 11 at night so we can't get a new one until morning (CAN WE? We're in Beaverton/Hillsboro/Aloha). Additionally she doesn't know if any mercury got in the tank (it was *mostly* out of water since she was cleaning the rocks)--how do we clear it all out?

My fish (an oto, a black skirt tetra, and a yellow barb) are in a tupperware container that my dad estimates to be about half a gallon. The tank is a 10 gallon.

Please, what can we do? How can we clean this properly, and how can we find out the temp to put the fish back in when we do?

EDIT--I called the fish emergency line (...why yes, we have one), and the guy said not to worry about the thermometer since it happens all the time at his store and the fish are fine, and that my fish are hardy breeds.