January 27th, 2009

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hair salon/stylist recommendations?

I have yet to find a new place to get my hair done since moving to Portland last fall and it's starting to show. I searched the past entries, and didn't really find what I was looking for...
I'm looking for recommendations for salons/stylists that are great with bangs, layers and color and are very unique/creative. My old 'stylist' would make house calls since she was kind of a self-employed cosmetologist. If you know anyone who does that, it would be great (I'm not sure how common it is). I would prefer inner SE, but I'm definitely willing to make a trip for the perfect place/person!

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Snowpocalypse 2009? I haven't been keeping track of the weather. Will people freak out and ZOMG SNOW DIE UGH if we get a few inches of snow and it lasts a few days, again? Or have valuable lessons been learned since last time?
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blatant advertising, but oh well, deal with it....

NEW Portland Monthly:
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: The last Weds of every month, starting TOMORROW NIGHT (Jan 28th)

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FREE ENTRY to 21+up new Portland electronic monthly - - Cheap drinks, great company, awesome beats, the way a Hump Day should be. Come down and help us make this night happen - there will be future guest slots and we'd love to have others play too, - all genres considered.

And remember...if you don't come down and have a good time, we'll do it without ya.

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Meetup Reminder!

Sorry I forgot about yesterday's reminder, guys, but here's today's: meetup is tonight, 7pm, at the East Bank Saloon, and the meetup FAQ is here.

The search is still on for a new location-- the latest eliminations were the Lucky Lab in NW and Hopworks Urban Brewery. Nominate away!

broken laptop

Dear DP,

Where might I go to find someone who can possibly fix my laptop? One side of the screen has kind of broken/popped out of the hinge thing, and so that side is completely unattached and I'm worried that the pressure it's putting on the other hinge will tear it up as well. It's a Dell inspiron 600m. I should mention that affordable is key, as I'm painfully underemployed.

Excuse lack of technical terms, I know jack-shit about computers.

Where to go? Or, alternatively, do any of you have the skills to fix something like that? In exchange for a modest sum/some beers? I might also be interested in a general "tune-up"- I haven't run antivirus progs in a while, and I'm sure there's a ton of other things I should be doing but am not. I have some general questions as well.

any help appreciated.
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Tire Hunting

I searched after this topic, but found nothing.

Oh, car-savvy Portlanders, where would you go to get new tires and alignment for a 2003 Civic Hybrid, and what would you consider reasonable prices to pay for these things? Used tires would probably be fine, as long as they're in good condition and will hold up; bonus points for anywhere near Brooklyn, Sellwood, or inner SE.


So i have the option to "voluntarly" lay myself off till April with my job since we are hurting so bad. The few people that do stay are getting hours cut by 25%. My question is, isn't unemployment usually 75% of your prev wages anyways? I'm thinking sitting at home sounds better than working for the next 2 months :)

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I'm interested in martial arts classes. I think I'd prefer more contact focused/vigorous sorts to the tai-chis and such, though I might consider something like capoeira. I'm a 22 year old female.

Do any of you take classes? Know of affordable places? Know of places where I won't feel totally out of place, considering my demographic? I'm in N/NE, so near there would be great as well but not necessary.


Range on the home

Hi, DP, first time posting--haven't needed to before now, but this one is stumping me. I recently switched to gas heat and got a gas range while I was at it. The house came with a fairly new electric range and it worked fine, except for, y'know, how the whole electric=evil if you like to cook. Anyway, I'd originally signed up to have Sears haul my old range away, but I found out that they don't re-sell old ranges; they just scrap them. And then I started feeling guilty, because it was only a year or two old, and it worked fine, and there was probably some poor starving family eating food out of cans because they couldn't afford a new stove and here I was throwing out a perfectly good... well, y'all live in Portland, you know the particular brand of guilt going on in my brain at that point. So I told the Sears guys to leave the old range in my driveway and I'd get a charity to pick it up.

This is when I learned that it is apparently illegal for Oregon charities to resell broken stoves. And that they generally assume any stove being donated to them is broken.

Eventually, though, I discover that Salvation Army will pick it up if I promise it's in working order. So I make the earliest appointment I can, throw the cardboard box from my new range over the old one to protect it, and start anticipating all the awesome karma coming my way. I should totally go buy a lottery ticket, right?

Later that day, it began snowing. You may remember--it snowed for a while. Quite a while. Salvation Army couldn't make it out, and by the time they could, I couldn't promise the stove worked anymore because it had been sitting out for a while. I mean, I threw a tarp over it to try to protect it from the elements, but it's rained a lot since then, and it's been over a month now, and I would hate it if some poor family already eating food out of cans then got electrocuted by using my stove. That's probably bad karma, right?

Long story... long: Does anyone know a local nonprofit that takes possibly busted appliances? I feel like it's still got to be good for something. I guess I can just Craigslist it, and I probably will, but it would be nice if it could go to a good cause. I mean, even if it's just scrap metal at this point, that's got to be worth something, right? Charities take busted-up cars all the time.

At any rate, I'm sorry this post got so long, but I'd appreciate any advice anyone out in the DP world could offer. I'm fairly new in town and while back home I would have known a guy who knew a guy who could have taken care of this for me, I'm not really hooked up with that kind of hot charity action out here. Thanks in advance.