January 26th, 2009

Alone in the Dark

Where do you eat in SW?

I am a PSU student who is trapped on Campus during the majority of my lunch/dinner hours, I am also somehow fundamentally inadequate at packing my own lunch.
And as a new years resolution I am moving toward having all of my shopping, especially food, be morally upright.
As far as possible, happy natural ingredients, and happy well-treated workers. Local businesses are a huge plus.

So, what's good to eat on/around campus?

Further Restrictions: I'm not vegetarian or Vegan, but I do hate chicken.
Keep in mind I don't always have cash on hand for food carts, but I would really dig some food cart recommendations, as of right now I only get the tofu salad rolls at Saigon Kitchen.
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(no subject)

Dear DamnPianists:

I will shortly be looking to purchase an keyboard electronic piano somewhere in the $500-600 range. I would like to test it before buying, so internet is right out. What stores have a good selection in this range? Helpful staff and location in the non-burbs are a plus, but I'm flexible.
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(no subject)

Are there any damnportlanders who are also a part of some damneugenians-ish thing? It'd be a bitch to sort through all the Eugene-related communities to find one that's actually commonly frequented. ¿Saben?

Me Again... Spas?

Hello Everyone,

I hope you're all staying warm in this ridiculously frigid Portland weather :).

I'm wanting to do a spa day/hair cut with my step mom (some of you may remember me asking about this sort of thing before the wedding September before last). Here are the requirements:

1. Quality
For me, I have the most ridiculous thick frizzy unruly hair on the planet. And it's getting long. I only just cut it for the first time in 7 years about a year ago. All I ever end up doing is putting it in a pony tail because it doesn't require much work. Of course I don't like the looks of this because I get those annoying fly-away frizzies framing my face. I hate those. This whole hair cut thing never works out well for me because hair stylists just don't know what they're doing - I ask what would work well with my hair style and all the experiences I've had have been shit. I need to find someone who knows what they're doing and has worked with difficult to style hair.
My step mom has really long straight hair that she's worried about cutting because it's so long (and thin) and takes her a long time to grow out, but she wants a change.
The long and short of it (no pun intended): People who know what they're doing.
2. Comfort
I'd like a very sanitary place with people who will treat us well. We need to feel comfortable (we're on the bigger side).
3. Services
It would be nice if a variety of services were provided. Facials, massage, waxing (maybe), suggestions for other nice things to do?
4. Price
It would be nice if the haircut and spa experience were reasonably priced. I'm a college student and she's a stay at home mom.

At the end of the day, we just want something convenient that will be relaxing and not cost us a fortune. It would be handy if the haircut happened at the same place as all the other spa stuff. We just need a girl's day out where we can enjoy ourselves and our time together. Also we're planning on doing this Friday, so a place that requires more than a few days notice wont really work out.

Thanks in advance everyone! :)
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Apartments in the SE?

I'm looking for one bedrooms in the inner SE, and I keep seeing a bajillion complexes come up on google maps. A lot of them seem to be owned by APM. Anyone have any recommendations or know of any complexes or property companies to stay away from? I'm looking generally in the area between Holgate and Belmont-ish to stay close to work.Thanks.
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Hey, everybody! It's poll time!

When you ride on an escalator, where do you stand on the escalator step? Assume you are alone and that you are not climbing the escalator steps.

Left side.
Right side.
I don't pay attention.
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Cha! Cha! Cha! on SW 6th?

I was checking out Mexican restaurants around where I live on Yelp and came across Cha! Cha! Cha!. It got great reviews, so I went to check it out, only I couldn't find it! After exploring down 6th and Broadway, I returned home and tried to call the number on Yelp. The operator said the number has been disconnected. The latest review on Yelp is from 1/22/09. Does anybody know if it has closed that quick?
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Soon to be New to Portland....your Help Here :)

hello.  my name is crista.  my boyfriend and i are planning a move to portland in May-ish. i am 24 and he 21.  we have both heard great things and i cant wait to get out of cincinnati!  so i was kinda wondering what neighborhood(s) might best compliment our interests and what we would like to do.  he is a DJ, and we both enjoy the electronic music scene.  i currently work at a coffeehouse/restaurant/bar, and would hope to find something similar in portland as well, with healthy menu and preferably locally owned.  neither of us drive, so of course we will need to be on the bus line, but also in addition, here in cincinnati we live in a neighborhood which has a grocery store, gas station, and some great places to eat, all within 2 blocks of our apartment.  it is great and the convenience of that is something i am hoping to find in portland as well.  i am interested in tibetan buddhism, and buddhism as a whole, so i would also like to find a center relatively close by as well.  i am also interested in joining some kind of writers group, as i am a writer, with a lack of pressing motivation.  so any suggestions?  thank you.  smile.  and your help is much appreciated.
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My husband and I are currently expecting our first child this July. We're very interested in adopting our second child and want to begin exploring our options. I know we're going to have a bit of adjusting to do with the first, but still, we also know the adoption process can take quite a bit of time and I'm anxious to at least gather information. :)

Has anyone here gone through adopting a child, either domestically or internationally? Would you be willing to share your experience?

And does anyone have an suggestions as to agencies, parent groups, etc? I would especially love agencies and groups in Portland itself, however online information is ok as well.

Thanks, folks!

Local Music!

I always try to stay up on local bands...but I like listening to new stuff as well.:)

What are the local bands that you're currently into?

I'm obsessed with The Joggers. Math Rock, FTW!
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(no subject)

Is there any good place to go see jazz in this city other than Jimmy Mak's? Preferably some place with a free cover/cheap cover (like, as in $5 or less. this is for a class, not so much for enjoyment.) on a night other than Mondays which kind of suck.
Bonus points if they allow minors for at least a little bit, but I'm in the home stretch for the 21st birthday so even bar suggestions are helpful for future reference.

Also, I live by some unbelievable d-bags that, among other douchy behavior, love to park their cars illegally on the sidewalk that runs adjacent to the main road through the neighborhood despite having both a garage and a sizable driveway. While it's not exactly a huge deal and cars don't typical drive through so fast that an accident is bound to happen or anything, walking past it several times a day every day for over a year now has left me at the point where I want to light their fucking cars on fire. I would just call parking enforcement, but their hours are 9-5:30 monday-friday aka when most people are at work or at least not home. My roommate and I have addressed the issue with them nicely and less nicely. At this point, is there anything we can do other than keep bitching at them to get it through their thick skulls that other people besides them use the public property that they're parking on?

The walking season has begin:

So, I have been a bit stir crazy this month, since I haven't been able to get out much. Today I decided to go for a walk, to somewhere I have never been before. Since I have already walked most easily accessible places close to Portland, I decided to take the bus to LaFayette and then walk back to Newberg. Once I got to LaFayette, I started walking the other other direction and instead came out at Carleton, went to Yamhill, and then took a bus back to Hillsboro.

This short synopsis, and the map that describes it, doesn't do justice to it, of course.

The first section of the walk, between LaFayette and Carlton, on a back road, was really nice and mostly free of traffic. Highway 47, of course, was a little less fun to walk along, although the shoulder is adequate.

Of course, all the vinyards are closed, so I couldn't go along tasting wine as I walked! Maybe I will do that in the summer. The whole area is totally charming and nice.