January 25th, 2009

Who is really old and remembers when..

Bumpity was the only thing on TV, on Sundays for kids?
The original Portland Wrestling, with Playboy Buddy Rose and Tom Peterson commercials?
The Pacific Power commercials with "Kite Man"?
When TV Highway was just two lanes?
The Galleria was a thriving teen hangout?
There would be like 20-30 girls at Pioneer square at any given time, dressed like Madonna from her "Material Girl" era?
The original "City Nightclub", with it's notoriously large bathroom stalls, with very sturdy interior locks?
The Satyricon was the freaking most ultimate rock and roll nightclub ever?

Flow gently, sween Afton...

So I've finally been released from exile. I'll be back home tomorrow night with just enough spare time to stop off for a toast to the hero of the day.

Any recommendations for an appropriate (or even adequate) place downtown to celebrate Burns Night for a few minutes? Haggis is not mandatory, but a decent whisky (whiskey will do in a pinch, so long as it's single malt) and somewhere that appreciates the importance of the day is.

And...go! (or is that "and...ruin my ambiance!"?)
fourth doctor crazy pills

Logistics for the mad and determined.

Hey, glowing_fish, here's an accounting of costs for your crazy bus trip from Lion's Bay, BC, to Lyons, Oregon:

6:55 AM, Leave Lion's Bay, bus 259
7:52 AM, arrive Vancouver BC
8:00 AM, Skytrain To Surrey/King George
8:40 AM, arrive Surrey/King George
8:49 AM, Leave Surrey/King George on 375
9:36 AM, Arrive White Rock/Guildford Exchange

You might be able to get away with the $5 three-zone ticket on TransLink (it says ninety minutes, though, and I don't live in BC, so I don't know how to play the system.) More likely it's the $9 day fare.

(Walk to Blaine, WA, about a mile)

Probably about 5 cents of shoe leather and/or vegan shoe leather substitute.

11:26 AM, Leave Blaine on WTA bus #55
12:37 AM, Arrive Cordata Station
12:45 PM, Leave Cordata on WTA bus #15
1:05 PM, Arrive Bellingham Station
1:15 PM, WTA Bus 80X to Mt. Vernon
1:57 PM, arrive Skagit Station

The first two are hella cheap at 75 cents including one transfer, then the 80X costs $2. http://www.ridewta.com/

3:30 PM, depart on Skagit Transit Bus 90X to Everett
4:25 PM, Arrive Everett Station

Another $2.

4:25 PM, Arrive Everett Station
4:50 PM, Depart Everett Station for Seattle, Sound Transit #510
5:40 PM, Arrive 5th and Pike, Seattle
5:53 PM, Leave Seattle 2nd and University Sound Transit #590
6:51 PM, Arrive Tacoma Dome

http://www.soundtransit.org/ 's handy trip planner says this should be $3.

8:40 PM, Leave Tacoma on Pierce Transit 603 Express to Olympia

This should be possible on a transfer + 75 cents, but the transfer time will probably run out, in which case it costs $2.50. Gee, that's gone up. Go, geoducks!

9:30 PM, Leave Olympia on Thurston County Transit #13
9:39 PM, Arrive Tumwater

That's a $1 bus, but I might choose to overnight in Oly instead if possible. Tumwater is pretty nowhere!

9:55 AM, Leave Tumwater South on CAP I-5 Bus
11:40 AM, Arrive Longview, Washington
12:10 PM, Leave Longview on CAP I-5 Bus
1:05 PM, Arrive Salmon Creek Park & Ride

It's supposedly a dollar, but god only knows if that thing is still running. The image hosting for their website is missing, leaving a bizarre skeleton full of empty buttons and sidebars.

1:05 PM, Arrive Salmon Creek Park & Ride
1:43 PM, Leave Salmon Creek on C-Tran 105 Express
2:26 PM, Arrive Downtown Portland

$3, including a transfer which should get you onto the next leg.

2:38 PM, Leave Downtown Portland on 96-Tualatin/Commerce Circle
2:57 PM, Arrive Tualatin Park & Ride

Our dear beloved TriMet, and you already paid for the transfer.

3:17 PM, Leave Tualatin Park & Ride on SMART 2X
3:48 PM, Arrive Wilsonville Station
4:06 PM, Leave Wilsonville Station on SMART 1X-Salem
4:54 PM, Arrive Salem Transit Center

$1.25 from Tualatin, then another $2.50 to Salem, so $3.75 for the segment.

5:25 PM, Leave Salem Transit Center on CARTS Route 30
6:29 PM, Arrive Lyons Fire Station

And a final $1.25.

So, let's tot that up: It should cost $29.25 to make the whole trip, not counting shoe leather or leather-substitute, slightly less if you account for the Canadian exchange rate at the moment (but you know, it's been about even in the last year, so screw the penny-pinching.) Tumwater is also probably an expensive and sucky-ass place to spend the night. Anyone tried it?

If you are just heading from Vancouver to Portland, that is $20.25 (three-zone fare instead of the day pass in BC, and sawing off the last few trip segments.) By gum, I'm impressed!

Now I challenge the next travel theorist to (a) find a better stopover, or at least a cheap motel by the Tumwater bus station, and (b) figure out the trip going the other way.

Printing of Digital Photography

So I recently came back from a trip where I took a ton of awesome photograhps. They need to be shared. I also have a collection of various photos that I would like to try to print out and maybe give as gifts. I would like to find a place to get them printed either here in town, or online (by sending them the photo and having them print it in sizes and then mail it to me) I am looking for something larger than 8x10.

Do you have any reccomendations of where I might be able to send my photos to be printed? I would eventually like to try to get them into a coffee shop art wall or something like that because I think it would be good to see what others think...

any info is greatly appreciated :)
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you guys always do me right when i'm in need of an answer, sooo... heres another question dp-ers. my dad and i are swapping books to read and while we had previously decided to steer away from religious topics, i want to go there now. he's been watching a lot of movies lately that claim the evolution theory "doesn't hold water" and misquote darwin on a lot of things. so what i'm looking for is a book thats fairly easy to read but clears up the issues of what darwin was thinking, what evolutions means, what we know today, etc. preferably not super biased for either side.

dp book knowledge GO!
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(kids') book swap

So, I have a stack of books my 3rd grader has read through maybe five times each. His reading habit is voracious, and we don't have lots of money to spend. I presume this is pretty much true for the majority of 3rd graders. Does a regularly scheduled book swap for kids exist? Does anyone just want to swap books? (Most of his at this point are A to Z mysteries, of which he seems to be tired of the general plot)

Samsung Home Theatre System for really cheap

Hey PDXers

We bought a Samsung Home Theatre system a few months ago but there are two problems with it. One is that the subwoofer doesn't work, the other is that it makes a mechanical grinding noise on occasion. We thought we had bought an extended warranty for it, turns out we didn't and Best Buy wouldn't do anything for us. So we're getting rid of it. It actually does work, it plays movies and music fine, the grinding noise happens randomly when you turn it on but power-cycling takes care of it. I don't have the skill or time to even contemplate attempting a repair but if you do, we're interested in getting rid of it for really cheap.

Here are the specs:

SAMSUNG HT-Z3101000w 5.1 Dolby DVD Home Theatre System
Has all five speakers plus a remote
Bought it back in August of 2008
Will upconvert to 1080p
Has iPod dock
All manuals included

Like I said, the system does function save the subwoofer and chances are if you like hacking electronics you can get it to work. I'm too much of an audiophile to tolerate not having a subwoofer on my stereo so that's why I bought a different unit.

Since there are flaws, I'm not expecting to do anything close to recoup our expense but it's not non-functional so I'm willing to accept any reasonable offer.

You can email me at dreadgeek@gmail.com and I will be happy to make a time for you to come by and pick it up.

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Oct 2010

Real estate

Wanting to check and see what housing prices are like in the Bethany area these days, but I can't easily find that info online. Does anyone have a favorite website for searching for homes by neighborhoods?

Take back the tap

Hi everyone!
As a part of PSU's environmental club, we are trying to propose a project on campus called "Take Back the Tap" which is going to be an effort to educate folks on the consumption of bottled water. But first, we need your help to gather some data. I have created a survey with the help of other fellow club members that will take no more then 2 minutes of your time(only 4 questions!).All that we ask is that you are a currently enrolled Portland State student.

Here is the link to the survey:


Your participation is greatly appreciated thank you!

Honkies, crackers, xenophobes and things white people like <3

I never saw anyone address this recent article here.
Portland is roughly 78% white.

And also,

we are the whitest metropolitan city on the ENTIRE WEST COAST! 
Why am I bothering posting this shit?
Because I think it's funny.
Why do I think it's funny?
Because I'd bet my life, most the people that have moved here in the last 10 years,
are white people that would describe themselves as progressive, enjoys diversity and non-racist.

[I'm kind of being a dick, but for real I thought that article was worth reading and thinking about,
and I hadn't seen anyone else here mention it.]


Car for sale! Cheap!

I love this old car, but I have a new Civic for my commute and need to re-home my poor old 'Blue'. She's been a great workhorse of a car, but might need a lot of work in the engine, and I KNOW she needs work outside. I don't have pics currently, but here's the ad on craiglist with the details if you're interested. :)


Thanks DP for helping me find my Caravelle a forever home!
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Axis & Allies

So I'm testing the waters and mostly curious.

 How many folks out there in PDXland play or have played Axis & Allies?

I have a copy my wife bought for me a couple Christmases ago. I haven't found a group yet to play it , so I'm just curious who has played it or still plays it.

The recall vote of Mayor Sam Adams

I wrote this for something else. Thought I'd share with you guys too.

The recall of an elected official in the State of Oregon is governed by Article II, Section 18 of the state constitution. A synopsis is as follows (with full text at the bottom):

Any elected official in Oregon can be recalled. In order to do so, a petition with enough signatures must be filed with an elections officer. The number of signatures required is based on the number of people who voted for Governor in the last election that had a vote for Governor. The number required is 15% of those who voted. The petition can not begin to get signatures until the elected official has been in office for at least six months. After the petition has been filed, the elected official has five days to resign. If after five days the official has not resigned, the elections office has 35 days to hold a special election.
Collapse )

Cliche-a-go-go, Part II:

As some of you might be aware, or as some of you might have been totally unaware of until someone alerted us to it in a below post, Portland is not racially diverse.

Let's discuss the issue with as many cliches as possible. As before, post the most simplistic arguments (or better yet, one-liners) as possible. And then refute other people's arguments THE SAME WAY.

Lets see who can be the cliche-ist!