January 24th, 2009

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help me get rid of my MIL's stuff.

Old people die and leave old stuff behind. Please help me recoup my costs of having to haul this stuff up here. If it had been up to me, it would have been part of her funeral pyre. Bookcases also available. Will deliver within the Portland Metro area. http://woodscrkhermit.livejournal.com/ for pics

Edit: I'm asking $400 / obo each for the sewing machine or desk or typerwriter. $40 / obo each for the dresser or keyboard. $30 /obo each for the bookcases. Pic and dimensions now uploaded as above.
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Need fun (preferably date-y, but if not, that's okay) FREE things to do tonight. I need two good ones. If mine are better than his he has to pay for dinner. Don't fail me DP!

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Anybody here a nurse? Ever been through a pinning ceremony? I graduate in May; we're looking for a good non-denominational blessing for my class. Something that's inspirational but doesn't say "serving God" or "Jesus is our master". Ideas from your past experiences?

Monday, January 26, Vintage TV Commercials at Monday Movies

Monday, January 26 we are screening 90 minutes of TV commercials from the 1940s-1970s. This is an eclectic group of ads for household cleaners, alcohol, convenience foods and even a reel of outtakes from a Neil Goldschmidt ad before the poop hit the fan! You won't see those on KATU!

Free Monday Movies begin every Monday night at 8pm at Old Town Pizza’s Vanport location. Shows are all ages, free, and always real 16mm film. Old Town Pizza has a full menu and bar, and Happy Hour after 9pm, 7 days a week.

Upcoming Monday Movie schedules are available at www.myspace.com/mondaymovie.

Old Town Pizza

5201 NE MLK (in Vanport Square Center)

Between Alberta and Killingsworth

#6 and #72 bus, ample free parking for bikes and cars



its me.

a long shot, but whatever

soooooo, i know probably ill get snarked at, but whatever. im up for it. if you can help me, itll be worth it.

is there anyone here who used to live in cincinnati? i know there's a crapton of you ex-midwesterners out here. anybody familar with the burrito restaurant habanero's in clifton? zzzzomg, the best burritos EVER. FRESH, crispy vegetables, really really hot habanero salsa made fresh at least once a day, freshly rehydrated and cooked black beans that were never canned, awesome vegan soups, delicious smoothies with optional shots of rum, and for seriously total real-real, *THE BEST* chips and salsa ive ever had in my life, EVER. seriously, this restaurant is one of cincinnati's only redeeming qualities. if you're unfortunate enough to see yourself in southwestern ohio at any point, GET THERE.

i woke up this morning with a severe craving to burn my lips off my face with a fresh habanero burrito with HOT salsa. it is a craving that just will. not. die. so i ask you, dpers, please point me in the direction of a similar burrito place. and im not talking about nasty-ass fast food chipotles crap. how is it possible that cincinnati has a better burrito place than portland? i refuse to admit its possible. ive been to cha cha cha, and its not gross, but its nothing delicious. i want delicious, people! btw, make it have something that is delicious and vegan too, plskthx.
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I'm guessing that all you net-savvy youngsters know this already, but I stumbled across this cool Firefox add-on and thought I'd share with the Craigslist searchers among us. Installing this will give you little preview images on the main CL search page, instead of just lines of text. It's kind of fun! And, what else do you have to do on a late Saturday afternoon?

Craigslist Image Preview.
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rave about random little joint

Random post my favorite place that no one knows about, feel free to add your own:

Vino Vixens Wine Bar on Powell @ 30th! Consider the fact that it's next to the empty hookah bar storefront and across from Safari/HUB... but it's also a block from the Chaos Cafe. woot!

A wine shop (and some beer and soda) & tasting area in the front and a huge candlelit lounge area in the back with several little islands of sofas and tables. The lounge has free pool, darts, scrabble, and places to just hang out and relax. Sometimes they have music nights of various sorts (anywhere from acoustic guitar to hard techno). It's just a very laid back, intimate (but spacious) place.

There's usually not too many people there and I suspect it's mainly b/c they don't advertise... the service and ambiance is great.

Oh yeah. And since the 18+ Hookah Bar next door went out of business (woot Jan 1), you can find more parking!

Please share the places you love that people are always unfamiliar with when you start raving about 'em....
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I need to take my cat to the vet but i recently moved and don't know about any of the ones in my neightborhood. What vets do you recommend in SE?  Cheap would be good. Nice, knowledgable staff required


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free ikea bed support strips

I thought I'd offer these up here before posting to craigslist.  I bought a bed frame from Ikea (queen size) and also these...  I don't know what to call them, they're metal pieces that screw/bolt into the frame to hold up their wooden slat thing they say is better than a box spring, but I ended up just using a box spring and returning the wooden slats.  However, I couldn't find the receipt for the little metal supports for the slats so I couldn't return it.  
Anyone planning on buying a queen-size frame from ikea and want to take these off my hands?  Or just bought one and want to use your receipt to return these?  I'm outer SE if that makes a difference... 

(I think I have just the thin metal supports not the center support bar, but if I find I *do* have the center support bar I'll edit here)

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Hey folks. Does anyone know the name/other info of a woman who sells (or sold) fractal artwork at Saturday Market? My aunt bought a piece while visiting in June and would like to track her down somehow.
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Clear equipment

So is there any actual difference (in speed or coverage or anything) between the modem and the USB modem? Because the USB modem makes all kinds of more sense - only ~$50 one time fee, versus ~$175 flat or ~$5 monthly for the full-sized one. You'd still need the monthly connection plan and all, and wouldn't you still get the same things with it? (ISP, 2 email addresses, whatever connection you were paying for, etc) Basically, why would you /not/ use the USB modem?