January 23rd, 2009

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How do I get from Portland (rose quarter) to the Vancouver transit center? I tried looking on trimets website but I can not find a bus that goes there, especially since I realized there is no #5 bus anymore, help please :)
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peanut butter recall with a baseball bat!

Hey, so there has been some encouraging news this week. German scientists believe that a bone marrow transplant cured a man with AIDS, a company who wants to do a stem cell study on spinal injuries obtained federal approval, Obama plans to shut down Gitmo, etc.

But I just heard about this today: a peanut butter recall due to salmonella!

Anyhoo, didn't see anything posted here about it so I thought I'd toss it out there.

Art supplies for Sale!

Hey DP!

Ages ago I got into polymer clay, and I loved it. I've since moved on to other things and I have a bunch of sculpey, premo, kato polyclay, and fimo clays. I also have a bunch of barely used Jacquard pearlesent powders or something like that. You mix them into the clay and it makes the clay all glittery or changes the color, or other things. In theory you might even be able to add it to paint to do nifty things- I'm not sure. I've also got an assortment of old molds I made from natural items- a shell, a trilobite, a commercially bought flower and leaf mold, and some others. I ALSO have a bead making kit for polymer clay- I'm out of the wires that you pierce the beads with once you make them, but store-bought wire will work just fine. Also included are a few random stamps- some stars, a planet, an alchemical-style sun and moon, etc.

I really want this out of here, and I figure I might as well cater to you awesome people since you've helped me out with information and given me a good laugh in the past when I was having a bad day. That and I don't want to have to rely on craigslist.

Interested? Make an offer :D - Fireplace not included

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foodie foodie food food...

so my beau moved here a little while ago and, though he is impressed by the sheer number of restaurants and bars (and the fact that all the bars serve real food) here in portland, he says he has not been LIKE TOTALLY KNOCKED SENSELESS by how OMG DELICIOUS any restaurant has been so far.  he did really like clyde commons (the only actual fine dining establishment he has been to thus far) and miss delta, but that's it so far.

so basically, i need recommendations, because i myself have not been much of a foodie since i moved here a little over a year ago.  i am also perhaps too easily impressed, as i can pretty much subsist solely on spaghettios and cinnamon toast crunch, no sweat.  he gets homesick way too much and i want him to see how incredible portland food can be (since i'm pretty sure it is generally superior to that of central florida).  he is not vegetarian but he eats like one most of the time, and won't eat mammals or shellfish.  he loves ethnic food, especially indian.

we are both starving students living on paltry barista wages and financial aid, so it would be really great to hear about fine dining establishments with really amazing and reasonable happy hour fare (um this is a good way to afford fancy-ass food, according to rachael ray, cuz she is so destitute).  I also want to know about super casual places that unexpectedly have incredible food.  I am also thinking of taking him somewhere REALLY awesome for valentine's day, maybe somewhere that has a prix fix menu that does not involve anything that might ick an almost-vegetarian out (like foie gras, pate, etc).  oh, and we both live in close-in nw and prefer to stay in portland proper, but we'll travel to the 'burbs if it's worth our while...

recommendations plz?
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Acupuncture for Rheumatoid Arhritis

I am looking for an acupuncturist who is covered by Kaiser (here is a list). Does anyone know of one to address RA specifically? I don't know anything about acupuncture so I don't know if specific caregivers address specific ailments differently. I was considering Wade at the Qi Spot based on the first review on this CitySearch page, but then I scrolled down and noticed that most of the reviews were written on the same date, which seems suspiciously spam-like to me.
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I need some advice!

I hurt my knee while riding horses.  It's incredibly sore, hurts to bend it or straighten it all the way.  There isn't much swelling.  I've been keeping it up and icing it and all that.  I'm going to give it a couple days and if it doesn't feel drastically better, I want to take myself to an urgent care clinic or something like it.

My question to all you is what is the best place to go with an injury like this sans health insurance?

Thanks DPers!

DP Reads: February Poll, Audacity of Hope

Hey DamnReaders - It's almost time for something fiction, although none of these look especially light.

Poll #1336449 DP Reads: February

What looks good for February?

Anyone making it through The Audacity of Hope with me? I got a little caught up in the inauguration but I'm still working through it. REALLY wish it were an audiobook - much easier to hear him speak about economic policy!
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Hello, class.

Today's topic is melatonin for sleep. I have clients who ask about it, and I'd kinda like to try it myself, so I'm calling upon the DP hive mind for some advice.

Have you taken melatonin for sleep? How were the results? And, specifically, what dosage did you take, and in what form?

Portland-related because Sam Adams knows a guy who took melatonin once.
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Stupid people shouldn't breed.

Resurgence of rare disease leads to warning: Vaccinate

Five cases of the infectious children's bacterial disease known as Hib, or Haemophilus influenza type B, were reported in Minnesota in 2008, the most since a vaccine was introduced in the early 1990s, state health officials said Friday.

One of the five children who got sick died, becoming the first Hib fatality in Minnesota since 1991. That child, and two others, had not been vaccinated, health officials said. [...]

Three children, including the 7-month-old who died, had not been immunized because their parents did not want them vaccinated, she said.

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Crappy bosses?

I'm trying to help a friend write an article for her college. We know all about the economy and the layoffs, but we're curious about the other half of the still-employed people. Anyone working an absolute crap job and can't/won't quit because of lack of jobs out there? Any Portland area businesses out there forcing you into overtime, not allowing breaks, or doing otherwise scummy things because they know you need the job? Did you company lay people off and are now dumping the work on you?

Please share stories! You don't need to include the company/boss/business name, we obviously don't want anyone to get fired. Everyone says this is going on in a lot of major East Coast cities, so it will be interesting to see if the same is going on here.

Service Upgrade

Hah, I just got this in an e-mail:

Dear World:
We, the United States of America, your top quality supplier of ideals of democracy, would like to apologize for our 2001-2008 interruption in service. The technical fault that led to this eight-year service outage has been located, and the software responsible was replaced November 4.
Early tests of the newly installed program indicate that we are now operating correctly, and we expect it to be fully functional on January 20.


So THAT'S why the past eight years have been so off. I was wondering.
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Stupid browser tricks, suggestions needed to fix an issue

I would like to start off by saying I am a computer literate person so feel fre to be technical.

I registered a domain (bizket.com for you bored folks) with DirectNic and set up the name server information on their site incorrectly. I loaded up the page at home and got the generic 'under construction' crap they put up. When I realized the problem I entered in the correct NS info from a different computer (on a completely different lan, different provider, etc.) and on that computer was able to view and do some minor work on my new site. Not that it matters, but that was using Kubuntu 8.04 with Firefox 3.

I am now home and when I try to load the page I still get the original 'under construction' page. I am in Vista Ultimate 64 bit (which I like for home use, thank you very much) and this happens with both IE 7 and Firefox 3. I have gone into both browsers and cleared all history/cookie/cache information as well as done the same through the Control Panel -> Internet Options. I have flushed the dns and re-registered it as well via command line. I deleted everything in the Windows temp folder. I have also reboot the system. None of this has fixed the issue.

The NS info is still correct on DirectNics site and I had a friend check the site from his place and it comes up with the correct page as opposed to the cached page I am still getting.

So, what are my next steps? I expect this is pretty simple and I am missing something pretty obvious (well, for an IT person anyway) but for the life of me I can't figure out what it is.

Thanks in advance folks, and I hope you are all having a great night.