January 22nd, 2009


Blockbuster Total Access

Anyone with Blockbuster Total access been having issues accessing your queue? It's been about a month I think and I can't get to my queue. Which means I can't change anything except add movies which automatically adds them to the bottom of the list. I can't delete or move anything because if I click on my queue, I get Error 500--Internal Server Error. What gives?
It's really pissing me off. I'd also like to know if I'm the only one.
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metal case for cards

hello DP...i'm wanting to buy a replacement wallet and was looking for something along the lines of a metal case, something similar to the old style cigarette cases. does anyone know where i may find one of these in our wonderful city? i found some on amazon, but would rather buy it in person. any suggestions are appreciated soy much!
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meh hee co

Looking to plan a trip to somewhere sunny in Mexico in late March. I've only been to the capital, so I have no experience with coastal destinations or how they compare in price and comfort.

This will be a pretty lazy vacation; really, all I want to do is sit on the beach or around a pool in the sun for a few days, with a drink in my hand, maybe go for a hike nearby or a day trip, and eat great food.

For folks who have visited such a place, any recommendations? I'll take anything: travel tips, travel websites, destination cities/hotels to avoid or think about, and so forth.

Price is definitely a consideration, because this might turn into a group vacation.

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apt opening up in outer SE

Beautiful large apartment - not sure the square footage but it's more living space than my 866sf house (though I think the 866 includes the garage).  1/2 finished basement, washer/dryer.  It's half a house that's called an apartment (private entrance), on Ellis near 82nd.  My friend is breaking her lease because she got accepted into school in San Francisco at the last minute and promised them she'd be in class Monday; we're hoping if we can find new prospective tenants maybe they'll give her a little of her security back.  Walking distance to Fred Meyer, a little produce stand, and Mt. Scott park & rec center.  Very close to several bus lines.  Will be very close to the max extension when it gets finished later this year.

Edit: Duh, additional important info includes: $600/month; house has a fenced-in back yard (shared with the one neighbor but he is a youngish man that I think had a stroke so it's basically not shared).  Pets are allowed.  LOTS of closet space, and cabinet space in the kitchen.  Hardwood floors (except in the basement, kitchen, and bathroom). 

Edit 2, Duh again; I think it's listed as 2 bedrooms, with the 1/2 basement being the second bedroom, clearly it used to be a child's room (based on the pink and purple paint, but tenants are welcome to repaint to their preference).  The basement actually has its own entrance, you don't have to walk through the rest of the house to get to it (or you can get to the stairs off the kitchen).  That said, I would consider the basement as a bedroom for myself (it does have a window or two) but I'd hesitate before putting kids there, since the washer, dryer, furnace, and water heater are down there too.  It's a pretty big room so it's not that it's crowded, I would just worry about a child with those items.  

Monkey Madness

Does anyone know where I could get Sea Monkeys? Finnegan's is still out of stock from Christmas (??) After a failed experiment to try and grow a plant in our windowless office, my coworker and I decided to get some retro pets instead.
Bonus points for downtown/inner North/East.

You May Kiss It...


So weird question... I sit at a desk for most of the day, and get my twitter updates to my phone via sms. I get tired of this. I have a twitter add-on installed in my firefox, but really, all that does is allow me to post.

Do any of you lovelies know of a desktop application that just pops up with new updates? I don't really know what it would be called, hence why I didn't really do much preliminary searching myself.

tease and spanks!

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Sup dp

Any of you guys jog/run for exercise and happen to have flat feet? What is your experience with it and what have you done about it? I'd really like to know.

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Tell me, DamnPortland parents or students, if you went there and rememeber what it was like - what do you hear about:

Grout Elementary


Marysville Elementary

I can and have looked at their report cards, but I like personal details. Mahalo!
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insert clever beard joke here

is there a name for the kind of music produced by men with beards? i'm talking about the mountainy-folk-bike-ridin-garden-growing-neo-beardy boys with their (usually) stringed instruments....

clearly this is portland related because we're the beardiest city in the nation or something.

ETA: i believe we have a winner with "beardcore." urban dictionary seems to bear this out....


A subgenre of indie music characterized by folk or country-twinged songwriters who intertwine wistfulness and irony in such a way that each element cannot be plucked from the tune. They also wear beards. The most well known purveyors of this genre are Iron & Wine and Will Oldham...

FURTHER ETA: freakfolk seems appropriate, as well.


all i want in the world right now is some pizza. i am way behind on work so i would really like delivery. but the only thing i can find that delivers here is hotlips, which looks tasty and all but its just me and the cheapest pizza is 20 bucks.

anyone know anyone else that would deliver to NW 12th? or is the pearl district got too big of a stick up its bum for pizza delivery?
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Sam Adams Support Rally Friday 5:30 in front of City Hall

Just passed by City Hall which is a media circus right now and was told by a nice man holding a sign that a support rally for Sam Adams will be held tomorrow afternoon at 5:30 out front of City Hall. I'm definitely going to be there, and since the media tide is very against him right now I think it's important that as many of us as possible who still want him as our mayor show up and really show our support. This could be more important than voting in terms of its effect on whether we get Sam as a mayor or not.

Just for the record, I've never met the man, I just believe he's the man who can lead this town forward on a number of issues. Hope many of you who feel the same way show up in support. I have no doubt the media will be there to register our support (or lack thereof.)

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Alright, I realize I am probably 700 years behind the times...but! Can I watch t.v. online? In real time? I want to catch a show that is airing tonight and the torrent isn't up yet.

er, thanks?
club 8
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Obnoxious, debaucherous running clubs

I love running by myself, but this year I want to start doing some racing, and I'm interested in joining some sort of club for support/camaraderie. I know there are a few running clubs around town, but... what I'm REALLY looking for is something along the lines of a lot of the bike teams we have here, like Team Beer or the Gentle Lovers. In other words, I'd love for drinking and swearing to be a big part of the team spirit. Does such a club exist? Are there any other fun running-related things that I should know about? (I know about DamnRunners, but it's pretty inactive.) Someone recently posted about seeing people running in their underwear from bar to bar -- yes! This is what I'm talking about, people.

I need help.

I will know more on Tuesday, but it's looking like I will have to have a hystorectomy due to what they're calling severe displaysia, which is what it's called right before it's called cervical cancer.  I'm struggling to make ends meet right now because of all the doctors visits and medication I've needed.  When the actual surgery comes around, I'm not sure what I'm going to do.  From everything that I am reading, it looks like about 2-4 days in the hospital, and at least a week of rest after that.  My work is saying that since I haven't been there a year yet, FMLA won't kick in, so they can't guarantee I'll have a job when I get back.  Also, if I am out on medical leave, the company policy is that they will not pay for their share of my medical insurance monthly fee's for the time that I am out.  I also don't have enough vacation/sick time to cover the time I will be out, if I even have a job to return to.

Unfortunately, this is not something I can just put off, or just elect to not do.  I also cannot afford to be out of work for a few days, let alone a few weeks. 

I'm wondering if anyone knows of any type of funding, government or otherwise, that can help with keeping me at least half way afloat during this.  Anything that I can apply for, any groups... just, anything.  It's hard enough dealing with the whole cancer/no chance at having kids thing.  Now I have to worry about having a place to live and keeping my job.

Any help is very much appreciated.  Thank you.  

Oh yea, I also live and work in Vancouver.  So Portland/Oregon only things won't help.  I would post this to the Vancouver LJ Community, but there isn't anyone there.   
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C&amp;H Fight
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Trip To Seattle

So I was curious if anyone might be headed to seattle for the weekend, leaving tomorrow ish, coming back sunday? If would you by chance have a seat to rent? A friend of mine desperately wants me to visit him as Ive promised many times, and have yet to be able to do so.
Rainy Day

Save the Dates!

Swallowtail School, offering Waldorf education in Washington County is offering two great events for parents and wine lovers!

For families...
A Snow Maiden
, a free Puppet Show @ Hillsboro Main Library at 11am - January 24th

For wine lovers...
An Evening in the Garden, Wine and Silent Auction benefiting Swallowtail School @ Montinore Estates a biodynamic vineyard

February 28th - from 6pm - 10pm

$28 per ticket
Each guest will receive a Reidel crystal wine glass
5 tastings of Montinore wine
enjoy a group tour of the grounds
and share in hors d'ouevres.

Music provided by Gentle Rain Jazz Trio

Silent Auction with select items including original art, Waldorf inspired gifts, and beach getaways!

Limited 200 tickets

C&amp;H Fight
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Im Your Man

I was curious if anyone had ANYTHING (yes anything) that they needed done that they would be willing to pay a small fee for (I will take anything) Im about to lose housing, financial aid isn't enough to keep me a float, and being a modded Portlander contrary to belief puts you at the wrong end of the stick in this economy. I will do grunt work, computer work, baby sit (I actually love kids), I will drive you places (as long as gas is taken into consideration), I will help you do anything, I will hang out with you, I will do almost anything that is preferably on the kind side of the law, though money does talk.... I kid.....

Anyways, anything at all, for even a few bucks (please dont ask me to come do a 4 hour project and leave me with enough to ride the bus home) Im your man.

Thank you.