January 20th, 2009

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Optic suggestions

I broke my classes last night, my only pair, and need to find alternatives sometime today.

I'll need to get my eyes checked again (since I don't have my current prescription) and then I'll need to have a place with a selection of saddle-bridge glasses.  On top of all that, I'm insurance-free, and hoping to remain relatively economical (I'm expecting to come away something like $200 lighter).

Anyone out there have any recommendations? 

Lend me your NetMD enabled MiniDisc walkman and get a FREE Sony MiniDisc home deck!

I need to get a bunch of Asian field recordings off of MiniDiscs and onto the computer so I can make cool songs with them.

Having a newer NetMD walkman that allows upload would make this go much, much faster. Older NetMD minidisc walkmans do not support this.

What you get: you can have my Sony MiniDisc home deck, with remote! Works fine but makes an annoyed clicking sound if there's no disc in the slot. Not a big deal as far as I can tell. It's this or I'm taking it to Goodwill; I'm getting out of the MiniDisc format.

I would just record the samples into the computer digitally, but my MiniDisc gear only has optical digital outs and my stupid DAW interface only has RCA type digital ins, and I don't want to pay $100 for a converter I'll use once. Plus that will take hours.

I know it's a long shot but hey, that's what DPers is best at, right?
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Kitten training

Ok so we got the Kitty and she is adorable. BUT she pooped and peed on the flippen couch. What is the best product to get rid of the smell and make sure she wont do it again??

Oh and meet Talullah Bell~ (sorry for laser eyes) :P

From Talullah

still looking

for something to do to celebrate the inauguration tonight! under 21 & in SE, if possible. are any restaurants doing anything? so far all i've found are pubs & the laughing planet in NoPo.

Terrarium help

I've run into a bit of a problem with my latest craft project. I bought everything I needed to make terrariums except the plants, and I've been to two Fred Meyer's and a Home Depot and none of them are selling the sort of plants I need - or any plants, really. I assume this is due to the cold weather, something that didn't cross my mind before I jumped headlong into terrarium planning. Are other nurseries and whatnot selling any plants right now, or do they just shut down in the wintertime? I'm looking for slow-growing plants which don't require much sun, like mosses and ferns and whatnot. I'm in Sellwood but am willing to travel a bit.
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Aquarium light strip for hex tank... no can find local!

Hello DeePees,

I need your help!

I have searched high and low for a replacement 12" x 2 1/2" light strip (not just the bulb - the whole strip that sits on the hood) for my 10 gallon hexagonal fish aquarium (as opposed to a reptile aquarium) and am having no luck at local pop shops or the big box stores (which I'd rather not buy from.)

Are these aquariums really that outdated?

Yes, I have looked online, and not only is the selection very meager, I would like to buy it local so I can check it out first.

Do any of you li'l hex tank owners have a hook-up for me?

Many thanks from me and my shrimpses and fishes! :)
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Therapy for the craziness

I'm looking for a good therapist in close-in SE/NE Portland, downtown would also work if they're awesome enough.

I would prefer a woman, and not really specializing anything in particular besides anxiety/stress management and sleeping issues, and someone who isn't just going to try to immediately prescribe a bunch of anti-depressants instead of helping get to the root of the issues.

I know it can be hard to find a therapist who is the right match, but any first hand experience would be great, especially if you have/had been seeing them for a long period of time.

Any insight would be helpful. Thanksss.

PS Yay Obama.

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Presidential Luncheon was to much for Ted Kennedy. He collapsed in what appears to be a seizure while our new President was out of the room.

Let's hope that he's okay. It would be horrible for this day to be tainted.
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Meetup Reminder!

So, what I hope will be our last meetup at the East Bank Saloon is a week from today, so that's Tuesday, January 27th, at 7pm, at the East Bank Saloon. The meetup FAQ is here.

And yes, they're probably going to try and stick us in the Buffalo Room again...this time the woman on the phone actually said that we get too noisy, vulgar, and disruptive for their, ahem, sports bar.

So, as I have been for the last couple of months, I am still seeking nominations for new meetup locales. Lay 'em on me, people!


Ya know how they RickRolled Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, right?

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Wouldn't it be funny if Obama's inauguration got RickRolled? Obama makes it to the White House doors and all of a sudden Rick Astley pops out and starts singing!

Statewide Brewery Open House

I read about this upcoming event (2/14/09) in the Oregonian today. It sounds quite interesting and thought that there would be many DP'ers interested. It seems that it is the first time that such an event has been held statewide here.

Per the article, the name of the event, "Zwickelmania" takes its name from the zwickel, or sample port, on fermentation or conditioning tanks which allows brewers to sample for quality assurance and control. Zwickelmania is your opportunity to taste beers where they were produced while talking with the brewers who created them.

Here's a link to the article (it appeared again today in the Food Day section):


and a link to the event itself:

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I need a new dentist, and I am in a different network (UnitedHealthcare Dental if anyone has the same) than my previous network.

I'm not picky, just need a good, solid dentist that won't drill/destroy me, and I feel this would be a good place to get some names! And I'll check if they are in my provider network.

Any area around Portland is fine!

So, toss those names at me? Thanks!

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While watching the inauguration this morning (from 4-6 am, then I couldn't stay awake any longer) on KATU, there were news breaks every once in a while in which I saw a few times that there is a recall for snack foods with peanut butter in them. Probably a stupid question but does this count for jars of peanut butter as well?
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I was on the tram today and was treated to beautiful views of the city, river and the mountains. All of them. I recognised Mount Saint Helens to my left (north) and Mount Hood to my right (south), but what are all the peaks in between? Or on other sides? Where are there other great points in the city to see the mountains from? And is there any place in the city that you can see Mount Rainier from?


Oh, and completely unrelated.. anyone know where I can buy some Irn-Bru?
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Real estate agent

Dear DP,

Can anyone recommend an amazing real estate agent in Portland?

Edited to add: Looking for a buyer's agent, specifically. I would also appreciate any insight from experience on whether you think it's worth the costs to not handle it yourself. Thanks!


 There used to be a place in North Portland/St. John's that had aikido classes but it was also a writer's corner too.  I can not seem to find it anymore.  Does anyone know the name and if it still exists?  
Thank you!

Ah, I found it myself.  It is this aikido place: http://www.ecoledebudo.com/
and this writer's dojo http://www.writersdojo.org/ 

So now I guess the question is: do you or anyone you know go to either of these?  Would you recommend it?  
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tv and henna

1. Has anyone tried the Lush hair henna? good? bad? frog butt green?

2. Since Circuit City has gone under has anyone bought anything from them? We are looking for a new flats screen tv and was wondering if they would have good deals?

3. Probably a long shot but does anyone have an extra converter box coupon. we are to cheap to get cable for the month and a half before we move.


Lush Henna Hair

Someone recently asked about the Lush Henna hair color. I have been dying to color my born again virgin hair but haven't because of the chemicals! EEEK! So now I see Lush.. I have a amazon gift card and I am just going to GO FOR IT.

Ok so I want the Reddest red there is.
Caca Noir
Caca Rouge
Caca Morran

Does anyone know which is the reddest?

*edit* gosh darn it RIGHT after i posted this I realized it SAID right under that which one is the most red!

Anyways before I go ahead and purchase this I'd like to hear anyones thoughts on the Lush Henna products. I am going for the Caca Rouge.

On a related note, if anyones looking for som great 100% natural shampoo, I got ToadStool Soaps as a Xmas gift and the shampoo is great. I have been trying to find a all natural shampoo (and yes I know about No-Poo) for 4 years and Toadstool soaps is the first to actually pull me in. It lathers like a regular shampoo. I haven't used any conditioner but as long as I wait for my hair to be dry before I brush it then it's smooooth.
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stray cat...

So, a sad little stray cat was just freaking out outside our door and isn't looking too good. We brought her in and have her isolated in a bedroom (away from our cats) to feed her and check her out. She is skin and bones and has open sores and ate like she hadn't eaten in a long time. She seems to be young - maybe 1-2 years old - and she's very friendly (and pretty scared, too). We're going to take her somewhere to see if she's microchipped, but are at a loss after that. We can't take her in and we can't just leave her outside all sick and ragged. What are our options? Are there any shelters that would take her and not just put her down? Anybody able to nurse her back to health (I honestly just think she needs food, warmth, and maybe some flea treatment) or looking for a really friendly cat friend? We're also posting in Craigslist, but don't know what else might be good.
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Scrap Metal $$

Dear D P,

I have some scrap metal I'd like to get rid of.  Any suggestions on where is best to drop off the metal for maximal $s, minimal strife near SW?  Anyone know how much I get per pound?

k thx,

B. Sweat. 

Found Notebook!

I found a notebook on the bus today, on a 56 to be precise.

It's a black notebook with white dots.

Anyways. I tried to find identifying information within it, but to no avail. The part that says "This Journal Belongs To..." is cleverly blank.

So tell me what sort of things are written in this note book and I will return it! Or make you come get it. We obviously live are off the same bus line.

Anyways. Hope you find it. It looks important.