January 19th, 2009

An ultimate test of Google-Fu

So, a friend of mine is trying to locate the owner of a missing camera.

They don't have much data to go on, but they do have a picture of the man at what appears to be his house.
The only thing is, there are only a few landmarks that could tell where it could be.
So, the job of you, the best Portland experts ever, is to analyze this photo and guess the address:


Here are a few hints we have worked out so far, in addition to the ones mentioned in the post:

1. The neighborhood looks a little bit older, and doesn't seem to have any of the Big Box stores/fast food places you would find at, say, 182nd and Powell.

2. The road sign looks to be long and complicated...not a simple speed limit or something. Does it give special instructions of some sort?

3. The fire hydrant is orange---does this mean anything? Do different municipalities have different colors and makes of fire hydrants?

4. The easy one---the Tri-Met shelter has a sign that I think means Frequent Service Route. There are a limited amount of Tri-Met frequent service routes.

5. Oh, and we don't know, but for some reason the terrain doesn't seem West Side in any way.

So start guessing!
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Happy Birthday!

x-posted from my journal in a most celebratory manner...

Dear Dr. King:

Happy Birthday, man! I just thought I'd drop you a quick note on this special day, just to check in. I have to go to work in a few minutes, which makes me kind of sad. Next year, I'm going to take the day off on your birthday. I feel as though I am unwillingly contributing to a kind of minimization of your day by going to work, but I just started there. I've already told them that I'm not that comfortable with working today, and I told them why. I guess it's a start.
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Anvil or bench vise under $50?

Hello fellow Portland area people! Do any of you know where I can get an anvil, over 20lbs for $50 or less? An alternative would be a good bench vise with one of those bench-block anvils on the back. Bonus points for on the max line. I live out in the Beaverton, Hillsboro,Aloha area (I'm in some weird zoned area between them all, and yet both in Beaverton and Aloha, its weird) so even MORE bonus points if it's near my locale. Or if you know someone with an old anvil on their land that they don't want anymore- those are the best :D Then I would just find a ride out there somehow some way.

I'm looking to put together my metal-working studio, and for jewelry, my small bench block is great, but I need something a bit more sturdy that can take blows from my 4lb sledgehammer :D

Thank you muchly!

Out n About w/Kids

Hey Portland peeps. It's another strangely nice day out, I actually have a whole day off. Thank you MLK for me not having class tonight! Anyway, any suggestions of "non traditional" stuff to do with kids 7 and 10?

... Aside from Chuck E. Cheeses or OMSI?
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BSG at Bagdad....

I was out of town this past weekend but want to go see BSG at the Bagdad this Friday. What was the line like? I don't mind showing up an hour early but will that be too late to get a good seat?

[edit] Also, does anyone know why Fox is pulling their online content? House and Bones have had most of the full episodes pulled and they aren't getting updated with new episodes. Internet is not yielding an explanation, anyone know what gives?
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Velvet NPH?

Anybody know where I can find a velvet painting of Neil Patrick Harris on a unicorn? Sort of like this:

But preferably a little more unique, like with the unicorn rearing high? But ideally with the psychedelic swirling effect centered on NPH.

Portland-related because you're my only hope, and what other city would have such a thing if Portland did not?


I'm feeling like the wind has overstayed it's welcome. It's awesomely sunny out, but with the cool temps and blowing it's just not as great as it could be. It's better than messy, sloppy snow for two weeks though.
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looking for Obama volunteers

I'm a senior in college writing my senior thesis on Obama volunteers. I've been going around the country interviewing Obama volunteers in different states, and I'm looking for people in Portland who were active with the campaign and wouldn't mind being interviewed (anonymous, but recorded) and filling out a survey (anonymous as well, but linked to your interview). I would buy you coffee and you would help me graduate. It takes about half an hour unless you're really fascinating. Anyone interested? E-mail me at vrabelz @ reed.edu. Thank yoooou!

Oh, George Dubyah, Don't Let the Door Hit You in the Ass!

Just a final reminder to check out some of our free MLK and Civil Rights movies tonight at Old Town Pizza's MLK location.

We start at 5pm, and go until 11pm. That's 36,000 feet of rare 50 year old 16mm film from Tom's collection! He loves him some MLK.

No age limit!

Old Town Pizza
5201 NE MLK (in Vanport Square Center)
#6 and #72 bus, ample free parking

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Techy question :)

I need a little help with the brightness on my laptop screen. It's always done this thing where it's only bright either when it's plugged in, or on battery power, and it randomly switches between which time it's going to be bright. In the past, it hasn't been a problem because I've just used which ever form of power makes it the brightest. However, my laptop is old now and has almost no battery life. I'm getting a new one in a few months, so it's just not worth it to buy a new battery.

Is there some way I can adjust the brightness myself? Or is there any rhyme or reason to when my laptop decides to be bright?

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is anyone here going to see stella tomorrow night at the aladdin? im dying to go see them, theyre seriously hilarious. but i dont know alot of people who know them, let alone have the cash to go at this point. so it would be sweet if there was some really cool person on here who wanted to go. hint hint.
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predatory towing

Has anyone in this community had their cars towed by a predatory towing company? (Retriever Towing looks to be the most inflammatory here).

I want to know whose, if any, businesses you know of that employ Retriever that I should avoid from now. This is bull crap.

EDIT: (This recent Consumerist report prompted the post).
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Workout/DVD question...

So howdy, everyone. I have been making some lifestyle changes the past few months and one of those is to improve health. I've been (finally) exercising regularly, but am looking for some potential variety to my exercise regime.

I am currently using an elliptical 2x a day at home, and implementing core work with an exercise ball. I'm also looking at finding a pool where I can swim.

But yeah.  I also sometimes have a short attention span for sticking with a particular exercise, so I'm looking for workouts/DVDs to potentially swap in. The fewer size two blondes chirping at me, the happier I am, btw.

Over the years I've done the following:  Sweating to the Oldies (hate Richard Simmons but dug the music), Tae-Bo, Bellydance workout DVD, yoga DVDs and biking. I liked those. I prefer things I can do at home or on my own, also. Not a big fan of gyms/group exercise yet.  

So talk to me, DPers. I'm looking for ideas.

What sort of, if any, exercise routine do you have?
What DVDs have you liked?
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(no subject)

So I needs me a good pair of those Flex-type glasses. Another pair of shitty bottom-end glasses just broke on me and I want to make an investment in something decent. Anyone know of a good glasses store that has these? The place I usually go to has very limited selection for these types of glasses, and I want to get something nice.

Thanks DPers.

Long distance drama

So I'm in another time zone and haven't been able to keep on top of things back home. Does our new mayor's admission of guilt mean he'll be impeached or recalled or something?

I only ask because I seem to remember it being A Big Deal back when the story first came out.

This part of Texas has very little drama, help me get my fix..?

DVD regions

H'ok, so...

Who here knows how to de-region-ify a DVD player? Can you even do it on a random DVD player or would one have to, say, illegally purchase a de-code-ified player off the intarwebz? I just wanna fuck up the DVD player that I already have...in illegal manners I guess.

If not...then how does one do this to his/her computar?

I need to watch my british prison show, damn it.
portland related because saying 'portland related' is cool.

[edit]: Right, edited because I meant to mention it's for PC. Cheers!
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Oh DeePee, how do you break thee?

Or something like that.

My question for you DP: How have you been successful in breaking bad habits?

I have 3 habits that I have been trying for years to break. I have tried all sorts of gimmicks and new leave turns and this and that, but each and every time has ended in an EPIC FAIL.

It's a bummer.

My 3 issues are:

1) Chewing on my nails. And really, half the time, my fingers. Gross! It's a nervous habit that must be stopped. I manage to power through the bite-free stuff and everything. I've promised myself manicures for every week I can go without chewing. It hasn't happened once.

2) Hitting my snooze alarm. I have never been a morning person. I get my second wind at 11 and the only way to describe it is that I'm laying in bed and my insides and outsides are screaming HEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLllllllllllllLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo! I can't remember the last time I didn't hit my snooze alarm, except for the times where I just turn my alarm off.

3) Obsessing over the candy bowl at work. I'm not overweight and I exercise regularly. I watch my diet in every sense except for the damn candy bowl. A little treat has never hurt anyone, but damnit I want to know I have the power to quit!

I am a successful person in a million ways that actually count. But these little buggers? I'm a giant loser. Willpower has served me well on many fronts, but not on these 3.

So DP - how did you finally manage to break your bad bad habits?!


(no subject)

I'm surprised I haven't seen a post about this yet, but any suggestions on where one could go tomorrow morning for breakfast slash watch inaugural festivities with other Portlanders? I would imagine any cafe or restaurant that also has TV's, but I would like to know for sure before I wander about town pre 8am. Thanks.

NY times

Okay, I'm totally nerdy and am wanting to get a New York Times paper tomorrow, but don't totally know where they're sold and what time in the morning they are available.

any info? snark away if you must - i probably would :)
Alone in the Dark


I found this on Craigslist and I absolutely HATE it when usable things get thrown away, what a waste! So I am posting here in hopes some damnportlanders will go and save those poor clothes, even if it is just to re-use the fabric or, oh say, donate the warm things to shelters maybe? Who knows!

Hey so every Monday at 1:30 in Molalla at the Church of the Nazerene they have totally free clothes to who ever wants them. NO INCOME checks. I guess every week thrift stores in the area get rid of truck loads of clothes. making room for new stuff. They can not donate it because I guess clothes are a dime a dozen. so not even goodwill wants the clothes and stuff.

Any ways these two sweet ladies from the gleaners bring the clothes to the church (no relation to the church or gleaners) to give the stuff one more chance to get a home before they take it to the DUMP. Everyweek the throw away truck fulls of good clothes, sereously good clothes like american eagle, areopostle, roxy, levi and much much more.

Please come down and tell EVERYONE you know. It is like a rummage sale but for FREE. They have everything from baby clothes, kid of all sizes, mens, womans, purses and SO much more. I got baby Damien a really nice walker there once to. You just come down and fill as many garbage bags full as you want and go home with all your awesome treasure and the best part is you spent no money.

So please come down and get yourself some free stuff and pick up stuff for everyone else you know too. It is right off of 211 on your way into Molalla. It is on the corner of 211 and road the the buckaroo is on. Shirley st, maybe.
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