January 16th, 2009

Damnportlanders Book Club!

This may be a crazy idea, and no one may be interested.
Or it may be a good idea, that is hard to make work.
But I might as well ask: does anyone here think a bookclub for this community would be a worthwhile endeavor?
We could all pick a book, and read it in a month or six weeks, and then discuss it.
It would provide us with grist for our intellectual mills! Something cultural to share besides Indian food and youtube videos!
And more importantly, In-Jokes! Like '"Bright Light, Big City" is a book about a young man who likes to ruin ambiance!'
Anyone interested?

inauguration fun

...for the under-21 crowd? where's everyone watching it? my friends are having a party, but i'd really like to watch it somewhere with a lot of excited portlanders, & i don't have enough money for the democratic party of oregon's victory ball.

First kitten

Ok so silly question. I have never had a cat in my life and we are going to adopt one from the Humane Society today or tomorrow. I want to get all the supplies we will need for our new addition. But besides food what else do we need. What kind of food do you use and where is the best places to buy this stuff that isn't super expensive? And what is the best litter stuff that is most eco friendly??
Thanks you!

(Belated) Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Numerous encouraging words of support and other helpful offers from many friends here, after learning about possible changes in my employment situation later on in the year. Being around supportive people, many of them who are friends whom I've met through damnportlanders, means a lot!

2. Discovering a second Cacao outlet in downtown Portland (in the Heathman Hotel), which is closer to my office: and learning that they stock Fran's Chocolates' Fleur de Sel caramels (which happens to be a favorite of the President-elect)!

3. Being introduced to awesome, new local music. And a damnportlanders friend is to thank for that too!

4. An upcoming three-day weekend: a chance to get reacquainted with the Forest Park trails!

5. Awesome karaoke music selection at B.C.'s on Tuesday nights (and their yum-eaux) drink special, Pink Panties!
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portrait eyes

(no subject)

does anyone else hear that, for lack of a better word, roar outside? it sounds almost as if it was a plane, but it's been going on for hours and fluctuating in volume.
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It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend. I want to go on a hike somewhere pretty, preferably in the Gorge but I'm open to suggestions. I just don't want to go to Multnomah Falls - too crowded and I've seen it many, many times. Do any of you have favorite hiking spots in or around Portland? Thanks!

(no subject)

Today on my way to work, a light came on the dash of my car. The car is a 2005 VW Jetta. The light is a circle, with little dashes along the sides. I don't have the manual, so I have no idea what it means. I asked my friend, who says he used to work on VWs, but he doesn't know what it means. Worthless, I tell you.

So, can you help me out a bit here?

Also, it doesn't come on RIGHT when I start the car. Just after I have it going for a minute or so. If that means anything...
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(no subject)

What is your zombie survival plan in case of an outbreak? What weapons will you use, and where would you hang out to defend yourself? Who will be your priority when it comes to rescuing people? What foods will you eat? And stuff.

Your only restriction is that you are not able to leave Oregon.
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(no subject)

DamnEconomists, look at this and tell me how badly it would fuck us up?

I must say I would be able to do a considerable amount of debt paydown / economy stimulation with the amount I pay in mortgage in one year...

Edit: Y'all are so GOOD! I knew there had to be reasons that the things which look good aren't; I was especially unhappy that it says that landlords can but don't HAVE to pass the savings on to renters.

Soundtrack to Awesome

Hey, so, I organize songs on my iPod by mood rather than by type, and today I was realizing that I have far, far more songs on my "emo" playlist than on my "yay!" playlist...
So what songs do you love that make you drive irresponsibly fast/buttdance in the chair/jump and shout? Not looking for aggro (that's a whole 'nuther playlist), but just songs that make you grin and sing along at the top of your lungs.

Thanks! :D
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i don't know what this is but i must find it immediately

ok so my dearest special gentleman friend is saying that we must eat dosai tonight.  i don't know what it is but he says it is delicious.  it's some indian crepe thingy that is generally vegetarian.  so does anyone know any indian restaurants that DEFINITELY have this dosai/dosa thing?  the more variety the better, and we are in nw, so the closer-in the better.

quick!  we're staaarrrving!
Rainy Day

Clear - last update!

I ran the last "test" on my new Clear WiMax home modem. One of the big selling points for Clear is that it is portable (even the home modem system). You simply need a plug in/power source. So I took it to school the other day and on my break plugged it in and voila! Instant internet!

So for those of you that don't rot your brains with cable or want a home phone and can forego the fun bundling packages all these other companies try to fly your way - give it a try. Here's to hoping something stays good - although rest assured if something bad happens I'll be posting about that too!

Happy Friday!

Monday Night - Civil Rights Film Marathon - FREE - 5-11pm

This Monday

January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King Day 

6 hours of 16mm historic civil rights films



These are movies you cannot se anywhere else from Tom Robinson’s extensive collection of vintage 16mm film. They are an incredible piece of history we’d like to share with you and your friends and families. If you possibly can, please stop by, even for a half hour. Bring someone. These films are a solemn reminder of how far we’ve come since then and how very far we still have to go.


Please forward this to anyone you know in Portland. Please feel free to repost. We are looking forward to seeing you.


No admission charge ever ● All ages ● Very kid-friendly


Old Town Pizza

5201 NE MLK (in Vanport Square Center)

Between Alberta and Killingsworth

#6 and #72 bus, free parking



Free movies every Monday Night 
(Usually starting at 8pm)


classic Doctor Who & MST3K

So I gather amongst DP's regulars there are a number of Doctor Who and MST3K fans. How hard would it be to organize maybe a once-monthly Who/MST3K viewing in a bar, prefereably near or on Alberta St ('cause that's near where I live and I am lazy)?
I personally own every *official* MST3K dvd, including the quickly yanked Godzilla vs. Megalon, and the original Image dvd release of the MST3K Movie (but not the recent re-release), and 13 official (classic) Doctor Who dvds and 21 official vhs episodes.
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shut up brain

random: Do you know the name of this restaurant in Southern Oregon?

When I was about 15 (so, about 15 years ago), I went to a HS choir competition in Roseburg. It was on my birthday, and when we stopped at this place on the way home, they gave me a free bumper sticker as a birthday present. I don't know WHY this stupid place popped into my head today... but I can't think of the name and it's honestly making me crazy.

It is a burger/ice cream place off of I-5 near or around Roseburg with a funny name. And they give out bumper stickers that say I (HEART) __________.

I think the place is in Rice Hill? But not positive, because the only burger place I find when I google is K-R Drive-IN and I don't think that's it because it doesn't have the funny name. I remember the place being kind of a big A-frame type building, with maybe a couple of booths to sit at, and a walk-up window to order from.... but I could be waaay off about that.

I really hope SOMEONE out there knows what I'm talking about so that I can sleep tonight.
ryan lochte

driving lessons

So, I am going to get my learners permit tomorrow. I once had my permit years ago in Wisconsin so Im not worried about taking the test. What I do need though, is a refresher course on behind the wheel.

Any recomendations or suggestions would be appreciated.

Also, professional school. Is it worth it, or do you think a seasoned driver might do the trick.

I already knew how to drive back in Wisconsin, I have at least 60 hours of practice. But, that was about 3 years ago and I never really learned to freeway drive.

Thank you

PS is anyone seeing BSG tonight?
Cat Gun
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So I read the fight question earlier and it spurred me to see what PDX thought of the age old argument my friends and I have had.

Wolverine vs Spiderman

If you pick either, tell me movie or comic version, and why.

EDIT: also do I go to seattle tonight or not?

EDIT2: Not going this weekend but next.
tip of the hat

Sick Disko?

So, I'm tempted to go to Sick Disko at Branx on Saturday night. The pictures on the myspace make it look really damn interesting. But my question to anyone who's ever been is this: what the hell is it? All I can tell is that there will be music, and weirdos. But aside from that, what goes on? Is there a cover? Is the costume thing expected? Or required? Or frowned upon if I'm not performing?

Any info would be awesome, because the official site isn't terribly forthcoming with that sort of thing.