January 15th, 2009

Some musical variety!

Check it out, my friend is throwing a great show on February 7th, you should come!

StarCatchers presents INSTRUMENTAL WORLDS, a night of jazz, bluegrass, rockabilly, and electronic music! Plus massage, art, CD giveaways and more...

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Idea: PDX Riddle

I was curious how many people would be interested in an idea Im thinking of starting.

I figure with the economy being shit as it is, everyone could use a little adventure and a chance at some easy money.

My idea is, I'd initially fund a "cash give away" something like $15 to start. Id place a riddle on here, craigslist, maybe other networking places for the area. The riddle would entail "directions and instructions" on where to go and when, for who ever ends up figuring it out and getting there to claim the prize first wins the reward for the week.

I figure do this a few times, then take donations for a "pooling of prize money". Basically offer that everyone that wants could send in as little as $1 that will all be added to the pool, like a lottery, the more than put in the bigger the pool, it could include gift cards, cash, whatever.

Id be interested in documenting ie: video the experience, the prize winners and what not and most likely post them on something like youtube to further spread the idea in hopes to get more adventure seekers. I figure it could give some random fun to Portlanders as well as provide some spare cash (or who knows how much if the pool gets big enough) for a lucky or dedicated riddle solver.

What I want to know is, do you think anyone would go for it? Would you take a swing at trying your luck and wit for some free cash?

Any ideas would be great, thank you.

PS: On a side not I am planning on using LJ (and following DP a lot more) I am in need of a few good places to eat. Everytime Im out with someone we end up settling for the same old place, usually some corporate chain of "dinner" to eat because thats all we know. Im in the market for some good food, with good proportions, for a good price. I know its asking a lot, but I know there has to be soemthing out there. Good Atmosphere is a plus, but I dont usually like paying for it on the menu, Id rather pay it to those who make me feel that way. Thanks.

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Dear Portland/Beaverton Drivers-

What would be the best/ least hellish way to get from Beaverton (Nike Area/Murray) to MLK near Failing and Shaver by 8:30 am?

Any idea of the time frame to expect? I've done the drive but never during traffic hours.

-A newly employed former Seattleite curious about how Portland traffic will compare
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LJ tool?

I can't remember the name of this LJ tool and I am not feeding Google the correct words. I tried searching LJ as well; nada.

It's a Firefox plugin.
It shows up as a (purple?) (pencil?) icon in the bottom right corner of your browser window.
It allows you a load of options; expand all the comments on the page is the one I'm hunting for. It also allows you to expand cuts without navigating away from the page.

It may or mayn't be Russian.

It is not Semagic.

New Years
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I don't feel like driving all over town looking at laundromats so I come to dp for help.

Which laundromats have washer/dryers big enough for king size heavy blankets, preferably without the "no animal/horse blankets" sign?

I live in nopo but have car and will travel.



(no subject)

so i am looking for a pet rattie. i had them all through college and i miss them. i would like a new pair of little girls.

know anywhere i can get baby rats in portland? preferably close to downtown?


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If you or someone you know is a parent, teacher or community member interested in the education, inclusion and success of students with disabilities, please pass this on...

Special Education PTA of Portland (SEPTAP)

We're a newly formed group, focused on K-8 students. Our first general meeting is:

Tuesday, January 27th, 6:30PM
Beverly Cleary Fernwood (1915 NE 33rd Ave.)
Voicemail: (503) 802-0822
Email: septap.portland@gmail.com

Refreshments provided.
No on site childcare.
Please contact us in advance to request translation or ASL interpretation.

Join us to hear about the benefits of forming a SEPTA, learn about resources, connect with each other, become charter members (sliding scale $10-25 for individuals, $20-$50 for families), and help us plot our course!

Click the link above to join our Facebook group (must be in Portland, OR network).
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2009 calendar

Dear Damned,

I am looking for a 2009 calendar, and have so far been unable to find anything really-super-awesome. I know that Powell's has a pretty big selection, but what I'm really looking for is: a) environmental/sustainable living/or food related, and b) something that supports a good cause with its purchase. Like, if Ecotrust had a calendar, I'd be all about it, etc. Seen any good calendars lately?
A gift for Lady Squid

What's your favorite quiet spot in town?

I am in search of a cafe or coffee shop in the inner downtown area to become my new favorite place. I can rarely accomplish any studying or writing in my apartment, so I would like to find a good spot to patronize regularly in exchange for a table and perhaps some comestibles.

What is your favorite comfy hangout?

I'm planning on pretty much 'dating' the places you suggest until I find one that is right for me.

fairy woman

studio space

Hey, DP, I've got a question. How much does studio space go for in Portland?

We're "renting" part of our house to someone to do a project. How much per hour? Day? Month? How does this work in the art world?  
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(no subject)

Are there any GOOD arcades in the beaverton-portland area? Wunderland is garbage and I don't like the one in the Lloyd Center. I miss the arcades in Hollywood :(

Edit : Bonus points if it has Tekken 6 & Street Fighter 4.
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Old Town Pizza LOGO FOUND! Thank you Dave!!

I need their logo for a flyer I'm making and trying to avod having to drive over there. Does anyone have a scanner and a take out menu for OTP, or a scanned file of their logo on anything? It needs to be at least 1000 pixels wide.

If anyone has this item, you've won a free slice from me at Monday Movie Night.


EDIT: Wow, this really IS the best damn community in Portland. 4000 pixels wide no less!


A friend of mine suggested I look into gyrokinesis to help remedy my back pain. I was wondering if anyone has taken a class before and has a recommendation for a studio? The less expensive, the better. I can travel to areas outside of Portland, if necessary.

Also- what did you think of gyrokinesis?

Thank you!
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Hair stylist recommendations??

I gave in and decided to ask you all about hair places. I'm more interested in personal experience with individual hair professionals, than just the name of places to go.

Perferably downtown. I'm hoping to find someone reasonably priced that doesn't leave you looking like a carbon copy.

Much gratitude!
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Ok. I was hoping I could keep my composure together long enough to wait a couple weeks until I'd made some more money, but I'm living in a really really unsafe living environment and I need to move into my new place ASAP.

I don't have a lot of money, but I'd like to get moved out within the next few days because I just cannot continue to be here anymore. What are some good, affordable movers that I can call with a few days notice that won't break my stuff? I don't have a lot of money right now. I just had to take a bunch of time off work after a family breakdown (source of unsafe situation) and a car breakdown. But I just really need help. I can't stay here anymore.
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Foreclosure Cats

I'm fostering a couple of cats that were abandoned in a foreclosure.  Adoption has slowed down in Portland and I offered to foster the pair (despite mild allergies) instead of letting them be destroyed.  If you know of someone who is ailing for a couple of charming indoor cats, I've got the cure.

Pictures and a write up for this pair are here:  Boris and Natasha
More information on the organization that handles rescues and adoption is here:  Amimal Rescue and Care Fund.
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Two Questions

First: Has anyone ever used COIT for rug cleaning? They are looking like a good company to go with, we had an ex-room mate that had a small dog that pee'd everywhere and we need to get it cleaned.

Second: Know of any fun spunky places to shop for random little things. Im a huge fan of little.... stuff (usually if its asian I love it more) Just actionfigures, magnets, random neat cool stuff to have fun with.


Poll #1331940 Are you for or against a toll on some of our bridges?

Toll on bridges?

You fucking crazy?
Yes! It will help maintain the bridges
I'm indifferent and a loser

Which bridge would be most appropriate?


Please share your thoughts DP<3
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PSA: Fluoride

I thought all you DPeeps could use a well intentioned PSA on Fluoride. As I had commented earlier: I'm a Portland native (20 years), and I've never had a cavity in my life.


"The Fluoride Deception, Part 1"

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Ignorance is bliss?

Flame away...
Zombie carrot

Cupcake fans

I was over at Cupcake Jones this afternoon. It being Thursday, they had the Red Velvet.I just wanted to let you know that next month, they will have the Red Velvet cupcakes, in honor of Valentine's Day. Sweet!

Graffiti Artist Search

This is going to seem like an odd question, but I'm in search of (in a non-wishing to incarcerate anyone kind of way) a local graffiti artist whose tag is "honest" (click here... not my photo). I only have a friend with a mild obsession (in a non-creepy way) with the artist and I'd love to surprise him with a personal piece, if I could ever *find* the artist. If you know who it is, and you've told this person that they're being lustily and artistically pursued, AND they're okay with it, please contact me (or have her/him contact me) at my username at the yahoo dot com. Many thanks in advance (though I realize it's a long shot).


Help! i want to see the 2009 schedule for the Southwest Community Center over by Gabriel Park, or even just the flippin' hours for starters. i can't for the life of me see this on their page. i would like to know the hours for family swim tomorrow but i also need to check out their class schedules for swim lessons (i know i downloaded is last year...) i love that place but their website blows hard. Thanks.

And are people really wearing their DP pins out in public?
fucking classy

A Couple Queries about Local Buisnesses

Howdy everyone,

My husband is looking for:

1. A tobacco shop which has a wide selection of cigarette tobaccos. Bonus points if they like to sit around and talk about the glories of their tobaccos and smoking and all that.

2. An old fashioned barber that uses straight razors. Again, bonus points for if they like to sit around and talk about the glories of the straight razor and how wonderful barber shops are and how those kids nowadays don't appreciate anything like they use to.

3. Anyone seen any places to buy straight razors for cheap?

Yes, he is a special kind of weird.

I am looking for:

1. The other kind of "tobacco" shop where I can buy a pipe.

We're SW downtown, near PSU, so we'd like to get as close to there as possible. Also we prefer local places but are open to all.

Oh, has anyone gotten and used the Choose Local card? How has your experience been with it?
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Violin lessons/music lessons

So, I have a violin.  I've had it for a few years... and I still don't really know how to play it.  My main hurdle, is I don't know how to read music.  I'm looking for any advice on good tutoring books/programs/websites that will not only teach me how to read music, but how to read music in relation to the violin.  It just doesn't make any sense to me.  Where is the sense?  I dunno, and I can't find it.

Also, if anyone knows of a good violin/music teacher, that would be great as well.  As with everyone, I'm not able to spend a whole lot of money right now, so that's why books/websites are more than likely the better option, but a teacher for future consideration is always nice.

Thank you!
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Sherlock is tired of your bullshit

Because the Tri-Met site is failing me

Help a guy out, here.

Back story in a quick sum-up: the job situation when I was in college sucked, so I moved to Vegas for work. I now have work, and a possible opportunity to move back to the metro area.

But there is a flaw in this plan of mine hinges on the fact that the the Portland office is really in Hillsboro. I know that the Blue Line runs... somewhere out there, though in all the time I'd been taking the train, I never went much farther than PGE park.

Where, oh where are the MAX stops in Hillsboro? Particularly near 23175 NW Bennett St, since that's where I'd be working. As I stated earlier, my entire plan here hinges on being able to get to the Hillsboro office, since crippling panic attacks prevent me from driving.

I tried checking the Tri-met site, but it's either lacking this basic information, or this crap internet connection is preventing such basic information from loading. D:


Apparently the information given to me was no longer accurate. I hate my job so much right now.

electronic clubs

Where are some good places for club nights around Portland like where they play mostly techno/electronic music? I really want to go dancing and hear some rad music. I guess I can also add to that, have any of you ever been to those types of places and wanna join me? =) Most of my friends despise this kind of music, which is why I've never been out anywhere.