January 14th, 2009

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This is random:

I work graveyard at a Plaid. Normally I'm fine. I don't get scared working alone or anything. Well above our cooler door in the back is a crawl space. There's nothing up there but the motor stuff for the cooling unit. No one goes up there but the maintence folks. You need a ladder to get up there anyway.

Well this open crawl space kinda freaks me out, it's just dark, you can't see anything up there. Tonight, I walk into the back to go start stocking, and randomly there's a jar of beef jerky up there...

It's just sitting there. Beef jerky.

Why is it there? I'm kinda freaking out about it. I have an over active imagination anyway so I'm all by myself wondering if there are beef jerky zombies hiding in the crawl space above the cooler. I'm aware that's irrational thinking, but I'm still freaked out.

Any ideas why it would be there? I'm going to ask my manager when he comes in, but for now I'd like to hear crackpot theories.

Oh! Also. Last night around 3am I'm outside smoking and the pay phone starts to ring. That also freaked me out. I didn't answer it, who knows who or what was calling. Tonight, I'm on AIM talking to a friend while I smoke around the same time, and it rings AGAIN. I'm aware it's probably a fax machine, but it's still odd.

Along with your crackpot jerky theories, what's something weird that's happened to you while at work?
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Help me, DP. You're my only hope!

Dear soothsayer that is DP,

I'm seeking a mechanic that can replace the head gasket on my Saab-story. The guy in The Village appears to be a crook, and the guy on the phone at Atomic Auto sounded like I was a waste of time and didn't want my money. I hope there is a decent mechanic out there that will appreciate the $~1500 cash I'll have to give him for the repair...

If I had more patience, I'd do it myself..

spring break

 To any students out there:

I did this spring break program last year and I really recommend it.  It's run by the SCA (student conservation association) and they cover everything: food, travel money whether you fly or drive, camping fees, park entry, and little friendly gifts such as mugs and t-shirts and bandannas.  The work was super low-key, and there was a free-hiking day; it wasn't at all like "oh, we have you for a week, slave labor time".

Anyway, I don't think it's too widely known, so if you're interested you should apply.  If you've only been to the rim of Grand Canyon, or you've never been there at all, trust me that spending time in the canyon and not just on the rim where there are flocks of tourists is entirely worth it.  


Not another one of these posts...

I'm moving to your fair city next week, and I love to eat food at restaurants. I understand that the Portland area is literally bursting with delicious restaurants, so I have to make some choices. The questions I'm going to ask are fairly specific, so I hope they don't draw your snarky ire (though if I do draw your snarky ire, I will accept it graciously and move on.)

First of all, you have like a zillion Ethiopian restaurants. I love Ethiopian food. Which is your favorite?

Secondly, what would you consider the weirdest restaurant at which you've ever enjoyed a meal?

Thirdly, what food cart should I hit up first?

Fourthly, what's the best Chinese take out in the city?

Fifthly, what's the best homestyle Mexican restaurant in the city, if such a thing exists? I'm moving from Oklahoma, where we have a plethora of delicious Mexican food, so I need a replacement.

Sixthly, where do you go when you're just seeking tasty comfort food?

I should also point out that I am neither vegetarian nor vegan.

I thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

Update: Wow - piles and piles of fantastic info! Thank you, Portland. I'm excited about trying everything you recommended. :-)
Yo Gabb Gabba


Does anyone know of any bars that will be having a party in the morning? Or alternatively somewhere I can watch it and consume alcohol besides my house.

Bonus points for being near Lewis and Clark so i can go to school afterwards or SE

BC for the DP

Dear Damned Ladies of the Larger Size (I specify because some BC does not work at all for fat people, such as patches etc),

Talk to me about birth control!

What are you on? Pros, cons?

If you aren't on BC, why not?

I've googled but most reviews are bad and I imagine people only ever review things when they have a bad experience and rarely share when the experience is good.


Anyone tried clear yet? How is it? I Move about the city a lot (two jobs, and my place is not near either). Heck, anyone tried it on the east leg of the Blue line?
Thinking about trying it because of the cost and it beats trying to find an open hot spot all the time.

music, what?

So in my past four months in Portland, I've been to a handful of concerts at a handful of venues.  There's a concert I want to see at The Artistery, in SE, but I've never heard of it and really know nothing about it.

Just wondering what it's like, how people like it, what it's near, things like that.  Thanks!


I am going to make chili tonight, damnportlanders.

What are *your* secret chili ingredients that set your chili off?

Two I have tried are coffee (adds a nice smokinesss/bitterness) , and brown sugar (adds a smooth bit of sweetness). Both worked well.

Like the button says: "and.... Go!"
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flowers in palm

hit with with your best shot

i need to make a mix cd of artists covering other artists. covers!

so far i'm going with:

shiny toy guns doing depeche mode "stripped"
petra hayden doing journey's "don't stop believin"


c'mon, hit me with some good covers. bonus points for funky/indie/elctro junk.

portland related because DPers heart music like no one else.

ETA: i forgot to include Jeff Buckley doing Nia Simone's "lilac wine."

and thanks, y'all! thanks gobs! keep 'em coming!
Aurora - streak

G1 - Google Phone

Hey there!

Does anyone have any experience with or opinions about the new Google Phone?! I hear there are some bugs that are about to be fixed with a new software update, including some recent complaints about battery life. That's about all that I know about bugs though.

The open-source software and the possibility of all kinds of fun & nifty (and useful) applications, GPS, 3G, QWERTY keyboard, etc. all sound pretty awesome.

Any thoughts or opinions out there? Any idea where to get the best price on it? Right now Amazon & Tmobile are selling it for the same price ($170) with a contract. Is there anywhere else that I should check out?

Any other comparable phones out there besides the iPhone (which I am not interested in)?

Thanks in advance, DP! =)

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Alright DPers...

My other half and I are celebrating two years of (lovingly) dealing with each other tomorrow evening and I need some ideas of where to go to eat.  My mother suggested Oliver Twist but upon google-ing it the only thing that came up was Oliver's on Broadway...maybe it's the same thing? well anyway, here's the criteria...

Somewhere kind of neat/original.  However, we're both somewhat strained on funds so basically: Red Robin prices, downtown vibe.


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Is it just me, or can you not walk down Hawthorne street anymore without being asked for spare change or donate money to (insert cause here)? Lately, I find myself taking the back streets in the area to get where I'm going because I'm tired of it all. Or, if I can't avoid the main drag, and I spot someone I know is going to ask me ahead, I pretend to talk on my phone. I also use this trick in Lloyd Center. Man I'm about to punch some of those people in the face who stand in the booths and want to put some ass lotion on you or sell you a phone. In addition, I become panicked when I see a person holding a binder or a clipboard or a sign, and then come to realize they aren't a canvasser or homeless.

Does this make me a bad person?

Smoking is allowed in "cigar bars"

So apparently smoking is still legal in "cigar bars". Can anyone tell me what the current legal definition of a "cigar bar" is according to the Oregon Revised Statute?

...and no, I am not desperate to smoke while drinking, I am genuinely curious.

My guess is that said bar has to make some majority percentage of it's revenue off of selling cigars, but that's just a guess. Otherwise every bar in town would slap a mini-humidor on the wall and call itself a cigar bar.

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Rainy Day

Hungry, and with a squeaky car?

A recommendation for anyone that loves teriyaki and/or needs a mechanic!

FOOD: Du's Grill -- NE Sandy, next to Cosmic Monkey Comics. Little hole-in-the-wall place with about 5 or 6 dishes to choose from. Amazing portions and prices - mouthwateringly fabulous!!

MECHANIC: Hookset Automotive -- also NE Sandy, and 77th-ish? (I'm horrid with streets). Owner et al were so helpful, and even looked over my car for free. When I didn't understand some things (I need a new timing belt and serpentine belt) he explained in layman's terms what he was talking about and even showed me under the hood. My boyfriend has used them before and had nothing but good things to say about their prices and service. (Seriously, an oil change for $14.95?? Awesome.) Plus, they recommended Du's Grill, and anyone that can send us to yummy bento has my vote.

Go forth and spend your $$!

Portland Pride Build Kick-Off at Crush

Portland's Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, and Transgender community and friends are partnering with Habitat for Humanity to plan and build a healthy and affordable home for a family in need.

The kick-off for this event is tomorrow, Thursday January 15th @ Crush, 1400 SE Morrison, from 6pm to 9pm.

Come to this kick-off event for food, fun, and music. Your $10 donation gets you 2 drinks and appetizers. All proceeds benefit Portland Pride Build. Hosted by the fabulous Miss Mylar.

While the Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are not organizing this event, we support this cause and will be at Crush to show our support. Come join us for some fun with your local nuns and to support this great cause!!

Portland Pride Build

The Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
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Trent Reznor

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Dearest Damn Portlanders,

I come to you with a bit of a serious question, well, it's two parts, but I hope you'll be able to help.

Question one being is that I've recently found out a family member is deep into an addiction with cocaine and if anyone has dealt with helping someone find rehab, what would be the best form for this?

And question two being is how do you (myself, the individual who has found out this information about someone you love and care about) cope with this situation/deal with the fact that when someone tells you that you shouldn't feel awkward around this person, but somehow it just makes you feel totally uneasy?

I'm just completely kind of at a loss, and I'm really hoping someone here can shed a little light and help me out- it just kinda came out of the blue to me and I'm kinda shocked. The hard part of this all is that this person doesn't live in Portland, so it's not as if I am living with them, but if anyone knows about Seattle rehab clinics, etc... you'd rock for helping me out a bit.
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