January 13th, 2009

questions that I ponder at 2am

 I recently picked up my D40 again and decided to do the Project365. SO far its really fun, but how many of you DP'ers use it for a  general photo storage place as opposed to a portfolio of sorts. it seems like everyone on flickr has amazing photos and it made me curious how other people use it.

Feel free to add my on flickr and leave comments/questions/criticism

Link to my page:

Nike Advertising Fail

Just what are you insinuating here, Nike? That "Raise a Champ" down in the lower right corner is especially condescending. Like ballet dancers aren't champions at what they do?

Someone needs to have a little chat with the marketing department about this. Ugh.


Because there was some interest in the clothes I have to sell, here's some pictures of some of the more interesting items (because posting pictures of them all would be too freaking long.)
Unfortunately, I have not been able to iron them as I cannot find where the hell our iron went to, so some of them will appear wrinkled. 

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Political correctness

Do you know what the weirdest thing about "political correctness" is?

That it never really existed.

And that people started criticizing it about two months after it didn't debut,
and that about 18 years later,

people still mention it as if it existed.

This is 2009. Don't bore me.
Rainy Day

Another cleaning post!

I thought I had saved to my memories the name of the DP gal that was cleaning apartments/houses for $25ishish - but apparently not!

If you have her name (or if she's still even giving that deal) please linky linky!

little blue dog

landscape maintenance

I'm unhappy with the company I'm using for landscape maintenance and am looking for personal recommendations for a new one. I'm in North Portland and need someone knowledgeable about a ton of different shrubs and perennials (my garden is pretty dense). I have a wee patch of grass that I handle on my own. I could use year-round maintenance, about one visit per month in fall and winter, two per month in the growing season.

The more detail you can provide, the better (price, type of work they do for you, etc.).

Thanks dpeeps.

For the record, the company I'm using now is Hector's Helping Hands, which is based in Gresham. Hector is a fantastic guy who has a lot of knowledge and skill, and I'm always happy with his work. However, the administrative side of the company is a mess. They never show up with any regularity, sent invoices to the incorrect address for months, generally don't reply to emails and phone calls, and bill the wrong amount.
1.20 boys don't cry

7 feb 09 show: lola's: adrian h and theXplodingboys

greetings fans and friends,

this is a quick announcement about our neXt confirmed show.

when: 7 feb 09, saturday, 8pm (we start at 9pm)
who with: dj kenny and adrian h and the wounds.  this is a cd release party for adrian h's new self-titled disc
where: lola's room, at the crystal ballroom
how much: 10$
why: because we haven't played since august and it's about time!

theXplodingboys will open and close for adrian h and the wounds' cd release. accompanied by dj kenny (probably the most underrated and best 80s dj in portland), this will be an evening to remember.

tXb are unveiling some new favourite b-sides at this show and it will be the first show to kick off 2009 for us. we're eXcited to be playing some new songs from the top, pornography and kiss me..., and even some non-album tracks will be played!

show is 21+, $10, tXb hits the stage at 9 and midnight. adrian will go on at approximately 10.45
the crystal ballroom (which hosts lola's room) is located at sw 14th and w burnside

other updates:
we're working on a show with a new joy division tribute band.  we'll keep you updated.

alright, that's it for now, we'll get out of your hair so we can put ours on.


"say hello on a day like today
say it every time you move..."


(no subject)

This where-can-I-find is brought to you by the letter O and the number 0.

I'm re-doing my office. You know that plexi-plastic stuff you can set on your desk to protect the surface or put things under? I need some of that, but I need it custom cut (roughly 3' x 13' with a second more normal sized piece). Where can I get it in Portland?

Edit: y'all are just so good. Thank you!
beer zine

Moar Buttons

Hi, it's me again cluttering your friends list with more inane buttons. There are now 9 designs. How did that happen? So, here ya go:

Buttons are annoying to photograph.

You can find them online at my button shop Small World Buttons.

Or, if you find me in the real word I'll give you one... but trading for good beer is always nice. I'm going to be downtown Wednesday night for a meeting, anyone know of something going on after 9?

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study places

where in portland (preferably close-in) would you suggest the perfect study location?  perfect meaning: not overcrowded, on the quieter side, free wi-fi, and possibly a good cup of coffee (and maybe cookie).  any recommendations are greatly appreciated!  thank you!
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This weekend

So, I've already checked Willamette Week (which apparently hasn't updated their online calendar past January 6th), Portland Mercury (there is WAY too much video/ads/fluff going on on that site-half of which are blocked through my employer), Oregonlive.com (searching for events in not easy, unless you want to sift through 75 pages of art gallery listings) and PDX Pipeline...which in theory is helpful, but not comprehensive enough...unless I am not navigating it right?

Are there any Portland websites which have a complete listing of what is going on in town? And one which is easy to search and navigate? I feel like I should be able to just search on a date for "festivals" or "art & craft fairs" or "monthly meeting of the bike messengers" or "annual gathering of people who like cheese".

I have a friend in town this weekend from Seattle and we'd like to do something interesting on Saturday morning/afternoon.

I am sure I am missing something. Help!
& Daggers!
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Bacon martinis not required.

I need some suggestions, folks.

A gal and I are thinking about starting a monthly (?) meet-up of sorts. We're not exactly sure how many people will show up initially, but the hope is that it takes off. I would think it could range anywhere from 5-30 people. Think like a DP meetup, just not with DPers. :)

We're looking for a place with the following: pub-type of place in NoPo or NE, seating area that can somewhat have a large group feel so everyone isn't split up in tiny tables, and a decent menu and happy hour would be nice. Not a McMenamin's (I'm probably the only one weirded out by Chapel Pub, but having driven by that building as a FUNERAL HOME growing up, I can't imagine eating there now. *shudder*). Also, doesn't need to be kid-friendly.


Random afterthought: Has the love of all things bacon gone too far? Do you really want a greasy chilled drink?


  Currently I'm on the east coast aching to come home. I get home on Saturday at 1030 at night. 

I don't have a ride home from the airport, and I was going to take the max to the sunset station and have a friend leave my car there so I can drive home from there. However I've fallen down the stairs while here and have hurt my foot a lot. It's very swollen, and hurting a  lot. It's very hard to walk, and I can't even get my foot into my shoe! So I don't want to have to get off the plane, get my luggage alone, go walk to the max, etc. I live in SW Portland and a taxi home would probably cost me around 100 dollars since it is a 45 minute drive. Does anyone know of a shuttle that would be cheaper than a taxi? Chances are I'll have to take the max home and deal with the pain but I thought I'd try DP first.

Thanks :)

- The cripple
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cry baby

Say it ain't so!


I was just randomly checking the website for Jáce Gáce website and they have this message up;

It's been a good run.

Jáce Gáce is no longer.

We thank you very much for your patronage.

In the near future this site will be going through some changes. We hope you check back with us to see what's next.

Thank you.

How can this beeeee? I saw a message posted in their door a couple weeks ago that they were closed for the holidays until the 12th. I guess they decided to just be closed forever. No more Tiramisu Waffles makes me super sad.

ETA: According to this (thanks to anomar for the link) it'll re-open sometime later this month.


For any one downtown around 10pm! swing by the Fez Ballroom as we are giving away a ton of free swag from My Bloody Valentine 3D. Posting this in case any one cares about the movie or hell even wants to see it, because we are giving away a few free movie passes as well! not the shitty ones that are for one screening but ones that are good monday-thursday to see the movie at any theater in town!


for more info:
love a lefty

Crafty crochet?

So, I'm in the market for a new hat.

Specifically a cheap, well-made hat. Preferably crochet.

Colors is not important, but it should probably be over-sized. The type of beanie you can wear while you sleep to keep the pesky sun out of your eyes. I have a very large window and the sun bothers me when I wake up to blaring light, and broken blinds. Thanks, crappy house!

I realize I could shop Etsy. However, the prices they want for a beanie there are RIDICULOUS, imo. I could make one myself, but I'm lazy.

I figure about $10. I don't want anything fancy. As long as it's well-formed and won't unravel on me, I'm good to go.

Colors I like are generally orange pink and anything bright or obnoxious- I ride the bus so things that make it easier to see me while crossing 212 at 10pm are best.  I'll take what I can get.

So, lovely Portlanders.. which one of you sells your wares on Etsy or some other craft-licious site, and wants to make a local sale? I'll even tell all my best buddies about you, and promise you'll get further business from me if you sell scarves, too. :)

Feel free to comment or message me, or whatever you want to do. I figured I'd try to buy local, without wasting my money on hats from stores that.. just aren't what I want. I'd be happy to come for a fitting, if you're so inclined to make it special, provided it's a day when I'm childless.
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(no subject)

quick quick! i need a place to eat in either se or ne, inner preferred, thats open late and has food and beer for not expensive. preferrably not asian cuisine or mexican. and decent size tables for a group of 6. please dont tell me what im looking for doesnt exist. thanks!!

edit: needs to be under 21 friendly. since im a few days short of the big 21.
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Rainy Day

Clear WiMax - updated experience

Some of you had asked me to update when I tried Clear and to give my experience...so here it is! Under the cut!

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Honestly, for the price ($38 per month with the $30 p/mo price, $4.99 lease p/mo, and $3.99 hardware protection p/mo) and no activation fee ($35) with a two year agreement (early termination fees apply after 7 day trial period unless you move out of area - but it's $120 prorated by $5 per month left on the contract) - it's a great deal and I'm totally happy with the speed right now.

www.clear.com (same company as www.clearwire.com)

Just to set the record straight (so to speak)

(or maybe somebody already did within the thread, I'm not sure...)

That Nike ad wasn't really from Nike. It's "actually the work of an art design student," according to GlaadBLOG. CMYK Magazine "will be issuing a letter of apology shortly." The publisher of CMYK "did not realize that the student’s ad could be viewed as anti-gay, but he does now."


Dj what the hell ....

How are you suppose to know what kind of music a DJ plays?
Is there some way other than having to sit through a set to find out who plays what here?

Bonus points for anyone who can name a DJ who plays Crystal Castles, Yacht, CSS, Yelle, Telepathe and music along those lines and where I can find them.