January 11th, 2009


Homeless-for real, yo!

Oregon has the second largest population of homeless youths in the country, rivaled only by California. I know I'm going to be snarked for posting this so bring it, fools! But we have almost 63,000 kids on the streets in Oregon. That's a lot. Most of them are in the Portland-Metro area.


So be kind. Drop off a sweater or a jacket to a shelter. Donate something that you aren't using. It's easy. Just make it happen.

Order buttpns online now

For those of you who would rather get your dP buttons from the interwebs than put money in an envelope or figure out how to send money with Paypal here is a link to a listing on my site here. There is a drop down menu so you can specify which one you would like. You can also get miltipes if you want.

This is my thanks to you all for keeping me entertained as I work from home pressing buttons everyday. enjoy!

buffy fans

... live staging of "Once More, With Feeling" is ON tonight at The Fez Ballroom.
tickets at the door
doors at 7pm

10 - 20 dollars sliding scale donation to the Arabella Cooperative (group hosting the Arabella Festival at Holocene)

dance party with DJ Gray to follow
costumes encouraged
raffle with prizes donated by Dark Horse Comics

you wont want to miss this. one night only.

xo Mlklm

ps. for those who don't know Buffy... the writer Joss Whedon wrote one episode as a musical... and this is it. on stage.

Tax question

I used my final paycheck stub for 2008 to calculate my taxes. Turbo Tax tells me that I'm getting a $680 refund from the Feds.

Man, I sure could use that money right now.

Help me out, damnedportlanders: Is there any reason I shouldn't file right now, even before I get my W-2 form?

My tax situation is very simple - one job, no investments, no mortgage, etc., etc.

Portland-related because - hey, look, pancakes!
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Need a double computer wokrstation and work table

Yes, I've looked at craigslist, but I want to see if anyone here has anything they want to get rid of that I might get more information about before buying. (Craigslist folks give very little info and rarely have photos).

I need a computer desk, but here's the catch, I either need TWO or some sort of setup that will work for two people. (Considering the IKEA make-your-own setup, but a better price would be be optimal.)

I also need a very small dining table/work table. Narrow (no more than 24" wide) and not too long (36-40") Just something small for two people.

If I can get it all for under $100.00 that would be perfect. Free or cheaper is, of course, better. I have a van and can pick up, but I need something that I can haul up a staircase by myself. (Or a volunteer might get taken to out for a beer.) Trying to be as frugal as possible.

Thank you damnportlanders!
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tattoo question

we haven't had one of these in a while, right?

i know about the tattoo shops in portland, but i'd like to know if anyone knows if there is a good artist in the portland area specifically for text. i'm thinking something a little bit more like elaborate calligraphy, if that makes a difference. i don't have something drawn up - i'd like to work with the artist on that since i'm a designer, so an artist that is willing to customize something with a client is preferred... although if they're amazing, not necessary :)

basically, though all my searching i've found artists that are great in most styles but i haven't found text in pretty much anyone's portfolios. :(

Slangin' Veggies

So, anyone out there work at/used to work at/knows someone who works at the Grower's Outlet?
I wanna work there something fierce but would like to know some information about the work environment and whatnot. Yeah, I could just go ask but it's gross outside and the internets is inside.
Plus there's that whole everyone knows everyone in Portland thing.

If you have any information on a job that wont make me wear decent clothing or take my tapers out, that would also be cool. In b4 CALL CENTERS LOL.
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POD moving

Has anyone had any luck with Pod moving? They gave me a quote of $1155.70 to move from Portland to Spokane. Is that reasonable?

 or has anyone had any amazing experience with moving companies? We are moving with 1 car, 2 cats and a baby so we would prefer not to do the u-haul version of moving.

Edit : also does anyone have any moving boxes that they could pass on to us? I live in Gresham but can travel a reasonable distance to get a few.


No Pants on MAX

Did any other damnportlanders participate in the no pants MAX ride yesterday? I saw many different groups up and down fareless square. Although I neglected to take any pictures on the actual MAX or streetcar, I did get a few good street and mall shots in before my battery died. Maybe you'll recognize yourself and/or someone you know?

By the way, this was the most awesome first date activity EVER!

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Studio apartments

I am having a really hard time finding a studio apartment that is under $550 in Portland. Either the landlords won't call me back, or it gets snatched up before they do. Do any of you live in, or know of, affordable studios in Portland? I'd like to stay in North, Northeast, or Downtown, but I'm pretty desperate at this point. I've already given 30 days notice - I'd really like to find something soon. Thank you for helping!

PS - I've tried Housing Connections, www.pdxapts.blogspot.com, all the property management websites I can think of, Craigslist, WW, the mercury. I'm relying on personal experience at this point.
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Nonsmoking economic stimulus FTW

So, The Eris and I stopped by Moon and Sixpence this afternoon to celebrate their newfound nonsmokiness and to wash down some rarebit with a few pints. I asked the barkeep what kind of impact the no-smoking laws had wrought upon their business, and she told me that they were WAY busier than ever before. I was surprised, as I had envision legions of smokers staying away. Guess not!

What have your experiences been in this post smokepocalypse terrain? And, hey, if you like food and alcohol, here's a vote for the Moon and Sixpence in Hollywood. Drunken people holding darts are LOVE.
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(no subject)

Looking for a great inner-SE or nearly surrounding restaurant/bar of any kind to eat at this evening (Sunday) after 930pm. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Selling clothes?

Does anyone know of good places to sell clothing?
I have a lot of clothing in good condition that I would like to try to sell before donating and have had no luck so far with Buffalo Exchange (actually, they were quite snobby to me.) I have yet to try Red Light, mostly because the things are less artsy/vintage and more trendy/relaxed. All of it's used, though some of the things only once or twice. It's mainly because I grew out of them, were a gift or I just never wear them.
I have not tried Craig's List either, mostly because I would like to try to sell the items individually rather in a bulk (which doesn't seem to work too well on there) as some things are worth more than others.

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another hair salon

I know this has been posted many times, but either I can't use the search feature (because I'm not smart enough) or I just can't find anything.

What is a good hair salon where I can get my hair dyed and cut for a reasonable price, that also does a good job? I've been to several places like Barberama, dirty little secret etc and I just feel so horribly out of place there, like not welcome...that I don't want to go back. I wasn't that impressed with their hair cuts either.

I plan on dying the underneath part of my hair a dark purple, so a place that does those colors? I've never had my hair professionally dyed, so don't laugh. I have no clue about these things.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also helpful if it is somewhere I could get into tomorrow or the next day.

So long and thanks for all the honey walnut shrimp, Pagoda

Sad sad sad...

I picked up my phone and dialed The Pagoda tonight to order my traditional hungover sunday repast of Americanized Chinese food from the Pagoda on Broadway, only to have a recorded voice tell me that the number had been disconnected. Confused, I began checking around on the internet and discovered that The Pagoda is gone for good! The last day of service was New Year's Eve. The owner retired and the building was sold. It will be razed to make room for a new bank branch.

Whatever you thought of the food there (I personally found most of it to be pretty decent - they had superb sweet and sour shrimp), the place itself was awesome. The over-the-top chinoiserie, the indoor mini pond with a little bridge over it. Drinking beer in the lounge before seeing Interpol at The Blackbird... so many memories...

Pagoda, you will be missed, by me at least.

P.S. I'm pretty sure I got several good interior shots of the place, thank goodness...
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Hey dp,

Let's say you're going to give blood somewhere other than the Red Cross, somewhere you haven't heard much about. How do you go about finding if they use sterile, unused needles other than hoping they haven't unwrapped the needle before they get to you?

EDIT: for those who have past experiences, the place is Biomat Inc on SE Holgate.
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Hey deepeeps,

I've seen some people use some HTML that hides text by making it invisible until you highlight it. Of course, I can't find a post like that in order to view the code, now that I want to know.

So, how do you do it?

Thanks smarties.


EDIT: I know how to make text white (and other colors). However, some readers (including some friends pages, depending on your setup) don't view LJ content in its native color scheme. If possible I'd like to find a way to invis text regardless of background color, if there is a way.