January 10th, 2009


MLK shut down?

Question: does anyone know why MLK is shut down between NE Knott and almost Broadway? There's about a dozen police cars, fire trucks, etc., but it was impossible to tell what was going on. Damnportlanders, I'm counting on you to be the first to break the news (as you usually are)...

button button who wants a button?

Hey Damn Portlanders! </a></b></a>inkytwist and I were talking about making identifying DP buttons we could wear about town in a post awhile ago. So we started e-mailing back and forth about designs. Well, I whipped up this simple design:



I'm voting for #1

What do you think? We were wondering how to make "DP" not look like a sex reference. "DAMN PORTLANDERS" is written on the edge of the top and bottom.

Then I thought it was would be amusing to stick other DP stuff in the middle like:

</a></b></a>inkytwist thought of "... and go!" as another option. Do you have any more ideas? maybe it should be 


So, do you want one of these 1" buttons? or got an idea for one we could create? here's what you can do.

Collapse )

And in the service of self-interest, if you need some custom 1", 1.25" pinback buttons, or magnets or if you would like to check out my other button designs feel free to direct yourself to one of my websites: Small World Buttons or my Etsy Shop. help a fellow DamnPortlander out!
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so it's come to this...

snark all ya want, but...does anyone have $60 i could borrow? i can pay you back in full on friday, for reals, and maybe buy you a sammich or something. pathetic reasoning for needing such a short term loan available upon request
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The snowmelt has resulted in a seriously spectacular waterfalls display in the gorge right now. There's falls in places that normally only see a trickle and huge amounts of water flowing over the larger falls. It should start subsiding tomorrow, but should stay awesome for at least a few more days. Trails are a bit muddy, but not too awful, still a few patches of snow in spots and a few downed trees but nothing too hairy. Get out and hike and share your photos!

Restaurant Suggestions

I just moved here with my boyfriend. Tomorrow is our 6 year anniversary. We want to go out for dinner but don't know where to go. We live on the PSU campus and would like to be able to get there on the streetcar/Max. And would like to try to keep it under $50.
Any suggestions would be great!
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Instant Nerd Fix

Anyone know of a store in Portland where you can find an MSI Wind? I know I can order one online, but I want to touch and I want one NOW.

I'm specifically interested in the MSI Wind, and not mini-laptops in general (EEE, etc.)

Thanks DP Consumer Oracle!
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Free Wired Hands-free earpieces

I'm doing some Spring cleaning a little early. I have twoone wired handsfree earpieces for cell phones. One is silver and for Samsung phones and one is black and for Motorola logo.It's got your standard cell phone 2.5mm jack.

Samsung AEP109SLE GONE!

Motorola SYN8390B

I would expect these to work with any cell phone with a 2.5mm jack, not just Motorola or Samsung.

FREE to the first ones who want them. Send an email to my LJ account to me with your address and which one you want, so I can drop it in the email. I'll put a note on this thread when it's gone.
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(no subject)

So we had an old ikea thing in our living room holding our books, tv and dvd player. It was an old roomie's, and he suddenly decided he wanted it back and came and picked it up today. We are of course searching craigslist and goodwills later for a replacement, but thought I'd give a dp shoutout first to see if anyone had a bookcase slash entertainment center of any kind they were getting rid of. Willing to pay a bit for the right thing, but free is cool too. Can pick up of course!
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Your Journals, SE Belmont & 32nd, Yesterday

Did you leave something behind? Some things? Were they parts of yourself, essential? Had you poured into these vessels hours and ink and other things you might not know to name? Are you sweating at just the thought of them, floating, out there in the ether? Panicked, dreading? Worried those parts will be lost forever?

I have been where you are. I have lost things. I never recovered them, and I still can fit a finger in the hole they left. So when I found these parts of you lying on a stone pillar I picked them up. I was not trying to take them, just protect them from those novelty collectors, the vampires and taxidermists who might give never a second thought to piling up your body-parts in their sparkling dining-rooms, on their coffee tables.

I want you to have them back. I flipped through the pages but could find no way of contacting you. I hope this works. If you think I might be addressing you, contact me. If you can properly describe what pieces of you are missing, and if they are what I temporarily steward, you will have them returned to you.

Please respond. I think this would be a better place if everyone were whole again.


Has anyone taken the plunge into Clear yet? I heard they are making it the faster WIMAX network in the country. I youtubed some demo's of it with people using it around town and it looked pretty interesting. I think I might get it. Let me know if you guys have any personal experience or insight into this.
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Anyone need a massage from an extremely intelligent, kind, and technical masseuse? My friend Kevin at http://kevinlmt.com/ is exceptional and always works the worst knots out of me back. He is licensed and not one of those "happy endings" kind of masseuses so look to craigslist if that's what you might like. I just wanted to give him a good recommendation with us fabulous DP'ers! In this economy friends, local business, and communities like this are very important!


Free dogwalking and other things..?

I work with developmentally disabled adults, and one of my clients really loves to be around animals. I was thinking of maybe finding someone nearby (SE) who had a dog or a couple of dogs, who could use more walks, or time in the park when the weather is nice? I also really love being around animals and have even thought myself of enjoying someone else's pet. Or any general ideas of how we could spend more time with animals in Portland without having to spend much money or better yet, none at all.