January 9th, 2009

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archaic computer bits?

Hi, all...
Remember those computer disks that were called floppy disks even though they were decidedly not floppy?  The little squarish hard plastic ones?  I do.  But my computer doesn't.  I have some old info and files on a handful of those old disks that I am hoping to get transferred to, say, CDs so my current computer might recognize them.  Does anyone know of a place in town that might do that?  Anyone here willing to do something like that for a few drinks or a small sum?

LJ Stuff

Just an update to the LJ scare.


Changes at LJ HQ

As has been reported, we had staff cuts at LiveJournal Inc. this week. Early media reports seriously exaggerated the impact of the decision on the continued existence of LiveJournal as a company and misrepresented the scope of the staff cuts. The cuts were part of a restructuring that shifted global design and product development to the LiveJournal office in Moscow. Product decisions for the English-language site will still be made in the U.S., and LiveJournal Inc. remains headquartered in San Francisco. You can read more about the reasoning behind the restructuring here.

Photo printing suggestions

So I want to print a few of my pics for an upcoming art show. I'm thinking about ten or so 8x10's mounted on foamcore. Care to share your personal experiences of online places to go or IRL places to go? On the cheap for teh win of course....
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S&P For Gentlemen

What can you tell me about S&P For Gentlemen just off TV Highway in Beaverton? I've been past it a few times and am incredibly curious about it, but all I can find is on this page, which doesn't tell me anything. I'm guessing it's a seedy underground business, but I want to know more!
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Here's a PSA for all of you what suffer from SAD, or just really hate the fact that you can't drag yer ass outta bed in the morning because it's still dark outside. Honest to gods this has worked for me.

You could pay $200+ for a sunrise simulator, of you can go down the Fredrick de Meyer and purchase a $5 timer. Find a nice lamp which matches your decor - I got one that looks kind of like this to help diffuse the light - and a good higher-wattage bulb, and set the lamp to turn on about half an hour before you are supposed to get up (mine goes on at 6.30 and off at 8).

Three days this week I didn't use it because the bulb was burnt out, and three days this week I was late getting up. Once I fixed it? Up with my alarm yesterday, up before my alarm today.

There, I just saved you $195.
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Okay, it probably won't take a rocket scientist to figure out that my question is related to this, so I need your expertly lush advice, DP.

Tonight we're going bar-hopping; I know the how and the when, but I need help with the where. I'm looking for a concentration of bars that are no more than 6-8 blocks away from each other, either downtown or close to max/major bussline, not too crowded or douchey (yeah, I know, Friday night), and, well, fun.

I've had a couple tentative suggestions (E Burnside?), but mostly people keep asking me "Where do YOU want to go?" Well, obviously I don't know yet.

Oh wise drunkards, pass on your knowledge.

I am preparing for the future

So the world looks pretty grim out there...economic meltdown, floods, wars, and LJ closing forever and ever.

But I am preparing for the future. I bought some Shadowrun novels at Periodicals Paradise and am studying up on life in the post-apocalypse.

After reading this, I will be ready to go and dig for the entire livejournal database, hidden in a single data crystal buried somewhere in the zombie-strewn wastes of what was once Moscow. Wish me luck.

Looking for Michael Jackson biopic

During the holidays I saw part of a Michael Jackson biopic on TV. It spent a lot of time on the Jackson 5 era, and then went into his adulthood. I had to go do holiday stuff with relatives partway through but it went at least as far as when he burned his hair on stage during the Thriller era. I looked on IMDB and all I found was "Man In the Mirror," which looks interesting enough to put in my Netflix queue, but judging by the descriptions I don't think it was the same one. In the one I saw, the guy looked a lot like Michael Jackson (pre-surgery) and could totally dance. When I left he was just starting to get all withdrawn and depressed and weird, and had a giraffe and a chimp at his house. I was really curious to see how much of his life chronologically it would cover; if it would get into the bad plastic surgery, molesty stuff, etc..

So has anyone seen this??? What was it called; was it indeed "Man In the Mirror," or something else?
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So, the day is finally approaching- January 20, 2009.

What mischief & mayhem are all you crazy bitches up to?

Any good ideas for the inauguration party I am throwing (besides the obvious, topless mud wrestling)?

Tell me things...

Kimya Dawson and Mirah

I have two general admission tickets to see Kimya Dawson, Mirah and Anomie Belle at the Crystal Ballroom tonight (fri, 1/9/09). Doors open at 8, show starts at 9, and it's an all age show. I sadly can't make it due to illness. You can e-mail me if interested katienesbitt@gmail.com, I just want to get back what I paid for them, so they're $25 each. 
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Cricket Wireless?

Heyo, so I did a little search and all that came up was internet info, so I figured I'd post.

So, I'm Very Poor and live in town, with my parents and thus get my cell phone service for free (woo-hoo! Parents are awesome).

However, my phone is super old and falling apart, and my parents are convinced that texting is like, bad for you or something, so I neither have a phone that can recieve texts or send texts. I would love to be able to text a few friends and such, and also am interested in getting a better phone.

So... would cricket wireless be a feasable plan? It looks like it'll cost me about $40 a month after buying a phone from them, but I'm kind of unconvinced that it'd be worth it when right now... I'm not paying anything.

Is there some way I can do a text only plan? For cheap? Or something? Yeah, I know, I always ask for like, the strangest thing, but I'm kind of grasping at straws here.

(no subject)

This is probably spam.... but hey I figured it can't hurt to try.

A really good friend of mine is in this contest and needs votes... if your bored you could make her so happy

kittenkoffinzombies.com and vote for Athena... it's a pin up girl contest so it's portland related because hey lots of pin up girls here!

Dirty Queer and Bitch Mag. Benefit!!

TONIGHT, 6:30pm-

All the cool kids will be at DIRTY QUEER'S 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY!! It's going to rock seriously hard, with lots of food, rad acts, cool giveaways, and the fantastic emcee Sossity will be joined by her former co-emcee Kelli Dunham for double the fun. At In Other Words, corner of Killingsworth and N. Williams. It's going to be so awesome that I refuse to give up my shift, despite having a touch of the plague. (No worries- no fever and I'm armed with purell, so I won't infect you if you come buy things from me!) more at inotherwords.org If you don't get here early you may not have a seat, so bring your own! Suggested donation of $1-5.

After, you should dart on over the Crystal Ballroom for Bitch Magazine's benefit show featuring Kimya Dawson and Mirah- you'll just be a few minutes late! We at IOW love Bitch, and you should too.

Hope to see you tonight!!
Ugh where's Ed

Good summer internships?

Hey everyone,
I'm Emily and I go to school in Beaverton. With the end of the first semester approaching, I've been thinking about summer vacation. Looking online, the Portland area has pretty bleak internship and volunteer opportunities for high school students during the summer months. I'd be very happy to find something in the journalism field, but almost anything non-science related (besides the Zoo) would be fine, too. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Are there any cool places I can go with all my 21 year old friends? I'm 20 for another 9 months and it's no fun being left at home. I don't mean bars that don't card, I mean restaurants/pubs that allow minors, or minors until a certain hour. Thanks from a bored girly at home on Friday night.