January 4th, 2009

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Do any of you DP folk sell Tupperware, or know someone who does?  I really, really want a set of the rocker scoops my mom has kept in her flour and sugar canisters since I was a little kid, and so far I only seem to be able to find them on eBay.  I hate eBay.  They're apparently rare, according to many eBay sellers, but it does seem to be possible to still get new ones.  I really don't care what color, I'm looking for 4-6 of them.  They look like this.


Furniture stores

My boyfriend and I are undergoing the process of redecorating our apartment this year but i'm running up against a wall on the sofa/love seat. We're looking for semi-modern styles of furniture but not over the top mod. We like some of the stuff at Dania, but not much of it - and we're not interested in leather and that seems to be more of what they cater to. Clean lines, Neutral colors or at least not just offered in poppy red and school bus yellow a plus.

Also, and here's where we seem to run into issues, comfortable. Some of the ikea styles are fun, and they're definitely priced where I want them to be, but damn are they uncomfortable. We've considered getting a love seat there and a couch elsewhere, because well, we sit on the couch most of the time. The love seat is just for when we have too many friends in the house to all fit on the sofa together.

So, clean lines, modern styles, range of colors - what are your favorite furniture stores in Portland to go to?

Fun things to do? And, a gynecologist. (not necessarily exclusive...)

A good friend and I will be celebrating 24th birthdays in about a month, and we want to do something fun and out of the ordinary. She jokingly suggested taking a strip-tease class or pole dancing class. This actually sounds like it might be a lot of fun. Do any of you have any suggestions for ridiculously fun and unique activities for good friends? Alcohol will almost undoubtedly be involved. We want to celebrate our 'independence' (long story).

In unrelated news, I'm looking for a gynecologist. I'm moving up to Vancouver this week, so something in North Vancouver would be awesome, but I'm willing to travel for a good one. I would like a woman who would take a more homeopathic approach and wont be pushy. The more natural and down to earth, the better.

I hope everyone's holiday season is wrapping up nicely.
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Insert Counting Crows lyric here.

Somehow, I'd never seen this poster before. I can only make out fig. 3 and fig. 4. The other three images are very muddled, and while I can tell there are different colors present they hold no obvious shape, even though I know in theory they're the same logo. They actually hurt my eyes a little.

I'm not color-blind exactly. My optometrist told me when I was very young that I'm color-deficient. Anyone else? (I'm also synaesthetic...my brain is screwy.)

Happy January Birthdays!

Post your pics if ya gottem :)

DP Capricorns & Aquarians of January!!
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To keep up with tradition, I'll do by best to comment with your "meditation" from your January day, and maybe a bit more.
Happy Birthday Januarys!

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Two Questions

First post here, so please forgive any etiquette violation:

1.  I'm looking for a high quality nursery with a wide selection of tropical houseplants... I have recently become interested in the cultivation of houseplants and would like to find a nursery with friendly and helpful staff, hopefully in Northwest but I can travel if need be.

2.  Does anyone have experience busking (street-singing) in PDX?  I am a classically trained vocalist and have always dreamed of doing a little busking (an classical street-singer is admittedly not all that common, but I think it could work in the right neighborhood!).  I know Portland has a thriving street performance scene, but does the city require a license, where do you often see performers, how are the tips, etc? 

Thanks in advance for the info!