December 31st, 2008

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Oh Portland, my Portland!

Dearest lovely portland, I post to you a request to find nothing but the best!

I've gotten on an absolute awful kick of cleaning (eek gads!) and I am in dire need of good ideas of what to clean my bathroom floor with! Now I have the issue of the molding not being the best and the fact that the linoleum meets wannabe tile itself will need replacing due to massive bath tsunamis from when I was younger or just carelessly lazy and overfilled the tub... SO! I quest to you wise people what might be the best way to get it clean with reasonably low water spillage.

Also I might be curious to know what your tips for removing the molding along the tub might be and what would be best to replace it with (brand, etc) when I go to homedepot at least three times today!

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So, my girlfriend and I are basically selling everything we own, keeping only what we can fit into our tiny RV. First off we are selling our 37" RCA tv. We just got it about 4 months ago. It works great! I am sad to see it go, but we need the gas money. I bought it for $150 but am selling it for $100 obo.

We are also selling our futon/bunk bed. PERFECT for studio apartments, guest rooms and kids rooms. I bought this for $150, too, but am selling it for $100 obo.  and a fullsize newer mattress set we bought 2 weeks ago for $100.
We've also got a gray metal and glass tall, thin three shelf tv stand we are selling for $20 obo, two floor lamps for $10, amongst various other items.  I posted all this to CL, but thought I'd run it by ya'll, too!

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so i am new to protland, which appears to be common. so far, all is well. i love my apartment. i love the city. i don't even mind the constant rain/snow. buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut,

i work from home. i am a freelance illustrator. and though it is crazy awesome that i manage to make my living off paintings, doodles and comics, i feel like i have no clear route to make new friends.
i would like to get back into doing gallery work, that would help a bit, but i don't know.

do you guys have any suggestions to the new kid on the block on ways to meet new people without feeling like a giant looser?

don't say bars. i love bars, don't get me wrong but i would be lost striking up a conversation with a stranger.

most the cool people i have met have been from sitting at powells.....

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Hey ya'll. Quick question : If you were going on an extended road trip, what sort of pre-paid phone would you take with you? Cricket is out because of the no service in certain areas of the state, not to mention the no service in other states. Has anyone used Virgin Moble, Boost Moble or any of those types of phones?

What's the deal with Seattle?

It came up in conversation with my roommate, a guy who commutes to Seattle during the week to work, the differences between Portland and Seattle. Most prominently, Seattle is much meaner. As in *mean* is a particularly accurate word to use to reflect the mentality. People ignore you when you attempt to talk to them. One incident I remember hearing on the radio while living in Seattle was a disturbed woman standing on the edge of a bridge, which had the effect of slowing down traffic. But the commuters were berating her with demands that she jump. Somehow I think that sort of thing would never happen in Portland.

So why is Seattle so much meaner than our beloved Portland?
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Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control, I must find an apartment rather quickly. What I would like to know is if there are certain property management companies that are totally shady or absent, whatever, or ones to avoid. Personal stories a plus. Thank you!

musics and such

So what Portland bands/individual artists draw a big crowd consistently? I haven't been here long enough to know. Any genre but heavy metal/hard rock (only because of amplification/electric limitations).

Extra points for women and/or queers, extra extra points for groups that are able to play fairly acoustic sets. The name Laura Veirs keeps popping up as one of the local acts that have national attention and a big following...who else?

thanks y'all.

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Foodie/Drinkie Portlanders:

I am looking for a place that will be open this evening that will serve good dessert and maybe good drinks as well. We'll be near the Keller Auditorium and I am drawing a blank. Help?
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NYE No Life Club!

Am I really the only one with nothing to do tonight? I don't drink, my friends all have small children, and I don't get /any/ TV reception (need antenna). I"m still at work, waiting for the last of the laundry to clear - should be heading home between 10 and 11. Then... probably watch some Northern Exposure and/or get back on the internet. Some exciting New Year's Eve, eh?

Anyone else???

ETA Okay, y'all are making me feel better. :) Except for all the talk of sweeties. >:P Heck, still better than Valentine's Day... *muttermumble*
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Happy New Year from Reading Frenzy!

Dear Readers,

The Arctic Blast of 2008 threw my holiday plans off kilter, both business and pleasure, so here is a last minute invite to come down to the shop today from 11am-4pm and visit with yours truly, have some cookies and hot spiced cider, and enjoy a spontaneous 10-50% off sale!

Your Faithful Proprietress,