December 30th, 2008

one of a bazillion NYE posts

I was supposed to have to work on New Year's Eve, but just found out that I'm off the hook.  However, tickets are sold out for the event that almost all of my close friends are attending, and I'm not looking forward to spending NYE all by my lonesome. 

Any suggestions for something fun and interesting for all of us singles to do?  Anyone want to meet up and create our own little shindig? 
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airport shuttle / cabs

Hi! I'm flying to my hometown on January 1st. I have to be at the airport around 4am, & I've never flown out at a time when it isn't really convenient to take the max there.
Any suggestions or experience with airport shuttles or cabs around here?

Thank you!

-travel noob
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Ordering business cards online?

So my coworkers need new business cards ordered and I've been given the task.

Last time we went through VistaPrint, who totally screwed us over and signed us up for pay services we never asked for. Don't ever use them, srsly. :P

So has anyone had positive experiences with one site or another? I need to be able to design the card online so that my boss can proof it before ordering.

Edit: Also it needs to be some place that does small orders, no one here needs more than maybe 250-500 at a time.

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I had a friend who worked at Dove Lewis for awhile. I remember him talking about being able to give cats a human sedative but am unable to remember what the name of said sedative was. Does anyone here happen to know? Or do you know of a cheap animal sedative?
Thanks in advance, ya'll.

This isn't for me

I didn't bother to check google or the memories. I want to see what DP says without the pesky intrusion of facts.

My friend (this isn't a hypothetical "friend", they really exist) needed to take a pregnancy test (the kind where you pee on a stick in a bathroom at home). She was slightly drunk when she did this. The pee stick pregnancy test did not return a conclusive answer (it didn't show pink or blue or a plus or a minus or whatever, it did nothing).

Does being drunk affect pee stick pregnancy tests?

Considering a Move to Portland!

Hi all, just a few questions about Portland!

My boyfriend and I are looking to move out West after I graduate. We currently live in Boston. We're looking at both going to school in Northern California or possibly at Evergreen in Olympia, but would also like to look at Portland (not so much for school, but just as a place to settle down at some point).

- I know there's a big vegan/vegetarian/natural foods scene in Portland. If we move there we'd like to get a studio or one-bedroom apartment. What's a good neighborhood where a lot of those restaurants/grocery stores/etc. are located where we should consider looking? (Not being familiar with the city I'm looking for specific names/areas I should type in when looking on Craigslist!)

- What else is the "scene" in Portland like? I only have a vague impression of the city. What else are popular things to do, see, experience, etc.?

- Is there a good local farmers market, and how long does it run? How are the growing seasons overall? Here in the Northeast we don't get as much local produce in the winter.

- Obviously we'd both need jobs before moving. My boyfriend would like to do things with sustainable agriculture and related initiatives (nonprofits, small farms, green businesses, etc.) while I would like to teach. How's the green scene in Portland? How about the public school system?

- How easy is it to bike to commute around the city, and can you bike year-round?

- Is it easy to meet people if you're new in town? What are ways you'd recommend getting to know people - organizations, etc.?

Thanks so much for all of your help!

Starbucks anyone?

Hey all. I was given a $50 gift card to Starbucks for christmas. I'm not a huge starbucks fan, and I could really use the cash. Any takers? $50 is quite a few coffees.

Edit: I lied. $45. I buy you a coffee.
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Flash Drive advice

Whilst visiting my family in CA, my dad's partner was scanning all his photos onto a flash drive. And it got me thinking...

I have most of mine on an old hard drive (now encased) I removed from an old computer. I need to dump the rest of the old computer...CD drive is slow and waning/gets stuck alot, graphics card blew, etc. Though, of course, I do have a nearly new power supply and the case is decent...but that's another post.

Anyway, so, I'm thinking about options...
Those of you who have pocket flash reliable have they been? I have great fear about losing photos...even more than music.

Good or bad experiences? Product you recommend?

Thanks, as always...almighty DP.
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Condo Rental websites for Maui?

We've got a group of 6 of us going to Maui in a few months, but we figured it would be cheaper to have a condo that takes 6 vs 2-3 hotel rooms a night. What are some websites you have used to find condo rentals?

The kind I would prefer will let you list how many people, and the exact days needed so you can tell the occupancy, and your price range.

Bonus points if it is a site that can search several other condo rental sites in one shot.

Thanks in advance, DP!

portland history book

can anyone recommend a well-written, interesting book about portland's history? ideally one that i could obtain at powell's? my parents are moving here and my mom asked me to find her one--and i realized i'd love to know more about the city, too! thanks!

new year's eve?

So what is everyone doing for new year's eve? I have a friend in town visiting and we're looking for something without an extravagant cover charge. We like gay bars, live music, excitement, adventure, you name it. We are on a low budget. Any ideas??
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Is anyone going to the Roaring 20s event at the Bossanova on NYE?

It looked/sounded like fun, but I am having a helluva time getting tickets - the link on the MySpace page don't work, and Corrosion Records has no clue (they've already boxed up the tickets and taken them to the organizers, even though it says they're available until tomorrow afternoon).

Has anyone attended an event by House of Daos? I'm getting worried...