December 27th, 2008

piano tuners

i have a piano that hasn't been tuned since 91.

it needs a tuning really bad.

how much is that going to run me and
do you have a suggestion on who i should have do it?

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Hey DP'ers,

We have lots of branches down and I'd like to have them chipped for mulch.  We have Grimm's in every year or two to put down mulch for us so this would kill two birds, so to speak.  I'm looking for a personal rec for a person/company to do this OR somewhere that I can rent a chipper if they deliver it.  Also, how much should I expect to pay?

Thanks much! 
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keyboard hand D Maj

Shameless Plug: Post-Snowpocalypse music event tonight at Ash Street Saloon!

Tired of cat-scratch cabin fever? Bored of playing countless board games while holed up at the domicile for the past week? Sick of getting slushed and sloshed during the Snowpocalypse? Then come out to Ash Street Saloon (225 SW Ash Street) this evening for some electrock 'n roll fun!

Four bands are playing tonight, including several of Portland's notable electronic rock acts. Son of Rust, Monody, Dedicated Hardware, and The Tar Plains (disclaimer: the band that I am playing in) will play their own distinctive brand of synth-based rock, and the moods of the bands will vary from somber to aggressive to ridonkulous. In between the bands' sets, mood music will be supplied by Ryze+Fall.

The music begins at 9:00 p.m. The admission is 5 clams at the door. We hope to see at least fifty faces and we hope to rock them all.

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Looking for new LJ friends!

I was writing a post on my private LJ a few minutes ago, and I decided that I would like more LJ friends. I don't have that many, and there's really not many of them who post regularly. So if anyone is looking for a new, silly, geeky, fun LJ buddy, add me! Check out my profile and see what we've got in common! I'll friend anyone who friends me first, just comment and let me know that you've added me.

Portland related, because I want to get to know more of you lovely people! :)
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Look up

Snowpocalypse Hostage - Long shot for lost keys

Sometime during the Snowpocalypse, I managed to drop my keys into the ever increasing snow. It is only now, with the coming thaw, that there's any chance these keys might be uncovered.

I dropped them somewhere between the inside the "bermuda" triangle that is formed by Brige City Comics on Mississippi, The 5th Quadrant on Failing and Williams, and Monsoon Thai on Skidmore and Mississppi.

On the off chance that someone should stumble upon a newly thawed set of keys in this hood, I'd be thrilled if they could drop me a line.  It's a long shot, to be sure, but this town (and this lj community) consistently surprise me.



Hey DeePee,

Seeing as Snowpocalypse 2008 is seemingly over, I've been able to venture down to Eugene and am trying to decide where to eat. I'm in the mood for ramen as I've heard they have a few ramen restaurants down here in Eugene.

For all the DeePeers who have been to Eugene, what's your opinion on the best place to get ramen down here?
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Upset Stomach

Hey all, my tummy is upset! I don't know if it is the flu, stress or too much holiday foods. A few friends have suggested different things to soothe an upset stomach. What are your home remedies for upset stomach?

looking to buy a car..

Hey anyone know of some good places to get research data on buying a new car? Consumer reports is the only one I know of but would like to see about a new car and resale value and reliability factors and all that jazz.. any one have some good experiences they would like to share?