December 25th, 2008

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Merry Christmas!
Merry X-mas!
Merry frakking Christmas...
Bah Humbug.
Merry Slushmas!
Happy Holidays!
What the hell are you talking about?
Just load it up with ham, okay?
Pass the eggnog, please.
Clicky Clickmorse!
  • tertyl

Anything open today?

I'm stuck at work until 5 today. I was only supposed to be here until noon but that changed because of the weather conditions and Trimet being lame and closing all their routes.

So now I am curious what might be open in the food department downtown area. The couple chinese places I called will be open AFTER 5, but that does no good for the rumbling in my tumtum right now.
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For those that call today Thursday

So what are you people that choose not to follow American tradition on this day doing?

I just finished making huge croutons from the bread I baked last night to go with my homemade hummus for a movie and snack party I am throwing today for several of my fellow non celebrators.

I think we are all going to go up to Slim's later in the afternoon since Hamad decided to stay open today. Bless you Hamad :)

Edit :
Ok The10thDoctor, what is your definition of the American tradition of Christmas? What is any of you folks definition?

When I speak of it, I mean the concept of making today any more special than any other day, whether due to theological belief or secular habit. I don't exchange gifts today (or in a few days or a few days ago) since I feel that a gift should be given when you think about doing it and should never be expected. While I am religious I don't celebrate the birth (or death) of a martyr no matter how much I agree with the sentiment behind the act. To me, today is Thursday :)
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  • drjeff

Hey, are any of you people grocery shoppers?

First, happy non-denominational, culturally-aware, open-minded omnivorous snow-slidin' super-snarkin' holidays to all of you beautiful people.

Second, are there any grocery stores open today? The Frederick Meyer is closed up like a Portland elementary school the week before Christmas.

Love to all!

Oh, and I thought it was pretty effin' awesome the way you DeePee types helped each other out during Snowpocalypse. For real!
  • kengwen

caffeine addicts

Any latte freaks in outer SE, just wanted to mention that Java Jazz (in the parking lot of the New Copper Penny between Foster/Woodstock at 205) is open till 1 today, and Dutch Brothers on Foster & 67th is open till 2.
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I'm out of town and keep trying to give uninformed weather news to my family. I started going through recent entries but so far no luck. How many inches of snow did we get? Someone i talked to guessed four inches, but I've seen pictures that look more impressive. I understand 84 was closed down and that chains are actually required throughout Portland.

By the way, the east coast says thank you for watching their crappy weather while they went on vacation. They're ready to take it back now; those one or two 60+ degree days just confused them.

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Lovely people. I know about IFC's Homicidal for the Holidays movie-tacular. Any other interesting marathons on? I think this is probably the only chance I'll get to stay home for the holiday for decades, so this is MY BIG CHANCE to do nothing. Help a dp'er out...
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  • zind4gi discount coupons for 80% off today

If you eat out at all whether it's regular or a special occasion, there is a website called that offers discount coupons to several places around Portland and the burbs. Today they are having an 80% off the price of coupons if you use the Coupon Code "HOLIDAY". I just bought $170 worth of coupons for ~$16. The coupons expire in a year. A lot of the places require you to spend a minimum to apply the coupon, so read the fine print under the coupon. For example, some of the places required $35 minimum when you went to the restaurant. The coupon value was for $25 which you buy at a normal discount rate of $10 but with the 80% coupon code today, I spent $2. So yeah when I go there I will be paying $2+$10=$12 for $35 worth of food. It's a great way to save some money if you are eating out. There are other coupons as well (i.e. $50 coupon with $100 minimum, $10 coupon with $25 minimum that cost you $0.60), some are better deals than others. Some places tack on gratuity, some don't allow you to go for buffets or happy hour, so read the fine print. Just passing the word.

Happy Holidays.
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CycloDS; ROMS; Emulation

I just got a CycloDS Evolution for Christmas! So, since I haven't touched ROMmage in years, can anyone recommend some sites. I mean GOOD, CLEAN sites where I can find most games I would ever want to download (think NES and SNES era) and not catch any e-STDs. Yes, I can google it. Thanks. I still want recommendations that I can at least half-trust which I CAN'T find by way of google.