December 23rd, 2008


Greyhound Status

I'm supposed to be travelling south on the Greyhound today. Any idea if I'll get to do so, or if not exactly what's keeping the buses from moving? I know it's bad weather, but the 5 is open. I see sedans making it on tripcheck.
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Rock Bottom Brewery

Just a note for anyone who has been to Rock Bottom Brewery recently.

I went a few weeks ago with a couple of damnportlanders and they double charged me. They said they double charged EVERYONE that night.

They eventually reversed the charge, but when I looked at my account this morning, it was back. They took the money AGAIN.

This time I called my bank, and it looks like the dispute is going to take longer, and be more of a pain than if I had called Rock Bottom again.

So just a heads up, if you've been there, check your bank/CC account. If you're going there, take cash.
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In Search of a Bed

Hey DeePeers,

My husband and I just moved to Portland and we're in the market for a bed. I looked around on Craigslist, but I also wanted to see if anyone had suggestions for other places. We're looking for a full sized bed set (mattress, boxspring, and the frame if we can get it) for around $200. We need a pillowtop or something with plenty of cushion.
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Amusing like whoa!

Fuck the snow, I have something funny and horrifying to look at. This is no, mind you, but it IS a collection of terrible self-portraits of gay men found on the internet with bitchy commentary about how ugly their houses are.

Snarking, art history, interior design, and faggotry FTW.

Totally --not-- work safe.
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Xmas 2008 - snow!

Broadway Cab

This is just a note for those trying to get taxis today. After getting lots of busy signals and no one picking up at a bunch of places, I was able to get through to Broadway Cab. If you call in and say you're ready to go, the dispatcher told me it's taking them about an hour and a half to get to people. So, plan accordingly. Good luck to everyone else that's trying to fly out today.
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Hey peeps,

Anyone driven from Portland to Salem (or the other way around) in the last day or so? I am (hopefully) going to head down tomorrow afternoon and return around midnight. I'm checking the various ODOT road cams, but I want to hear from someone who's driven it for your estimation of its difficulty.

Assume, I guess, that there won't be any more precipitation between now and tomorrow when I go.



Anyone riding #6 in North Portland?

Has anyone up in North Portland seen any sign of the #6 bus, in either direction? I was hoping to take it from Lombard+Denver up to Jantzen Beach but the Transit Tracker shows no buses coming, ever, in either direction. Don't know if that mean transit tracker isn't working, or there are no buses. Thanks!
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snow shoveling

So, every place within walking distance of my house is out of snow shovels. Does anyone know a place in SE, near Woodstock, that has snow shovels? Alternatively, does anyone who lives within walking distance of 52nd and Flavel have a snow shovel that I can borrow for a few hours?

EDIT: Turns out we had a snow shovel already, buried under the snow with the rest of our tools (I was going to get the hoe out). We've just never had to use it! Good luck out there, everyone.
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Beauty - HUH?

Never getting back home.

Portland, after being stranded with no luggage in various airports since early Saturday morning trying to get into your stupid snowed-in city, I am on the edge of hysteria/violence. Does anyone have any good airport stories to distract me from my misery?
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Bus newbie needs a favor!

I hate to be making another "omgz!snows!bus!" type post, but I was hoping for a little help. I have a very fine car that gets me where I need to go when it isn't stuck in a foot and a half of snow. I tried to dig my car out of the snow this morning and it was EPIC FAIL! I have a job interview this evening near the Lloyd Center which I really really really don't want to have to cancel.

I have planned out my trip on Tri-Met and if I'm reading their website and listed restrictions correctly, I think that I can get there and back by the buses without a problem, except maybe a bit of waiting. But I was just hoping someone who uses the buses often and knows the area/routes, could look over my trip and confirm that I shouldn't have a problem with it, just in case I'm reading something wrong.

Collapse )

I realize this is probably a golden snark opportunity to some, but I just want the peace of mind knowing that my efforts to get to this job interview won't be in vain. I would be seriously obliged. But if some can't resist the snark, then I won't hold it against you. :)
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Do not use Americab! At the very least in this weather.

I had scheduled a pick up from my apartment in Beaverton to the airport at 8:30 am yesterday morning. They confirmed, told me it was going to be more expensive because of the weather, and that was all fine to me because I didn't want to navigate transfers on Trimet with the shit ton of luggage I have. And they never showed up. Did not call. Did not answer their phones. I waited over an hour thinking the driver was probably taking it slow. I ended up taking Trimet and god-knows-how I made on time. But what if I was one of the unlucky people who's bus route wasn't operating? I really can't believe how incredibly unprofessional they were that they didn't even call.

On a related note, the bus driver on the 89 yesterday morning was a mother-effing CHAMP! The bus lost its chains on the way to Sunset TC and got stuck in the snow briefly, but she maneuvered us out of it and made it up the hill. It was totally because of her that I'm actually in Chicago right now.
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(no subject)

I hope this hasn't been asked yet...


Does anyone know how late the MAX will be running tomorrow, Christmas eve?  Whether it be due to ice/snow or just holiday schedule?  There's a chance of freezing rain tomorrow and I need to go from Clackamas to Beaverton tomorrow evening (around 8 or 9 maybe?) so I thought it might be easier to just drive to Lloyd Center and take the max into Beaverton.



So now that the weather is thawing out for a bit I want to get some chains incase there is another freeze. I know I know I should have done it earlier but such is life. I called the St. Johns Les Schwab. They have chains that would fit my car (195 60 R15)for $76.54. I don't know anything about buying chains. Is this a reasonable price?

ETA: Our driveway is completely blocked in by snow. Attempted to get car out but even with shoveling it wasn't happening. Giving up- may try again tomorrow.
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I'm currently in Colorado with a goodly chance of being stranded in DIA tomorrow, depending on whether or not the PDX airport'll be open. My question is, granting that I can actually make it back to the lovely, if not spiteful, northwest, what the hell is up with the taxi companies? I've tried calling at least 10, resulting in either busy signals or voicemail. I'm used to sticking with Radio Cab, but no luck there. Is everybody just shuttering the windows and barring the doors?

Also, on a related note, does anybody know approximately how much the fare might be to get from PDX to, say, SE Milwaukie and Holgate? I'm guessing something around $30, but they'll probably charge more considering weather conditions, yeah?

Public transit might just be the ticket.

Snow shovels

Just saw on the news that while most stores have sold out of snoew shovels, one stores still has dozens in stock:

Ankeny Hardware
1134 SE Stark St.
PortlandOR 97214 
(503) 234-6110

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Where is the best place to go when looking for a men's leather coat in the Portland, Beaverton area?  I am looking for a large selection of styles and sizes.
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Horror flick..?

Edit: Found it! Turns out the 3:00 am trailer isn't the central one, so I hadn't recognized the far-more-corny-far-less-scary trailer online when I'd come across it. Thanks for the heads up! (Yuk yuk).

Okay I've done my various movie searching, including reading all the likely plot summaries on newhorrormovies-dot-com or wherever, and I can't fucking find the title of this movie. All I know is, I was up at 3:30 am last night, stuffing my face with Cheddar Bunnies when a commercial came on that manage to freak me out so badly I had to look away. This never happens. Well, in my looking away, I didn't catch what the title was. I'm hoping one of ya'll have seen it and can fill me in.

It looks like your typical cheesy horror flick, in the vein of The Ring and other such movies influenced by Japanese thrillers. The quintessential "not-right" image that stuck with me was a pit bull with it's head on upside down. In fact I think there were several upside-down heads, including a guy walking on his hands and feet with his stomach in the air (called "the bridge?") with his head facing properly.

Anyone catch it?

MAX Blue Line

Though the Trimet website may not show it, MAX Blue Line trains are now running all the way to the east (Gresham) end of the line, including Gresham City Hall, Gresham Central and Cleveland Ave stations..  At first they were just running test trains but they just ran 2 trains with passengers in both directions and the signs on the trains DIDN'T say "Not In Service."  
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Damn Floridians

Oh hai DP. I am potentially stranded in Orlando, staying at my parents house, ready to kill myself. If my flight back into Portland (Southwest air :( ) gets canceled on Christmas day, I might just have to strangle myself with a palm tree branch. Anyway, all of you keep posting pics of what it looks like outside, so I thought I'd do the same courtesy. Taken from my parents' back porch (the highs are in the mid 70s).

Tomorrow I turn 25 and I'm not in town to spend it with any of you :(

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New plan- Anyone going from St. Johns to SE Tomorrow?

I know I have posted quite a few times in the last couple days. I promise that I will go back to lurking (and occasionally commenting) soon.

Our attempt to get the car out of the driveway was an epic fail so now we are looking for a ride home for Christmas. I have calls/emails in to several people on Craigslist rideshare but am thinking that maybe a DamnPortlander would be more reliable.

Leaving from: St Johns (near the McMenamins on Lombard/Richmond) and going to SE (near 143rd and Division). Reimbursement is negotiable and I'm sure mom would include a plate of tasty cookies/treats that she has been baking throughout the snowpocalypse. I would love to leave tomorrow afternoon any time after 12 but can possibly get stuff together tonight if necessary.

Two people (possibly just one) and various stuff (Christmas presents and a duffle bag probably).

Please contact me ASAP to let me know. Thanks for reading.


Chains for a Toyota

Normally I would never post such a thing but this a matter of me getting to my fathers in Seattle for Xmas with my family. I was wondering if anyone had chains for Toyota Camery 6/5 size tires. I would buy or trade or just borrow them to be honest. I just really want to see my sister,brother,and dad for Christmas weekend. I have tried all the stores and have tried Craig's List with no replies. Just thought I'd give it a shot. Thanks
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(no subject)

so i found quicken online tonight and loved the idea of it downloading my bills and such into a well seen chart that i could read. unfortunately, it won't let me add certain things, like my student loans.

are there any other such programs you kids use to budget? i love quicken's ability to d/l my accounts. preferrably free please.

portland related b/c....newsies.

I know, I know...

But the Trimet website says that the 20 bus is on snow route but my roommate swears she saw people waiting at our stop at Leahy and Barnes. So the question is, is the 20 actually back on its regular route or were those people hoping on a pipe dream and waiting for nothing? I would really like to leave the house tomorrow and it's a lot easier to take the bus than to walk the mile plus to the MAX.  Call me lazy if you want. Thanks.
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No Channel 49 signal with HD converter box

I just hooked up my HD converter box to my TV and I can get all the channels except PDX 49. Has anyone else experienced this? Did you figure out how to fix it?

I'm thinking I might need to get a better indoor antenna but I don't know which ones are better. If anyone has suggestions this would be great info to have. I can't get an exterior antenna because my lease stipulates that I am not allowed to affix anything to the exterior of my home. Also, getting cable so I don't need a converter box is not an option because I cannot afford it.
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Need a date

I'm an early-30s attractive male model who is looking for a gorgeous 23 year old female to attend a New Years Eve party, which will be hosted by my modeling agency in Seattle.

I had a date until last night when I had to breakup with my fiance after catching her watching porn that included a midget. If that's what she is in to, fine. I just don't want to pretend that I condone that type of behaviour.

Tomorrow is a new day and I have just over a week to find a proper date.
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ride to airport

Hi! I live in Sellwood - is there anybody who lives nearby with a snow-capable car that could drive me to the airport tomorrow (12/24) morning at 7 am? I would be willing to pay $35 - as much as a cab. I would be so grateful, you have no idea!!

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(no subject)

Hey ya'll, where can I get some tire chains? It seems when I called Fred Meyers on Hawthorne they were out, Napa said they had none in the city, Firestone is out... blah blah....

Ya'll seen any anywhere? Or have an extra pair you aren't using and could part with? If so, that would be awsome. Thanks ya'll.
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Gift Massage

I want to get my friend a professional massage as a gift. She's never had one in her whole life! Unfortunately, I've never actually bought one before, because my dad is an acupuncturist and does trades with his co-workers for certificates. Even more unfortunately, Dad works in San Diego, and I've recently moved up to Portland, so I'm clueless as to the massage scene around here.  Does anyone have a recommendation for a good place around here, or advice on how much to pay for a session?

Oh, and I don't mean an erotic massage. I don't think she'd take that well.
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