December 22nd, 2008

Anya CU

Birthday venues.

The Ace Hotel, while oh so hip and fun, wasn't the best place to throw a party (as the host). I've got cousins in from town and a younger sister who are just under age, and I'd like to include them in the festivities, so a pub crawl is out as well. Know any good spaces or hotels for parties? I'm on the prowl for friends with big, unbreakable houses, but I thought I'd ask...
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Well, everyone is posting snow photos of the current snow... how about a nice blast from the past? I found this pic lurking around the house from the early 80's.... taken at my old house in Columbia City.

~S~ halloween

Unschooling Radio Program this morning, 9 AM on OPB 91.5FM

I just heard an announcement for a rebroadcast of a program about unschooling on Think Out Loud at 9 am on 91.5 FM.

"Unschooling is a new approach to homeschooling - but one that explicitly rejects curricula and state guidelines. Parents follow children's interests and expect learning will happen along the way."

It sounds like it may be an interesting program. I figured that I'd post it here in case anyone else is interested in tuning in. I'm curious myself to see what they have to say about it as I have a few friends who are very passionate about the topic.

From the Tri-Met website...

"Many buses are stuck in the snow. Crews are working as fast as possible to free them."

"All buses remain chained; expect delays of 20-30 minutes. Many buses are on snow routes or canceled."

Ugh. There's a long list of canceled or rerouted lines on the website.

susieredshoes has to go in at 11 AM, but I don't have to go to work today. She takes the 14 downtown; the 14 should be running.

Be safe, y'all! If we get through this it'll probably be 40 years before we see snow like this again (or never, with global warming).

EDIT: I walked with Sue and was a good 45-minute wait (rather, a bad 45-minute wait)...three 14s went by the *other* way, then finally two came almost together, headed downtown. Wear good boots and warm socks, and be prepared to WAIT!
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XMas trees?

Anyone know any place that (a) still has trees and (b) is open today? Preferably SE near Reed College to minimize amount of time driving and number of hills to climb...
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I need to make it from NW to Tualatin for an 8 am surgery tomorrow. Any suggestions on how to make it? Buses are looking like my only shot, we have a low clearance car and not wanting to get stuck.

Is it worth getting chains for the car and risking it? (if we can find chains).

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anybody else have an alaska/horizon flight that got cancelled that they are trying to reschedule?  i can't get through on the phone, so i'm trying to do it online, but can't figure out how.  when i click on "change reservation" it just shows me a copy of my itinerary with no option to change anything.  possibly because my ticket was nonrefundable... but because it's weather-related, i know i am allowed to change it... can anyone guide me to the right part of the website?

i will get totally depressed if i don't get to be with my family for christmas, this is totes the suck.

Getting around

How would one get from the Portland Airport to SW Portland, down by Macadam? My friend is coming in from California tonight (hopefully) and obviously I can't pick her up. I also know that the Red line MAX isn't running from the Airport. How else do you get around? I can't seem to find much on the news websites. I know there are a few shuttles to Gateway TS, but I'm not sure that helps. Are taxi's running? pay shuttles?

I know there has been a million questions like this so thank you. I'm going to try to walk up to Safeway now in 3ft of snow. Wish me luck!

BTW, another alternative if she can't get home, is to bring her to my house around 162nd in Gresham. I'm not sure if that would be easier.

(maybe) Ride Offered to Eugene on Wednesday

So, we are still planning on trying to get to Eugene on Wednesday for Christmas Eve with the family (Or families- between the two of us we've got like 5 houses to get to in two days).

We have a normal 5 seater Chevy Malibu. New tires this summer, chains (1 now, and 2 after we walk 4 miles to Les Schwab to get the one that popped off the other night fixed), deicer for the windows, and working heater and defrosters. We are going to get together an emergency kit tomorrow with food and blankets.

IF we can make it, and IF you can get to us (E Burnside and 55th) we can give three people rides. We don't have alot of trunk space, but some. We live by the highway and we don't want to try to drive around the city.

Normal Portland to Eugene rideshare prices are $10-$15, so we feel like $20 should be good for this trip. It is going to take up a lot more gas and wear on my car, and it will probabbly take 5 hours. (Although I hear there is NO SNOW in Eugene, and it is like 50 degrees.)

I would post on Craigslist, but there are a million people looking for rides, and I thought at least a couple of you have to be some of those people.

"Declaration of Emergency"

The cities of Gresham (where I live) and Vernonia have now issued a "Declaration Of Emergency" and eastbound I-84 is now closed at exit 14, the Fairview Parkway/207th exit rather than exit 17, the Troutdale exit.  Also, the I-5 Interstate Bridge over the Columbia cannot be raised for barge traffic as it is frozen.  Can you imagine if it had froze in the "open" position?  Yeesh!
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PDX -> Eugene? pretty please with snow on top.

I know everyone is probably tired of the "My flight was canceled!", "The bus never came!", "Okay, when they say it's required to have snow tires, that doesn't mean it's mandatory, right?", "HAI GUYZ WHITESTUFF!!" posts. So...sorry.

But! Anyone headed south from Portland 12/24 am with chains/snowtires/hovercraft? I need to get to Eugene Wednesday. If you're driving south and you have space for 1 girl + 1 messenger bag + as many layers of sweatshirts I can manage and still be mobile (brr!), please contact me. Even if you're just going to Salem or Corvallis or somewhere else in the Willamette Valley that isn't buried in snow that would help; I can probably have someone pick me partway.

batshads at gmail, thank yooou.

(yes, I also posted to rideshare)


NYC Subway Mo 2

[BST] Random Monday Thoughts....

1. As I was pondering in a packed and crowded 15 bus this morning on my way to work, I came to the realization that if Portland gets another professional sports team, a good nickname for the team would be the "Straphangers". It doesn't have the nice ring as Brooklyn (Trolley) Dodgers, but the Straphangers name is so ideal for middle-class working folks who brave the elements to head to work. ;)

2. The Portland Aerial tram is running until midnight tonight. And it is free for visitors today (source: OHSU employee bulletin). The Portland Streetcar is expected to run 24 hours today.
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Trimet #12 route?

Anyone know if the #12 route is running?

I know Trimet says it's fine and I also know Trimet busses haven't been showing up. I'm wondering if anyone has any first-hand knowledge that #12 is running.

I and my grocery run thank you.

Trimet Info

MAX update: Trains are operating every 15 minutes between Hillsboro and Gresham. However, it will take until around 1 pm to get service back to 15 minute frequency due to previous gaps.

MAX shuttle buses are running every 15-20 minutes.

Max Blue Line: Tracks in the Gresham area are now being cleared with plans to open the last three Gresham stations (between Ruby Junction/E 197th Ave and Cleveland stations) as soon as possible.

MAX Red Line: TriMet is adding more shuttle buses between Gateway Transit Center and the airport due to heavy ridership demands. Crews are still working to open the Red Line between Gateway and PDX later today.
Buses - effective at noon today

Due to unprecedented weather conditions, TriMet is operating reduced service for the remainder of the day. In order to provide the best service possible, we will operate Frequent Service lines and routes operating on major corridors. As we add service to these lines, we will build up to 15 minute service. It likely will take us until around 3 pm to reach that 15 minute level. These routes are on priority streets and supported by our PDOT and ODOT partners.

Trip Planner update: TriMet's 503-238-RIDE phone center is extending hours until 6:30 pm to assist riders with trip planning Field operations staff will check recent canceled routes to ensure rider are not waiting for service. They will assist the rider to get to their destination.

If you take the bus, life is fun

Quote Trimet:

"Due to unprecedented weather conditions, TriMet is operating reduced service for the remainder of the day. In order to provide the best service possible, we will operate Frequent Service lines and routes operating on major corridors. As we add service to these lines, we will build up to 15 minute service. It likely will take us until around 3 pm to reach that 15 minute level. These routes are on priority streets and supported by our PDOT and ODOT partners."

Post here on buses that you've seen running.

Frequent Service Buses
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One photo and a compliant~

I got out to take photos of the snow and end up dropping my phone somewhere. Yes, I'm screwed. I didn't mind the snow that much last week, I got a week off from school. Now that it keeps coming, I'm just sick and tired of it. I probably won't get down to see my family for Christmas, though my mom is being blind and keeps insisting we'll make it through somehow.

Anyways, the photo expedition was a fail but I did get one mildly interesting one:
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Out in Wilsonville. But yeah, the snow can just go now >_>

UPDATE: Phone has been found! Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.

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Warm fuzzies!

We're all cold.  How about some warm fuzzies?  During this Ultra Mega Super Snow-a-thon 2008, what have you seen/done/experienced to give you warm fuzzies?  I'll start!

So...  I go out this morning to get my car out of a half inch of ice and about 6" of snow.  My car door doesn't shut when it's this cold.  So I pry it open, turn on the car, turn on the heat, and go at chipping away the ice and snow and stuff.  I shut the door, thinking nothing of it.  20 minutes later the car is nice and warm.  I go to open the door.  The door, is now shut.  The door, is also locked.  My car door warmed up enough to now have the locking mechanism work.  Sweet.  So now my keys are in the car, the car is running, and the car is locked. 

Warm Fuzzy #1 - My parents dug their own car out of their driveway, drove over, unlocked my car, turned it off, and gave me the keys.

Warm Fuzzy #2 - While I was waiting for my parents, I decided to continue to de-ice shield my car.  While I was doing that, an older gent came out of his apartment and started going to town shoveling off the side walks, and not just around his door but around everyones door. 

So I am now back inside, playing Warcraft again 'cause... well... what else am I supposed to do?  And someone knocks at my door. 

Warm Fuzzy #3 - It was my mom.  She came back with a pair of snow boots for me and a pair of pink and black reindeer socks.  Socks, with reindeers on them.  And cute puff balls.  They boots kinda stunk of water repellent.  She said she was at the store and thought I needed them.  It was the bestest thing ever.

Anyone else?
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The Twilight of the Vids...

Let's all shed a tear for the end of VHS. There was no room on the last truck for thousands of copies of Bruce Campbell's MAN WITH THE SCREAMING BRAIN, though. Sorry, Bruce.

Whatever else you can say about them, video cassettes kept playing even if the tape was wrinkled and worn, or was cut and had been spliced back together (I used to do surgery on them at the Long Beach [CA] Public Library)...they didn't freeze up like scratched or defective DVDs. Anybody else got fond or nasty memories of VHS tapes?

The Show Must Go On - Civil Rights, Bank Scams and NYC Ghettos

Tom Robinson is hard core. He will be stomping through the snow to bring you tonight’s Free Monday Movie, Banks and the Poor. If you are out and lonely and need a roaring fire, some 16mm vintage film and a slice of Pizza, hop on the number 6 or 72 and get here! Show starts at 8PM.

Banks And The Poor, 59 Min., B/W, 1969 . Exposes role of bank investment and loan practices in maintaining slums and ghettos. Reviews publicity campaign of 80 New York banks that promised to create a 100 million dollar mortgage lending pool to improve ghetto housing-a pledge they failed to fulfill, although bank investments in a poor person trying to get a bank loan, and usurious practices of loan companies to which poor must turn.

Old Town Pizza
5201 NE MLK (in Vanport Square Center)
#6 and #72 bus, ample free parking

All ages – 8PM – In the loft This is a free event. Full bar and menu. Rain or shine or the worst snowstorm in 30 years.For a complete calendar of upcoming movies, go to   


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a little contrast to all the snow posts (and to remind us that there ARE still places where the sun sometimes shows its face)

(the Rock Islands of Palau)


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And what could be better on a day like today than curling up with a movie full of deserts and tropical rainforests and sweaty, sweaty guys?

A few recommendations:

The Fall and Lawrence of Arabia (for desert vistas)
The Mosquito Coast, The Thin Red Line, and The African Queen (for tropics)
The Constant Gardener (for breathtaking shots of Africa, and sweet, sweet liberal guilt)
Any of the Crosby/ Hope road movies (for fantastic locales and crazy homoerotic tension)
Leone's Man With No Name trilogy and A Streetcar Named Desire (for sweaty, sweaty guys)

and of course, El Topo.


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In less than 10 days....

All the smokers are gonna have cold, wet, snow-covered feet while they stand outside the bars, puffing away their immortal souls.

I'm personally looking forward to re-taking over The Alibi with my pink-lunged compatriots.

And while my policy is usually "When I want your opinion- I'll give it to you", for once- in a mindnumbingly bored moment of weakness- I ask...

What bar are -you- looking forward to revisiting now that you've smartened-up, put your ersatz-libertarian pedagoguery and childish rationalizations behind you, and quit smoking?

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I haven't seen that anyone has asked this but sorry if they have.  Do any of you know who is responsible for damage from fallen tree branches?  Our neighbor's tree has lost several branches which have taken out sections of our shared fence.  We were just curious and kind of want to know ahead of time so that we can handle talking with them appropriately. 
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Has anyone seen their mail carrier today? I'm not sure if mine is coming. Our street hasn't been plowed, but we're just off of 60th near the MAX so it shouldn't be impossible to get here. I had a pickup scheduled today but it's getting late and no signs of them yet. It must be a real bummer to be a mail carrier in this weather!
Xmas Socks

NOT Snow/Weather Related

So, like many of you I'm sure, I frequent DPers a LOT. Especially when I'm bored, or when I'm taking a break at work. (Or when I'm only half listening to my customers. Whatever. Don't judge) Am I the only one who will see a post by somebody and instantly get annoyed? They could be the nicest person IRL, but online, maybe not so much? And no, I'm not asking for names or descriptions. I'm just wondering if everyone else has their own personal "someone" who raises your annoyance level to new heights just by seeing their name. =)

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Dear DamnPortlanders,

If you happen to buy too many groceries, booze, and a chainsaw* at the Frederick Meyer you can create an impromptu snow sled out of a laundry basket and your scarf. It worked pretty well! -alex

*Part of a huge tree in our yard fell down into power lines, PGE said it wasn't theirs Comcast said it was up to Qwest but when we presented them with hand saws they seemed to have a fun time chopping it up and leaving it in the street before repairing our internets. So now Ms. Chainsaw and I are gonna make some firewood.

Nth 'Is such and such place' open post?

I'm desperate. Desperate enough to post to DP

Last night I was drunk and retarded aaaaaaaaaaaand lost my glasses.

Absolute worst time to do so, I know.

Anyhow, I've been desperately looking for an eyeglass place that may be open that is ideally in SE Portland
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(no subject)

how many of you have found, due to the weather, that your christmas plans are not going to happen? what are you doing instead? this is going to be my first christmas without my mom.
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valiant effort

This afternoon I saw, beside the freddy's on foster & 82nd, a man in a 4-runner (I think without chains) valiantly trying to tow a semi cab and trailer  that was stuck in the snow.  I didn't manage, unfortunately, to get a picture before we had driven on by.  It didn't look like he was having much success, though every time he drove forward the semi did kind of rock forward.  Good effort, though.  A+ for that.
fairy dust

Anyone traveling from Lloyd Center area to inner SE this Wednesday?

If so, is there anyone willing to give me a lift home? I'm working and off at 4pm (this can be a little flexible in either direction.) My work is at NE 15th and Halsey, and I live around SE 29th and Stark -it's a little less than two miles. I need to be home no later than 5.

If anyone is willing and able to do this, please email me and let me know what I'll owe you in addition to my gratitude. :)


ETA: Found one. Thanks!
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(no subject)

I just found out a disturbing truth while talking to someone that I THOUGHT was my friend in my super awesome google chat room.

jameth is the one who brought the storms to the Pacific Northwest when he was visiting seattle recently.

When asked why, he said, and I quote, "because i am a californian now lol."

Now you have it DP. IN addition to asking where you can get Pho in Portland, and causing 9/11, and creating ED all by himself, he has kept many of you from your loved ones, and your jobs.

THIS IS WHY HE IS B&. I say, KEEP HIM OUT!!!!!!!</lj></lj>

Actual job posting: Spanish speakers!

This was sent to me via Google reader...I am a Spanish speaker, maybe I should meet this person, show up, take their money, and fail the test. lulz.

I also love the way they wrote "Newburger Hall" instead of Neuberger Hall.

Even sadder: Position being advertised in a legit job search engine...

If you are fluent in spanish get $200 for 2 hours no bs. One time offer
I am a student at PCC getting my degree and I need to take 2 years of Spanish for my degree even though I took it in high school. I took the Proficency test for Spanish at PSU and didn't score high enough. You need to get a score of 203 or higher which means you have to be fluent in Spanish.
I want you to take the test for me which is harmless because its not like the SAT you dont need to bring id or anything just take the take the multiple choice which will take two hours. I will meet you at Newburger Hall which is part of PSU and give you a $100 upfront then when you are done I will give you the other $100. I will wait for you to be done. Easey as one two three. You get a $100 an hour for stuff you already know. So please contact me and I will give you further information

Portland related...duh
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Lucrative Business Idea

For those who are looking for work, it seems DP has revealed a lucrative business idea during increment weather. Granted the kind of weather you are getting down there is very rare, it seems that reliable transport is in great need when the city transport fails.

Take notes for next time.

So who's working and who's playing tomorrow?

They seem to think we can get in by 10am tomorrow at my office... I was snowboarding today.

ETA: I live on the 44 line and we sure didn't see any of those today in the village. If I make it downtown then it's random 35 action out to Macadam - no way in hell I'm even trying to dig my car out of the lot.
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help? ride from downtown?

My sister-in-law is stranded out in the snow downtown. I don't have a car, cab companies aren't even answering the phones, and she hasn't seen any busses. Is there anyone downtown with chains who could drive her up to Sylvan? Under normal circumstances it's only about five minutes out of downtown. Anybody? Please?

:She found a room. Thanks!

100 Colorful Envelopes

I have, I think, at least 100 greeting card envelopes in various colors, but mostly red, orange, white and gold. A couple bright yellow. A couple silver. Maybe some blue. I want to do something beautiful and fun and meaningful and creative with them. What would you do with 100 brightly colored envelopes?
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and also:

ETA: the craigslist posting got flagged.  this is what it said, i am 44% sure they were being sincere:

My dog Rudy doesn't get along with the rest of my family and my other dog. 
Does have some mental problems. 
Needs to be jacked off twice daily. Something to do with his brain requires him to ejeculate at least twice a day for him to function normally. 

Other than that Rudy is an extremely loving dog. 

If interested call (360)609-6208 and ask for Jessica. We will set up a time for you to come and meet him. And possibly take him.