December 21st, 2008

Free Victorias Secret Garden Collection Selections

I purchased these scents in the Summer of 2006 and am liquidating my scent stash to make way for some new perfumes that better suit me (I don't think I smell so good in purple.)

Each of these retailed for $9 but I'm giving them away to whomever is willing to pick them up (I live around 20th and Burnside, work around Pioneer Square so location is up to you). They all spray and smell fine, however, only two of the bottles have clear caps for the nozzles (this is pictured). Maybe you totally love one of these scents or are looking to sample them or something.

From left to right: Love Spell eau de Toilette, Love Spell, Romatic Wish, Pure Seduction, Forever Romance.

If you're interested, please leave a comment and perhaps we can arrange something.
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Red currant jelly?..

So.. I don't live in portland exactly, but.. uh..

I found this fabulous recipe that I'm trying to make for Christmas dessert, and I can't seem to find red currant jelly anywhere. :(

Does anyone know of a Clackamas-area place that carries it? Is there any main-stream store that does? I know Winco doesn't.

Also- for all you savvy cooks.. wtf is up with red currant jelly?

Is it somehow special? Any particular reason I can't substitute it for some other jelly..?
Oh fuck


Due to a great laundry tragedy, many of my favorite clothes are now dyed purple, with blue splotches. Help! What do I do now? I know there are dye removers, but do they work?
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In case you were wondering...

According to pdxinfo, chains are still required for all vehicles in the Portland metro area.

And accuweather says that, with windchill factored in, it is now 3 degrees outside.

I ask you, Portland... has there EVER been a better reason to sit inside and have an Irish coffee?

street car?

Does anyone know if the street car is running? Specifically up around Northrup &22nd? I can see it out my window and havent' seen any come by in loooong time. Also, whenever I call tri met it always says the next car is 5 minutes away.
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thank goodness

i have power again. it was getting cold... were any of you guys without power earlier this morning? i heard some 30,000 people were affected.

also it sounds like trees are falling down next to me. if it wasn't daylight, the sounds would really be scaring me right now...

(no subject)

I just remembered that it's the solstice!  Which means that the days are going to start getting longer!  Hooray!
(Portland related because many of us need something to be cheerful about today?)
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Snow Boots

Does anyone have any idea where one could actually find snow books (child and adult size) in the inner city today?

Yea, I know..... hahahahaha..... me and the entire city of Portland are looking for that today. Is it a lost cause or is there any chance of finding that here in town? Any idea where to check? My local (Hawthorne) Fred Meyer is in serious renovation mode right now and last I checked they did away temporarily with their clothing section.

TSA Advice & Karaoke 21 and under?

Not that anyone is able to fly out today or anytime soon... but if anyone needs TSA advice (as to like what you can and cannot fly out with in checked baggage and carry on), just ask your friendly local TSO!

... which is me.

I figured some people will be flying out for the holidays, and I've had quite a few friends calling me asking me TSA related questions, so I thought I'd post a bit here to see if any of you had a question for specifics from someone who works for TSA.



Any under 21 Karaoke places around? I need to duet The Pogues 'Fairy Tale from New York' sometime before Christmas.
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Getting to PDX

So we have a flight leaving PDX tomorrow at 5:30 am (fingers crossed) and so far no joy even getting through to a cab company, or getting a car service to call us back. TriMet's not an option at that time of day, sadly. We're wondering if there are any early-rising DP-ers with chains on their cars who'd be interested in playing chauffeur for a little extra holiday cash. We're in NE, near Kworth and MLK, about 6.5 miles from the airport.

If you're interested, name your price in the comments and let's make a deal! Obviously we still don't know if our flight is even going to go out, but hope springs eternal...

Matching Donations for In Other Words!

I know DP is already well informed of the financial crisis at In Other Words, this is way too cool to not share.

The Alberta Cooperative Grocery is running a matching donations program for In Other Words through the end of December. All donations through December 31st will be matched 100%! Just go in to the co-op and ask about the program! SO RAD, right?? The co-op's address is 1500 NE Alberta.

- Shanthi |
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Reading, anyone?

It's gorgeous outside! However, when I'm not outside enjoying the serenity and purification of the snow gods above, I'm inside, intermittently reading a handful of books (or checking in on various online communities). I was *smart* enough to walk down to the library Friday and make way with some *interesting* reads.

So, I beg to ask among the recipe, shopping, transportation, contraception, snow-play posts: Is anyone reading a book or two (new, used, re-read, recommended, or even down-loaded)?

Here's my very random variety which covers near most of my daily temperaments while indoors:

Medical Apartheid (Washington 2006)
Sexual Health and Fitness (Bracy 2008)
Friends on a Rotten Day: the Astrology of Friendships (Dixon-Cooper 2008)
The Energy Effect (Ford 2006)
Art Forms in Nature (my visual read) (Haeckel 1904/1974)

These are on the waiting list:

Clear Blogging: How People Blogging Are Changing the World and How You Can Join Them (Walsh 2007)
Think India: The Rise of the World's Next Superpower and What it Means for Every American (Rai and Simon 2007)

What about you?
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PSA for fellow Zipsters in the inner SE Portland....

I learned this morning that when reserving a Zipcar during this inclement weather (especially a Zipcar which is parked outside), the first 20 minutes of a Zipcar reservation will inevitably be spent scraping the ice off the front windshield, and the side windows (this is after the first 10 minutes spent trying to chip the ice off the windshield section where the Zipcard sensor is). And I learned that I was lucky to get 20 miles per gallon on the Toyota Prius Zipcar!

Having said that, the Zipcar that I finished using about an hour ago, at SE 18th and Stark, should have de-iced windshield and windows. :)
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liquor stores that are open

hey all you drinkers! Just wondering if you know if there are liquor stores open right now over near 82nd and 102nd, inbetween NE Glisan and NE Halsey.

We tried calling a few but just got busy signals so I'd love if you know about any secret ones that might be open in the Arctic Blast 2008!!!


We found that the 102nd / Burnside Liquor store is open, thanks for all your suggestions and help. Stay warm and safe!

trucker ape
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has anyone here bought a camcorder recently, specifically one under $250? i've never in my life owned one, and am considering getting one, but i don't know anything about them. are there certain features i should look for? are certain brands better than others? is there a specific model that you think is really awesome? it would be used mostly for artistic videos projects, nothing professional.

based solely on price and review ratings, i was looking at these:

any advice would be awesome.
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Arctic Panic 2008 Baking

I have been baking all weekend. It is the best thing to do while snowed in except for having cocktails. So, I guess I am been drinking and baking! Let see, I have baked and decorated cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and made a French yule log!

What everyone else is baking!

Here are my A Christmas Story cookies. I am quite proud of them. :)

deer in forest

Lost little cat in the snow - if anyone can help, it would be most appreciated.

UPDATE: She's HOME! pretty freaked out and superduper COLD, but HOME! I'm soooooo so so relieved... thank you everyone for your kind supportive words & excellent advice, it means the world to me - Bean and our fam love you, DEEPEE!! :-) Have a truly excellent evening!!

<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 warmin' up on the scratcher :-)

I'm freaking out so this will be a short post - she's a beautiful little cream colored tabby and she got out in the freezing cold snow a few hours ago and we figure she can't find her way home because of the crazy fucked up snow. We live in the SE area, close-in near Powell and Milwaukie, about 2 blocks in from the Subway on Powell and 12th ave. - she has a collar, her name is Bean - there's a tag with my phone number and our address in the shape of a little silver heart - she must be totally freezing out there and we're really, really scared & anxious to get her home and safe - any help if you live in this neighborhood or know anyone who does would be greatly appreciated. I love her more than anything - she's my baby.

Thank you so much! This is a shit night and we promise a good sized reward to anyone who finds or can help find our little girl :-(
new england
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driving update

FWIW, the highway signs about 1.5 hours ago were indicating that chains were required on all vehicles traveling on "metro highways" which we took to mean "and not the metro streets" so we got ourselves off the highway to stay out of trouble.  That said, the highways are fairly plowed and really don't necessitate chains while the non-highway streets are all pretty messy.  I saw a good dozen or two vehicles stuck, mostly in parking lots (or on their way in/out of parking lots) but a few just at intersections and such.  We were still able to circuit 82nd/woodstock-82nd/Powell-92nd/Holgate-Mall 205-82nd/Woodstock without any trouble in a 4wd jeep without snow tires or chains but we're from snowy places.  And most everything is closed now so there's not much to drive to. 
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What's wrong with this picture?

The City of Portland Snow and Ice Map

This map shows the primary and secondary routes that city plows and sand spreaders should be trying to keep clear in the case of a snowstorm.

Have you seen plows or spreaders on any of these routes? I've seen nothing on NE 15th Avenue, as well as the other primary and secondary routes near my house.

I realize that snowstorms like this do not happen often in Portland, but doing *something* is better than what they're doing now, which seems to be *nothing*.
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important question!

if i say, absolutely had to drive somewhere (close) tonight, and it's not IN portland but rather lake oswego/tigard, am i legally required to have chains right now?
i don't need them in my awd car, especially not where i'd be going since the drive is short, and i just discovered the chains i DO own don't fit. help me :)

edit: awesome dp-ers to the rescue already :) thanks for the website.... bookmarked!
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Does anyone know what happened to that Australian themed store that was at the Saturday Market?   The one in the building that they are remodeling?  I was wondering if anyone knew if it had moved somewhere else.  Thank you.

(no subject)

Does anyone know the name of the store that is next to/connected by cash wrap area to Moshi Moshi? It has toys and collectibles from old cartoons and a lot of stuff from the eighty's. Please and Thank you.
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White and Sparkly HR Question

Snow related because....

Our office technically closes if the Portland School District is closed due to weather. Anyone without the ability to work from home or get to the office safely is given the time off with pay without using vacation time.I worked from home all last week even though my office was closed almost every day. I was planning on working this week and my office was supposed to be open through Wednesday. So far we have already gotten the email that we'll at least be closed tomorrow.

So here's my question, if I decide I just want to f*** off and not work (from home) tomorrow, do I need to use vacation time? Legally that is.

shot calla

we are hungry...

...and have no car! please help!

we've called bellagios, garlic jim's, pizza hut, delivered dish... all closed or not delivering. and to add insult to injury, we live in sylvan, and the streets are absolute shit. the 58 shows up when it can, but i'm not waiting an hour in the snow AGAIN to get to freddie's.

anyone know of any delivery place that has a non-wimpy delivery driver?
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Arctic Panic 2008 Baking Confession

OK, confess you bakers - who here has already broken into a prepared cookie plate originally intended for a friend or relative, with the justification that you wouldn't be able to delivery it in this weather anyways?

*raises hand twice*

Sorry, Brown and Smith family - my survivalist instinct is in full force, and I needed my cookie fix. Your families didn't make the cut.

Transpo from airport?

If anyone has any tips on getting from the airport to Beaverton/Hillsboro, I'm interested in hearing them.  I've got family coming in tomorrow, they may not be able to get their rental car due to the chain requirement, and the chains we have in our car may or may not actually fit our car (not to mention I'm guessing travel time from here to the airport is probably 90 minutes or more.)  

&amp; Daggers!
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Can anyone give me a firsthand account of road conditions for N Lombard eastbound? This is 90% of my commute until I get to NE which normally wouldn't concern me, but I leave for work at 3:30am (likely earlier tomorrow). I have chains but have never actually driven in this scale of snow and ice before...:/
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Gresham to Clackamas?

So, my boyfriend's jackass boss is having a fit that he can't really get to work. I don't have a car with chains or traction tires (oh, and the 3 foot drift behind my car...) and with the buses being all wonky and the MAX being frozen...

Anybody had any luck getting from Gresham (think 162nd and Halsey) on the 77 to the bus on 82nd and riding from there down to Johnson Creek? Did it take you four hours? He tried to come home the other night and had to walk 2 miles in the blizzard and subzero temperatures and was half dead when he got home. I'd rather not repeat that.

He works at the Aaron Bros down by the Home Depot. And I don't know who is going to be out buying FRAMES in the middle of an ice storm, but the boss is an idiot and hasn't actually had to leave her house- just make judgement calls on other people and their inability to come in.
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