December 19th, 2008

Restaurant delivery services

Sorry if this info has already been posted, but I couldn't find the original post.  In the past week or so, there was a post on here about someone looking for restaurants other pizza joints that deliver.  At the time, all I could find was a company out in east county called "Bellywarmers" ( but I just now found the site of the holy grail of restaurant delivery services, "Delivered Dish" (  Get this.....they deliver for over 150 Portland area restaurants!!

According to their site, they ARE delivering even in the continuing inclement weather.  Hopefully this info will be useful to the house-bound.
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What the...

Is anyone else that is on the Verizon wireless network where all those guys follow you around everywhere you go having problems with text messaging? My girlfriend and I are both on Verizon and can usually send each other loooooooooong text messages and they usually get delivered in the course of a minute. Lately, as in the last couple of days, it has been we can not send long ones. The receiver gets only the first 160 like someone on a different carrier would. Also, some messages take EIGHT (8) HOURS TO SEND!!! Any news?

Yes, another box question.

Okay, I know this is the second box post in, umm, two days, but mine is a little different: Anyone know where I can get small boxes for free or dirt cheap? In N/NE Portland? USPS friendly boxes, big enough for a few books? Dumpster recommendations are welcome! THANKS! <3<4<5
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eclairs! bakeries!

        I remember a post about bakeries recently but I had trouble locating in when sifting through recent posts, but I, too, am searching for a bakery. Specifically, a bakery that has wicked good eclairs and is not off-the-wall expensive. Downtown-area is the best, but if the eclairs warrant raves and lip-smacking, I am willing to go far and wide within Portland. Suggestions? A link to the previous post?

            THANK YOU.


Hey DP. We're Unbound Arrow, a teeny collective dedicated to opening a radical worker-owned bookstore in Portland. We just formed last month, and have many months of fundraising ahead of us. We'd love your support!

We just got some super cool notepads in from Eberhardt Press! Check'em out. All of these items can be found under the Notepads link on the left hand side of our website.

Tiger Notepad (Large) - $4.50

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Hope you like them! All proceeds are being saved for the eventual opening of our worker-owned bookstore! (A) + <3, Unbound Arrow.
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PSA - winter travelers

I just received word that my younger brother lost control of his car (he goes to OSU and was trying to drive to Newport to see my folks) over Cline Hill. He's OK, and was only going about 30 MPH, but his junker college car is totaled, and apparently, it's a real mess weather-wise right now especially around Cline Hill (past Blodgett). It looks like the Sheriff and the tow truck company are rescuing him.

If you're headed home that way (and I know some of you have family that way)- be super careful, and take advisories and precautions seriously. I don't count my brother among the most pragmatic of individuals, however, so I really can't vouch for his preparedness or experience level as a driver...

And, if you are a good driver, watch out for unpragamatic, dubiously prepared and experienced drivers such as my brother.

EDIT - apparently, he did have chains. eep!
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Epic Tales!

Herro. I would like to do a little plug for Epic Tales. It's this really rad photography forum that some cool kids from around Portland started a few months ago.

Basically, you do photography quests/adventures/scavenger hunt type things for points! And profit! And fun!

I'm sure there are members of DP who would enjoy participating, and it's yet another cool way to meet neato people in general.

So go! Go to Epic Tales! Post and introduce yourself, and start a-questing!

Aaaaaaaaaaand let them know that I referred you! Hahahaa more points for me!
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So should I fly home on Sunday

I am in Arizona. Our flight is for Sunday evening home to dear PDX.

No matter what, our car is certainly under a bunch of snow and ice at PDX no matter what we do.

Based on current weather forcasts and what you see outside...

Should we:

Come home Sunday night as planned?


Delay a day and come home Monday?

I am guessing the drive from the airport home will be the hardest part of the entire travel experience, getting the snow out of the parking lot should suck roundly, since it will be after 10 pm and we have a 16 month old. Our only option is really the same flight each day, coming home around 10 pm.

Help me DP, I can't decide if I should fly or not on Sunday and you guys can see what is really going on back home better than me! I will have to change our tix very soon to be sure to be able to change them!


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Has anybody else close in on the east side been having shitty speed from Qwest lately?

They claimed their fiber rollout (FTTN, actually ADSLx2 or whatever) was going to happen here by the end of the year. There is a billboard for fiber service blocks from my house, and I still can't get it. WHEN CAN I HAVE FAST INTERBUTTS PLZ THX.
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Is anyone else sick of the snow yet?

What's everyone's opinion of it stopping before Christmas? I'd really like to spend Christmas with my family, but I can't if we can't get up to their big-arse hill and they can't get down to us!
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