December 18th, 2008



Once upon a time in the days of my youth, we had a string of xmas lights that were only red, green and white, and they had the little electronic thingy that would make them flash and pulsate in various patterns. One of the patterns was "slow fade" or something like that, so the tree would very gradually fade between the three colors.

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Organic Milk--the word "organic" is up for review

If you are so inclined, help encourage lawmakers to pass new regulations requiring producers of "organic" milk to let their cows eat grass, like a real cow. Yum, pasture...


(this page also has a link to the actual document so you can read what the regulations are proposing.


(personally, this is what I have always wanted "organic" to mean in terms of milk. Now, maybe large agri-businesses will comply, not just family/local farms...)
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Polaroid flash

Photography questions

I would love some suggestions from you fabulous knowledgeable DPers

where is a good place to....

buy 120 film
buy 35mm film
buy polaroid 600 film
process 120 film
process 35mm film
have prints made (4x4 or 4x6)
have negatives scanned to disk
have large prints made from digital files (16 x 20)

and for a decent price?
I'm in the north east.


free Christmas trees!

Fremont UM Church is giving away the rest of its Christmas trees! There's a fair number left, of different kinds and sizes, so come down and check it out. The church encourages you to make a donation for your tree - funds go to supporting church missions, and a portion of proceeds goes to the Northeast Emergency Food Bank.

Fremont UMC is at 26th & NE Fremont, 503-284-4647.


So, today I went into work to pick up my check. I work at a smaller hospital, in a place much smaller than Portland. Anyway, I was wearing my lip ring at the time, and my boss saw me. First she told me it was gross, which is something I get often from people older than 50, then she told me that if she saw me wearing it on the hospital campus again, I would get written up. She also said that it's all that people will see when they look at me, and she didn't want to give our hospital that sort of image.

Now, I didn't know that my boss could tell me what to do when I wasn't on the clock. I can see how she might not want me to, because I am representing the hospital or whatever, but there are other people working there that have tattoos and I know of at least one girl that has a nose peircing, and wears it while working all the time in the E.R.

Would you make a big deal out of this? I'm not going to, because frankly I've got other things to worry about and I haven't even been there 90 days yet. I feel kind of replaceable at this point.


I'm going home to Chicago for the holidays and would love to bring some locally-brewed beer for my brother. He loves IPAs and stouts, but he'll drink anything delicious.

What local beer would you bring to someone east of the Mississippi?

EDIT: saved me! I ordered a bunch of beer from them and now I don't have to worry about weighing my bags down.

I'm still going to probably get some beer from Hopworks and Raccoon Lodge, but that should be plenty of beer to get him through the holiday season.
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hat-tip petzi
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(no subject)

Where in town can I find a good selection of nice puzzles?
I'm talking like ones with pictures like fine art and maps, not the cheeseball ones like wizards, dolphins, unicorns, and Thomas Kincaid paintings.


Where are all the ZOMGSNOW!!!!!!!111one!!! posts???

A girl needs updates, yo!

I'm over east of the Cascades and the snow is coming down like crazy. We're expecting a foot total today. What about you guys???
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wine selection at the airport?

My attempt to send two bottles of Oregon wine to Minnesota just ended in UPS FAIL, so my backup plan is to pick up a couple of bottles at the Made In Oregon shop after the security checkpoint at the airport and hand-carry them to my destination.

Anyone familiar with the wine selection at the airport shop? I'm looking for a Willamette Valley pinot noir and a Columbia Valley red to bring to my boyfriend's family.
Toaster Strudel


Question for people who work in the veterinary field:

I just took my cat to her annual check up, and was strongly advised to get some of her teeth extracted because she has "excessive dental plaque and tartar." I haven't noticed her being in any pain and she eats dry food fine, although her gums are inflamed. I've just started her on that special dental diet food, but I'm wondering if I really *need* to do the extraction, or if it's one of those things that don't need immediate medical attention? Is the vet is just trying to make money (you know, like how sketchy car mechanics say you need something when you really don't since you don't know jack about the field)? It's a new vet for me so I have no idea how reliable the place is. I'd go to another vet for a second opinion but I'm not too keen about paying another exam fee either.

In case I end up getting this done anyways, are there any low income vets around? Somewhere that won't charge $1000+ for the procedure? I *just* landed a temp job so I need to pay off bills and things before I even consider this, so places that do payment plans would be great as well.

Thanks y'all.

First day on my reg. shift

Wow. So after the aptly named, Snowpocalypse, caused my work to close the call center, and in turned, activated my emergency shut down status ie I work from home. Today is the first day in 3 scheduled working days that I have not worked from home and not had to work 2 hours beyond my usual hours to cover.
  Tommorrow, only the gods know, and the weekend, well I'm starting my fire dance anytime now.

Automobile PSA

Those of you who drive cars probably already know this, but just in case you don't:

Apparently the Portland area doesn't have quality monitors when it comes to gasoline we receive. Therefore, the gas we get in this area is often lower-quality, and might even have water in it. When this happens, you can end up with water freezing in your fuel tank and, like me, momentarily stranded in the freezing cold when you thought you had 30 more miles to go before re-fueling.

So be careful! It might be a good idea to buy one of those anti-ice gasoline additives to put in your tank when it's full, to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

The More You Know...
*shooting stars*

cabin fever

my attempt to go to the gym resulted in me slipping and falling in my own drive way (it's at about 15-degree incline). I guess I'll just sit here and eat bon-bons

tell me something brilliant about your day/experience with the portland snow blizzard bonanza of 2008
the dude abides


So, I'm out hunting for new Christmas/Holiday songs to put together a playlist this year, and I'm curious. What are your favorite songs for this time of year? What shouldn't I be living without? Any actually good covers by recent bands? Local?
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NYC Subway Mo 2

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Using the cold weather as a good excuse to display my sensible scarves (yay for nifty scarves that were purchased from street vendors in NYC!)

2. "Drawing" Keith Haring-esque people figures on a freshly-fallen snow on a sidewalk!

3. Leisurely shopping in a sparse Pearl District last Sunday (when the weather and snow diverted many of the Pearl flockers).

4. Running into nice people and friends on crowded buses.

5. Making the conscious decision to support small and/or local businesses during this holiday season: holiday cards at Oblation Papers & Press, after-work beer at Bailey's Taproom, festive brunch with friends at Screen Door, band dinners at Thai Fresh, and so much more.
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