December 17th, 2008



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Anyone know where I can find a compass? Especially one that opens and closes? More along the lines of a toy, something for a 6 year old. Should I stop by the OMSI gift shop? I don't even know where else to start. It needs to be obtained by tomorrow afternoon....which might be difficult if things are closed because of the weather.


I have a request that is probably going to draw some snarkiness. I am prepared for that. Due to circumstances beyond my control I am being forced to move. I have a friend who may be willing to let us use his truck (tonight or tomorrow). I have four big items. I will be forever in your debt.

Snark away!

ETA: NEED HELP MOVING... 1 armoire, 1 small dresser, 1 Queen matress/box spring (no frame), 1 small computer desk and various small stuff.
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pew pew pew!

Ice pellets are falling in the Couve!

So I'm still reintroducing myself to driving in the snow. I made it to work just fine, but I'm concerned about the drive home. At what point do you guys decide it's time to bail early?
When they say chains required, or what?
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Dog Kennels for the Holidays

Does anyone know of ANY good kennels that have openings for dogs over the holidays?

My roommate told me that she would be leaving the dog here with me and my other roommate from last Thursday til this past Monday and then again from tomorrow til the 3rd of Jan.....

well that would be fine, if her dog didn't destroy everything in it's path and can't be left unsupervised, AND doesn't listen to a word I say. Therefore, every time we leave the home to work or play he has to be crated, and her dog is big! even in the biggest crate, he can't fully stand up. he is a large 2 year old weimerainer.

Point of the story is, I cannot let her leave her dog here in the house for 16 days and leave him in the crate 80% of the time. Me and my other roommate both have dogs, but they are fine, they can run free in the home, no problem. When I told her he couldn't be here in the crate for that many days, she told me EVERY kennel is full and that a friend of hers can come by and play with her dog and take him out. I don't really believe never goes down that way.

I think I can find a kennel.....I think the dog deserves better treatment than that, for that many days.

PLEASE, any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!!
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Help! How do I get to the airport?

Here is the situation:

  • It's snowing heavily
  • I don't have chains or studs for my car
  • My flight leaves at 3:30 pm
  • I was going to have a shuttle pick me up, but they don't have chains for their van
  • I live outside of Portland (in Scappoose) and don't have access to public transportation
If anyone has any ideas on how I could get to the airport please share! Do you know of any shuttle services that drive in this weather?

Thank you!
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(no subject)

So um...I get on LJ today to find this url

on my journal instead of the usual one. And given that I was already logged in, what the hell?

Going to change my password, but does anyone have any idea what the hell is going on?
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i'm making some headway in getting my bff to move out here from minneapolis (this weather ain't helping, though), which is exciting to me in ways you can't even imagine.  we've known each other since we were 4.

why am i telling you?  well, she has 2 little kids, and therefore has a high interest in schools. 

for those of you with kids (and without, if you know something), which school district would you live in if you had your pick?

she has another friend in pdx, who lives in the west hills, and is leaning in that direction, but she also would like to live in a walkable hood (we're from nyc, after all), and she won't get that in the hills. 

help obi wan dp, you're my only hope!

Baby, its cold outside

Stuck up on Pill Hill and looking at the big, fluffy snowflakes a falling, it made me homesick. Not necessarily for home, but for fleets and fleets of these bad boys:


OMG SNOW that PDX is not equipped to deal with. Sad times.
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Screw this, I'm going out for coffee

I am in St. Johns and am tired of playing Warhammer Online and staring out the window at snow. I am going to walk up to Slims for some horrible coffee with bourbon in it. I will be the guy wih the mowhawk chain smoking and laughing at nothing in particular. Feel free to join if you are in the neighborhood.
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boxes galore

 so i have a SHIT TON of boxes from moving and they are taking over my tiny apartment... however the property management company says i am not allowed to put them in the dumpster because the trash people won't take them, AND they will fine the building.  so i have access to a truck and want to take them somewhere, but i don't know where exactly.  is there a place nearby (i'm in close-in nw) that has a cardboard recycling dumpster that the general public can use?  or maybe a place i can donate them to other people who might need moving boxes?  does anyone on HERE want them?

thank you ever so kindly.
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Shopping in Portland

Woke up early to do my Christmas shopping. Yes, I realise I procrastinated until (almost) the last possible moment. At first, there wasn't much snow on the roads, though people were driving plenty slow, however, over the past couple hours out here on the West side, it's gotten progressively worse. Of course, then you have the other idiots who just don't get that snow = loss of traction ("But I have a 4x4 SUV/Truck, it doesn't affect MEEEE!"). *eyeroll*

Anyway, look what I found at the local Best Buy:


I took a picture because.... Well, look at it! Seriously, wtf?

(Portland related because y'all love to be snarky and ZOMG SNOW!!!~!11!!eleventy-one!!!)

EDIT: OH! I almost forgot... In case any of you are into big ticket items from small stores (jewelry, maybe?) today might be a good day to make deals. I got a salesman to knock $150 off of something (30%) because they didn't expect to make any sales today.
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(no subject)

I keep getting calls for some girl named Amelia. She apparently has the same number as me, but with a different area code, and her friends cannot figure this out, because I get three or four calls a month.

Anybody else have a problem like this? Just curious. :)

restaurant help

so, i'm looking for a dining establishment that has large, delicious salads; wine; and possibly things that are fried. close-in on the eastside is preferable. any ideas?

edit: thanks for the help! we ended up going to papa g's. our salads were tasty and the sweet potato soup was effing amazing.

computer things for sale before they turn obsolete in my closet!

Hey kids, I'm too lazy to post on craiglist, or will eventually, but I'm clearing out a few computery items, and I know this group is at least 38% computer nerds, like myself. Here goes:

Newish Thinkpad T61 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo w/1680x1050 15" lcd. bought a mac. on craigslist here
64Gb OCZ Core V1 SATA Solid State drive, $150.
Apple Mighty Mice, wired, have two. $10 each.
Linksys WRT54G-TM router, T-Mobile flavor. Works with dd-wrt/openwrt/tomato. $20.
3x512mb pc2-5300 so-dimm memory, samsung or hynix from macs. free.
3ware 2-port sata raid card. PCI-X (?), 64-bit, works in 32-bit mode too. Linux+Windows. Not really used. $25.
Intel or Atheros Express PCI Wifi card--Keeping one, doesn't matter which. $20.

Comment with contact info. Beer and/or wine also accepted as payment.

Also, any IT-types want to add me on here or twitter(same name), feel free!
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xmas lights

Once upon a time in the days of my youth, we had a string of xmas lights that were only red, green and white, and they had the little electronic thingy that would make them flash and pulsate in various patterns. One of the patterns was "slow fade" or something like that, so the tree would very gradually fade between the three colors.

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