December 16th, 2008

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I still love you, DP.. :)

Even though I moved to Seattle, I am so happy I can come sneak back in here and get my dose of DP...The Seattle LJ crowd is so blase about the snow thing, it's awesome to come back here and see everyone so excited. :) AND see PICTURES! THANK YOU! My mom and sis and bro in law and nieces all live in the Beaverton area, so it's not like I wont be back to visit. :)
Now, if you're interested, I have a couple snow pics from my place in Renton, WA Collapse )

Portland related cuz I lived there for 11 years and I miss you guys. :)
~Reverend Kate~
~Kate McAllister~
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Knitting help

My online searching has been fruitless, so now I turn to the collective intellect of the Portland elite (that's you!).

Does anyone here know how to produce a waffle pattern on the knifty knitter? If so, could you please share your knowledge with me? I'd like to make a quick scarf for my Dad, and would prefer to use the loom.

Thanks in advance, you crafty crafters!
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Snow struck Portland and I am called back to work for the first time in 3 weeks. Bastards! My friend MAX brings me downtown to hop on the 17 to work.

4th and Main. I wait with coffee in hand. Cars run past with noisy tire chains. Out of the corner of my eye I see that Charles has freed himself from prison. He is dressed in dirty rags. CRAZY hair! The only thing missing is the perverted Nazi symbol carved in his forehead. He looks so like Mr. Manson that I'm looking for "Squeaky" Fromme!

This 2nd coming of Manson scares me as he studies a garbage can on the street. I keep the corner of my eye on him. The garbage can has a nice white ring of snow that has been soiled with smokey treat butts stuck into it. Ring around the opening of the garbage can has a ring of butts stuck into it.

Like the ring, around and around he goes. His world is the garbage can lid full of butts. Sometime I watch him straight on. Other times I watch his shadow on the reflection of the bus stop shelter. I KNOW that I have to keep an eye on him b/c after he is done with the garbage can lid his focus will be on someone near by and I know know KNOW that he doesn't need "Squeaky" or his "Family" to back his ass up!

It is Fear and Loathing in Downtown Fucking Portland happening in real time before my eyes. Before long FOX TV will be there with their 'Fair and balanced' reporting to show how he is a supporter of Obama.

At last he stops is predatory circle of smokey treat butts. His arms shoot into the air and he proclaims to EVERYONE with in earshot of his voice with authority *and I quote even*, "Thou shall NOT put your butts into the snow for it makes them soggy and VERY hard for me to light!"

EVERYONE pauses. People stop to say sorry. The cute girl that bugs everyone to give her money to help poor kids in 3rd world countries answers him, "You're right! I will remind everyone I see today of their transgression!"

Our dear Mr. Manson look alike smiles at her and says thank you. He moves on. No one was stabbed to death to later become Trent Reznor's personal recording studio. (NOT that Trent singing at MY bus stop wouldn't be heaven!)

Watching this just made my fucking day! Only in Portland Fucking Oregon could something like this happen! I LOVE being here.

* Editor's note: I was SO wrong! Not Manson at all. It was the 2nd coming of Mosses! I'm guessing he traded his tables of Commandments for a 40 oz.
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Magazine picks America's healthiest airports

Health Magazine has ranked America's top 10 healthiest airports based on nutritious food, special relaxation zones, walking paths, the latest safety technology, etc. PDX is number 9 of 10.

1. Phoenix Sky Harbor International
2. Baltimore/Washington International
3. O'Hare International
4. Detroit Metropolitan
5. Denver International
6. Washington National
7. Dallas/Fort Worth International
9. Portland International
10. Philadelphia International

Here's their little blurb on PDX health:

You'd expect an airport in the crunchy Northwest to go all-out 
for the environment. Portland doesn't disappoint with a paved 
bicycle-and-walking path that links local hotels, businesses, and 
regional hiking and biking trails to the airport. The airport offers 
free covered bicycle parking adjacent to the terminal, too. Our 
judges also laud Portland's recycling of cooking oil into biodiesel 
fuel, the abundance of live trees in the terminals, and the musicians 
-- mostly local -- stationed throughout the airport to lower the stress 
level. "Loudspeaker noise on top of ambient noise is really hard on your 
senses," Lanou says. "The whole traveling experience is a lot easier 
when you know you don't have to listen to just PA-system announcements." 
Not surprisingly, Portland's Laurelwood brew pub offers certified-organic 
beers. And the airport gets high marks for on-time departures: 80-plus 
percent in the latest Transportation Department annual reporting period.
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ice and the LAW

Hey again DeePeeps,

To follow-up my post about effective ways to clear ice, and in light of the upcoming fury of PORTLAND BLIZZARDCANE 2009 promised by the local weatherdorks, I thought it might be helpful to drop a note regarding property owners' and occupants' legal responsibilities to keep sidewalks free of snow and ice accumulation.

The short answer: If you're a Portland homeowner, you gotta clear the ice off the sidewalk. If you're a renter, it defaults to the landlord's responsibility, but your lease agreement might assign the responsibility to you. In either case, if someone slips and falls on sidewalk ice, the responsible party is liable for that injury.

Teh law: solteronita directed me to the proper Portland code, it's 17.28.025 ([CLICK HERE] for the full text), which indicates that "Property owner(s) and/or occupant(s)" are responsible for clearing ice from sidewalks and are liable for injuries occurring from not doing so.

The "and/or" is tricky in rental situations, but ORS 90.730 (CLICK] & scroll) clarifies that it's the landlord's duty to maintain a rented space and any common areas in a habitable condition (ORS 90.730), and that the common areas are considered uninhabitable if the grounds are in any way unsafe for normal use (ORS 90.730, part (5)(a)). However, maintenance tasks may be assigned in the lease agreement to the tenant (ORS 90.730, part (6)). Bottom line: check your lease to see if it's your duty!

And then, check out all the helpful suggestions for ways to clear ice off your sidewalk: Salt, shovels, and flamethrowers, oh my.
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I am not sure if this is really ok or not, but I am desperate and thought why not.

My cat has gone missing from my friend's house where he was staying this month while I am couch surfing. He disappeared sometime yesterday. I am very very worried because of this weather and because he is kind of a wuss. He has gone outside before but always comes when I call him, and when I went to visit him this morning, no dice. I've already walked around the neighborhood calling him and posted ads on CL, filed a report with the animal shelters etc etc.

He is a 2 year old male gray and black medium haired maine coon mix. He answers to the name "Cavalli" He is really long and thin with a huge fluffy squirrel type tail. The neighborhood he went missing from is NE Rosa Parks and Garfield

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Animal Aid alternatives?

I moved back to Portland with a cat that was limping. The veterinarian said that my kitten had bitten her leg, to give her this and she wouldn't get an abscess and it would clear itself up.

Well it apparently worked, but she's still limping and is bitchy as fuck.

I called Animal Aid. Their website says you have to get a loan BEFORE you go to the vet. I need the loan.

The person who called back told my mother that I had to go to the vet, and THEN they would give the loan.

.. Well, which is it? I can't afford to take my animal to the vet right now. I just moved back and don't have cash. Are the people at Animal Aid fucking retarded? I don't want free healthcare, I want A LOAN FROM YOU TO TAKE MY FUCKING CAT TO THE VET BEFORE HER LEG BECOMES SEPTIC AND HAS TO BE FUCKING SAWED OFF.

I swear half the people that work for businesses around here are idiots.

Now that I'm done ranting- Are there any similar programs to animal aid? Preferably some who don't have 509230 different instructions on what you fucking do to get care.

I'd prefer something free, but I'll take a loan. At this point she just really needs to go, and I've been trying to do this for over a fucking week now.

Question about renter rights

Here's the situation:

The house that my roommates and I live in has oil heat (WTF?). We were not informed about the oil levels in the tank when we moved in and to my knowledge we never had anyone check the levels. Apparently we ran out of oil last night and the temperature in our house is now somewhere below 40 degrees.

We called our landlady who gave us the number of the oil company. They're saying that they'll fill the tank tomorrow or Thursday. Until then, we have zero heat. Our landlady offered us a couple of space heaters in the meantime. The thing is, there are three of us (plus two cats) in three bedrooms on two different levels. Two space heaters won't cut it.

Is this enough on her part? Should we be pressing her for something additional (accomodations somewhere warm until the tank is filled?) Also, if the pipes freeze in the meantime, are we responsible for the repair costs?

I hated the company who managed the house up until two months ago and this landlady (the actual owner of the house) isn't any better.

EDIT: Thanks everyone. Clearly we had a lot of confusion surrounding oil heat. We'll hunker down under a bunch of blankets (and space heaters) for the next couple of days and then make sure this doesn't happen again. Learning experience.
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dammit mac

so the screen on my old pc laptop bit the dust, since it was, er, stepped on or something during my move, so.... i sprang for the brand new aluminum macbook.  it's pretty freakin' sweet, and it's my first mac.  BUT... it's kind of pissing me off.  i have comcast internet on a d-link wireless router, and never had anything but perfect internetz on my pc.  but on my mac, the internet is totally unreliable, and even though it says the airport is fully connected the whole time, pages are SUPER slow to load, if they load at all.  i tried hooking it up directly into the ethernet too, which pretty much made it worse.  is this normal for a mac?  wtf can i do to remedy this?  i almost feel like returning it and, dude, getting a dell.  suggestions?


Is it customary out here to tip our mailperson during Christmas? How much? The one at our last place was awful, but our new one rules (knocked on our door when I didn't put enough postage on a card, and waited for me to put another one on).
HAZMAT: Dangerous When Wet

Dear People of Portland

As anyone who has lived in less-warm climes will tell you, driving in snow can be quite the adventure. If you get it right, it can be quite enjoyable, actually. There's nothing quite like (intentionally) making cookies in an empty parking lot. If you're careful and responsible, there are a good many ways to make driving in snow a completely normal experience for you and your loved ones.

Traction devices are chief among a motorist's tools for cold weather. When used properly, they provide much needed traction on an otherwise near-frictionless surface. While they can potentially damage a road, they are sometimes the only option and are even required by law at times.

When used improperly, or at the incorrect time, traction devices like studded tires and tire chains do more damage than good. Installing chains when you're going to be driving on a road with little or no ice (see also: wet pavement) can actually make driving more difficult. Studded tires similarly reduce friction on wet pavement. Using studded tires or chains on wet pavement actually damages both the road and the traction device. It makes them less effective when you *have* to drive on snow or ice.

Right now, even on the west side of the river, most major roads are free of ice enough to drive without the aid of chains or studded tires. If you have a side street or other area you absolutely have to traverse with chains or snow tires, put your chains on while you cross that area and then take them off. A good rule of thumb is that if your wheels have *no* contact with pavement over half the time, put the chains on. If you're driving on wet highway where you're in contact with the road most of the time, leave 'em off.

cool show tomorrow night at IOW

Wanted to let you folks know about a show happening tomorrow evening at In Other Words bookstore/community center (Killingsworth and N. Williams Ave- across from I saw one of the performers, Annah, last night in Olympia, and she was completely charming and great to watch...I'm sure the others will be as well!! I'm assuming cover will be a $1-5 donation, as it usually is, but please don't quote me on that (it isn't listed on the site- I'm going by today and will ask about it/edit this later this evening if I hear otherwise)

Also, if you haven't been by the store, please stop in to browse, attend one of the great events that happen all the time, or just hang out on the comfy couches and read a zine or use our wireless or the internet equipped PCs we have. It is the country's one and only remaining non-profit feminist bookstore, which is pretty neat. If you're there next Saturday evening, say hi- I'll be working. :)

Time: Monday, November 17, 2008 6:30 p.m.
Location: In Other Words Women's Books and Resources
Title of Event: Sunny Drake & Co.: An Evening of Gender Queer Performance

join us for an evening with (gender)queer artists sunny drake (from australia), chane gilbert, brenna and franciszka fierce (from portland), and annah (from the bay area) for politically, personally and intimately engaged performances in the realms of storytelling, multi-media performance art, dance, spoken word, music and soundart. the work of each artist includes explorations in one or more of the following areas: gender, white privilege/ racism, sexuality, body image, sexual assault, confessions, romance & what to do with the big questions, with a particular emphasis on intersection. come. feed your heart, you brain and your hungry eyes.

(While we're on the subject of music, I saw another musician at the show last night who blew me away- Eleanor Murray. Check her out on myspace, you'll be happy you did.)
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firewood in NW portland

ok, i've been un-burned twice by purchase of bundles of firewood from zupans at NW 23rd/burnside. i live NW 21st/Glisan and am looking for a place i can walk to to buy firewood that actually burns? the stuff from zupans (both the cheaper bundle and more expensive box) has totally failed to burn--like, it turned black as the fire burned around it, but never actually caught fire itself. yes, it was dry--some had been in my house for a year before i used it. i have found freddy's stash of duraflame logs which burn fine (and blacken zupans wood), but really, i'd like plain wood that costs less than $5/log (duraflame prices), and i haven't seen that at freddy's. i'd also love it if i could get it on foot from my house, since my other option is to bike out to get it, which is fine when it's not icy and when i am in possession of the, yeah. so, as soon as it warms up...wait, i won't need wood anymore then.

any ideas? anyone of my neighbors have a huge load they wanna share?

i know, it's saner & cheaper to cut your own or buy by the cord in the boonies, but i'm willing to splurge for convenient warmth now. my cats, roommates, girlfriend, and i all thank you in advance for your help.
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Dec bus pass for sale

I won't need my bus pass for the rest of the month. Does anyone want it? There are 14 days left in December, so I'll give it to you for $35. I'm in SE, off Hawthorne.

And what do you guys think: will Portland Public have snow days until they get out for break on Friday?

OMGSNOW!!!11!!! related.....

Can employers legally reprimand you in some way if you cannot make it in due to this ARCTIC BLAST 2008 EXTRAVAGANZA? My employer has apparently been using disciplinary action towards employees who cannot make it in and I am trying to fight the man, man.

Any help is appreciated!

Two things...

Sorry if these are getting annoying. I promise no more this week. Well, except maybe a tiny reminder for the dance party.


Alternative Caregiver Meetup/Play Hour- This Thursday at 10:30am!!

The first meeting of an all-inclusive play/activity hour held at In Other Words, Killingsworth and Williams. For nannies, parents (all different varieties!), siblings, and other caregivers and their cared-for (kids, folks with special needs, etc). This will be an introductory meet and greet, without a program structure, so that we can hang out casually and get an idea for what folks would like to see happen. Some snacks (and toys, music, etc) will be provided. All ages (cared-for and caregivers) welcome!! Great alternative to the park on those cold/wet days!! amelia at with questions.


Verb: Dance Party ACTION to save In Other Words!!

This Sunday, 7pm-11pm, Zaytoon on Alberta.

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japanese childs books!!!

Does anyone have any good reccomendations for websites that i can search for japanese childs books on?  I read one at Uwajimaya a few months back, but didnt write down the name, but i kniow what its about, how big it is, what it looks like, ect, and i figure if i can find a site that lets me search by subject or possibally title, i might be able to find it again, and order it~

   im trying google right now, but ya never know what useful suggestions dp has, figured id try~

Offbeat Quickie Weddings in Portland?

I'm getting married. I hate spending money on weddings. I hate planning anything beyond tomorrow's outfit.

What odd or cool wedding packages and locations do you know of in the Northwest? I am talking along the lines of Voodoo Donuts or The Church of Elvis (back in the day), all the way up to the Sternwheeler Rose cruise on the Willamette. What would be perfect is a Vegas-style chapel/package, only closer to home.

The Oregon coast weddings are too traditional/typical. I want something more unique. Think tacky, DIY, punk rock.

This is for 10-15 people, so small places will work. Thank you for any ideas.

Transperson friendly doctors in PDX?

Surely there must be.

Someone I know needs a check up and new scripts and only recently moved here. He's a bit shy and prefers woman doctors who are comfortable with FtMs. He has a job and insurance - not amazing insurance, but okay - some Aetna program for cube slaves.

Help, please? He's getting kind of freaked about being out of T.


verizon Env2 phone for sale

Is anyone interested in buying a maroon Verizon EnV2 phone for $25? My grandma took one look at the phone, freaked out and sent it to me. I got the opportunity to try out internet with Verizon but since I was under no contract I decided to switch and scored a decent price on the G1.

The phone works great-I only used it for 2 months. It comes with the charger but I never bought any other accessories. New ones are going for $79 now with a 2 yr contract and no new contract is needed if you used this phone. Thought I would let my fellow portlanders know before posting to CL. Let me know if anyone is interested!