December 15th, 2008

Hot Cake House, still crazy after all these years.

I've gone there off an on for over 15 years. Always very late, half drunk and starving.
I swear 9 out of 10 times I go there, there's some crazy ass drama that erupts.
Last night some skankasaurus managed to get offended by the female line chef. She started bouncing around like a fighter saying "what now bitch?!", or something like that. Her boyfriend pulled her out of there, but not before she dramatically knocked all the condiments off a table while getting thrown out.
I enjoyed this over a farmer's omelet, loaded w/ greasy bacon, lots of hash browns (this is the only place that gives me more hash browns than I can eat), and all smothered in sausage gravy and chohlula sauce.
I love this place. :]


Does anyone have a cross strap to a timbuk2 bag they may want to GIVE (say off a old one you have / or one you never use) me or perhaps sell me. It's the stabilization strap that goes under your arm. I took mine off for 1 day and now can't find it. I ride my bike a lot and it's gonna suck to have my bag slipping all over the place. Thanks!!!

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Any of you without cable getting a little irritated at the fact that every channel has been preempted so some moron with a microphone can show us how snowy it is out there. I was slightly irked when I missed the Today show now it seems that the news will be broadcasting over Martha Stewart.

How long can this news coverage keep going? Anyone that is going to work is already there and the rest of us don't care that the freeways are flowing smoothly.

ETA: Looks like KGW has finally taken a break.

is there a decent vw dealer or mechanic in town?

So the impromptu ice rink at 12th and Burnside/Sandy has apparently terrified my anti-lock brakes into submission--a day later they're still screaming their little warning lights on my dashboard.  Sigh.  And I've got a thousand-mile roadtrip coming up.  And an outstanding recall.  Since I have: a) moths in my wallet, and b) got the car from a friend in another state, I need advice on finding a good cheap VW mechanic.  A dealer is supposed to fix the recall for free, but I hear some very scary dealer reports out there.  The car's a 2000 Golf, and you're the smartest folks I know.  Help me out here?
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Anyone been down 26 lately?

I have to drop off my daughter at her dads house and will require either hwy 26 from beaverton or go down hwy 10 and up and over all those side street hills.... thinking 26 is gonna be eaiser. I have 4 wheel drive also..

Edit: Destination 92nd and Division :)

oh god.

hi.  so, my fiance and i were supposed to be married on sunday, december 21st by a friend of his who is an ordained minister.  she hasn't been a bit flaky about it all, so i've been frantically calling judges all morning and it looks like most of them are booked until january.

we would really like for it to be official on sunday the 21st. 

so.  are any of you ordained ministers who would be willing to just sign our damn paperwork on sunday?  we'll give you money.

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dripping hair
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Tacky photo scene

Ok all knowing and creative DPers,

We are putting together a photo scene (think family photos at Sears) for our holiday partay this weekend. We're going for full on tacky and even slightly offensive. We'll have a variety of good humored folks attending (Jewish folks, Atheists, Christians, etc) and we would like to put together a scene that plays off of all of these religions/traditions...

Envision bad winter scene background, light up reindeer, etc

I need your help with ideas and places/sources for these items. We're also poor so keep that in mind. We prefer these sources to be relatively close in but we're flexible. So let's get creative!

Happy festivus!


While you're out slipping and frolicking and omging over the snow, you should make some snowcream! (Guess what I ate a lot of yesterday...)

We just put a little bit of milk and powdered sugar in a bowl, then scooped in some fresh snow from the balcony, stir, add in flavor of choice, and nom away. My favorite additions so far: baileys & malt, brown sugar & amaretto, and plain old vanilla.

I experienced both brainfreezes and extreme happy wiggling as side effects.

WiMax in Pdx

So Google and Intel have decided to partner up with a company called Clear Wire to bring a new WiMax service to Portland under the brand Clear. Some of you may have noticed the big billboard that reads "ltes eb clrea" on Burnside/Sandy/12th. The service is contract free and offers 6 megabyte home service for about 40 bucks a month and mobile service for around 40-50 bucks a month. I'm kind of interested in how this new service/technology will blossom in Pdx. Does anyone have any personal experience or knowledge about WiMax and how useful it is? I'm curious.

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Ok I have a issue I need resolved before 4.

I knew the snow was coming. I grocery shopped and parked my car in the driveway on the right side. The guyI live with parks his car in the garage on the left side.

Yesterday I didnt' go to work and anywhere I needed to go my ex boyfriend took me bcause he has snow tires.

So ten minutes ago the guy I live with texts me and says "you need to move your car so I can get out" so I text back "I thought you parked on the left" and he says "I dont' want to slide into your car when I back up"

Ok there is PLENTY of room. Now I decided to call him instead of text and as I am talking on he phone I am watching the next door neighbor pulling someone with a rope out of the ditch next door right in front of where I'd be pulling my car out at... Then to make matters worse right where I normally park in front of the house I watch this big black SVU start sliding towads OUR YARD! I am ont he phoen and I TELL himt his.

Ok... so my tires are almost bald.. I am poor so I buy used tires and these ones I have been watching carefully to make sure they don't blow when Ia m driving but they are pretty shitty.

If I move my car chances are I will slide down the hill we live on/get hit by a car sliding/get my car stuck.

I am at a loss. I am normally a very accomadating person but I am not rich and I cannot afford to get hit/stuck/crash

Should I just stick to my guns and tell him he has plenty of room to get out of our driveway? I mean if he thinks he can handle driving on the ROAD why can't he get out of our driveway??? He said he was going to go put some rock salt on our drive so I could get out... why can't HE just get out then he isn't goign to rock salt the whole road!

In Other Words- the bookstore

Time: Monday, December 15, 2008 7:30 p.m.
Location: In Other Words Women's Books and Resources
Title of Event: Show: Walking Home

Walking Home is the collaboration of cellists Anna Fritz and Sami Kushnick. Bowing, strumming, singing, and banging on their cellos, these two women craft original songs and arrange unique reinventions of others' tunes. Though grown from classical roots, Walking Home embraces the folk tradition by rewriting old hymns and discovering unique ways of playing the cello. Their music is sometimes raucous, sometimes gentle. Often their songs speak to the state of our culture and the earth of which we are a part, but they've been known to sing love songs and murder ballads, too. When they aren't harmonizing together, Sami and Anna are involved with several local music projects, as well as being music educators. Sami teaches fiddle and cello at Ethos Music Center, and Anna teaches cello out of Starfish Studios. Both Sami and Anna are members of the Portland Cello Project and the all-female cello quartet, the Rostropobitches.

(If I didn't work up here in Oly on Thursday I would totally go. I also think there is a suggested donation.)

December birthdays-- have your pics ready?!

Extra cheer to you, because December's got to be a hard month to have a birthday.
Post your pics or throw a snowball! ;)

DP Sagittarius & Capricorns of December!!

The day of...
1) Mirthful License - moteviolence
2) Larger-Than-Life - marymaryblood
3) Ingenuity - wheatheart
4) Fortitude - jalo_lalo, the_only_babbs
5) Confidence - katsiss, stopword
6) Extraction - kilobites, shattered_mug
7) Idiosyncrasy - theotherjay, brosely
8) Abandon
9) Flamboyance
10) Inner Fervor
11) Intensity - the_phoenyx
12) Body Language - archmage *horns*
13) Exacting Craft
14) Selective Exhibitionist - ilanalynn, finecurvedhips, greenloki2012
15) Expansion - twomonkeys
16) Soaring Imagination - sassyps
17) Earthy Chemistry - flowersoffilth
18) Mammoth Projects - uberjackalope
19) The Hellraisers
20) The Generator
21) The Great Enigma - karaksindru
22) The Continuity - ambi
23) The Groundbreakers - phasmaphobic
24) Complex Emotions - lovemotionstory
25) The Supernatural - pandoranoir
26) The Indomitable One - redheather
27) The Clever Contributor - jef182
28) Simple Sophistication - fromdaytoday, lunarobverse
29) Preeminence - demondogdonite
30) Laconic Authority
31) Aesthetic Promotion - magn0lia

To keep up with tradition, I'll do by best to comment with your "meditation" from your December day, and maybe a bit more.
Happy Birthday Decembers!

And a special shout out to ambi since she's been asking "is it December yet?!" ever since October!

(Previous months below)
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Astronomy sky nebula 2

A Video and Question!

This movie brings back memories...

Anyway, DPers, would you all consider yourselves brand snobs? Do you upturn your nose at Safeway Select items and go for brand names only? My boyfriend and I have been clashing because, depending on the item, I would rather go for a generic brand to save a buck or two, whereas he always insists upon name brand everything: frozen food, cereal, dish detergent, etc.

Do you guys prefer brand names, or are you happy saving some money and going for generic brands?
little blue dog


Deepeeps, what's the best product available for melting ice on one's sidewalk/driveway by chemical means?

Looking for your personal experiences here.

(Note: "best" can mean most effective, least toxic, lowest chemical footprint, or whatever you like. Please explain in the comments.)
road to morrocco


In an effort to avoid the "everyone's-out-of-town" section of the holidays, we are holding the meetup on Tuesday, December 16th, at 7pm at the East Bank Saloon.

Yes, we're still at the East Bank-- I haven't been around to find a new location, and haven't had any proposed to me that've panned out. I told them to save us the tables in the back rather than the buffalo room, but we all know how well that works out. So we'll see.

Anyway! So that's Tuesday the 16th for meetup this month. Don't forget! giapet will forget to do her usual reminders as always. But she'll actually BE there this time!
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Warming Shelters (public service announcement)

For tonight and the next couple of nights, probably. Please keep in mind these shelters are for anyone who really needs a warm place for a bit – the homeless, anyone who’s heat has been shut off, doesn’t work etc. They’re pretty much at capacity every night but they’re working hard to make sure they find space for everyone they can.

Anyone seeking shelter should contact 211Info by dialing 2-1-1. 211Info will be available to identify available shelter and warming center resources between 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM, Monday through Friday, and 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM Saturdays and Sundays. Persons unable to reach 211Info using cellphones may dial 503-721-1500.

Red Cross Severe Weather warming centers at the Portland Foursquare Church and the Estate Hotel will open this winter only on nights when severe weather conditions are predicted. The City of Portland Bureau of Housing and Community Services will continue to monitor weather conditions throughout the coming days to determine ongoing need to operate Red Cross warming centers, but current forecasts suggest that Red Cross Severe Weather warming centers will be open nightly through the end of the week.

In addition to existing year-round and winter shelter facilities, the following warming center facilities are available:

Family-focused seasonal warming center:
1435 NE 81st Avenue, Portland
(Behind the former Elmers restaurant at NE 82nd and Halsey, just off of the NE 82nd Max Line stop)
Dates: Seven nights a week throughout winter season
Hours: 7:00 PM - 7:00 AM, check-in on site
Serves: Families with children under 18

Red Cross Severe Weather warming center at the Portland Foursquare Church
1302 Ankeny Street (near 13th in Inner SE), Portland
Hours: 9:00 PM - 7:00 AM, check-in on site
Serves: Families, single adults, and youths; Pets allowed; some space for carts; accessible location (main floor)

Red Cross Severe Weather warming center at Central City Concern's Estate Hotel
225 NW Couch Street, Portland
Hours: 9:00 PM - 7:00 AM, check-in on site
Serves: Families, single adults, and youths; Pets allowed; some space for carts; accessible location (elevator)
Please contact 211Info with questions regarding other shelter and transportation resources.

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I'm going to be driving from Klamath Falls to Eugene to the Portland area sometime this week (whenever I feel brave/safe enough, maybe tomorrow). and back on the 2nd around 8pm. If anybody wants a ride let me know...

Completely unrelated but...the most a place of employment can be fined for allowing smoking is $2000 a month...Wouldn't it make sense for a bar to allow smoking and just pay the fine? Business would be booming if you were the only place around that allowed smoking...
"When the going gets dark..."
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Waste Management Service In Portland

Just got a robo-call from them. Due to inclement weather, there will be no yard debris and/or recycling pick-ups this week. Your next pick-up will be one week after the day this week in which they'd normally pick it up.

If your trash is due to be picked up this week, it will be picked up one day later than usual.

Ergo, if you're like me and don't have trash picked up once a week, don't bother risking a twisted ankle (or worse) getting your recycling and yard debris out to the curb this week. Since nobody will be picking it up, anyway-- with the possible exception of enterprising transients in search of quick cash.

Just thought I'd mention that, in case somebody didn't get their robo-call.


[ETA - picksniffs says it may not be all of their service area. The message didn't mention a specific area of town, but here's what WM's own website said. So if in doubt, call 'em maybe ? After all, this is just the internet. :/ ]

We'll save her yet! +cellos and poetry!

To those of you who have donated: Thank you! In Other Words is well on the way to being able to keep her doors open. At Dirty Queer last Friday, we raised over 500 bucks!!! So again, THANKSTHANKSTHANKS!! We need to keep the momentum going, so spread the word far and wide. I know Portland will come through.

If you'd like to continue to support this rad space over the course of December, come on by to one of these events and drop a dollar in the donation jar:

EDIT: the event I posted here was cancelled, due to the weather.

Time: Thursday, December 18, 2008 7:00 p.m.
Location: In Other Words Women's Books and Resources
Title of Event: Author Reading: Christine Lecleic, Jen Curin, Heather Lane and Franciszka Voeltz

West Meets West: Join Vancouver, B.C. poets Christine Leclerc (Counterfeit) and Jen Currin (The Sleep of Four Cities; Hagiography), and Portland poets Heather Lane and Franciskza Voeltz for a night of women’s poetry and who-knows-what-gender music. Short readings, with an acoustic set by Portland’s own Pelican Ossman to follow. Bring family, bring friends! **ASL Interpretation provided for this event**

(no subject)

Is 26 passable into and out of Portland without chains now? Also, whatever highway it is that goes down toward Washington Square? I may need to drive out to the 'tron tonight and back.

Airport transportation?

Is there a free way of getting downtown from the Portland Airport? I'm too cheap for a taxi, and don't want to take the Max. Ultimate destination is PSU.

Perhaps one of the fine downtown hotels would take us from the airport to their doorstep?

Laurelwood brew pub on 40th st.

Yes, I could call them when they open tomorrow-but I'm trying to get this info sooner...

Does anyone from the Hollywood/Beaumont-Wilshire/Grant hood know if the Laurelwood Pizza Co (the location on 40th & Sandy) has the $3/beer Wednesday night special that they used to have (and still have at the 51st st. location)?

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Looking to get my boyfriend a gift certificate for a few hours of sauna/hot tub time at some of the following places for Christ(less)mas.  Anyone been to any of these and can tell me more about them? 

Root Whole Body
Common Grounds Wellness Center

Or conversely have you been to any others that I'm missing that can offer similar prices and want to recommend that place instead?  Inform me please.  

EDIT:  Went with a gift certificate to Common Grounds Wellness Center.  The ladies at the desk were SO very helpful.  They offered me a tour which really cinched it for me as the atmosphere is just perfect for him!  They were friendly and a real nice mix of people.  Quiet and mellow and they were really accommodating when I changed my mind about what kind of certificate I wanted after I'd already purchased it and it'd been made out. Doh!  I can't wait to hear all about it after he goes!


Holy fuck. I'll believe it when I see it, but can you imagine the havoc this would wreak?

If you don't want to click on the link - KATU is saying possibly 6 inches on valley floor as a result of Wed/Thur, and POSSIBLY a FOOT OF SNOW over the weekend if certain conditions happen.

snow and the market

I have two questions, first of all are apartment owners/complexes required to salt/shovel or at least clear walkways and staircases here? I'm currently in Portland but in Washington county if that makes a difference. Our staircase is exposed and we live on the third floor and the stairs are still covered in ice and uneven snow as are the walkways going to the parking lot. Isn't it a liability for them to not clear it in the case of a slip and fall accident?

Second question is does anyone know when the Saturday market goes to weekdays for last minute christmas shopping?