December 14th, 2008


Oregon residency

I'd like to switch my residency to Oregon, and I've never had to switch my residency before. The DMV page is only marginally helpful, too. It says that you have to stay in Oregon for 6 consecutive months out of the year. OK, but how do I prove that I've been here for six months? Do I need to contact them and let them know that I want to start my residency clock?
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Mom bike

My seven year old has discovered bike riding.  She flies down the street and I huff and puff after her pushing the stroller carrying my two year old.  I need to get a bike of my own.

I don't need a fancy bike.  Just something to ride with the kids.  But, I can see us taking longer family rides as the kids get older.   I also need a way for the toddler to ride with me and I'm thinking baby seat and not trailer.  And I need a bike rack to use with my Focus.

I'm thinking of spending about $350 for the bike.  Or is that price insultingly low for a "real" bike shop and I should just go to Target?

So, DP, tell me which bike shop to visit.  I'm in SE.
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Snow Post!

As of 7am, there is a dusting of snow around Gateway. It's very small, hard snows, almost like hail. Parking lot seems somewhat icy.

The weather report has pushed more snow back until 9am.

DP: First! Live!! Local!!!!

It just barely started, and I have no idea if it's even sticking, but we have SNOW in Old Town!!!!!

OK. So it's little tiny flakes, but they seem to be getting bigger. Tiny flakes are snowflakes, to.

Edit --> 0830: It's not sticking to the sidewalks or pavement, but it IS sticking to everything else. And, apparently, someone in my building is SO happy to see snow, that they threw their bra out the window and it is hanging in a tree out front.

2nd Edit --> 0940: Sticking, for the most part.
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Yearbook Post!

Posting this a week and a half earlier than I intended in order to beat the holiday absence, also, it's close to meet up time, so it might help someone.

Post one or more pictures of you in the comments (I'll be posting five, because I'm pretty) so that we can all see what you look like and point when we see you in the streets of Portland.

Here is the post from six months ago if anyone wants to look at how much we've changed since then. compare, contrast, etc.

bonus points to anyone who can point out all photos posted that were taken by bellybalt 


(no subject)

New rule assholes:

If you post an OMG snow post, include a picture of the pretty stuff or shut the fuck up.

This odd passive/aggressive post brought to you by the letter Q and the number 2800.

I'll start

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now stop being lazy and go take pichurz

Puppy in the snow!

We have lots of snow on the ground, and big powdery flakes coming down, here in the Mt. Scott area. It was my dog's first time seeing snow, so I took some pics of him on our morning walk (under the cut).

Also - does anyone know of a shuttle that goes to Timberline from somewhere in or close to Portland?

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(no subject)

In a theatre class that I'm in, I have to deliver a monologue with a Spanish accent.

I've been told that I should listen to native Spanish speakers speak in English to pick up a Spanish accent, but it hasn't been working so well for me.

Does anyone know any definite pronunciation changes that I could make? (i.e. In German, 'W' is pronounced like a 'V.' Anything like that.)

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respectable street live at eleven till around noon

xtc - respectable street
bauhaus - in the flat field
deadbolt - down in the lab
wire - germ ship
the residents - moisture
sonic youth - death to our friends
wall of voodoo - dark as a dungeon
tears for fears - mad world
siouxsie and the banshees - happy house
joy division - disorder
sisters of mercy - vision thing
television - see no evil
lordsof the new church - russian roulette
leather nun - pink house
the nuns - suicide child

my streaming show, respectable street, live from 11-1:PM sundays:
my podcast where shows are stored so you can download and listen later:
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Shovels - Not Just In Case of Zombie Attack

Do any of you native Portlanders or those from places without much snow own a shovel? Do you even know how to use a shovel? Just checking! It never hurts to be prepared at all times!

My friends teased me when I moved here for keeping a shovel in the trunk of my car (and for owning an umbrella for that matter), but I knew a day would come where I'd need it. Also, you never know when zombies may attack!

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From a former Californian...

I'm still learning how to be prepared for PNW weather. But yesterday, I got a schooling from friends and family: always have a coat, hat and gloves around and be prepared to possibly not leave the house for the next day or two. I listened! Well, except I don't have proper gloves :(

We have LOTS of white powder an flurries at SE Hawthorne and 32nd.

So, this morning, we jumped out of bed, still in jammies (thankful for the hat and hoodie) and enjoyed the snow:

Courtesy of my sweets :>)

vasqez, strength, kick-ass

NW Portland

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I took my dad's advice yesterday and got my laundry and grocery shopping done yesterday so I would have no reason to brave the snow. Which is good since I got a sore throat today.

So, what are all you folks doing today? Staying indoors and reading? Or going outside to play?
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southern oregon/northern california coast

My husband and I were planning on a nice, little spontaneous road trip into warm, dry, sunny places for this week - haha.  We made it from Portland to Brookings and decided to just plan the rest from there.  Well, here we are and it's pretty clear that there are no warm, dry, sunny places for us to drive to right now (in the states).  That leaves us with a week of time to relax and enjoy the scenery.  We are staying in a yurt for one more night (and, for the record, the heaters in yurts are not sufficient for near-freezing temperatures outside) and will be open to pretty much anything starting tomorrow.  We're thinking of sticking around the redwoods and northern california/southern oregon coast for the week and thought some DPers might know of some cool things/places to stay around here.  It's great weather for stormwatching, so oceanfront places would be nice (but inexpensive, not luxury places).  Anyone from Eureka/Arcata/Crescent City/Brookings area? We've heard that Arcata might be kinda cool - any info on that? Thanks in advance and enjoy the snow in PDX!

ETA: we're a queer couple, so would prefer to avoid not-so-gay-friendly places (but they don't have to specifically be gay friendly, just places where we won't get beat up)
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AIP advisor name?

Hey all,
ZOMG snow!

Moving on, anyone here go to AIP and want to help me with a name?  I'm looking to transfer some credits from there and can't for the life of me remember my advisor's name, which is requested on the application.  It was mike something or other, in film and video.  There's no directory online that I can find.


Edit: thanks to liagibba, we have an answer: Mike Pacione.  This is why I love DP.
You may now continue with your zomg snow alerts.

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Yet another damn snow post.


This was around 9:45AM this morning. It's considerably bigger now. It's like a goddamn blizzard

Hope that I don't see any of you guys driving like this in the next few days:

(Sorry, couldn't find the original video link :( )
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Rain Forest


Just a thanks to everyone who've been posting pictures of the snow. I had to get on a plane yesterday and fly away for the holidays. Sorry I missed seeing Portland so pretty and white. I knew, however I could count on you guys to post about it. Thanks! =D

Trader Joe's nuts in Germany?!?

Trader Joe's walnuts in Berlin, Germany

Imagine our surprise on a recent visit to Berlin, Germany, when we saw a pallet-full of Trader Joe's "Kalifornische Walnüsse" (California walnuts) in a small grocery store in the Arkaden mall in Potsdamer Platz. It turns out that Trader Joe's is owned by Albrecht Discounts, a German company, and they sell some items under the TJ name in their Aldi stores in Germany. No TJ stores overseas yet, though.
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Ah, irony.

A little while ago, I went out to the dollar store at Walker and Cedar Hills. For reference, I drive a Honda Fit (little subcompact hatchback). After I parked, a guy was walking out of the store. He glanced at my car and said, as he walked up to his big-ass overcompensating-for-something truck, "are you sure such a little car is safe out there?". I stared at him for a second and said "I'm fine". He left, I went in and got wrapping paper and so forth, then headed back home. About halfway down Walker Road, I saw his truck stuck in a ditch. I honked and waved as I went by :)

It's snowing pretty thickly over here in Alohatron. Be careful if you go out, and please please TURN ON YOUR HEADLIGHTS.

What do cameras, pizza and creepy old men have in common?

December 15 (tomorrow night) is Photographers Night at
Monday Movies.
 Beginning at 8PM we are showing:

The Photographer (Willard Van Dyke, 1947, black & white, 25 min) Edward Weston was one of the most influential photographers of our time. This film was made by his close friend Willard Van Dyke in 1948, ten years before his death. Unlike the photo above, he has pants on in the movie.

Ansel Adams, Photographer (Larry Dawson, 1958, black & white, 20 min) Get up close and personal with Ansel Adams as he works the magic. In this rare film you join him as he sets out for a shoot in his station wagon. It’s like a trip to Gramma’s house, with far more lens changes and OCD.

Local media historian and author Tom Robinson will introduce each 16mm print from his collection and play it on a vintage projector older than you are. See these original films the way they were meant to be seen, on a real projector, on a real screen, and drunk. After 9PM, Old Town happy hour begins with $2 well drinks and $1.50 slices of pizza.

Next Monday, December 22, really feel the economic crunch this holiday season with Banks and the Poor, 1967, NET. Bring the kids and tell them they ought to be thrilled they have a bed, let alone a My Little Pony Dream Castle.

Old Town Pizza

5201 NE MLK (in Vanport Square Center)

#6 and #72 bus, ample free parking



All ages – 8PM – In the loft
This is a free event. Full bar and menu. Rain or shine, (or blizzard or plague of frogs.)
For a complete calendar of upcoming movies, go to

Former Midwesterners?

I seem to run into countless people from the upper-Midwest out here in Portland. How many of us don't understand why everyone is freaking the fuck out over 1/2" of precipitation? It's like 20 degrees out and windy. It's not like Duluth magically moved its weather here or something.

Edit: I grew up in Iowa and then moved to Minnesota.
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The kind for Chocolate Lovers

There are two ways to make a chocotini, one for the heavy drinkers (emphasis on the vodka) and one for those who are here for the chocolate (emphasis on the godiva liquor).

Anyone know where in the SE or Downtown I can go for a good chocolate martini?

And snow related cause I just drove in from Hood River and . . .damn, folks, it's only a couple inches. You do not need to panic yet. The roads are ok. The other drivers? That's why I want the martini!
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Just a friendly MAX-related PSA

I've seen it happen at a lot of platforms where someone will cross the tracks in front of a moving train that's pulling in to stop so they can run around and get on it.

This is a bad idea in general, but even worse when the tracks are slippery like they're going to be now with snow, ice, rain, and even dead leaves - trains don't brake very well on slippery tracks so please don't cross in front of the train until it's stopped.

Most of the operators are pretty cool and would be happy to give you a few extra seconds to cross in front of them after they've stopped - it's far better than darting in front of them when they're moving and having a hard time braking on slick rails!

From HR at my work....

"Please be advised that Portland Public Schools have announced they will be closed on Monday December 15."

I LOVE it that they told me early enough in the day today to really enjoy the fact that I don't have to go in to work tomorrow!!!!
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Anyone else stuck at work?

And sadly, mio gelato didn't do very well on a snow day.

It was even more depressing to see Powell's close. Now I just feel all by myself.

I want to go home but I'm stuck till we close. Thankfully I got my manager to get my boss to make us close at 7 instead of 10.

Good thing I brought my DS with me :D
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(no subject)

 Dear Damnportlanders,

What is your favorite warm alcoholic drink?  Right now I am drinking mulled cider and whiskey, and earlier I was drinking white hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps.  

I am warm and comfortable!


Advice and Some Help

# 1:
Anybody on the west side who likes good Japanese food should try Le Hana. We've been eyeballing their location in Hillsboro for the past two years and finally decided to try them out yesterday. One word. Amazing. We had the joy of having the manager as our waiter. He was by far the most knowledgeable individual we could have asked for and, from what we heard from other restaurant patrons, is there almost every night. The selection of sake and sushi contained within would please even the most discerning of palates. Give them a peek here.

My wife has come up with the idea to make miniature terrariums containing small cacti and succulents for Christmas presents for a few relatives. Awesome idea, but other that Ikea, I have no idea where to get any of these plants. Any ideas, preferably on the west side, though I am willing to drive for good deals?

EDIT: Fixed link.
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dilemma (warning! insipid flounce post ahead!)

so i am feeling uberinundated by all the jolly snow pictures and x-mas BS. i don't like red and green together and i think x-mas deco is reprehensible. how can i get behind a holiday i am opposed to on all aesthetic levels?

don't get me wrong, i am all for people being jolly or depressed or whatever it is they lay on as an excuse to drag the overdosed nog or proverbial skeletons out of the closet (often both) during these festive times, yea go! however, the fact that it is taking up an incredible amount of bandwidth in my life (not to mention the farkin' snow posts; really. i look out my window and see the SAME SHIT YOU JUST POSTED A PICTURE OF! omfgz!) is no longer working for me. i look around and i think, 'hm. maybe i need to eliminate a few communities,' and start hacking at the tenderlings who never even post. finger poised threateningly over the 'leave community' button like lizzie borden's axe about to fall on the heads of her family, i halt and query, 'i never even gave them a chance! the real czars of x-mas bandwidth hoggage blithely carry on, and my dilemma is still not resolved! what-ho! do i dare take on the Real Problem, instead of making futile gestures towards unwitting (and perhaps witless, since they never post) bystanders? '

my eye then inevitably must turn to damnportlanders. 'END THE MADNESS!!!!' becomes the mantra of my soul, as the comm removal frenzy takes over my brain and all i can think is 'DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!' until the voice of reason sets in and i then think, as if i were a real sentient being, 'but i like this group. 1/3 of the time i find it informative, amusing, erudite. i even like some of the people on it. i don't want to offend anyone!' and i even wonder, 'what if i *gasp* MISS SOMETHING IMPORTANT?' never mind that my life has been hijacked by pictures of snow and vapid x-mas commentary.

resolution: i am deleting this community until you all calm the fuck down and this x-mas, snow nonsense is over. i will be happy to lurk once in a while but for the sake of my sanity, i am wishing you all the best and we'll see you in the new year.

and yes whoever you are i stole your neil icon. nyah!!!
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frozen car locks?

Hi fellow snow DPers!
I wanted to just warm up my car so it doesn't sit in my drive way frozen...but the locks are frozen and I can't even get the car key in the door lock to unlock it.

I know some of you are used to this weather, so in your infinite there something I can spray (that won't freeze) into the locks so I can get into my car? Or do I wait until the thaw comes.
What do you guys do?
Added later...thank you friends: (Thought I would share)
In case anyone else has this dilemma....

Try opening different doors

If the driver's door lock is frozen, try the passenger's door or the rear hatch. Once you can get inside the car, start the engine and turn on the heater. Usually five minutes is all it takes for the heat to warm up the locks and thaw the rubber seals so the rest of the doors can be opened.

Even though frozen car doors can be shoved open from the interior, this can damage the door seals which may have frozen up against the metal of the door frame. It's best to let the interior of the car warm up before attempting to open frozen doors.

Use a heated key

Whether it's a car lock or an exterior padlock, a heated key does a terrific job of thawing out a lock. You'll need gloves for this little trick! Use a cigarette lighter or a match to heat the key, then insert the hot key directly into the lock. For really stubborn locks, you may have to reheat the key a couple of times.

Use a blow dryer

If you are close to an electrical outlet, a blow dryer can also be used to thaw a frozen lock. Train the nozzle of the blow dryer a few inches away from the lock. Two to three minutes of hot air is usually enough to thaw even the most stubborn lock.

Use a commercial de-icer

Most automotive stores carry an aerosol lock de-icer which can be squirted directly into the key slot. This doesn't work nearly as well as a heated key, however.

Use your thumb

If you find yourself out in a parking lot without a lighter, try pressing your thumb against the lock for a few minutes. The warmth from your body is usually enough to thaw the ice crystals that may have formed just behind the opening of the lock.

Frozen doors happen rather often during the winter. To reduce the instances of frozen doors, cars should be parked in sunny areas, and parked (when possible) in such a way that the sun shines directly on the side panels. Our family uses this trick to keep windshields from frosting up and reduce moisture buildup in the door locks.
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TriMet confuses me. So does snow.

So if the service alert on says "No service on SW Capitol Hwy between SW Bertha Blvd and SW Barbur Blvd." does that mean the bus won't go as far as that part of the route, or just that it won't make any stops on that part of the route but will continue on and make stops farther down?
onenta falls, fx4
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It's all clear now!

The Statesmanjournal has made it all clear to me, the snow that is:

The snow is Arctic air pushing down from Yukon, Alaska, said Dan Keirns Sarah Palin, National Weather Service meteorologist. The wind blew the storm through the Gorge into Portland, but the wind didn’t blow the storm down to the Salem area, where the high was 40 degrees today. Portland was piled with four to eight inches of snow, and Interstate-5 shut down in the Portland metro area during part of the storm.

So ya'see, da town of Yukon in Alaska der ya'know, they are east uv Portlan an the wind from Yukon blows west tru the gorge ya'know, and then when this maverick air gets ta Portlan, it turns inta snow an piles up in amaginary 8 inch piles, which on account the piles sqush down inta ice, closes all the schools there... ya'know


I just wanted to fill you guys in on my day.

I woke up and my thought was "why's the city so quite (I wasn't sure if I should edit this too, but then that joke wouldn't make sense, and I liked it.)?" It so happened it snowed... I thought it was all weather talk and it wouldn't actually happen. I guess that shows how erotic the weather in these parts are. Anyways, so I looked out my window, judged about how deep the snow was and shrugged. It only what topped at 2 inches? Please, how lame, you can't even make a good snowman out of that amount of snow. I'm going back to stomping through puddles and rain till some real snow comes along.

My boyfriend and I tried to go get his hairs cut, and all the damn places were closed! Please, Portland, a little snow isn't cause to shut down the whole damn city. It's like the snow should have held off till x-mas, when the whole damn city shuts down for some damn dead guy and I have to make my own french fries.

Anyways, I did get a paycheck today, a good Mocha, my cat is afraid of snow and I feed two hungry, cold, snowed in hummingbirds today. :) Really, the hummingbirds were the best part of my day.

Edit// I was born here, I've lived here, and I drove to Olympia today. I drove to that mocha and paycheck too. I used the 4 wheel drive on my car, but I didn't chain up and I don't plan too. My parents are from Northern Idaho, I was taught to drive in the snow. I guess I'm just a good driver, but none of this snow and black ice got in my way today.
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dripping hair
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Le Pigeon

So we're going to Le Pigeon for dinner tomorrow. I've heard lots of mixed reviews so I thought I would see what the DeePee-ers think. Also, how dressy should we be (or not be) for this le petit dinner?

If you think LP sucks--suggestions for substitutes are welcomed!


Does anybody know of a place(or know someone)where I can have somebody sew me something? I can pay.

I am trying to make a duvet cover for a friend for Christmas. I have the fabric and would buy anymore supplies that were needed. I was told it is a pretty simple job but I have no experience and no sewing machine.

I was supposed to travel up to Seattle today so my Aunt could help me out and well, we all know why I can't.

Thanks so much DP!

And just for fun......OMGZ SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Plant trade and more RAMs!

So I have this corn plant (it's stupidly named, as it has nothing to do with actual corn). We just got a couple of new cats that like to eat it, and it's poisonous to them. In order to minimize the amount of sick kitties (and cat vomit), we need to get rid of it. What would be ideal would be to trade with someone who has a non-poisonous plant, but really it just needs to go. It's got a plastic bag over it for the moment, and it's not as healthy as the plants shown on the image search.

Also, I have 2GB (2x1GB) of 200-pin laptop memory (DDR2 PC2-5300) that I don't have any use for. I'd throw this in with a plant trade or just give it to someone who needed it.
(oh, and OMFGZ SNOW!!!!)
Astronomy sky nebula 2

Diex Pie, I need you!

If you were going to name an Essential Oil product company something, what would you name it? (I am especially interested in catchy, foreign words:) My company would focus on fragrances especially, but also the nutritional value of essential oils (as well as having low prices).