December 13th, 2008

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Reasonably priced Christmas/Hannukah/whatevermas present

The Leatherman factory store, just down the street from the airport, has a basket of pocket-size multi-tools with "cosmetic damage" for $20, $25 and $30. They normally retail for upwards of $100. The cosmetic damage is truly minor - I bought a Cs4 model for myself and the damage is a very faint, 1/2" vertical line in the anodyzed metal that you have to tilt in the right light to see. Some of the damages I saw on other ones were a slightly blurred logo and a tiny scuff in the anodyzed metal body. The tools themselves are fully functional.

Reasonably priced, useful present that supports a local business is win :)
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Purple Church!

Can anyone tell me where the purple church is? I really would like to go to the full moon party tonight, and I didn't write down the address when it was announced earlier tonight at Dirty Queer. Please? I emailed them, but it's last minute and I'm not sure they'll get it, as things should already be happening.

you can reply here or e-mail amelia at

asap much appreciated!

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Button machine?

anywhere in town I can get a button machine? Like, for the little 1" button pins...? I've been looking online and there all $200.00 and up and I'd like to see something in person before paying that much for it. Apparently Jo-Anns and Michaels don't have them... so anywhere else? TIA!

sooper noob.

Dumb question: Do digital cameras typically have some sort of standardized USB cable, or do they vary from model to model? How much would a decent cable cost?

THANKS for the advice everyone. I'm gonna visit Free Geek, and, if that fails, find a friend who can give me an extra.

Portland mentioned in NYTimes again...

There's an article at about the '70s novel ECOTOPIA. The title of the article is "The Novel That Predicted Portland"! So...we're not just a city, we're a phenomenon!

By the way, I just got back from a quick trip around the world and have some pics up on my LJ, mostly from Seoul and Istanbul, if you're interested. And feel free to friend me if you're into travel!

White Album Christmas - a warning.

To all those DPers who have heard about a "White Album Christmas" at the Bossonova Ballroom, I feel I should give you a warning as to the experience I had last night, because it was NOT what I expected. It was advertised as a Christmasy type show set to the entire Beatles' White Album with circus acts and fun interactive shenanigans. It sounded awesome and my date and I were really excited about it. And at $25 a ticket, it seemed promising.

We thought the show started at 7pm, so we met at the box office at 6:45. Apparently the show started at 8pm, not 7pm, but the doors were supposed to open at 7pm. We got in line, figuring we'd be inside soon. We didn't get inside until close to 8:30. We were freezing our asses off and they were letting people in like, 3 at a time and it was taking forever and all they would say was that there were "guest list complications" which does not really explain why we'd ALL be waiting an hour and a half outside since about 90% of the people waiting outside were Will Call.

We finally get inside and there are NO SEATS AVAILABLE. The booths and tables and seats in front of the stage are apparently allllll reserved for friends of the producers or something. That's what the word was going around. So the people that paid $25 a ticket had to sit on the floor, stand, or sit in the bar area where you couldn't understand what they were saying but it didn't matter because you couldn't see anything anyway. The circus acts that were advertised? There were people in some makeup and costumes and a couple guys lifted a couple girls over their heads and walked around. That was the only "circus" act that I saw. After 20 minutes, we decided to leave and ask for a refund which they handed over without question. I cannot imagine we were the first ones to leave and demand their money back.

I'm not one to complain about things often. I usually am laid back and go with the flow and have kind of an "oh well" kind of attitude when things don't go as planned. But this event was the most disorganized, unprofessional, overpriced and unacceptable "show" I've ever been to. To have advertised as it starting at 7pm, when it really started at 8pm...ok, that's a misunderstanding, it's forgivable. But then if doors are supposed to open at 7pm and they make everyone wait outside in the freezing cold for over an hour and a half, while the start time gets pushed back 45 minutes? Better be a really good show to make up for that.

But then to finally get into the venue and there are NO SEATS?? Completely unacceptable. You pay $25 for a ticket, you get a SEAT! With a view of the stage! Maybe the show got better as it progressed and the "circus acts" improved as the evening went on, but if you don't have a SEAT then how will you be able to see it? They should not have sold so many tickets if they couldn't properly accommodate everyone. And if the producers of the show wanted to have all their friends there, then last night should have been a private preview.

Maybe for whatever reason, opening night was just a big disaster and the rest of the performances will run amazingly smooth and there will be plenty of seats for everyone. It's entirely possible. But I think it's only fair I give you guys a warning before you spend $25 on a ticket that might not guarantee you a seat or a view of the stage.
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Spa stuff for men?

I seem to remember there being a fancy-ass tonsorial parlor downtown. Does it still exist? I wasn't able to pull up much on citysearch or had hot-lather shaves and "man"icures and looked fancy and kind of old-timey. I think it was just called "The Tonsorial Parlor" but the one that came up on google sounded more like a regular barber shop, and there was only one review.

Or else: any other spa-like things for dudes who aren't too fey?
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Heya Deepee, oh font of all knowledge.

Since both of my pcs are essentially dying/dead, and I need to invest in a new laptop anyway, I've been looking at Macs. I know, I know, for us PC-ers, it's kind of the dark side, but a friend of mine just got a dell that she hates / isn't very reliable, and I haven't really liked what I've seen of Vista, even though I love my crappy windows XP like a swede loves milk.

So... which Mac laptop do I get? I really have little to know understanding of the mechanics of what I need. I use my computer for:
spending hours and hours chatting, posting on LJ, and reading about a gazillion different websites.
playing spider solitaire.
watching tv online /youtube videos.
using photoshop for graphics and/or drawing with my Wacom tablet.

I save a lot of my photography and stuff to my computer so I need something with a lot of storage space, and also I have no patience, so I want a lot of speed. But really, which one do I get? All Apple has told me so far is that I can get it for less than $33 a month (hurrah) and also that it has an intel processor.

What are your opinions of these laptops? What do you think will work for me? I'll say again, I really love my PC, since I know how it works/how to fix it when it breaks, but at this point, I'm kind of interested in a switch.

2 unrelated questions!

1) Where in Portland Proper can I get bread bowls? My affianced made borscht last night and we're looking to make it more exciting for dinner tonight. Bonus points for sourdough.

2) Where can I get Red Heart yarn in BRIGHT yellow, or yellow in general. I am making a rainbow scarf for someone for Christmas and have all the other colors except for yellow. I went to the Joanne's on 82nd 2 weeks ago and didn't even see a spot for yellow. I have scoped out a couple of the fancy knit/yarn shops (the one on Alberta, Knit/Purl downtown) to no avail. I just need it to be yellow and more or less match the texture of the rest of the yarn. I will go ANYWHERE.

Thanks guys!
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Not Portland Related Per Se...

But this is nuts: You could know your entire genetic profile for $399. I initially heard about this through this Wired article:

Pretty damn crazy.... crazy appealing. If I happen to find myself with an extra $399 jingling around I'll probably see what's written in my genes.

Any other takers?
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Walker glides

I could've sworn I asked here once but I can''t find it. Has anyone ever found these locally? My one source for them is (They don't carry them in the stores, either. These babies are a web exclusive) & I'd like to find a local source. The medical supply places that I've tried don't have them.

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If you're still looking for a holiday tree, Kruger's on Sauvie Island has a stand open from 10 am to 8 pm with great, relatively inexpensive trees - including some small enough you could ride out there on the bus and bring it home. I have been way busy this week and never got around to getting one until tonight, and girl wanted to get one from a farm (in keeping with our local-only holiday).