December 11th, 2008


Question on deposits for cans

 I'm a new resident of Portland, I'm absolutely in love with this city. Today I went to the market to buy some coke for my stomach as I've been fighting some bug the past few weeks and have been living on coke and crackers. So I went to the store and bought coke, and come chocolate. I added it all up in my head, and then went to the register to pay and it was more than I thought. I couldn't figure out how I miscalculated so I looked at the recent. There was a .60 cent deposit on the cans. Now I used to live in Ohio, right near the Ohio/Michigan border. And, I know in Michigan they do this too but have never retrieved the deposit back.

My question to you all is how do I do this? Where do I go to retrieve it back and do I get back what I paid for? Also, can I bring other cans too? Is it just cans, or also bottles? And I'm assuming it's just for 12 oz cans and not those small little half size ones.

I was so ticked because I was going to use the last of my cash rather that using my check card. Blah. stupid money. And stupid deposits!

Thanks for your help in advance :)

I love having this community and reading all the things about Portland. I've never been to or lived in a city where so many people just have fallen in love with it. It's a true blessing to be in love with where you live. 
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Save In Other Words!!!!!

In Other Words, the country’s last existing non-profit feminist bookstore and resource center, will more than likely have to close its doors at the end of December if it doesn’t raise 11,000 in the next two or three weeks. This is one of those places that make Portland, well, Portland. I moved across the country because things like this exist here. Need to be convinced of the space’s awesomeness? Collapse )

That amount is no big deal for decent sized business, but it’s a huge deal to us. Honestly, if everyone who had ever visited the bookstore and thought “wow, what a neat place,” or attended and enjoyed one of its events, made a very small contribution, it would be more than enough.

I hate asking people for money. I had a job as a canvasser once and quit after a day and a half because, even though I cared about the cause, I hated asking for money. But I care more about this place and what it is after the short time I’ve been here than I have for much else in recent memory. Please, please, please give a dollar or 5 or 10 (or donate something we can sell for a few bucks?). You can do so at the website, (go to “support In Other Words” on the left), or by mailing a check. You could also stop in the store for an event, or buy something completely rad for someone for Christmas (if you’re the type who buys things in those situations), and tack on a couple of extra dollars to save the store.

I know you guys will come through. Take care, and come visit me at the store!
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Wait a second here . . . . . .

On 26 November 2008, Narwhals were trapped by the expanding arctic ice pack... but Today,  Polar Bear habitat was decreasing...

Y'all can't have it both ways!

Polar Bears want you to drive Smartcars or a Prius, but the Narwhal's want you to drive a Hummer or Expedition.

And its Portland related because you guys care about Narwhal's and Polar Bears, right?  We're all part of this global community....
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Predatory Towing

Remember the story about the Retriever tow truck driver that hooked up the car of an assault victim who still had blood on her face, and wouldn't drop it until she coughed up $165?

Thanks to Mark Harris, portfolio manager for Guardian Management, the company that manages the apartment where the woman lived, Retriever has refunded the money to her AND pledged to donate $500 to a shelter for battered women.

Glad to see that.
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Taxi recommendations?

Hello all!

I'm flying to Texas on Christmas morning, and need to be at PDX by 5:30 am.  (Too early to take Trimet from Hillsboro.)  I'd like to leave my car at home and take a cab.

But I realized that even after living here for over 5 years, I'm a virgin in this particular aspect of city life.  I've never ridden in or taken a cab... anywhere. 

A Google search gives me many choices and mixed reviews, which make me nervous.  I don't want to miss my flight.

So, damnportlanders , which taxi companies have you had good experiences with?  Which ones should I avoid?  And what should I plan on paying to get from Hillsboro to PDX?

Thanks you guys.


Question for employed Portlanders

How did you find your current job? I ask because I suck at the job search thing and the last few positions I applied for on craiglist autoreplied that they had received more than 200 responses. So I'm less than hopeful about craigslist. Yes, I know the economy is in the crapper, that Portland has a glutted applicant pool, and that my generic degree doesn't make me a standout. I know that. But I still need a job. Do you have an awesome method to find one?


Anyone else notice tap water smelling kind of weird? It's like semi sweet and rotten smelling. I'm in Irvington(NE 20th and Hancock). It could just be my apartment complex. I'm boiling it never the less just to be safe.
A gift for Lady Squid

Fingerless Mitten hunt!

I am in search of a pair of nice fingerless mittens that have a fold-back-able portion that can cover the fingers when you want to.

Something like this...

I need them before next weekend, and would prefer if they are cute and inexpensive ($15 or less would be ideal). Bonus points if they are blue (or multiple shades of blue)!

What's your source for cute and cozy gear?
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Amy Denio - alto sax/clarinet/voice
Jessica Lurie - alto & tenor sax/voice
Sue Orfield - tenor sax/voice
Tina Richerson - baritone sax/voice
Chris Stromquist - drums

Thursday, December 11
@ galleryHOMELAND (2505 SE 11th Ave. Portland, OR 97204)
doors 7:30, Blue Cranes 8-9pm, The Tiptons 9-10pm.

Collapse )

Not a paid endorsement, but I've seen these folks live before, and they're wonderful. Funky jazz and world beat, just the thing to warm you on a chilly night.

See you there ! :)

House of stuff for Free Troudale 11am?

Any other DPers make it out to the house with everything for free this morning in Troutdale. Looks like it will be on the Channel 8 news.

It was alright. It had less stuff then the last *house of stuff for free* a couple months ago.

I picked up a Samsonite complete Luggage set in a deep Cherry red, it has a Big Suitcase a little one and a carry on and it looks like it's from the late 70's. I collect vintage luggage so this was a REAL find. I also got some kitchen stuff I needed. I have 7 spatulas now... nice! Even a pastry one, and one of those things that makes bacon and eggs in your microwave!


I just pulled out a rolling pin from my box of treasures from the house. Can anyone tell me why this rolling pin has a electrical cord coming out of it... I am going to plug it in... which is scary in itself.

My guess before I plug it in is that it is a rolling pin shaped vibrator, for those of us who really love to Bake

Christmas Music

Thanks for the wing tips Damnportlanders! Here's another request:

I am making a playlist called "You're going to hell for Christmas". The songs are brash and less than tasteful like Southpark and the Pogues "Fairy tale of New York".

Any suggestions?

I was thinking of Christmas at Ground Zero - ?, the hat I got for Christmas is too big - Mel Blanc

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Can you guys recommend a good place to take pilates classes near Portland State University? Preferably within walking distance or a short ride on the train. (Cheap would be great too!)
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so i'm moving (or rather, i'm 90% already moved) and i am getting rid of some stuff since i am going from a huge 1 bdrm to a cozy studio.  i don't have pictures cuz it's all at my old place and i haven't been there in a week, but i'll do my best to describe everything.  it's all FREE.  unless you wanna throw me a couple bucks... if you feel like it...

-19" tv, purchased in 2001, works perfectly, i just don't feel like watching tv anymore.

-your basic fully functioning vcr with remote.  basically.

-ikea "mikael" computer desk, black-brown color, pretty much NEVER used because i am too lazy to sit at a desk:

-ikea "stefano" office chair, gray/black color:

-ikea "benno" tv unit, black-brown color:

-blue yoga mat and blocks

anyways, if you want any or all of it, message me on here or leave your email in the comments or something, i can meet you there to let you have at it (in old town/chinatown), i will be wandering in and out of that apartment at various times over the next 3 days.

ALSO, i am looking for a black bookshelf for cheap, anybody got one?  also an ikea "malm" tall black-brown dresser. and a chrome 1950's-looking dinette set.  i guess i am not really downsizing that much...

Better now

Quick, folks - best steak in town, but a place that also has awesome vegetarian options. Looking to pay around 20-25 dollars for the whole meal. Downtown preferred.


EDIT: We chose Mother's.
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Books for

So I support a local to Hood River program called WINGS ( that takes kids who have gotten too old for the foster system (ie, 18) and helps them transition into responsible adults. The program is just setting up, and local contractors are donating building supplies, people are donating kitchen equipment, and this week the first two young men have moved in. This group is going to get a lot of work experience in the construction field, for the housing is still under construction, and they get to work along side the contractors.

Since minds are not fed by work alone, I thought I'd go rummage through the used books at Powells and fill up a stocking full of entertaining and educational stuff for the house.

Any suggestions for titles I should be looking for? I'm not an 18-yr-old boy, so I'm not sure what might be interesting (other then I'm a scifi geek, and I will be delivering some Niven-Pournell, Spencer, and Pratchett)

As you think this up, please keep in mind that they're aiming for a drug-free/alcohol-free environment, and books that subtly promote the rocknroll lifestyle are probably going to be refused.

(no subject)

from peeps on my friends list:

I know these are hard times to give money to Charity, but In Other Words Bookstore in Portland needs the help. In Other Words is one of the last feminist bookstores. It is a non-profit and they host yoga and support groups and events. They truly are *there* for the community.

They need to raise 11,000 by the end of December to survive. Please help them! You can shop at their store or donate some money to them
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Technologically Inept

Sooo -

The great digital transition is happening sometime in January/Feburary of next year and my TV will not do digital so I need a converter box. And yet - which one do I buy?

Basically, all I want is my TV to turn on and work with as little effort on my part as possible. I don't have cable/Tivo/expensive crap like that.

Anyone who's more knowledgeable than I (not difficult) suggest the better brands/items? I live in inner SE and no car so huge trips to the suburbs are not my first choice.

Portland related because, alas, Portand is not immune to the sweep of the future. And I live here.

(no subject)

Anyone know anything (whether good or bad) about any of the following optometrists/optometry offices?

- A.J. Zelada
- Beaumont Vision
- Rose City Vision Care
- Carkners Family Vision Care
- Eyes on Broadway
- Eye Health Northwest

I'm trying to find a good optometrist to go to who also takes my insurance. Thank you!
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(no subject)

Given the low gas prices lately I am thinking about driving to Tahoe in mid Feb rather than flying. How are the mountain passes in mid Feb? I'd be taking I-5 all the way down to Sacramento and I'm worried about snow and ice crossing the mountains in mid-southern Oregon.

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One other thing...

So every year I see the lit up martini over the Broadway Plaza, below OHSU. Does anyone know the deal with this thing and why sometimes the martini is crossed out and sometimes it is not? I vaguely recall someone asking that here before but I don't think there was a conclusive answer about this Portland tradition. I'll try to grab a pic on my way home so people can see what I'm talking about.
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Video Studios for Rent?

Hey guys! So, um, for those of you who don't know, the website that I write for for a living, Anime Vice, has finally launched. (♥)

We're pretty heavy on the video, and I don't really want to have to fly down to San Francisco every couple of weeks to shoot stuff for the site. My boss told me to look into studios I can make use of here in town and see if it's feasible.

So, DPers, I ask ye: where can a girl go and have someone shoot her doing some video and pay by the hour? I don't need any video editing; I'd send it up to our company's guys to handle.
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Hey all,

I have a friend who is looking for a place to purchase crystals and stones for healing, etc.

Any ideas where a store would be that sells these sorts of wares?

Thanks in advance...


7 minute (420s) exposure of downtown this evening an hour after sunset. :D

I added the moon, and might take it out. Still undecided. Either way, I love this town.

edit, fuck the moon. it sucks, thanks for the opinions to make me realize that, haha.


(no subject)

Hi DP!

I'm new and I'm moving to Portland in one month (!!!!!). It seems like a nice chunk of you are transplants. I'm making the 4,000 mile drive from NH and would love any tips/tricks/tasty burrito places that any of you may have discovered on your journey to OR. I'm taking the southern route so as to skip the Midwest snows so anything in the South Carolina/Texas/Arizona/California area.

I'd love to see cheesy things like the World's Largest Frying Pan, etc. Any advice, recommendations, road trip mix cd songs would be more than welcomed.

And most importantly, the first thing I will be doing when I get to Portland is consuming a burrito. What's the best burrito place? (Preferably in SE, as that's where I'll be living but I will travel if it's that good!)

Thank you guys sososo much!
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Christmas Revels

Does anyone have any extra tickets, or know someone who is selling? I just got burned by a dude on Craigslist. :( I'm hoping to get 2 tix to the Saturday evening show...

Let me know - and I'll keep searching (wish me luck).


 Hey, DPers, 

I have to kick it into high gear and clean my house for my 84 yr old mom to visit. And, my husband is having surgery. Anyone have experience pushing up their sleeves and cleaning around clutter making it look good? Looking at Thursday, the 18th. 

Bonus points for experience and your own cleaning supplies. 
Super bonus points if you use green products. 
More bonus points if you really need some cash.