December 10th, 2008

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This is getting ridiculous...

Does anyone know of a good Asperger's comm that doesn't bitch about every single percieved slight? That recognizes that people can just be dicks without taking everything to be OMG OPPRESSING, and that not every single "neurotypical" is some evil dominating force out to enslave the Aspies of the world?

I need something with a sense of HUMOR too. Because honestly, every last person in the last group I was in (this was a Yahoo group) completely missed the point that people like Denis Leary and sites like Encyclopedia Dramatica are MEANT TO PISS OFF EVERYONE and that we weren't being somehow singled out?

And who recognize that words like "idiot" haven't had a medical meaning in decades and instead refer to people who are WILLFULLY stupid rather than people who were born with a deficiancy? Because that's what made me leave that group--people insisted it was associated with eugenics. How the hell does that compute? (Ironically, by clinging to a severely outdated definition and refusing to listen that it has in fact changed meaning, they were being the *modern* definition of idiots)

And I know there's an AS group in Portland, but I was in that a while ago and we fought EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Does anyone know of one that doesn't do that (this was Meyer's group if that helps)?

Come on, we're supposed to be the logical people. Where's the logic in any of this?


Best way to get rid of the buggers?
Midol works sometimes but I take enough pills as it is. :/
Any and all suggestions appreciated! :D

Portland related because... well there has to be at least a few females living here.

what's that song..

There's some song in circulation on KNRK lately called something like "They say my name" and the band name sounds something like "The Teen Teens", but that's not it. And one of the lyrics is like, "They call me Stacey". WTF song/band is that..
EDIT: thx peepz x0x0x

To Parents thinking about going to see Santa...

Avoid the Santa at Washington Square. Well, i suppose it's not Santa's fault, but we took the kids there last night and they gave us blurry pictures. Not cool. The lady selling the packages lied to us when we asked if the pictures we saw on her screen were really going to look that way. She promised they wouldn't and showed us a perfectly gorgeous example of how they'd look. So when we got home to look at the USB, they were all blurry. We'll go downtown next year.

(P.S. C'mon snow!)

"Power Blue" Trailer?

Anyone know if the "Powder Blue" trailer is playing ahead of any movies in the Portland area? I'd kinda like to see the artistic scenes of Santa suicide Jessica Biel's ass on the big screen.

And kudos to Ms. Biel for taking the step of playing a stripper and then actually getting naked in the movie (apparently - hope that stuff doesn't get saved for the DVD).

Crappy YouTube of the trailer below the cut.

Side note: is there a DamnPortland film fan group on LJ? Would anyone be interested in one?

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because we all love food


so today's my birthday and i'm looking for a place to take a bunch of friends to dinner...somewhere somewhat cheap seeing as though i'm on a college student's budget.  i've got one recommendation already for Pho PDX (never been, no idea what it's like).
i could use yelp or something like that, but that's not as fun.

Beauty - HUH?

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Hey, Mac geniuses out there.

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Anyway, I'm just really, really frustrated at the moment – I had some really great photos that didn't get the chance to be backed up that have now vanished. This is my first Mac after being raised on PCs, and I don't know anyone in real life (especially here in South Africa) who's particularly familiar with them.

So here I am – do any of you Mac-loving DPers have any advice for me?


It occurs that me that it might be important to note that at some point, she was whining about the HD was showing duplicate file names (the thumbnails, the oldold photo, and the new photo with the same name), and then later blurted out, “Oh, nevermind! When I dragged the photos onto the CD, the computer recognized that there were duplicates and took care of it!” To which I responded, “ARGGGG!” and started panicking on the inside. And yes, I checked the CD, and the files aren't there either...
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December Meetup!

SURPRISE! The meetup comes early this year!

In an effort to avoid the "everyone's-out-of-town" section of the holidays, we are holding the meetup on Tuesday, December 16th, at 7pm at the East Bank Saloon.

Yes, we're still at the East Bank-- I haven't been around to find a new location, and haven't had any proposed to me that've panned out. I told them to save us the tables in the back rather than the buffalo room, but we all know how well that works out. So we'll see.

Anyway! So that's Tuesday the 16th for meetup this month. Don't forget! I'll do my usual reminders as always. And I'll actually BE there to boot!
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need help finding decent priced medium quality yarn

ok so i went to the yarn place on alberta street (the one next to bolt) and not only did i get an assload of 'tude off the snobby retail assistant, but the prices were through the motherlovin' ROOF. now i am very polite and cheerful with people, so i KNOW it wasn't me being grumpy.

i need to find a good yarn source that is not so expensive and exclusive, where i can get yarn for making the amigurumi dolls. my son and i just picked up a book on it at the library and i am dying to try it out, but since we do not need a LOT of yarn, and i do not want red heart synthetic crap, we need something that has more variety than super duper pricey plush snobbishness. any tips? web sites? local stores? halp!

and thanks.
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Animal hug


I bought a hand held GPS to aid me in my move from NY to Portland. I made it here.... so I no longer need it. It has a lot of maps already on it & metroguide and topo 2008 software. I used it just for this drive and it was great, would direct me to local restaurants, hotels etc. There is more info on the listing if anyone is interested in it...


So, I know I've seen a few posts here about a weekly knitgroup (mostly by emilytbm  I think?) that meets up for chitchat and knitfun. I'm always tempted to go, but I don't want to show up and assume that someone will be willing to help me. I used to be really into knitting in high school, but my enthusiasm tapered off when I moved out/away and no longer had friends nearby who liked to be knitty with me. I never learned some of the more complicated patterns, but I had successfully mastered a few different kinds of stitches, and I made (mostly unwobbly) scarves, hats, stuffed animals, and arm warmers.

I'd really like to get back into it now. The cold weather is good motivation to want to make fuzzy things. Problem is, I don't quite remember how to get started on most projects that go beyond a simple knit/purl scarf. I'm a fast learner though, and I'm sure that if someone sparked my memory by helping me start out, I'd be zooming along in no time. Anyone willing to help out a beginner with their knitknowledge? I'd be willing to exchange help for coffee, baked goods, witty banter, knitted projects, etc. :) Thanks!

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What are the smells of Oregon?

I don't think I've established a list yet that I can call up whenever I'm thinking about Oregon like I can with the place that I'm from.

What smells do you associate with Oregon?


Don't know what to do

I've been out of work for 6 months and I don't know what to do next. I've applied for countless jobs and 99.999% of them you never hear back from. I was turned down for unemployment because I had been written up at my last job.  

I won't be able to make all my bill/rent payments next month and I'll honestly be homeless. I don't know what to do next.

I have asked people to help me find a job but they've been of no help either.

I'm honestly considering taking my own life because I've never been a happy person to begin with and can't handle hitting rock bottom.

I was a travel agent for more than 20 years and that skill has largely become obsolete due to the Internet and a stagnant to retracting economy. My only other skills are my fluency in Japanese and cooking/photography.

I'm 45 years old and it seems that I am not even considered for many jobs I have applied for.

Please ignore this if all you have to say/write are negative comments.

Thanks for letting me vent......


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Friday Niiiight

So I have a date on Friday night.

I despise dinner I'm looking for an activity that 2 people who don't know each other but have seen each other naked might like to do. Kidding...kinda

We're 20-somethings, intelligent and we drink. Any thoughts?
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Boston winter vs Portland, round two

Everyone was very helpful with their observations and opinions about Portland's Winter (dark and damp, feels cold but isn't, snows very occasionally, etc.) Thanks for that! Here's my follow-up question: How LONG is winter there? How long does it feel? Boston's winter starts around Halloween (though we got off easy this year, and it didn't really get cold until late November) and doesn't let up until mid to late April. Since I've lived in Boston I've seen it snow on October 8th and on April 1st. How long does your dark and damp with very occasional snow last?


I'm still relatively new to Portland and have been longing for a bar to make home. More specifically, I'm looking for someplace with reasonably priced drinks, a dance floor, and a rotation of classic country to contemporary rockabilly (without too much elitist-hipster bullshit).

I've looked into Duff's Garage--what else would you suggest? Closer-in NE/SE or Downtown preferred, but I'm game for anything.

Thanks in advance!


Would anyone here be willing to post and sell something for me on ebay? I am ebay-phobic, and not having luck on Craigslist.

We should be able to sell it for up to $200. Does 10% sound like a good cut? I can mail it myself.

Email me: RebeccaLavelle@yahoo
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computer question

so i'm having this problem with my wireless connection. essentially, i decided to change my password for my wireless today. i had loaned it out to some neighbors to let them use for the last week that they were here and now they're gone and i decided to change it just to be on the safe side. so i did and now my computer is connecting to the internet intermittently. what's happening is that i have internet for a little bit, and then it stops working, and then i go into my wireless properties and it has automatically checked the "key is provided for me automatically" on its own; though it's not.

A. why would it do this on its own, intermittently?

B. i assume that when my internet goes out is when it is changing to the "provided for me automatically" thing right?

C. what the fuck??

D. also help please.

E. scratch B. when i first tried to post this, the internet stopped working. i went in to see if the box was checked and it wasn't. but still, why is it happening and why is my internet being a jerk?

F. when i highlight my network and have it connect, the internet works. but there's a big "Not Connected" over my network. still, while this message is there, i'm going to various non-cached sites on the internet just fine. if i highlight the network while it has the not connected message, right underneath it says "You are currently connected to this network." So cool, I'm not connected but connected. Thanks internet!

i'll call tech support and all, but i thought someone here might have an idea first.
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Doctors that prefer cash?

Does anyone know a good doctor or doctor office (preferably including a gynecologist) that prefers cash over insurance and will offer discounts for cash payments? Dentist, too? I don't want to get health insurance if I can help it; the industry is a racket.

Couple questions

Sorry I keep posting so much but there's just so much I don't know about this awesome city that I don't really feel like finding out the hard way (as in through experience).

1. Best person to do your eyebrows? I'm really particular about mine and I like eyebrow stylists (stylists? designers? idk?) who are absolute perfectionists. As in every hair as to be pulled out.


2. Good strip clubs to work at? I looked on The Ultimate Strip Clib List and a couple forums but haven't found out much. I read a couple good reviews for Union Jack's and Devil's Point but they're so far. Any good clubs in the NE?


I wrote about looking for an eighborhood bar in Raligh hills... sorry fi theres typos but the Dublin has 59!!!!!!! Beers on tap... holy cow. I loved it there. MY KIND OF CROWD I live a mix of everyone!

Tonight was a comedy night.

I reccomend the dublint oa nyone who likes beer and a good neighborhood bar!

Burning puppies.

So DP, those of you with fireplaces/woodstoves, who is your firewood connection?

I'm not asking where can I get wood, if there were less hippies I'd just cut down random trees and burn them.  Though with the dreads I bet hippies would burn well too.

What I'm curious is who do you trust to buy your firewood from, who gives you seasoned wood, doesn't short you on your cord, slip in bad super soft wood, and provides it at a reasonable price.

So we're not here to talk google, etc, I'm looking for personal experiences.