December 9th, 2008

How worried should I be?

I just got home from work a little while ago, and found that the dogs opened a package that had come in the mail containing herbal urinary tract medication for one of them... and between the three (large) dogs ate about 30 of the pills.  Can't seem to get in touch with the vet, so I'm freaking out a little bit.   Everybody's acting normal, minus the guilty faces.  How worried should I be?
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Eugene Rideshare

Anyone need a ride to/from Eugene this weekend? Or any other spot on that stretch of I-5? I'll be leaving Portland Thursday evening (8-ish) and leaving Eugene late Sunday night (10:30-ish). I promise I don't smell and that my music won't suck too hard.

What's The Deal With Those Middle Eastern Kiosks?

So every time I'm at a Mall I see these people selling their goods at those stands in the middle of the place.  They seem to block the entrances of the shops you're trying to get to.  Worse yet, they lure you in with their pitches usually in the form of an innocent question which leads to a sales spiel where they try to sell you facial creams or neck soothers.  What I'm curious about is that at a lot of these kiosks the people who work there are of Middle Eastern descent be it Israeli or elsewhere.  I see this especially at the Vancouver Mall where I usually hang out (don't judge ;0) but also at all the other suburban malls in the area.  What's strange is that at these kiosks like the Aroma Therapy neck warmer one all of the employees are really good looking women (and men) of foreign descendant.  I've noticed this trend for the last few years.  I'm curious as to their hiring practices.  Are they are residents of Oregon or Washington?  If so, where can I find them since I'm not used to women that good looking living in the area (mostly Vancouver).  Are they just temps working here on some sort of visa and have to go back to their respective countries once the holidays end?  It baffles me more than it should but alas I'm curious for an answer none the less.  Any thoughts on the issue from you guys?     
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wanted: suggestions and your stories

i moved to NE about six months ago. my body/cat/apartment are in NE, but i think i left my brain/life in SE.

i lived in SE for the first two years i lived in portland. that whole time, i was working on Hawthorne and 34th and, when i moved to inner SE (26th and ash), frequenting the establishments on stark and 28th (mojo's, the bonfire) and on belmont and hawthorne (i <3 powell's and excalibur).

now i live on 20th and broadway, close enough that i can still drive to SE for coffee and drinks and shopping. although i've finally broken away from the Hawthorne fred meyer's (at least they made that easy). i'm also not working on Hawthorne anymore, and i go to school at PCC cascade, so it sure feels silly to keep going back to SE when it's so out of my way and i'm sure there are things here and in north portland that i would fall in love with if i knew about them.

so, thanks for reading and please tell me:
1. have you experienced this? having a hard time leaving the neighborhood you're used to after moving away from it?
2. can anyone recommend to me a good coffee shop, bar and/or bookstore in the area i live now? (NE broadway and 20th, or anywhere thereabouts)
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Push Button For POPSICLES


I don't really have too much of an issue with asthma, but I was prescribed two inhalers when I got pneumonia back in 2004, one of them looked like this:

HFC Albuterol Inhaler
HFC Albuterol Inhaler

Eventually there came a time when one of my severely asthmatic friends was a around and either out of theirs or I felt I didn't need it and gave it away.

Then a year ago I got a nasty cold and my friend from Chicago gave me one of these:

CFC Alburterol Inhaler
CFC Alburterol Inhaler

It was amazing. He said it was because they didn't make them anymore as they hurt the earth with their evil Chloroflouro-somethin's.

Anyway, this morning I awoke with some discomfort and I went to my pharmacy drawer to discover it missing. I asked my severely asthmatic friends and roommate if I'd perhaps given it to them in a state of drunkenness, but they all said no. Now DP, I don't know what I did with it, or even if I did anything with it, but it's definitely gone. I need another one.

I do not have health insurance any longer and that prescription is so old, I don't know that I'd get prescribed one even if I asked. I don't need them that often, but they really help when I do.

I'm hoping today I can stumble across one of those antique babies. Pinching my lucky rabbit's foot as we speak.
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tell me your musics!

Hi Deepee!

I'm trying to put together some mix-CDs for a road trip and would love to fill them up with shiny new songs - not literally necessarily "NEW" (as in just came out, new) but maybe just new to me. Or stuff I haven't thought about/heard for a long time, or just forgot about or something.

So hey, what are you listening to these days? What's your favorite song/band right now? I'm a fan of all kinds of music, pretty much - probably not so much techno or black metal for a road trip, but any other suggestions would pretty much be great. Suggest things! I need your excellent taste!

Thanks in advance, you're the best :-)

Ok kiddie winkies.... Subject: Hot Wings

I have briefly searched the history for the best hot wings in Portland, I didn't find anything so I come to you damnportlanders....

1. Cheap (it's annoying to pay a buck-a-wing and it's not even a whole wing! It's half a wing!)
2. Meaty
3. Good Sauce
4. Not out in the boone-toolies (right now my favorite wings are at the Zig Zag Inn in Zig Zag, OR but they are a buck a pop!)

I want to gorge on delicious wing-a-lings! Help!
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Anyone want to take a cake decorating class?

I had the fantastic idea to surprise my friend with a cake decorating class we could take together, and discovered after I'd paid the registration fee that the class is on the one night of the week he can't do it.

So, anyone want to take a Wilton class with me?  It's the Wilton 1 beginner class, so you don't have to have any cake decorating skills going in.  It's a 4 week series with classes on Thursday nights at 6:30 starting January 8, 2009. I've already paid the registration fee, so you'd only have to buy supplies, and I've got a 30% off one item coupon you can use for the class kit.  The class is at the Joann store in Eastport Plaza on SE 82nd.

Cheap Yoga

Can anyone tell me about the Blue Sky Wellness Studio on N. Mississippi? I'm seeking cheap unlimited yoga and they offer it for $65/mo which is really effing cheap. Also, if you know of anything cheaper, please spill the beans. Thanks.

(no subject)

so my sister who is disabled, is turning 18.  she is transition with the state of oregon to her adult funding. add to that the possible transition into group housing soon. needless to say. my parents are very stressed out.

i am wondering if there is a support group in oregon for parents going through this. my searching hasnt really yielded any local groups. but any insight you might have would be great.



(no subject)

I have a 5 year old niece in Michigan to buy Christmas gifts for. I got her the toy she wanted from Toys R Us, but I want to get her something unique that's not a gift card. I was thinking of a small chair from Ikea, but that would be a pain to ship and a bigger pain for my sister and her husband to put together. So, please suggest a nifty website or store in which I can buy a smart and beautiful 5 year old girl a gift she wouldn't be able to find *anywhere* else and that will help her remember her far-away aunt.

future transplantation seeks cool Portlanding ambassadors

Greetings D. Portlanders. I'm eventually moving to Portland in the next year or so and I'm looking to pick up a few (well any who are interested) Portland livejournalers to add to my friendslist. I'd like to get to know some people in Portland, but also my friendslist could use an injection of new blood in general. I figure I am about a year out from moving, but time flies by super fast these days and I will have a lot of questions in the coming months about the area.
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