December 7th, 2008

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Here's one for all you vegan recycling non-denominational holiday celebrators who feel guilty about cutting down a pine to display the corpse in your living room in January, would feel guiltier about the toxins/manufacturing cost/etc of a fake tree, and don't have the funds and yardspace to get a live tree & plant it afterwards.

I have this tiny little apartment and was shopping for a potted pine this weekend. I used to have a norfolk island pine, which I decorated for the season for 4 or 5 years, before moving cross country & leaving it behind. I didn't find one. But at Home Depot, I found a 2 ft tall rosemary bush trimmed all pine-shaped ($17). So my plan is to hang a few light-weight balls & snowmen from it for a month.

When the holidays are over, of course, I'm going to eat it.
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Oh wise DP!

Where could I go near Portland to photograph an under-construction subdivision, development, or planned community? I need it to be either unfinished or the homes need to be mainly unsold, so a newer (or completely unsuccessful) development would be best.

Like this:

Or this:


Edited to add-- Great suggestions-- thank you all!
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Let's try this again

1. Somebody pushes the ramp request button on the streetcar. God forbid they can't get to the button before the door opens!
2. The door makes buzzing sounds & the door starts closing. I realize that to you the buzzing ding must be indistinguishable from the "let's go" ding.
3. You push the door open, so that the ramp can't deploy. The door gets confused, so that the ramp will not deploy when the door can close again.

Looking for suggestions

So I'm thinking of making some cookies today, and I thought I might look for idea somewhere besides my normal websites and cookbooks. My first thought, of course, was the invaluable brain-trust of DP, source of all knowledge and (usually) relevant snark.

Buttered up enough yet? (Pun only kind of intended...)

I'm looking for a recipe. What's your favorite? Bonus points for cheap and/or easy, but I may end up feeling advenurous, so I'll take whatever you've got.
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All I want for Christmas...

Is to not sleep on this damned futon anymore! Anyone got a full size mattress they are looking to get rid of, but haven't had a chance to post to CL yet? If so, PLEASE let me take it off your hands. It seems the last person who offered their mattress flaked at the last minute, so sorry for re-posting this.

Thanks, Friends!
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*sad face* Coat repair

My much beloved pea coat that I got in a thrift shop in Cottage Grove randomly for $3 is having the pockets rip out. The fabric is falling apart, like, completely and the pockets are unusable due to shit falling into the lining of the coat. Anyone know an awesome place to get the pockets replaced? Prefer close in or SE, looking to pay ~$40 to get this done.
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North Portland police standoff

Earlier this week, either Tuesday or Wednesday night after i got home from work, i heard police yelling through megaphones at someone in the plex next door to my house. They all had their guns drawn and were calling out to someone saying, "We just want to talk." i didn't hear more since i didn't stick around in my front yard to hear everything and couldn't see over my fence. Since that night i have been searching everywhere, and i cannot find one article on this. This happened right on Interstate Ave, near Dekum. A friend called me today and said he saw it on the news but i have been searching like crazy for days and can't find anything about it. i also used which is supposedly updated daily and goes by 911 calls. Nothing is listed for this night and area. Does anyone have more information? Since i live next door i am very curious as to what actually happened.
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Seen in PDX....

I saw this sitting on a ledge as I was waiting to get into the Holiday Ale Fest at Courthouse Square last night.  Would love to hear if anyone knows WTF it is, or just has an interesting theory.

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snoring and sleep apnea

anyone out there in DPLand have experience with any of the common remedies for snoring and sleep apnea? I'm working off the weight but had someone recently tell me they were concerned about this and I would like to move forward in getting this possible health issue resolved.

also, has anyone tried the Westside Sleep Center or Mt Scott Sleep Medicine for any sleeping related issues?

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big flat screen TV

Does anyone have a flat screen tv (37in) mount or stand we can have/borrow/buy?

We just purchased one from someone, and they had gotten rid of the stand because they switched to a wall mount. We will buy a wall mount if we have to, but a regular stand would work just fine. Leaning it against the wall is not the best solution.

[ the tv, if you have a brand specific mount: VISIO L37 HDTV]

Attention artist-types

I am in the market for a large piece of contemporary art for my living room (oil painting, watercolor, photo, mixed media, etc). All I ask is that the dominant color be a darker shade of blue to match the decor. I'd like to buy directly from a local artist, if possible. If you have images of your work online please feel free to post images or a link to your portfolio. I know there's talent out there...

Super Sunday Noms!

I just wanna give a huge 2 thumbs up for breakfast at O'Connor's on Capital Hwy in Multnomah Village.

I had the shrimp benedict and my husband had the ham steak with red-eye gravy.

The shrimp benedict was bay shrimp scrambled in eggs with tomato and spinach covered in homemade hollandaise. It was the best thing I ever put in my mouth, I swear!

The food was bursting with flavor and less than $10 a plate!

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Portland Gyms

Hello All,
I have a question for all of you gym goers. I would like to join a gym for me and my daughter (she's 14). I know some gyms don't take children and some are just trashy. Does anyone have any info, experiences, opinions about certain gyms? I tried to look up info online and a lot of the blogs totally dissed 24-hour fitness and Bally's. Thanks!

Help me be cute and romantic-ish?

So say I wanted to take a brother out on a cheap second date (I have no money and I'm pretty sure you can't propose "let's make out under the hawthorne bridge!" for a second date itinerary) somewhere in preferably SE but maybe also SW, sometime next week. Any ideas for free/cheap things to do/events going on/whatever? I really can't think of much.

Thank youuuu so much.
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podcast recommendations?

can anyone recommend good podcasts on health, nutrition, supplements, herbs, etc?

just realized it would be ever so smart a thing to listen to on these winter days.

annnd...why does my computer freeze up when i try to listen to a podcast from random players (what the site offers)? should i just subscribe via itunes to avoid this problem?
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I just had this for breakfast:

english muffin topped with pine nut basil pesto, feta cheese, sliced tomato, 2 poached eggs, hollandaise and fresh fruit

boyfriend had

bacon tacos: bacon, onions, peppers, citrus salsa, and eggs on grilled corn tortillas with pepperjack cheese w/potatoes

my fruit cup had:

dates pomegranates pineapple grapes orange-apple-kiwi slices


Bumble Kiss on NE Fremont is one of the BEST places I have ever had breakfast. Y'all must go!

Lost Cat Help

A neighbor in my apartment complex has lost their cat. They let him out to roam, like they always do, last night around 2am and the cat has not come back, like it normal does around 8am. I am calling on all you DPers to see if any of you can help.

The apartment complex is Golfview Apartments, basically NE 73rd & Tillamook. I don't know how many of you are close to this area but if any of you are could you keep a look out?

The cat is a male grayish white tiger stripe cat that is named Dexter. They've been posting up flyers but have heard nothing yet. Of course it is still early but I am hoping it won't last too long for them. They are kind and my cat loves growling at theirs from my window. LOL I do not have any photos just yet but if you google gray and white tiger stripe cat I'm sure it will look most similar.

Collapse )

Thanks in advance guys! I hope this can be taken care of swiftly. :) And I will post a photo as soon as they send it to me! THANKS!


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PHOTOS of lost cat

Okay so I just posted about a lost cat and here are the pictures to go with it. They just sent them to me. And some text for how to contact them and some more info on the cat. THANKS!

"Lost male cat, Greyish White with Black stripes on face, tail and body. He has blue eyes, dark hair on back of ears and is neutered.

His name is DEXTER and he is timid around people.

He has been missing since very early Sunday morning, December 7th from Golfview Apartments (NE Tillamook and 73rd Ave.)

If you have seen him or know where he is, Please call us at 319.594.9619 or 503.997.2800 PLEASE CALL AT ANYTIME"

Thanks in advance again guys!


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Xmas Socks

Weird/Unusual Christmas Gifts

So I was inspired by watching a paricularly bad SNL skit last night. Two characters REALLY wanted a calculator for Christmas. This reminded me of an item I wanted for Christmas when I was 6 or 7 or so. My aunt asked me what I wanted. I could have said a Barbie doll, a Speak and Spell, a number of things. But what did I want?

An electric pencil sharpener

Haha. Anyone else ever want anything so weird? (And I did get it by the way!)

Nom nom nom nom

Anyone watching Amazing Race?

The final challenge is in Portland, OR. If you missed it on the tube tonight, I'm sure you can watch it on CBS's web site tomorrow. They're going to Voodoo Donut right now, which a passerby told them is right next to a cinema, but didn't say a "porn cinema".

Raleigh Hills


I just became single again... at least I hope I don't cave this time and get back with him.

So I need to find a bar where I can be a regular for a while. Funny thing is I rarely drink... and I used to be a bartender.

I live in Raliegh Hills... suggestions for a freshly single 26 y/o book nerd welcome

I also work in Hillsdale so anywhere there would work too. Unfortunatly it's hard to meet guys while I work because I am a Nanny and they always think these cute asians kids are mine! (I am very caucasian)

*Edit* I decided to be bold and also add that there is a Damn Portlander who I have a internet crush on... you get free maps and take good pictures... that's all I can say. If you'd like to go on a nice hike *perhaps letterbox* I am soooooo down

Head Form

Does anyone have a *head form they could spare for cheap or free or know somewhere I can buy one for cheap or free? I want to display my knit hats for pictures and I don't want to get a creepy one from red light for $20!

*like mannequin heads used to display wigs etc.