December 6th, 2008

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Thanks for everyone's nice comments about my (deleted) post earlier. My friend who is a Big Sister with Big Brothers and Sisters has informed me that it is against the rules to be talking about her Little Sister's family with other people. I had some facts wrong anyways.

My friend has found a way to help them out, so don't worry! If you want to donate to Big Brothers and Big Sister this Christmas you can go here:

They also accept donations of certain things (tickets to events, opportunites for the kids, games, craft supplies, and other things) at their local office.

Go to their website to find out to to contact them if you would like to help!

Thank you!
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Okay. I feel dumb. Am I the last to learn about this neat trick?

You add &fmt=18 to the end of any YouTube you're watching and it's suddenly better picture and sound? Some "High Quality" mode that works with any YT. It's pretty neat.

Hurr. I dumb.
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portland polar express?

i think i heard somewhere that there's a steam engine that makes appearances this time of year, through portland. i'm not having much luck finding info about it. anyone know anything about this?

thanks in advance. :)
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Hi DP!

I know I should've bookmarked restaurant recommendations in the past, but I have a question for you fine folk. It's my 20th birthday today and I want to go out to dinner. It would be a group of about 10 college students looking to spend around 20 dollars give or take a few. We also have transportation to get around Portland.

Thank you very much!
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I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello

quote -- > No need to ask permission to friend me; go right ahead.
Just let me know.
Nothing is more unsettling than some random yutz adding you and then lurking.

Is there a livejournal etiquette to adding someone as a friend? Are you supposed to ask, or leave a comment saying "hi, i added you"
Ive been wondering for a while and after reading the above text on a random LJ i began wondering again.

I like to add people without digging too deep or trying to figure out what they journal about. Now and then i flick a couple off my friends page to clean it out. So, I usually dont say nuthin unless its a comment pertaining to a post. Do you?

Sincerely, random yutz
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Next stop...Dancin' Bare!

Hey, lookie what I saw:


I wish I could have gotten a better picture (I was amazed at the serious lack of pants) but the whole driving at 35 hindered that. Looked like they were headed down to the Paul Bunyan area.

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I'm completely at my limit. I'm at my wit's end. I am so frustrated that I honestly don't know what I'll do.

Can someone please tell me why my computer won't recognize my USB devices? It's two different iPod firewires and a mouse.

I've done the system restore back to September. It won't because it says nothing has changed. Bullshit.

I went to windows and updated every f'n thing it said I needed.

Please. Please tell me what the fuck is wrong.

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Hiii DP,

Anywhere in or close to NE Portland that sells discounted food on certain days? Like along the lines of the 49 cent taco Tuesday the Taco Bell back home had. I would have posted in pdxfood but they seem kind of dead :\.
Rainy Day

Attention New Seasons & Fred Meyer Shoppers!

If you shop regularly at New Seasons or Fred Meyer and are interested in supporting a local Waldorf school, we have SCRIP cards for sale!*

If you've never bought/heard of SCRIP - it's trading cash for a gift card of the same value and giving a profit to the school of your choice (in this case**

We have extra SCRIP cards in $50 and $100 denominations on hand, and accept checks and credit cards (credit cards have a nominal processing fee). We can hand deliver (within a reasonable radius from Hillsboro) or mail upon receipt of payment.

This is a great way to support a non-profit you believe in, without putting extra money on the table - you're paying for what you already buy on a monthly basis - letting your local school benefit!

*Other vendor gift cards are available for purchase through a national website, or local vendors (Powell's, Burgerville, etc) are available on a monthly pre-order basis. Contact me for details!

**For example: You buy a $50 New Season's gift card for $50. We buy the gift card from the SCRIP service center for $48, earning a 4% "profit". Depending on the vendor, our profit percentage ranges from 3% to 48% per card. It sounds small at first, but every purchase adds up!

For more information, please email me at rosalea AT swallowtailschool DOT org.

Thanks for your support!

Chinese Food

I'm looking for a decent Chinese Restaurant. I live in Sellwood but I'd be willing to drive someplace that's decent so I can get some take out.

I'd like to stay in SE if possible.


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similar to the shot above.

I'm trying to find a small town...abandoned-esque to shoot some film shots...vacant town, old buildings, convenient stores and store fronts, things of that nature...



Is it possible to have a virus so bad, it's best to just to just give up and get a new PC?
I clicked on some Russian LJ today, and now my system is effed up. Search & Destroy says it's getting rid of it, but after 3 tries it's still here. My registry edit window opens and does something quickly when I boot up. I get constant prompts to allow my registry to edit. I'll click "no", but it comes right back. My document folder opens by itself. Random webpages open. It seems to be keeping me from installing AVG. I'll download it, but it will say it's corrupt.  I've never had one this bad..

EDIT: SUPERAntispyware (free) knocked it out. Even repaired the registry.
Thank you for all the tips! Learned a few things from you guys I'm going to do for the future.
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How do you find out if and when a federal bill is/will be passed/rejected?

Legislation to enable physical therapists to participate in the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Loan Repayment Program (HR 1134, S. 2485) was initially brought up a LONG time ago. I can't find any information anywhere on the status of this bill. I don't suppose any of you have an idea what is going on with it or where to go to find an update?

Portland-related because DP is a font of all knowledge and snarkitude.

All-you-can-eat Chinese-food buffet? Liquor stores with selection?

Okay kids,

I'm looking for a good all-you-can-eat chinese food buffet. I live in North Portland but work in Hillsboro, and I will go ANYWHERE (from Forest Grove to Gresham, and from Vancouver to Sherwood or beyond...)

I want the great Americanized chinese food from my college days in Kansas. I want all you can eat, I want crab rangoon, I want cashew chicken and kung pao beef and those little doughnut things rolled in white sugar. Panda Express with 100 choices, basically.

Is this available anywhere in the greater metro area?

Second question:

What's your favorite liquor store for selection, browse-ability, cleanliness, non-scuzziness, etc? Bonus points if it is anywhere near St Johns.
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Best laptop under $1000?

I will get a Dell unless you suggest otherwise.

Right now I have a Compaq Presario laptop that's over five years old and it's dying on me. I need to replace it soon with another laptop- unfortunately I can't spend $2500 on the new MacBookPro.

My needs, which are very simple:
Internet, word processing, more than 5 hrs of battery life, hard drive over 120GB.

EDIT: thanks guys!

Party party que?

Who wants to be my date for the Powell's Books holiday party tomorrow night? I was thinking of not going, but I probably do need to get out. I promise to get you drunk and take advantage! ;-)

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Downtown food open late?

This is something I've been curious about for a while: Is there anywhere decent to eat downtown (Southwest-ish area) that's open late into the night? (Past ten or eleven, even, though later would be preferable.) I'm not talking gourmet, but fast food and 7-11s, aside from being pretty self-evident, are not what I'm looking for. I ask largely because it's happened more times than I care to count that I've been doing something with friends, a few of us agree that we're hungry, and then head out only to realize that nothing nearby is open.

Surely there's a demographic of night-owls who don't like fast food in Portland, and if so, they presumably would have some way of sating themselves, so I'd like to know what it is. If not, I propose that this is a great business niche for some aspiring restaurant owner to fill.